On ‘Tackle Sour Mood on the Ground’

I refer to the article by Andrew Loh on this particular issue [LINK] which I don’t think worries the PAP enough, judging by the way MPs on both divide and their grassroots go about doing their “business as normal”. I guess their assessment of things depends on their not understanding it according to Mr Li Sheng Wu.

While Han Fook Kwang only got 1 part of his deductions right, he too fails to comprehend the real reason behind the sour mood of the ground that goes beyond the pending GST hike and price increases.

The 38 Oxley Saga as well as the bulldozing of Halimah into Istana and subsequent unjust ruling of the High Court on this crucial issue, are factors Han did not take into account when preparing his draft for print.

The 38 Oxley Saga demonstrated the ruthlessness of the current regime in persecuting even one’s own family to preserve power at all costs, something which the late Mr LKY would not do. Key is, do we trust and still want the key people in Cabinet behind this and many other injustices of society to continue in office?

Coupled with a severely anameic public service commission and lack of vision/succession planning of the PAP, should we still endorse candidates sourced from the Army and Police to run the country and civil service in an autocratic manner?

Therefore, Han should not be surprised of the lack of respect for the office holders as they’re not from the mediocre core! They don’t have the moral authority to ask the commoners to scrimp and save while they draw outta this world salaries! They also cannot have the decency to expect us to trust them after we’ve witnessed several high profile corrupt cases that damaged our international standing as no accountability nor follow up was ever extracted in the Keppel case after Mr Pritam Singh quizzed Indranee and this proves the failure and inadequacy of our present system to uphold justice and equality.

You just have to visit the State Courts and see for yourself, how many poor people are being persecuted using State resources by the CPF Board, IRAS, ACRA, LTA etc and they do not have the means to defend themselves as Legal Aid refuses to assist such cases which forms the bulk of injustices.

With our pledge being reduced to merely an ideal by a minister and seeing how far we ourselves have fallen from it, do we still what we want this down the road for another 50 years? If not, vote SDP and you will see the difference!


Sebastian Li



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15 Responses to “On ‘Tackle Sour Mood on the Ground’”

  • True facts:

    True and 100% agreed.

    Time for regime change.

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  • Titiana Ann Xavier:

    Whether the ground is sweet or sour is unlikely to ruffle PAP feathers. They are so used to winning by cheating. It has already given rise to a mindset that the PAP has the divine right to rule. Unless there is a Singapore version of Najib ruling the country, the Pioneer and the Merdeka Generation will continue to venerate Dictator LKY. His Dishonourable son shamelessly leverages on it.

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  • LIONS:

    Yep,the mood is moodine$$.
    Very $our indeed!

    Return our CPF!


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  • gan is useless pap Lj:

    … visit the State Courts and see for yourself, how many poor people are being persecuted using State resources by the CPF Board, IRAS, ACRA, LTA etc and they do not have the means to defend themselves as Legal Aid refuses to assist such cases which forms the bulk of injustices.

    citizens have a choice. they can vote against the tyranny.

    isn’t it so much easier to vote out clown pap and S$m gang than writing rims of theses to prove the evil of clown pap and S$m gang?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Sour mood?

    The pappies have declared:

    Everyone is Happy Happy Happy.
    Everyone loves Pappy Pappy Pappy

    By Order

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  • Ah Ha:

    Is the Straights Times actually owned by PAP? Today’s edition was the most extream example of propaganda I have seen there ever! All the pro for HDB, Cabinet salary, CPF, it is scary not having even a level playing field of opinion. Anyone associated with policy for this PAP machine should hide if the word fair is ever mentioned.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Where’s our CPF $$$$, RETURN OUR $$$$. Don’t bluff with Merdeka Generation wait long long till Matika

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  • nihon:

    the biggest problem is ‘money no enough’.

    the white scums will tell you how much is enough? see how you spend etc. you want big cars, houses etc, even $10 k a month is not enough. they are trained to give rehearsed answers by the people’s ass-ociation.

    it sidestepped the issue – can ordinary sgs live on their depressed wages and afford to buy hdb bto and raise a family?

    they will lie to you – $1 k can buy 3 room hdb, now changed to 2 room. and they have many ‘subsidies’.

    the reality is pay is v depressed by endless supply of fts and is difficult to get a job even with decent papers. due to unfair competition caused by employers paying cpf and ns + reservost duties.

    anyway, the whote scums keep importing new voters, so no worries.

    did you vote wisely?

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Nothing one can do to change the sour mood on the ground because there are 2 parts to the equation. The first part was there will always be a silly majority of the electorate who would vote for the PAP no matter what. Despite exhibiting sour mood but come election time, they will invariably cross ‘x’ next to the lightning symbol instead of placing faith in the Opposition. Staying in S’pore is like being chained to a silly herd of sheep stampeding towards a high cliff edge ready to fall.
    The second part is that any subsequent political change would be too late because the PAP’s Economic Management & their Economic Model (of Paramount State & State-directed investments) were doomed to fail. Over 50 years of PAP rule have locked S’pore into a dismal future. Frankly, there were too many skeletons hidden behind the closet door that will shock the electorate once it’s revealed. Also, the Externalities (Weak Global Economy, Matured/declined stage of markets, high debt load, impending material shortages, S’pore’s ageing demographics) all conspired against any future recovery. It’s simply too late!

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  • Merobok:

    Why should we worry about this Han? He is basically a PAP apple polisher and even a total blood transfusion will not change his mentality!
    Sometimes, such people opens their mouth as they need to boost up their sel-esteem after years in the doldrums

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  • Just a:

    SIN SW Goh Jr opined political mmillionaires recently spent a hefty $20 millions of SIN hardearned money to brush the big n small holes regardless whether it is noise making or art making of the NK shorty n babbling Yankee whom InCh, fan of A.Casey, should consult abt lynching b4 she went around accusing Sinkies most may have helped pushing her old desd boss with her free riding inyo thr great hoise whuch these mediocre millionair have demeaned with promises sworn upon the holy books mrant to be broken n issue aggravated just to self glorified themselves to be the host of what they hookwinked themselves to be historic event. Unfortunately barely less than a couple of month, they r shown beyond doubt that their self n turned out to be self damnation as the con r most stupid among the international players. So sinkirs, time to tell thrse biws scum to get lost before they sell off the island for , Mrs SW currency for operation grab in the dark deep hole hoping no daft Sinkies knows better. Jspan should extend their kpkb to Gorilla couple who may view as their great chance to make history as the sickest jokers in history
    Sinkies may be thinking how to recoup the $20 m that these SH biws wasted on their own kind cons on cons. Boot them out
    Exterminate the n

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  • Just a con:

    harem of plps like what Mahathir has done in Malaysia boleh to get back what Malyaysia has been bled. Sinkies will be doing a charitable job to help these blood n marrow suckers a chance to see the light after having been working god damn hard in the dark hole n be saved as most of them believe but have forgotten when they laid their hands with filth to swore their oath to serve Dongaporeans n not themselves or their lp they poed for rewards.

    Time to say Singapore pun boleh n as our very own film director n spark generator of Amos Yer when hd loudly yold the world We r not stupid, may be not as self gratifying as Singaporeans r daft.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    when the grassrotos go about doing their traditional agenda it becoemes worst as the division and sourness grows with their presence on the ground reminding them of the incumbent

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  • MPs Must 'Open Eyes' !:

    Don’t you see the same old faces at functions and block parties?

    These people are just there to enjoy the free food and the goodies.

    And they will only tell you things you want to hear..

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  • Penal Code Review A Diversion!:

    Why out of the sudden?
    Why 377A not included?
    Wayang again?

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