CareShield Life: Estimates 1 in 2 severely disabled?

I refer to the article “ElderShield to be renamed CareShield Life with higher, lifetime payouts from 2020” (Today, May 27).

It states that “This change will benefit those who remain severely disabled, which according to Ministry of Health (MOH) estimates could be one in two healthy Singapore residents aged 65 or above.

With MOH’s predicting that about three in 10 Singaporeans will live a decade more after they suffer a disability, and some 38 per cent of ElderShield policyholders currently claiming payouts for the full five or six years, Mr Mah added: “The lifetime payout gives assurance to those who are disabled, so they don’t have to worry whether payouts will run out if they live longer.””

In this connection, according to a Parliamentary reply on 6 February 2017 – “The prevalence rate of Persons with Disabilities in Singapore is as follows:

Population Group
Approximate Prevalence Rate
Student population
2.1% of student population
18-49 years
3.4% of resident population
50 years and above
13.3% of resident population”

Persons with sensory (blind and deaf) and physical disabilities would constitute half of the disability group. The remainder comprises those with Intellectual Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.”

Since “Persons with sensory (blind and deaf) and physical disabilities would constitute half of the disability group” – does it mean that those with disability such that it may not meet the claim requirements of not being able to perform at least 3 out of the 6 daily activities of living under CareShield Life (such as being blind and deaf), may be less than 6.65% (13.3% divided by 2)?

So, does it mean that those who can claim under CareShield Life may be much less than 6.65%?

In this connection, “Nearly half of Americans who turn 65 — a common retirement age — will eventually enter a care facility because they are unable to perform specific ADLs. While the majority of care facility admissions will be for the short term (less than a year), about a quarter will stay longer than one year. Typically, long-term care insurance coverage for nursing costs requires an individual who is unable to perform two or more of the six ADLs” (investopedia).

So, how likely is it that those who can claim under CareShield Life will do so for their lifetime or for 10 years as the media has been illustrating as an example, given that the above statistics for the United States are based on 2 ADLs, instead of the required 3 ADLs in Singapore?


Leong Sze Hian



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11 Responses to “CareShield Life: Estimates 1 in 2 severely disabled?”

  • Faster To Rob:

    How else to con dafts and pretend to rule a country? If they could rob in broad daylight and get away with it instead of faking data, they would. This country is already very near that stage.

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  • LIONS:

    Care$hield is just another COCK-$hield used by PAP $cammer$!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah last time it was Mah Mo Chee, this time it is Kan Ni Na, differerent.

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  • Where is the LOVE for citizens:

    I dun care all the data provided by govt.

    As long as the annual premiums collected is ridiculously more than claims, their intention is to make more money and contra off our Medisave saving in the long run.

    Especially, such policies are made compulsory, the more it should not make a large profit from Singaporeans.

    If majority Singaporean continue to support such immoral policies than we had lost our sense of righteousness and

    Our leaders had lost their moral compass.

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  • KNN:

    There was recent article about a blind man who was rejected by Eldershield (ntuc income) becoz the insurer says that the blind man can still do 4 out of 6 ADLs. Even when the man’s Dr tried to help and wrote that he needed help for almost everything.

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  • KNN:

    So must be almost dead and comatose before can successfully claim.

    But most health professionals will tell you that such people won’t live for many years due to medical problems developing along the way.

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  • Heartless gov:

    Making huge profits out of citizens suffering.
    How much lower can they get?!

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  • Equality Was Stealthily Remove:

    Another way to deplete our CPF monies. Medishiled Life premiums is
    another, with its high premiums that is mandatory, compared to earlier
    Medishield version.

    High cost of HDB BTO housing year after year is another way to
    deplete our hard earned CPF monies.

    Then we have GST and COE, both heavy taxes that caused everything
    in our society to increase in cost year after year.

    Water, gas, electricity, education cost, up and up year after year.

    Let us have CHANGE for a more compassionate NEW GOVT, like in
    Malaysia. We should all be tired of all the lies and hypocrisy of
    the shitty dead fucker and the current bunch of shits.

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  • The Rot Started From The Top:

    Care shield is another scam job, schemed and all set to operate in few years time, to replace the elder shield. Currently, elder shield is making a very handsome profit from the seniors participants, and with the younger generation forced to take up, means the profit will be very much bigger, as the three conditions for payment to the terminally ill are proven to be short and not even sufficient to meet the daily basic expenses. Wake up citizens, this is not the government that will help us in time of need, there are here to force us to our deathbed.

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  • HarderTruths:

    This is TRUE.

    What normal people will vote in a government that goes about killing the voters off?

    The answer must be that the voters are SEVERELY DISABLED mentally. There is no other explanation.

    And the disability rate is 70% not 50%.

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  • Too Many Medical Schemes!:

    Are they created to disguise, distract or deceive the People?

    Can’t we have one medical scheme that encompasses everything?

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