How not to Exchange Friendship for a Girlfriend

In his life, a man must face three problems: the girl’s jealousy towards her friends, the resentment of friends that he spends more time with his girlfriend, and demanding something to do because “you’re a man”. Well, we need to start from small, so let’s try to solve the first two causes of male suffering. If we manage to deal with them, we will solve the third problem, too. We are men, after all! These tips were shared by happy couples from

All Hail the King!

Let’s start with the most difficult and dangerous part of our problem. Well, this is a lady who puts you an ultimatum: “Either I, or your friends? ..” And then what? She will make you shave your legs because it is unpleasant for her to touch your hairy limbs in a dream? “Either I, or your hair?” No. Or, maybe, you should stop eating meat because its presence in the refrigerator causes panic in her? Are you not disgusted with such a picture of life? Then she will demand not to breathe in a dream because she is afraid of blowing air. You can not let yourself be pushed into such a framework. Stick to the opinion of the classics: every man is a king in his house. If you previously did not have the experience of “reigning” in your own apartment, it’s time to obtain it. Otherwise, nothing will save you.

Start from the small – be persistent and calmly argue why you want to do so, and not otherwise. If your girlfriend is fine with her head, she will even like it. Although her first reaction may not be the same as you expect. Just be patient and one day, when you cross the threshold of your house, she will shout joyfully: All hail the king!

Joint Gatherings

People who surround you should at least partially accept your madness. If this problem does not arise, then boldly take your darling into the company with your friends. Agree with the comrade in advance about the temporary taboo on things that can confuse her (you understand, if she won’t like your friends, it will only get worse). For example, do not watch porn in her presence, and let your friend refrain from describing his military exploits on the sexual fronts. You understand, to persuade a friend that you feel good with her, and that she is not such a bitch as it seems is much easier than convincing her that your friend does not influence you badly. Be the initiator, find a common theme, so that you all have something to discuss. Seeing what you do, she will calm down. It seems crazy, but many girls are frantic only because they do not know the circle of communication of their men.

Divide Your Attention Evenly

The simplest and most logical option is to alternate meetings in equal parts. Friends need much less attention, you can see them once a week, spend one or two Saturdays a month on them. At the same time, do not forget even during these meetings to call your Madame, to be interested in how she is, and in any case, do not say that you feel just too mega cool. Well, the maximum you should say is “not bad”, maybe even “good”. And do not forget to say that you love and miss her.

You Can and You Can not

Here we touch ways of behavior: what to do and what not to do in any case. First of all, you need to keep your word. Most of all you want to beat your friend when he promises to meet with you, and then he calls 5 minutes before the hour X and says that he can not come because he is busy. Girls hate this kind of non-punctuality. It looks like a disregard. You promised to come at one time, but now you have more important things to do. More important than her. Do you understand what I mean?

If she is specifically against one friend, say that you are meeting with a former classmate or some other guest from the past. Say that the meeting is more businesslike, and alcohol is the necessary aperitif to speed up the business process.

It was said a lot about girls, but the male half cannot be ignored too. Never go against a friend who calls to abandon her even without ever seeing her in real life. Who knows, maybe your friend is an asshole.





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