Are our public service policies really helping Singaporeans?

I refer to the article “Public servants urged to view service through citizen’s eyes” (Straits Times, Jul 5).

It states that “hopes to see in the public service, in which more empathetic policies and programmes will be designed from the citizen’s point of view.

… warned: “If we keep doing things the same way, we will do injustice to ourselves and our country. If we are not careful, we will be left behind in the dustbin of history.””

In the context of “more empathetic policies … from the citizen’s point of view” and “If we keep doing things the same way, we will do injustice to ourselves and our country” – here’s arguably, what many Singaporeans may have a gripe with:

… increasing the non-Singaporean workforce to an estimated 47 per cent (excluding new citizens} of the total workforce

… increasing the non-Singaporean population to 39 per cent (excluding new citizens} of the total population

… increasing the non-Singaporean student population in the public universities to an estimated 34 per cent (excluding new citizens} of the total university enrolment

… policies that keep increasing the cost of living – electricity, water, healthcare, parking, childcare and university fees, service and conservancy charges (S & CC), public transport fares, etc

… policies that have resulted in low wages and under-employment –  how many of the 791,900 employed residents with gross monthly income (including employee CPF contribution) less than $2,500, according to the Yearbook of Manpower Statistics 2017, are PMETs?


Leong Sze Hian



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6 Responses to “Are our public service policies really helping Singaporeans?”

  • True facts:

    Aiya if really helping there will not be so mant unemployed Locals already la.

    Talk CCCKKKKK only.

    Talk CCCKKKK like sing SSSong.

    Made my toe laugh again>>>>>> LOL.

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  • oxygen:

    THAT THE FACT THAT KEE CHIU found it necessary to raise issues of public empathy need in the public service is TELLING HOW DEGENERATED those institutions must have been.

    Just look at how hostile HDB/URA responded to Fernvale Lea uproar is truth revelation. They literally talked cawked about FAKE LAW APPLICATION and used bureaucratic might to suppress peasants at all costs of their own self-preservation. One month later – after the furore died down, Penang Cow confessed wrongdoing in public service and reversed the decision!


    Public servants will preach motherhood morals to protect their political masters and their own jobs.

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  • HarderTruths:

    $G has public service policies?
    When did this happen?

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  • opposition dude:

    Usual nonsense by PAP, who hasn’t heard all the usual we do this we do that a billion times before?

    But our eyes don’t deceive us, we KNOW that costs have gone up because we pay more for our water bills every month since the 30% increase.

    So whatever PAP says are just words to be read and forgotten since we all know that jack shit has been done to reduce the cost of living.

    It’s all just talk, talk and even more talk.

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  • Corrupt Greedy Evil:

    Paying themselves outrageously obscene salaries and bonuses are akeen to corruption and keptocracy.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    With reference to the article, no. Our public service policies are in dire need of a revamp, with those who implemented it in the first place be asked if they had been taking their medication prior to their doing so.

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