Govt MPs Owed Parking Taxes and Tax Arrears

I remember when I was gainfully employed, I was required to declare the amount of ‘gifts’ I receive annually as well as ‘income in kind’. These are deemed personal incomes and are subject to tax.

My family and I used to fly FOC as my wife was working in the airline. However, she was required to pay taxes for the amount of subsidy received for the free tickets. The more you fly or the more tickets you are issued, the more subsides received and the more taxes you have to pay. There is no such thing as a free loader.

Similarly, as the MPs, including ministers and the prime minister are paying a $1 a day for parking, they are actually enjoying a huge amount of subsidy vis-a-vis the average motoring public. Even taxi and delivery van drivers are paying the non-subsidised parking charges of $1.20 per hour. The poor just got to be poorer!

These MPs are therefore not paying income tax for their parking subsidies. The Income Tax Dept should not look over it’s shoulders and should now initiate action to recover the loss taxes from these MPs. We do not have to wait for Parliament to conduct another ‘ownself’ check ‘Ownself’ session. Be more creative!

Arrears should also be recovered and appropriate warning should be issued to the HDB for not informing the tax dept that Govt Mps were given parking subsidies.

Like teachers who will be slapped parking charges shortly for parking in schools, this subsidised parking revelation by HDB should also be news to WP MPs.’


Gilbert Tan



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14 Responses to “Govt MPs Owed Parking Taxes and Tax Arrears”

  • Kick PAP Out First:

    You want to bring those culprits to justice need to do the first thing first, that is to kick out the PAP government and their ability to self-check-self to cover their own fucking arse and say their own things.

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  • Great Asia:

    The MPs took MRT to the parliament house? Where is the parliament house located? Parking fee should be how much? In the past few decades, any one of the PAP fat cats has been asked to pay?

    As the Great Asia has been saying: it’s always the monkey business of the PAP monkeys.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah they got share lah. Must subsidized otherwise they will park anywhere they like. Gifts many come home put in the cellar, how to declare? Don’t believe, ask the Househusband, he.also dunno

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  • David Neo Kwai Lan:

    Work for airline also must pay tax for free tickets? Staff bebefit also cannot give whole heartedly.

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  • ganeshsk:

    Oh Gilbert

    They are going to amend the Benefits in Kind section to exclude gifts givien to MPs are deemend not taxable.

    This G can make declare an Indian is a Malay why not.

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  • Samuel S:

    Now we all should ask the CPIB if the MPs are actually recieving benefits at the expense of ordinary Singaporean! The issue of free parking for teachers now escalated to all government ministries. PAP must now declare if their MPs and ministries have benefited at the expense of other workers.

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  • Bapak:

    They will bend backward to suit themselves – Estate Tax, remember?

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  • oxygen:

    GILBERT TAN IS RIGHT – Govt MPs definitely owed parking taxes perks and tax arrears. IRAS must come clean on this because Ah Long and prostitutes (both illegal occupations can’t get banking loans nor have CPF balances) suddenly buy properties with cash will be queried and taxed of their income.

    WE CANNOT HAVE TWO SET OF TAX LAWS FOR TAXPAYER – a concessionary one for politicians and a harsher punitive tax structure for all other peasants.

    Those MPs have been DIAM DIAM DIAM on their benefits for donkey years which must be included as part of their assessable income BUT DEINITELY NOT DECLARED in the past till now (since all MPs DIAM DIAM DIAM until MND/Clerk-of-Parliament blew the whistle) and that will attract penalties too of multi-fold compounding as well.

    Going forward, MPs will henceforth have to log all their parking hours and report the amount of expense saving which is part of their hidden concealed perks, work out the equivalent income amount and report that as part of their assessable income.

    Or IRAS have to give similar concessions to all peasants- allowing their car parking charges at work or travel expenses to and from work to be tax deductible against the assessable income to be fair to all.

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  • sunny:

    Now we know why HDB car-park say they are losing money

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  • HarderTruths:

    This is $ingapore.
    How long will it take you to understand?

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  • tax dept controlled by PAP:

    tax doesnt apply to them .. they are tax free….

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  • Evading Income Tax Is Crime:

    Everybody, from taxi uncles to delivery van drivers, pays $90 a month for parking at one particular car park only. Why must MPs and Ministers who pay themselves obscene salary and exhorbitant bonuses be paying only $30 a month for parking at different places?

    Such special monetary benefits should be declared to Inland Revenue every year without fail.

    If they have not reported then they have committed a crime of evading income tax.

    And if Inland Revenue does not take appropriate legal actions against these culprits, then it can be construed as systemic corruption.

    Systemic corruption is a sign of decadence. It is very serious. It has to be nipped at the bud. Otherwise, the whole nation, especially the masses, will suffer untold hardships and exploitations.

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  • Propagating 'Clean Wages'?:

    What a joke?

    ‘Caught’ redhanded and keeping very quiet now.

    Shameful indeed!

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  • Self Discipline?:

    Many toes are laughing!

    OMG started a joke and got the whole of HDB car park payees laughing!

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