SDP: Celebrating Singapore – Live Your Passion!

We’re posting a series called Celebrating Singapore this National Day period where we highlight some of the wishes of our friends and members for our nation. We start here with Bryan Lim, SDP Treasurer and proud father.

Just before I attended my first political rally at the age of 8 (which, by the way, kindled my interest in politics), football was my first love. It still is except that I don’t play it as often as I used to.

I was quite good at the Beautiful Game so much so that my primary school head coach called me up for training. But Mum (like a lot of mums) refused to let me attend, afraid that I would neglect my studies.

Behind her back (like a lot of kids), I quietly turned up whenever there was a game. But coach would never give me a game because I didn’t train. He had to be fair to other boys. It wasn’t long before I handed over my jersey and called it a day.

It turned out that I did rather well for my PSLE and got into the school of my dreams, which was a stone’s throw away from my house (it was Mum’s dream school too because it meant she could save on my transport).

During the school orientation week, we played football and hockey with our new classmates and I excelled in both sports. My PE teacher pulled me aside and invited me to join the school team selection trials for both games. Here we go again.

Excitedly, I updated my mum and thought that this time around she would let me partake in the trials since I had proven myself academically.

Arms akimbo, she gave me a choice: “One, either you break your leg on the pitch or, two, I will break your leg!” It was a unanimous decision if you know what I mean. No ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

And with that went my dream of playing football for school.

Fast forward, I shared this story with my daughter, Sonya, and told her how lucky she is compared to me.

She started ballet at the young age of three and has never looked back. At the same age when I was warming the bench for my primary school, she had already competed in countless dance competitions and had expressed her intention to join SOTA after PSLE.

I told her that I would support her dreams because I don’t want her to live with regrets like me.

I understand what my mum wanted for me, it was a different time, a different era. Younger parents nowadays have a different outlook – we want our kids to enjoy what they do and pursue their passion.

Life should be lived that way.

As we move ahead, let’s live our passion. Here’s to our 53rd Singapore Birthday. Happy National Day, everyone!


Singapore Democrats

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8 Responses to “SDP: Celebrating Singapore – Live Your Passion!”

  • Loong Poo Bor:

    Actually, you have to thank your mum, Bryan. Look at Ben Davis. Luckily for him, he can easily change his nationality to live his dream.

    If we want to live our passions, first and foremost, we must dream about singaporeans voting in unison to kick out the current self-serving govt. Agree?

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  • HarderTruths:

    The article talks about schooldays and not reality after leaving it.

    Not about 2 or 2.5 years of meaningless NSF and injuries that last a lifetime that have to be paid for by the man as the government f*ck-care.

    Not about the time wasted in those years that could have been productively used to be gainfully employed or higher studies for those that could.

    Not about how the deck is stacked at every turn in the $G job market against $G locals especially males.

    How the $G girls like to hook a FT so they can get out of $G. $G men are seen as liabilities and losers.

    Not about another 7 to 10 yeas of reservist training which keeps the majority from keeping decent jobs or bettering their salaries.

    Nor about how all of this bullshit piled up day after day year after year stops $G men from getting married or able to support themselves or a family.

    Nor about how all this makes $G men looked on as the losers by the other $G locals and especially FT – and usually unemployable after 40.

    Nor how the older $G are deprived of medical care or proper homes when they cannot pay their bills as health care is an income opportunity and not to be confused with loyalty to onee’s own citizens.

    Nor how the suicide rates for older people will increase when the current generation is unable to continue its ‘service’ to the ‘nation’.

    Yes, Singapore Democrats – I have no time for chest-thumping tear-jerking articles of national pride when the real sons of $G are treated this way for the last 53 years.

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  • David Neo Donkey ASS:

    SDP can change things

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  • Hi!:

    Reality of NATIONHOOD though, is not so rosy, nor the survival of OURSELVES & CHILDREN IN THIS OUR LAND. SOME DAY THE COUNTRY MUST SINK INTO NOTHINGNESS (TFR) BEF THE PPL WOKE UP. Kudos to both the opposition n incumbent when there is no one left to defend S’pore. THIS IS GROSS NEGLIGENCE TO YOUR NATION N CITIZENS AS A SINGAPOREAN. I qualify myself to state so as I served full time NS n 13 yrs res. 80s to 2000s.

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  • LIONS:

    One thing i like about SDP sgs is their tenacity n fidelity in committing to COMMUNICATE with common sgs especially the VOICELESS N DOWNTRODDEN.

    PASSION OF SDP sgs to STAND UP FOR COMMON GOOD of the average sg is laudable.
    I hope sgs give a chance to SDP sgs like Dr Chee,Dr Ang n Prof Paul to prove their SINCERITY N PASSION TO SERVE sgs.

    I fondly await a Strong Oppo Alliance for the coming GE.

    PS: HOW MANY VOICELESS N DISADVANTAGED sgs were at the Floating platform ?
    Among the 25K spectators,how many were NON-sgs?
    How many were the PAP gra$$looters or senior civil servants?

    Still want to ask sgs to sing ONE SINGAPORE???

    STOP THE ARI$toCrap$ hypicri$y!
    GCT,did you sing * COUNT ON me,Singaporeans or COUNT MONEY,PAPple-porean$?

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  • pap is NOT SGP:

    pap is a political party.

    like all political parties, once they gain power, they do all they can to stay in power. well and good if the staying in power is done in an upright manner, guided by the golden rule – don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

    FIXING of OPPOSITION – is a clear example of what is wrong with a rogue political party in power, and what is the thing not to do unto others, since it is not good if one is at the receiving end.

    ABUSING power, especially abuse of citizens’ CPF – everyone knows all political parties need S$m to function. but via a pliant parleement, changing rules to turn clear as day illegal activities into “legal” activities, is another example of what is wrong, and not good to do. what and where do the S$m so abused go to – well, besides the free bus rides to rally sites, brand new T-shirts at events, chicken rice for old folks who attend events, the ultimate is in paying off loyalty to party via S$m posts.

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  • Confucius says:

    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand…. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

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  • justanothercitizen:

    Loong Poo Bor:
    Actually, you have to thank your mum, Bryan. Look at Ben Davis. Luckily for him, he can easily change his nationality to live his dream.

    If we want to live our passions, first and foremost, we must dream about singaporeans voting in unison to kick out the current self-serving govt. Agree?

    He is already in a opposition party, the SDP. And you are urging him to to vote out the men in white?
    Loong Poo Bor are you reading or are you reading?

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