Water is one area which innovation can be show-cased, but cannot proceed in Singapore because of the rigidity

Currently, the average rainfall per year in Singapore averages 3 meters but our present need for water is the equivalent of 1 meter. This 1 metre is supplied from our own catchment and the excess is supplied by pipe from Johor.

The remaining 2 meters flows into the sea as we do not have enough storage for such rainwater.

We need strategies for this essential security:

1. Collect and store as much as possible but there is limited reservoir size. We need to deepen the reservoirs to contain more water.
2. All canals can also serve as water storage. This can be done by building many weirs with floating gates to release excess water during big runoff.
3. In conjunction with this, we must create many ponds in HDB estates to collect rain water into ‘soak aways’. This will slow down run off and therefore prevent flooding in downstream areas.

Finally we must dare to do deep subterranean search for “water webs”. This is controversial as there is no established proof even though there are claims that Dubai and Malta have succeeded in taping this resource.

What are water webs? The claim is that at depths of over 400m below the aquifer there are flowing water webs. In Singapore, the claim is there are two of them detected by remote sensing technology. One in the north that has warm water, and another in the south that has cold water.

The only reason left to try is strategic military security reason. Only MINDEF can decide because water is one of the most critical of Singapore’s strategic national security interest.

But here we hit a system snag as no one wants to try. Not pub, not SLA, not URA, not NRF. Simply because failure attribution is a major deterrent and no officer wants to risk his or her KPI on an unproven system.

Water is total defence. No water no Singapore!


Tay Kheng Soon



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10 Responses to “Water is one area which innovation can be show-cased, but cannot proceed in Singapore because of the rigidity”

  • N.Jungne:

    Thanks Tay Kheng Soon, I thought the PAP gang can write like this. No lah, when comes to paying, they will say it falls from the sky. But 30% water tax is actually protection money, protecting his job paiseh to say it.

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  • rftvgybhj:

    Don’t need to buy any more water from Malaysia any more to let them con and threaten us. Just focus more into newater and regardless of how much this will cost us.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! The sole reason why S’pore needs so much water is PAP’s senseless population growth policy starting between 2004 to 2011 as well as their profiteering mechanism for S’pore land. Basically, the high requirements for water were down to:
    * a higher number of households created & boosted by an artificial influx of foreigners;
    * the control of the supply of land for intensive housing purposes which will enriched the govt coffers greatly;
    * the economic trade-off between govt greed & the people’s essential need for water – flooding of land as a water resource vs. PAP’s unbridled greed for revenues from govt land sales.
    The sad thing is that the PAP’s concrete plans in boosting population growth to 10 million population by 2030. In that regard, any water supply solutions would always be very expensive – it will tapped on the massive capital resources (& pilfering into CPF) from locals to benefit the incoming foreigners. Foreigners will always be the free-riders in this equation. Look at the 2004-2011 population boost, it lead to the need for more new desalination plants to meet increasing water needs for households. Much like the frequent MRT breakdowns was due to increasing ridership & existing capacity constraints. This was the sole reason for the 30% water rate hike which hit households basically. In a sense, the PAP’s senseless population growth leads to lagging infrastructural supply constraints – this then leads to a massive Infrastructural Spending to catch up – paying the final bill to benefit the free riding foreigners. You pay who you voted for.
    The clear solution is always an optimum population that have a sustainable water demand; a land policy which is independent – free for vested interest for development riches. The solution is clear but with the PAP, they are much more interested in enriching their own pockets in having more foreigners to boost GDP growth & in controlling land resources for the benefit of govt revenues. Even the desalination option is a joke – a 5 decade old technology which is energy intensive & high capital investments. If this technology was economically viable, Hyflux would not be in such an indebted position.

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  • Samuel S:

    If they collect more rain water they cannot showcase their innovation on desalination or recycle waste water. How then to charge Singaporean with 30% tax (it will not be last)? This greedy government will not have excuse that Malaysia will shut down water to Singapore so they can argue only PAP can run this country.

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  • LIONS:

    Ya,TKS has good idea unlike chiak liao bee $-chasing ministers n perm secs who just wanna protect rice-bowl$.

    They make kids sing “SAVE MY WORLD” but sponsor F1? ….WASTE ENERGY N CAUSE POLLUTION?

    Think we shud sing SAVE MY PEE instead?

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  • no balls clown:

    You’re right TKS!!
    As NTD has strongly voiced out, the clowns have no balls, and not a single one of them dares to step forward and speak up or venture into uncharted territory!…they are very happy looking at their cpf statements with all the zeroooos starring back at them!!

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  • LIONS:

    If you think of it,STRATEGY FOR WATERSUPPLY is just one aspect of the many facets of TOTAL NATIONAL DEFENCE which these useless scholar-miw$ ignore.

    Or,see how they proffer to $quander via TH N GIC our taxpayer money on FOREIGNERS’ FAILING COMPANIES that risk-takers like Warren Buffett shy from instead of applying such monies to help NURTURE our own SMEs?

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  • HarderTruths:

    One day we will have to pay for air.
    Then you won’t worry about water as much….

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  • Clown Prince:

    Not enough water and not enough land. Why import more and more mouths?

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  • voteoutpapGE2019:

    Question :
    1. Why are singaporean paying such a high price for the process water since import of raw water remain 3sens from Malayisa?
    2. With the water tax hike of 30% is it neceesary since the import of raw water remain at 3sens ? Why?
    3. why are we paying for the infrastructure of the desalination plant since it is the pap gov that needed to import huge massive of population to 6.9mil or more ?
    4. Do we needed for it the water tax hike if popluation remain 5.5 mil ?

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