The Pirates Wear White Now!

I read with amusement that SCMP actually ran an article saying the Trump-Kim will be meeting at once infested with pirates island  blah blah. SCMP has gotten it wrong man! The pirates have always been there, just that they now have a new uniform.

They brainwashed locals through mainstream media, manipulated social media and education into timid kiasi kiasu self centred, instilled with fear of uncertainty and change. They fear serial number, town council cannot clean their blocks to repercussion from voting non-white candidates. Such fear is so great and they are meek as sheep that the pirates have absolute control over almost anything. They change the constitution and law as they like, they create more money making new polices to milk the sheep, they raise fees of anything they can see and no one dares to air a thing.

The pirates are still around, they blunder our bank accounts and provident funds with ever changing policies and astronomical cost of
living. SCMP you got it wrong man! The pirates wear white now!

You agree?


Bernard Lim



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11 Responses to “The Pirates Wear White Now!”

  • rukidding:

    Totally agree !

    Lets kick them out come this next election !

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  • deluded:

    Daft sinkies are paying the pirates king ransom. KLLBCCB.

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  • Pinky loves selfie:

    Pirates only meh? Seems like I saw gangsters also wear white. Bullies also wear white. Even vampires also; mata also; army also. But the head of all these wears pink.

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  • Make PAP Thieves Pay:

    Your job is gone, CPF is gone, your HDB is gone, things are falling apart, your sons and daughters are leaving, what else is there to fear?
    Very soon only the stupidest of the stupid will be left on this island while those thieves bask themselves in ill-gotten riches.
    What else is there to fear?

    Kick those PAP crooks out, they must pay for their evils.

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  • knnbccb:

    Change those bastards
    CpeeF not pupils $$$
    ArseEnlargementSteam to $0 @99 to eighteen hellGate
    MadickShit,madickShake,cPeeF-lie,careShit all to bone dry dafts

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  • LIONS:

    SCMP giving a jab at lee ah long?

    PAP ?

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  • Bapak:

    Please make one very significant correction. All pirates wear white, leader wears pink.

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  • The terrorists r oredi here:

    More like terrorists. You dont necc need to blow people up to be a terrorist.
    Our gov does it by suppressing forcefully our free thoughts, words & deeds.
    Its like our lives are no longer our own.
    Its a gov who’s afraid of their own shadow. Only people who act unfairly towards their fellowmen will act this way for fear of retaliation.
    They want to control every adpect of our lives.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Ya ya ya they behaved like one-eye Jack with hook in one arm. One of them (Jaky) even called their Leeder brave, defending their loot in AhLee Baba’s own cave. His own nephew will not be able to come back, you think his son will come back to defend his father’s loot.

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  • Bidy:

    WE get plundered every day from

    Everything to anything including our

    CPF and our rights.

    Now they lost so much, they want to stop us from using CPF to pay Property and raise retirement age again.

    MDm Ho wants to sell bonds!!!!

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  • Run run runaway:

    If one day he kena like najib, before they can touch him this pink pirate n his pirate princess will be on the next flight out to one of their many o/s homes.
    I think now oredi on standby …he and his lap dogs must be doing ‘trial runs’ under the cover of night.
    Most of their$$$all parked o/s liow.
    U think they so bodoh like us peasanrs…

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