On Andrew Loh’s ‘Tackle Sour Mood on the Ground’

I remain puzzled and a little amazed that Han Fook Kwang of ST can still have the cheek to defend controversial policies like the impending GST hike and tampering of the Constitution to bulldoze Mdm Halimah in as “rightly firm” at a time when retrenchments and unemployments are at all time high and the “fabric of our nation” is severely polarised in many ways. It is an uttermost insult to many Malay, Indian and Eurasian forefathers who contributed equally to the development of this Country and left their mark for the descendants to be proud of! Cases in point: Mr E W Barker, President Yusof Ishak and Mr B Govindasamy Chettiar.

I would therefore, like to tell Mr Han that he need not be surprised of the often crude outpouring of disdain for the current 4G leaders in the streets, hawker centres or polyclinics as the demographics of their iron clad rule has changed for the worse since 2006, with the ascension of many unpopular ministers like Mrs Josephine Teo and K. Shanmugam. They only have themselves to blame for contributing to today’s resentment but sadly, instead of reflecting on themselves, 1 ESM even lamments they are not being paid enough!

I believe the PAP is not overly worried about this as the Opposition in Singapore remains fragmented and controlled, for none in their ranks will ever attempt a Lim Guan Eng who is willing to go to jail for his resident. We have seen the once fiery Mr Pritam Singh and Dr Chee much subdued and mellowed now that they have young growing children to attend to. The high salaries in the PAP ranks and fear of reprisal from their CEC have also reduced Dr Lily Neo, Louis Ng and Tan Chuan Jin to mere pawns in the eyes of the people. It is indeed alarming no one cares about a young child committing suicide when feeling overwhelmingly intimidated by Police nor the commanders in Army who do not follow protocols time and again, resulting in the needless death of youngsters who have a life ahead of them. How many more Benjamin Lim, Dave and Dominique Lee plus a Kok Yuen Chin do we need before we say enough is enough just because it did not happen to our own children?

Meet-the-People sessions have become mundane routines which MPs tell residents there is nothing they can do when a case does not go through and instructs their kingpin grassroots to be the gatekeeper to such residents. Abuses of power goes unchecked, sometimes undeterred with so many of their buddies in Parliament, a point made by Mr Lau Thia Khiang during the debate on 38 Oxley Road saga.

Legislative amendments are white elephants which no one follows or enforces and I was even told by grassroots leader at my MPS that I should not appeal the unfair dismissal when I turn 62 later this year and take things in my stride by finding another menial job. In my sixties being the Merdeka Generation, do I have a Chairmanship or GLC job waiting for me out there when I am forced out of my current employment to make way for cheaper, better and faster Malaysian FT waiting to take my place? I still feel the sting when my MP wrote to SSO and Eurasian Association in June when I had 2 months hospitalisation leave to assist me for my shortfall but both agencies rejected the appeal, stating I have sufficient even though my out of pocket expenses were high and I could only afford 1 meal day for the last week of July! However, SSO states in their “criteria” that anyone who earns $1800 or less can approach them for aid and I only make $1380 gross for a 6 day workweek with no Annual Wage Supplement.

With the topcats being in their ivory towers and dining on fresh fish flown from Japan, can they empathise with the mediocre people who do not have $5000 a month job? I guess the answer is easily comprehensible!


Judy Tan


Reference: ‘Tackle Sour Mood on the Ground’ by Andrew Loh.



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11 Responses to “On Andrew Loh’s ‘Tackle Sour Mood on the Ground’”

  • oxygen:

    @ JUDY TAN, HDB TOLD PEASANTS at FERNVALE LEA columbarium saga this – you did not its advertisement brochure when you signed up for your HDB lease in regret.

    TELL ME WHERE ON FIACKING EARTH where advertisement brochure, in fact and in law, signed by the buyers of HDB dwelling together with their purchase contract?

    BROCHURE IS NEVER PART OF ANY CONTRACT SIGNING AND DOCUMENT EVIDENCE of property rights transfer in subsequence.

    They might as well told the peasants that you are all STUPIDLY BORNT in the wrong country – WE MAKE THE LAW AND WE DECIDE HOW THAT IS INTERPRETED of this lawlessness.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Judy Tan, IF YOU EVER WRITE IN on any matter of administrative law policy implementation is of DOUBTFUL LEGALITY, DON’T BE SURPRISED that they will also tell you NOT TO APPEAL.

    HDB top gun have already to peasants this in a public forum

    - I reserved to right to answer which question asked and which to refused of answer and

    - I have the right to refuse to answer any question.

    THIS IS HOW DEGENERATED OF LAW AND ORDER in LEE-jiapore. The old days are gone of reasoned fair play respecting the rule of law.

    They even leased HDB dwellings to peasants AND AFTER 99-yr of time gone past, THEY COMMAND AND ORDER that it is to be returned and STILL CLAIMS THE BUYERS OF HDB DWELLINGS THE “OWNERS”

    If peasants are indeed “owners”, why can’t they give it away to anybody else i.e. to their children or friends or even public charity after 99-yrs instead of HDB at its command and order? And that is after 99-yrs have gone past of peasant’s use and they still want it back AFTER ALLEGEDLY SOLD TO PEASANTS/”owners”?

    In other words, the title and property rights NEVER TRANSFERRED to the peasants for massive amount of money they received in consideration of bargained willing seller/willing buyer transaction?

    WAS THE HDB purchase/sale contract a legitimate business transaction of money in exchange for property or was that a ONE-SIDED daylight robbery in deception in exchange??


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  • MonkeysMoney:

    A common trait of Sin people is hypocrisy. In fact, their biggest elephant in the room and they have to grow a hippo shell to ignore that white elephant in the room. The trademark of hypocritical people is that they love themselves and the law and they love religious behaviorism which is their way of controlling the sheep.

    There is no point bringing your issues with hypocrites because they live by duel standard, without compromising their greed and shamelessness, and they expect you to soldier on like a pilgrim on the way to heaven while they live like gods, judging your pitiful existence over a glasss of champagne.

    This country is all show with no substance so long as hypocrites rule the land.

    Like father of lies, like children so simple

    They won’t admit they are liars so what is there to discuss?

    People are as blind as their leaders and there is only one way for them which is the highway to the….casino.

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  • Anonymous incognito:

    I find it rather insufferable that this political operative with bylines who’s sole job is to surpress the news, pretends to speak truth to power by publishing a hard truth(tm)

    If they did their jobs, all these issues would’ve been aired out and with ongoing debates. But no, now they act like deer caught in the headlights and suddenly realize that gee things are tough and the peasants are restless

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  • William C:

    turn 62 ……they have a Chairmanship or GLC job waiting for them

    Who did you voted? If PAP, then you agreed with them they should have a Chairmanshipor GLC job waiting for them

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  • oxygen:

    @ Judy Tan, YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER OF INFORMING MIND. The raging debate in the social media is WHO OWNS the HDB dwelling. PAPpy Wong let out different version of interpreted law applications – one as a leasing arrangement only and a self-contradictory recent assertion that peasants are owners.

    Now Present Tense muddled up the dirty water of debate further by comparing public housing dwelling with private condos.

    TO ME THESE SPINS AND TURNS OF CONFUSED ILLOGICS AND DETOUR FROM REALITY IS UNNECESSARY. If you google Bridges v Hawkesworth on internet, you will get the case brief that that this legal decision is a LANDMARK CASE LAW PRECEDENT OF JUDGMENT RULING IN MATTER OF PROPERTY LAW APPLICATIONS MADE IN THE APPEAL COURT OF THE QUEENS BENCH dating back all the way to 1851. Here is the ratio decidendi (judgement reasoning in layman term)


    In brevity of layman English, the reasoning is something like this

    - possession is NOT ownership and

    - whoever exercise protective responsibility proves his/her ownership of that property (in this case was a bag of banknotes) in question.

    PAPpys contended that peasants has exclusive possession of their 99-yr lease and that is “proof” ownership. IT IS FALSE. Why? Bridges v Hawkesworth never specify the length of possession as proof of ownership and indeed the judgement ruled the contrary that exclusive possession is NOT PROOF of ownership. B & H decision is right – if you rent one of your room to a tenant, he or she also have quiet peaceful possession for that space for the length of the leasing arrangement. You cannot budge into the tenant’s privacy without violating the term of your tenancy agreement with your tenant. Otherwise, what does the tenant gets in exchange for the money he/she surrenders to your benefit and advantage every month?

    SO PAPpys stance is RUBBISH law interpretation – just like HDB told Fernvale Lea residents that they didn’t read the brochure carefully before signing up the 99-yr lease contract. Brochures has nothing to do with legality of the lease contract!!

    As for protective possession, PAPPy demanded return of the dwelling after 99 yr. That proved HDB buyers NEVER HAVE OWNERSHIP EVER of their dwelling just like the defendant in B v H case law above. If HDB is owner, they DON’T HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK TO HDB, they can give to any other. So PAPpys lied again.

    The B v H case law is 167 yr now, proven and tested in every Commonwealth law jurisdiction and NOT DEFEATED.

    NOW PAPpys all pretend this law didn’t exist or they never heard of it!!


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  • Great Asia:

    It’s meritocracy lah! It can’t be helped!

    Ha ha ha!

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  • rukidding:

    What a well expressed piece of article !

    Infact, the most “glaring” and obvious piece of “evidence” is the “sidelining and drowning” of the most promising candidate in its own party …Mr Tharman !

    I would have thought an Indian PM would “BEST REINFORCE” Loony’s logic and thus his “installation” of a “Indian turned Malay” President .

    However I am now “not so sure” that he would be “willing” to go to the extend of accepting an Indian PM ????

    Who knows,…Tharman may be “dis-qualified” because “Looney” insist that he is a Malay instead of an indian ???

    I am convince we are “living” inside a “BIG CIRCUS” called the redot and we are all simply watching a show “played and Mastered” by a Bunch of Clowns from the Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p.) Company !.

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  • LIONS:

    I support race equality.
    But first,let me see a NON-CHINESE SG OF PAP?

    HOW AH?

    About 4G.
    Think its just like 4D- TIKAM TIKAM only?


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  • Rabble-rouser:

    By now, one who has the benefit of living overseas would have been able to differentiate between a true nation (with an unique national identity) as opposed to be living in a political fiefdom that is called Singapore or more correctly as oxygen calls “Leejiapore”.
    The late LKY took S’pore as his own personal possession & proceeded to turn it into his own empire (but is deteriorating rapidly as we write). Note that he never referred to S’poreans as people but called them dafts & ‘digits’ like some economic input – nothing more!
    The process of time under the rule of the late Autocratic LKY & his successors had diminished the contributions of past racial groups into nothing. Indeed, social studies in schools proclaimed that S’pore was a ‘poor’ fishing village when the late LKY brought it into the modern metropoliis it is today. Yet the truth was that S’pore was already a thriving metropolis under British Colonial rule. S’pore under British rule was a shining beacon of prosperity & wealth then. The white bungalows built & hidden in secluded enclaves were built during the British Colonial era. Even our City Hall, Victoria Memorial Hall, Supreme Court were built by the British colonial rulers.
    It was the late LKY who diminished the contributions of the racial groups & proceeded to marginalise (or displaced them) via his idiocratic policies re: mother tongue, stop at 2, eugenics, etc. The Peranakans, Eurasians & Westernised Indians emigrated from S’pore to Western democracies because of bilingual policy. The dominant Chinese majority held stagnant due to stop at 2 family planning controls. The Arabs trading class (assimilated into Malay category) were stripped off their vast land holdings via the Compulsory Land Acquisition Act. Their legacy lives on – places & landmarks named Aljunied, Alkaff, Alasagoff, etc testimony to S’pore’s Arabic past.
    Like a reverse Robbing Hood, the late LKY took from the masses & gave it to himself & his family. 50 years on, people are beginning to awake!

    Judy Tan:…at a time when retrenchments and unemployments are at all time high and the “fabric of our nation” is severely polarised in many ways. It is an uttermost insult to many Malay, Indian and Eurasian forefathers who contributed equally to the development of this Country and left their mark for the descendants to be proud of!

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  • old man:

    who said we are not willing to have a non-chinese PM – a self declared statement not supported by us. I will vote for any Singaporean – Chinese, Indian, Malay or Eurasian who is willing to serve the country and not for the million dollars salary..

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