Please step down and stop dragging this country deeper into hell

I am a born and bred Singaporean. My grandfather was here long before Singapore’s independence, when it was still a British colony. We survived World War 2 and the Japanese invasion of Singapore. We thought that things would get better for us after independence. However, this is not the case when the PAP is treating the country like their business empire instead of a country.

I am not a hardcore PAP hater. If they were doing things right and people were happy, I would have no reason to hate them. I don’t hate them for the sake of finding someone to hate or to vent my frustrations on. In the past 14 years, I feel that they have lost the mandate and will to lead us properly. I have observed silently from a distance. I did not want to be too quick to jump to conclusions or to judge them prematurely. However, enough time has passed and they have shown that they are not up to the mark.

Granted, it is not easy to manage Singapore. Despite it being a small country that is much smaller than Malaysia and Indonesia, it has still survived. But we are not just looking at survival here. We don’t just want to survive. We want to thrive. Would you be happy with your life if all the money you earned was just enough to buy you food and water? There is a lot more to life than surviving. Unfortunately, the PAP has created an environment whereby Singaporeans are struggling to make ends meet.

I don’t want to rub salt into PAP’s wound. Unfortunately, if they keep sufferring setback after setback, maybe they are just not cut out for the job. They reward themselves with high salaries despite not performing well. This is unacceptable. You do not receive the prize before winning the competition. You cannot put the bullcart in front of the horse. There is a proper way to do things.

I have seen enough and I say that enough is enough. Stop dragging the rest of the nation down together with you. You have squandered enough of our reserves on stupid and foolish overseas investments. You do not know what you are doing. I implore the PAP to really take a good hard look at yourselves and ask yourselves what are you doing with this country.

We do not have the luxury of time. The more you insist on your erroneous ways, the further away you bring us from success. I don’t want to see Singapore fail just because the PAP couldn’t bear to let someone else more capable take over. You had your chance and you failed. Get over it and move on. Move along and let someone who knows what they are doing take over. You keep putting people like Lui Tuck Yew and Khaw Boon Wan in charge, it really is not funny any more.

So many have sufferred because of your incessant train breakdowns. So many were late for work, so many man hours of productivity lost. Can you ever adequately compensate these people and their companies for their losses? Why is there this stubborness within you that you think you can do it? Some people are just not cut out for certain jobs, they were just made that way. And I do not think you guys are cut out to be leaders. Let us take over, let us show you how it is done.

Let us make Singapore into a better place that all of us can be proud of. Let us all work together to bring Singapore to greater heights and restore its former glory. However, people must be willing to accept their new places as not everyone can be a leader. Sometimes, leadership can be a burden, but we are young and we are willing to bear the burden as it is part and parcel of advancing and growing. Most of the PAP cadres are old uncles and aunties who seriously should be retired, not struggling to fight with the outside world which you guys have proven you are not adept or capable of doing.

It is a big and complicated world out there. We face many challenges. It is a very diverse environment where people may have conflicting values and they may not mean what they say or say what they mean. But we know how to handle such people as we’ve been there and done that. Let us have a go at running this country. You are free to pursue your own interests, and if you were really able to do as well in the private sector as you claimed you could, go ahead and make as much money as you can there. The public sector however, is about serving the people. This is why when you look at the best Presidents in the world, they do not work for money. Money works for them. Look at people like Donald Trump, Dr Mahathir and Rodrigo Duterte. They have smashed your argument that you need to be paid handsomely in order to attract good and capable people.

Please, if you know what’s good for you and the nation, please, step down and stop dragging this country deeper into hell.


* Zorro Chan’s post on Facebook group United Singaporean.


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25 Responses to “Please step down and stop dragging this country deeper into hell”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    The MONEY### is too GOOD and the LEEgal CORRUPTION is too BAD!!!

    Bro, how to step DOWN…even a Piece of SHIT who parasites on the people are clinging to dear Life in Parliament voted in by IDIOTS @ Marine Parade!!!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Zorro Chan, PAP is not dragging Singapore and Singaporeans down, PAP is pushing Singapore and Singaporeans down from behind. When Singaporeans are down, PAP would say it is your own fault.

    “.. to bring Singapore to greater heights and restore its former glory” we need first and foremost is to stop and kick PAP out.

    The problem with PAP now is because of too much skeletons in the closets, PAP is not getting capable and competent people but getting people who are only capable of keeping their mouths shut.

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  • HarderTruths:

    My great great grandfather was here during the time of Raffles, and my family endured WWII at the hands of the Japanese and jut hoping to make a decent living during the pappy era.

    Wrong bet. Should have known an island of misfits will always vote for misfits. Now all my family are gone to western countries (not by choice – they have been chased out by FT and the pappy machine that supports them). They are contributing much and valued citizens in their own right.

    If this island does not want people of value then we will move on. Talk of loyalty and patriotism is all bullshit. Only fools and losers cling desperately to non-existent values to make themselves feel good ti justify why they are being rated like garbage.

    I am still here because of my circumstances but then again I have nothing to prove or to beg from this government.

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  • Bapak:

    It takes you so long to realize? Are you sure you were not on advantage where your other citizens sufferred & you bo chap? Now you are on receiving end so you wake up? Id Sinkies are behaving like this, soon no one will come to your rescue.

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  • oxygen:

    Former President Jimmy Carter lives in a $167,000 house and shops at the Dollar General
    Sarah Berger | @sarahelizberger 2:38 PM ET Wed, 22 Aug 2018

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  • omnitaufoo:

    Am truly disgusted with PM Lee and his bunch of arrogant overpaid self-righteous Ministers!

    Why are we paying Ministers huge salaries when clearly they don’t stand up for Singaporeans who are suffering from one bad policy after another?

    Why are Ministers protecting their huge salaries by being echo chambers of the same crap spewed by their Master?

    Why is it that no Minister has the balls to question robustly in Parliament the failed leadership of LHL which has caused many hardships to hard working tax paying Singaporeans?

    I can only conclude it is the fear of losing millions paid in salary for each term of government. Why spite the hand that feeds them?

    It’s time to throw this regime out once and for all before this country goes to the dogs! It will take more than one election for sure but its time to start making them hurt with each election until they are no more!

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  • Unworthiness Nincompoop:

    Very well written. But these thick skinned nincompoop and wooden headed idiots said that they should be paid more. Yes FXXK off and go to the private sectors and show us your abilities. NOL, SMRT and many other companies had proven your inabilities and unworthiness to receive such a high pay.

    Better for you all to step down or else we will all surely Vote You All Out.

    Shame of you all especially the Indian Lady. You better quit. The new G will invite you for a nice MILO KOSONG.

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  • Titiana Ann Xavier:

    The PAP has outstayed its welcome. It is no longer seen as being capable of making Singapore great. Over the years it has proven to grow progressively inefficient and incompetent. Gone are the days when the average man has no trepidation in facing the future. Today we live in fear of tomorrow. Jobs, health care, housing or life itself is no longer safe and secure. The mandate given to the PAP to rule was abused. The rulers grow rich and fat while the people grow leaner and hungrier. A change is needed. It must begin by withdrawing the mandate. The PAP is no longer fit to rule.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Zorro Chan, AUTHORITARIANISM means STOPPED THINKING AND STOPPED LISTENING, how do you propose to change that WITHOUT VOTING THEM OUT (and it is not hating them to do so) but it is NOBLE (follow Past Tense word of wisdom) DEED because PATRIOTISM wants to save this DECAYING COUNTRY.

    Yes, we do NOT have the luxury of time to uproot entrenched failing performance that is determined to preserve such dilapidated legacy. Voters have to wake up to ECONOMIC AND MARKET REALITIES and PAPpys are TRULY INCOMPETENT in the last 14 years of your own observation which I agree too.

    FAILURES AND INCOMEPTENCIES ARE SACRED COWS TOO – that is STAGGERING of national tragedy. And peasants are blind ignoramus sheep immune to shake-up to wake up from the true but rough-and-tumble rowdiness in the social media.

    I follow global economy, absolutely terrified that incompetency is leading this country into sudden death collapse. The world has changed beyond recognition since GFC, PAPpys still thinks “eastern values” of feudal China still rules the earth BUT SENT THEIR KIDS TO TOP IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY TO ABSORB WESTERN LIBERAL THINKING AND ECONOMIC PHILOSOPHY.

    The late Mao Tze Tung, if can be re-incarnated, could write another book of wisdom on ‘CONTRADICTION” of realities and false values/pretensions.

    Those who lived a long time in the west and China cannot comprehend HOW PAPpys are lost and in denial of their contradictions – the simplest one include frugality preaching, collecting stratospheric paycheck for no performance and paying discounted parking charges.


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  • oxygen:

    @ ZORRO CHAN, HISTORY DOES NOT WALK BACKWARD. Those who cannot perform should do the right thing – TAKE YOUR UNDESERVED TROPHIES AND WALK into the sunset quietly. We the rest will take it from here – even if that means grudgingly forgiven for mistakes and failures of PAST which we can’t turn the clock backward.


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  • Con cert:

    Agree with the author. Wrong people hired for the job. Like Essplanade, there’s a sense that the organisers do not know pop music. They do weird things like downsizing the biggest hits for the encore.

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  • Pakatan Singapura:

    why ask them to do something we know they aren’t going to do, giving up S$m year in year out guaranteed money without any need for accountability?

    if you are serious, vote against pap GE2019. vote them out of government. let a better group of caring Singaporeans form New GOVERNMENT.

    vote against pap. vote Pakatan Singapura.

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  • nihon:

    the white scums are messing up.

    communists china is building alternate supply chains to block our ports. building oil ports in borma and ports in m’sia. and the north pole will melt changing sea routes.

    our population is ageing. costs of living is so high due to high rentals and coes/erps and so many taxes.

    wages is stagnant and depressed due to endless supply of cheaperest fts with dubious papers and fake CVs. productivity is low and innovation is almost nonexisitent. employers are addicted to cheap labour amd has zero incentive to upgrade.

    small problem like mrt also cannot fix. yet want to be paid millions.

    can anyone takeover?

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  • DAVE:

    He wants to bring all of you together hand in hand along with his ill gotten gains to hell. it’s has been obvious with his millionaire gang decades ago.
    He even has the audacity now to insult the people, degrade and most of all to humiliate the local people by opening floodgate of foreigners .By the way he has turn taoism to repeatedly invoke the spirit of his dead father to rise up from the grave. WHAT A SADISTIC ARSEHOLE!

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  • Partial truth?:

    Donald Trump is flithy rich. He dont need that pay.

    Dr M also rich.

    Not so sure about Philippine top man. Because of him, mayors of cities died tio assassination.

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  • rukidding:

    They just have too many things to “hide” !

    I am not surprise that if they “fall” and a New Government starts “digging” into the past,….we may be “poorer and in deeper shit” than Malaysia !

    Think deeper why Old fart “pushed hard and fast” to approve their obscene salary…..I am sure in old fart’s crystal ball,…he knows that “things are falling apart” and soon….Pappy will “collapsed” very badly …with many “unthinkable Hard truths” being “uncovered” !

    I for one,…is waiting for that day to come !

    And I will not be surprised by those “uncoverings”….especially on CPF matters and that “f” …Holy Jink’s Management !

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  • sgreans PAISEH ask questions:

    Look at Australian PM. She earns so little and asks not to be given pay hike saying that they are paid high enough already.

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  • Zorro, wake up:

    Zorro, please wake up. You r expecting an arrogant lot of ingrates, self gratifying n gratifying gang now desperately trying to hang out their little carrots impregnated with vicious ‘see how we will fix u when we r back with absolute power’ threat just like the last countless pre GE panic desperation when the group was badly soured up with kpkb which roti prata derogatorily dismissed as noises before he was ashened to see his big lp to continous his po in hell, to step down when they r desperately trying to cook up their pre GE beautiful dream of high hopes that no univ degree young stupid Sinkies will be trillionaires in their devious ploy to enslave them while as the chaitowkwei Chan import his foreign Pmets to boot out Sinkies as he has told thru his faceB that he has no problem at all to do so. GCT has fooled Sinkies in his big con that rich people don’t corrupt when he was impregnated with envy n greed that he n his gang must be paid equal if not mor the top paid CEOs so that they r multimillions thence billionaires n would not corrupt wnen Chiam wisely reminded Sinkies the old cliche that all power corrupt n absolute power corrupts absolutely. When he failed to elaborate on the absokutely is that it means the absolute power entitled them to d any self gratification they desired for under such power filth, they have interpreted the mandate to govern does not include legislate any self benefits which such abuse of power n trust of the citizenry would be stopped by multiparty Parliament thus make checks n balances possible. Remember the big con on self c n b which was later realized that such con would harm the his nepotic regime then wayanging up with appointing MPs with no voting power. So Zorro think about it. Will con shits ike the infamous deadly sharks charge normal bank rate n politely collect the debts. If u think that is stupid to even think of it, then how could u expect the ferocious white sharp. Take for example the HDB owners now waking up that r now owners as pap wanted them o believe but effectly they r the renter. The first upgrade was so welcomed t now they realize they been fleeced. cont

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  • True facts:

    True more and more locals are currently jobless yet they say they are managing Singapore well.

    V serious mismanaged causing until all no job.

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  • LIONS:

    No need to beg.
    Just SACK!

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  • PAP Must Wake Up!:

    Many Singaporeans are very unhappy, worse than before GE 2011!

    Najib never thought he will lose the General Election, but he lost!

    Never never think it will not happen in SG, it could well happen in 2019/2020.

    None of the 4G Leaders are respected by the People!

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  • Blur sotong we are:

    This is not vintage PAP! Would Dr. Goh Keng Swee, the architect of Singapore’s economic development approve of an overriding crony capitalist state which we are today?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Blur sotong we are.


    Blur sotong we are: This is not vintage PAP! Would Dr. Goh Keng Swee, the architect of Singapore’s economic development approve of an overriding crony capitalist state which we are today?

    Combined that with authoritarianism, it is TOXIC POISON for a number of compelling reasons. Here is one.

    oxygen: @ Zorro Chan, AUTHORITARIANISM means STOPPED THINKING AND STOPPED LISTENING, how do you propose to change that WITHOUT VOTING THEM OUT (and it is not hating them to do so) but it is NOBLE (follow Past Tense word of wisdom) DEED because PATRIOTISM wants to save this DECAYING COUNTRY.

    Citizenry passivity to change compounds the lethargic paralysis of incompetent governance that STOPPED THINKING AND ALSO STOPPED LISTENING to a small vocal but much smarter voices outside the PAPpy enclave of stupidity. You even see this hostility against an active citizenry even in this writing of Zorro Chan. Don’t believe me? See what he/she wrote, and I quote here for clarity of decapitated mindset.

    Zorro Chan:people may have conflicting values and they may not mean what they say or say what they mean. But we know how to handle such people as we’ve been there and done that. Let us have a go at running this country….

    NOT CLEVER on this one. Smarter thinking will insist these things

    - no specie in the world survive without diversity where it is plant, animal or fishes even the air. The oppression of contrary thoughts destroys the country, preserves the failed rotten incompetencies and corruption of wealth accumulation beyond all imagination.

    - far more intelligence and wisdom exist OUTSIDE the tiny enclave of PAPpy’s crony circle of confined stupidity. Crony preserves and fortifies their own crony’s self interest, TO THE DETRIMENT OF ALL PEASANTRY.

    I wrote this

    oxygen: I follow global economy, absolutely terrified that incompetency is leading this country into sudden death collapse. The world has changed beyond recognition since GFC

    without knowing this in CNBC publishing 2 days ago….. HOW FINANCIAL CONDITIONS HAVE CHANGED.

    PAPpys are…

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  • oxygen:

    @ Blur sotong we are

    THAT CNBC PUBLISHING I refer to in the aforementioned comment illuminates the dynamite shifts in global financial condition since the GFC. Readers of TRE should read and ponders over its implication.

    It talks about these key gargantuan shifts in GLOBAL FINANCIAL CONDITIONS since 10 years ago of the GFC.

    - the collapse and partial recovery of the energy market (oil) and I believe that is poised by another titanic shift in the next 10 years again, some shale producers in US are in trouble of falling productivity yields.

    - the longest bull market in 2-yr US Treasuries and generally short-term bond market yield volatility, the fear now is yield inversion, catch the world central banker on the surprise of another recession…this time, central bankers has no more ammunition of interest rate cut to manure the turnaround unlike the last GFC

    - US dollar volatility, Trumps trade war is higher inflation, lower sales, lower employment, we might get inflation despite recession.

    - asset bubbles in an overleveraged debt environment, housing market Down Under cracked, US wobbly and HK frenzy (lately some panicky withdrawal) and Lee-jiapore, how huh?

    - gold lost its safe haven status, that is another grim warning of dangerous times ahead of turbulent changes bigger and more virulent of handling

    IN THIS TERRIFYING TURMOIL, what is the PAPpys doing in the last 10 years?


    At least foreign influx give a mirage of wealth and busy economy – build more roads, dig up newly completed park/playground and redo it, the streets looks more busy and supermarket queues looks prosperous – NEVER MIND THE FALSE STATISTICS HIDDEN MORE AND MORE UNEMPLOYED PMET and more is going to get retrenched in the next recession for certainty.

    At least, they know one thing they cannot lie anymore, property market is heading for a down spin. PAPpys tells us slower economic growth ahead and therefore property price will rise slower (IF ECONOMY IS STRONG BUT SILENT ON PROPERTY PRICE COLLAPSE IF IT IS A RECESSION).

    3Gs are a failure mob, 4Gs are CLUELESS AND ACHIEVE NOTHING OF CHANGE in their portfolio since the last GFC.



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  • old man:

    We must vote this gang of Pappies out soonest!

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