The real reason why Reformasi won’t happen here

In Why Reformasi won’t happen here,I had a dig at the cheapskates who wanted Reformasi on the cheap.

Here’s the real reason (articulated by a member of a FB group I belong to): S’poreans have not suffered enough (Something Chris K has said on FB) because things ain’t that bad her (Chris never pointed this out, but then he’s likely to go the way of other PAP critics, unless they are as cynical as me or “abc”. PAP critics usually end up as anti-PAP: Terry once told me . But don’t blame them because this is fault of PAP: Either you are with us or against us because what is good for the PAP is good for S’pore.)

Sorry back to the posts by a fellow member of a FB group.

If the ministers go in the way of Malaysia or Cambodia, let it happen naturally. If anyone is actually hoping for that to happen just so that they can see something happen, be careful what you wish for. Citizens of these countries are not having it easy, you know.

He then later went on

Having dialogued with DAP politicians over several years, I feel they looked at their political situation with grief, despondence, and exasperation. That was why my friend Liew Chin Tong went for the tough one at Ayer Hitam, because he didn’t want to be around to see what happens if BN wins another term. He’s tired. Now that they are part of the powers that be, it feels surreal and a relief. (For Liew, he’s re-energized though he was one of the only 2 DAP candidates who lost.)

I believe with the many people who are against PAP and/or support the opposition have anger and upsetness against the PAPG. When the PAP lost Aljunied, what they felt was jubilation.

So the 2 sets of emotions are different. The former are felt by citizens in a more desperate situation, waking up everyday to another new day of worry. Do we feel that here in Singapore?

I’d add that things are so good here that in last GE, 70% of the voters voted for PAP and continued to give two-thirds of parly seats. PAP nearly won  a GLC that would have reduced oppo elected MP to one. Fortunately the Wankers’ Party retained Aljunied, barely.

The BN lost its two-thirds majority in parly in 2008 and had less than 50% of the votes in the GE 2013.

(Updated at 11.35am: The last two paras were carelessly left out in initially published piece. Sorry.)


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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16 Responses to “The real reason why Reformasi won’t happen here”

  • Jman:

    Globalisation and free trade of the kind in past 2 decades doesn’t work.

    We could replace the PAP with WP or any other party. But the real issue is whether we are going to replace the existing economic architecture with a new one. And whether we even have any say to do this.

    The Singapore economy is excessively free to the detriment of locals. I know reversing this is likely to hit some sectors and quite a number of existing local jobs, but will give relief to other sectors and other local jobs lost albeit cast us on a path to slow economic asphyxiation.

    I don’t pretend to have the answers. But it appears to me that we are at the mercy of the big players and their interpretation of the global world order. The protectionist ways won’t be all that helpful to us either. So it appears we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. And we can hardly expect kindness or relief from the large economies.

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  • pap clown and his S$m gang:

    once in a while we go to websites of pap PA paid IBs.

    just don’t like it there. leave very quickly. because different worlds. only see bad things about OPPOSITION or good things about pap in pap PA paid IB websites.

    so when bad things about OPPOSITION or good things about pap in TRE sure as hell they are from pap PA paid IBs.

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  • GoodSin:

    It is good to be a sinner. Eat, drink and be merry. Sinning is fun on the other end of the spectrum. Sin is sedative or anaesthetic. Hence, you are Sin.

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  • Better be a living coward.....:

    ……..than a dead hero.
    Play safe, eat your three meals and keep quiet, they love it that way.
    Cross their path, enter the political arena and their domain, be prepared, it’s likely next the highway!
    Again CI fishing for the ground feel for his own doubtful ends, fishy character.
    Okay if he likes to know, here it is.
    Something like a North Korea “police state” kind of atmosphere happening existing here.
    The thought of being erased at the snap of a finger, it send shivers down your spine.
    Most activists have been put up on display; castrated, neutered, battered to a subservient submissive state where vibrancy is now diminished or lost.
    The constant systematic bullying left most people almost paralyzed with apprehension and fear, vitality drained to the point of becoming numb and zombielike, breeding kiasuism and kiasiism the original notorious characteristic qualities reputedly developed uniquely in SG, almost total destruction of opposition voices of any kind big and small, demonize and ridicule any opposition with ease using a preset precision game plan standard operating processes and procedures with the efficient backup of the massive machinery at their disposal, showing no respect or humane consideration let alone tolerance for the views of others, and they continue to do as they please.
    So ”reformasi” where you need solid steel balls is non-existent here, not likely to ever happen as the mass castration has been nearly completed, successfully done.
    For their achievements, for which they could gleefully squealing like monkeys pat each other on their backs; they shall go down in history as having systematically robbed a nation of their manhood.
    The enthusiasm and the will to share and expand ideas and thoughts by any outsider, vigorous exchange of views, the freedom to express and react and think independently are not good virtues as far as they are concerned and hence not encouraged.
    A glaringly sad and gloomy picture is emerging for all to see.
    No individual or country could progressively move forward if they are confined and restricted.
    There is a price to pay for unnecessarily intervening, controlling and curbing free expressions in this time and age.

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    @CI, sometimes your articles make sense but most times you are just mindlessly rambling with no good arguments. Your article above is one of those times.

    Essentially, Reform = Change of system or in this case change of regime/policies and some would even argue, a change of mindset.

    The world is changing rapidly with the advent of technological innovations.
    The rate of change is also increasing as new technology displaces old industries, old companies, old jobs and old ideas.

    Good or Bad, I leave it to you to judge for yourself, but it is INEVITABLE.

    20 years ago, not many has a computer, much less an internet connection. Who knows 20 years later, what major changes are going to happen to broad industries and regions.

    What I know is that the current regime under PAP is NOT working and they are just flailing about throwing heaps of money at this or that, hoping something will stick, or they revert to the old models of building more bricks & mortar, such as T5, HSR, a bigger port terminal, more shopping malls. or more HDBs. The same old formulaic approach of more “hard infrastructure” and more physical headcount to boost GDP with Billions overspent and with ever diminishing returns.

    Look at the fools now, even offering to pay for the huge costs of hosting North Korea and USA for their nuclear talks, which has really nothing to do with Singapore’s economic interest.

    At this rate that PAP is wasting our accumulated capital, it will all be gone very soon, if not already mostly depleted.

    REFORM will come whether you like it or not.
    If you are willing to change and flexible to adapt, the winds of change will bring new opportunities to your shore.
    If you are unwilling to change and inflexible and cannot adapt (like the PAP regime grown lazy, self-satisfied and arrogant over half a century), then the winds of change will beat you up and wipe you out.

    Likewise, if you REFORM yourself voluntarily, then you are prepared to ride the winds of change.
    If you do not reform yourself, then EXTERNAL competitive forces will FORCE the reform onto you.

    So CI, you are totally wrong to say REFORM won’t happen here.
    It WILL happen.

    Only question is whether you REFORM yourself and prosper for the next leg or EXTERNAL Changes force you into reform, which is much more painful and even deadly. The choice is for each and every Singaporean to make.

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  • LIONS:

    If Anwar never got *purged* n PUNISHED in that manner,would he have started REFORMASI with his early supporters?

    Here,our OPPO seek for *voters* to get reformed but they refuse to reform themselves,how to get ppl motivated?

    All other reasons can be overcome including underhanded ELECTION TRICKS like GRC N LOLLIES.

    Sad to see OPPO cannot see the point.
    PS: if no real OPPO COALITION before nexy GE,i see even AK will be lost.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    Actually right from the beginning
    We were never hard-up of this Reformasi thing
    It’s the Cynical idiot that keeps rehashing
    Telling us this is what so and so is saying
    The 2015 elections results were surprising
    And PAP IBs like CI were quick in arse-licking
    Bragging vociferously that PAP is “doing the right thing”
    Maybe he and one of PAP women having a fling
    Maybe that woman is Whore Ching
    But I know of many PAP voters who are now regretting

    God gave everyone a brain to think
    But some cynical idiots like to create a stink
    When licking PAP balls his eyes won’t blink
    But Opposition winning in Malaysia made his balls shrink
    Desperation and fear pushing him to the brink
    Writing all kinds of stuff in order to hoodwink
    Using stupid examples to make them link
    He’s the real cheapskate who will continue to sink

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  • Bapak:

    I’d add that things are so good here that in last GE, 70% of the voters voted for PAP and continued to give two-thirds of parly seats.
    Dear 70% dafts, your “last hurray” votes are converted as “things are so good” votes by PAP’s master plp. He comfirmed the mean of “dafts can & sure be insulted”.

    Better be daft no more & insulted and shut up this moron.

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  • Don't Be Too Clever:

    PAP will be kicked out. This is for sure.
    No amount of confusion, persuasion or creating doubt by PAP apologists will change this. History is the witness. Enough is enough.
    If fucking IBs think that sinkies are going to sit back and resign to fate to have their wealth and health robbed, then this is the mistake IBs are to pay when judgement day comes.
    Smart PAP cheapskates should blow with the wind.and recognize that change is inevitable.

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  • How to open/progress minds?:

    Malaysian ministers are ever ready to allow easy access to journalists to interview them any time anywhere and they freely express their views and thoughts. And you see it written in the papers and on TV later on. You feel updated and informed with their no holds barred interviews and it shows their intelligence and know-how and skills to take on the varied questions. And you could judge their calibre from the interviews.
    How different it is over here. Here they hide in between pillars and the closet. You hardly hear any of them giving impromptu interviews. Either they are scared or they have to get clearance or something. Who knows. If ever they are recorded at an interview, could it be that in all probability it is staged with questions and answers known beforehand? And the responses are measured and clinical and over-careful that they appear self-conscious and stiff. Mostly it is a one liner reply with the usual pleasantries.
    Compare the exposure of our political figures on our local media print and visual networks compared to that of our neighbor and other countries, and the breath and depth of the discussions.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Singapore is a NOSESHIT easily CONTROLLED…Have the Police-The Army and The ISD behind you and the whole DAMN opposition goes TUMBLING DOWN…an Evil Bastard Con You into believing him and gave you CRUMBS and a Totally CONTROLLED system (an ORCHESTRA) where you have DUMMIES in it and will NOT NOTICE…Takes the Cake, Eat it with his FamiLee and spit the CRUMBS which still taste NICE since it comes from a WELL BAKED Michelin 5 star Bakery (CPF Bakery)

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  • Sg patriot:

    This PAP mole idiot again.

    It’s beyond a doubt he’s a PAP mole.

    I don’t even bother to read his posts. At the beginning I was wondering if he was a PAP mole but then gradually he exposed his true identity.

    One can’t hide. Either you are pro opposition, a fence sitter or a PAP IB.

    He’s a PAP idiot.

    Why TR give him the platform I don’t understand.

    TR stop it or I’ll boycott you.

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  • ganeshsk:


    “PAP nearly won a GLC ” It is the GRC GLC are covert commercial operations of the PAP

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  • oxygen:

    DUMBED WRITING – a lot of peasants thought in 2015 that they are following PAST TENSE to TERN SUA on his last journey never to return. In 2011, PAPpys strongest fortification bunker of ministers all found themselves overrun. Ong Yakun said that after only 15 minutes of vote counting, he knew they lost the plot. The threats of repentance backfired – even women voters won’t support their sole powerful gender in cabinet – the flame of light of female cabinet membership just got the candles blown away. THIS MIGHT HAPPEN YET AGAIN with apology demand for “floating the trial balloon” and “making babies in a tight spot” is good politics.

    Election outcome sometimes is like investment decisions and its prediction – the one you bet on strongly is a big money losing proposition.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    Sg patriot:
    This PAP mole idiot again.

    It’s beyond a doubt he’s a PAP mole.

    I don’t even bother to read his posts. At the beginning I was wondering if he was a PAP mole but then gradually he exposed his true identity.

    One can’t hide. Either you are pro opposition, a fence sitter or a PAP IB.

    He’s a PAP idiot.

    Why TR give him the platform I don’t understand.

    TR stop it or I’ll boycott you.

    Hey, this cynical idiot ever challenged us to donate $10k to TRE and he will stop Tre from publishing his articles. Why he so nice to TRE hah? Maybe he and the editor also having a fling….

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    I don’t trust TRE…They are fence sitter. If you write too negative abt BASTARDS in WHITE especially USELESS PINKY, TRE will delete your article. They got no balls too.

    Mod: All comments are moderated according to our TOS and AUP.

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