More on 85 being the new CPF Life payout date

In Akan Datang: Why CPF Life payments will begin at 85, I “explained” why the PAP was planning to move the CPF Life start date to 85: Many S’poreans would be dead by then because 85 is 2.4 years above the average S’porean life expectancy rate of 82.6 yrs.

Seriously, two points to note on why there’ll be a move to up the age when CPF Life starts paying out (Remember the default age is now 70:CPF Life: How withdrawal age “moved” to 70)

When ang moh countries introduced state old age pensions: example when UK introduced state pensions in 1908, the retirement age, 70 for both men and women, was well above average life expectancy.

And then there’s the issue of accelerated ageing where Singapore is among those top of the class.


Cynical Investor

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6 Responses to “More on 85 being the new CPF Life payout date”

  • HarderTruths:

    It is ok CI. Our 70% have approved the mandate from heaven.

    FT will return to enjoy retirement in their countries as millionaires and laughing at us. More FT will come to replace those who leave.

    Only local fools will end up in pappy old folk’s homes hoping for one meal a day by voting pappys or collecting cardboard. This is how it ends for the loyalty of the masses.

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  • oxygen:

    THE IMPRISONMENT OF CPF past 55 needs to be offset by universal pension for all over 55. Otherwise how are they going to live since their CPF is stolen?

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  • Zhenzidan:

    Didn’t you always Mock at those who think ang mo tua Kee?
    Now using ang mo country as example? You said you like away Kian peng right? Ask him to fight for you la! Come here and kpkb for fiack?

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  • Zhenzidan:

    Previously you used to mock at those you labelled as “Ang Moh Tua Kee”
    Now you quote examples from every Ang Moh country
    Where is your stand exactly
    For you are demonstrating sheer hypocrisy
    Since you always praise the PAP
    Telling us about their efficeiency
    Then don’t come and kpkb about your CPF money
    Withdrawal at 85 is your stupid assumption only
    And since you said you like that Seah Kian Peng MP
    Why not ask him to fight for you against this CPF policy
    Instead of always coming and kpkb at TRE
    I don’t think you have an 85-year life expectancy
    I hope to see you dying quickly

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  • Equality Was Stealthily Remove:

    Zhenzidan – u make me laugh,esp. the last two lines.

    Ha ha ha ha…………………(it is a good caricature poem).

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  • True facts:

    Aiya they said you can live until 120 years old la.

    Made my toes laugh la.

    Just to keep your cpf forever la.

    Good la now know what happen to your cpf.

    Poor Sinkis.

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