Mr PJ Thum being a patriot or traitor?

I refer to all the recent disquiet by members of the governing party, regarding Mr Thum’s and other persons visit to political leaders and civil activists across the causeway.

I cannot comprehend why this has become an issue as it is not really a cause for concern at all! What Mahathir, Anwar, Lim Guan Eng or others in Malaysia have to say about our political scene, carries no weight as it is ultimately we who will decide the fate of the PAP in upcoming elections. Unless of course, they have evidence of wrongdoing which they should go public.

Golden rule when going into an election: “NEVER question the intelligence of the electorate”, period! A general election is akin to a year end exam where members of the constituency present their “achievements” (lessons drawn from the last poll) to voters and we will decide whether they “pass the post” or receive a red card and shown the exit. The incumbents should have no worries if they have been working the ground and representing their residents.

The divide and rule strategy or distractive politics will not work in this current climate as people will simply not buy what is told to them when suffering from growling stomachs due to spiralling out of control prices and costs as well as mere lip service being paid towards alleviation of their hardships. Other major factors are, if voters will be patient enough to trust Lawrence Wong’s 20 year plan to fix the deteriorating housing lease which surfaced recently, the leadership succession crisis of the ruling party, several high profile corruption and exposure of certain establishment figures that the Opposition has not been able to take to account i.e. the 38 Oxley Rd and Keppel scandals, in addition to lots of policy missteps and foreign miscalculations.

Another key area of utmost concern will be whether the rule of law is still respected post LKY and judgements to that effect are being immensely scrutinised! For these reasons, public outcry to the court cases of Marsiling-Yew Tee by-election, tragic deaths of Pte Dominique Lee, Benjamin Lim etc. and ongoing persecution of the Aljunied MPs are not entirely unexpected.

Eventually, “to learn who rules over you, simply find out the hard way, who you are not allowed to criticise.”


Judy Tan

p.s. Mdm Felicia Seah, your son’s death is not forgotten and I always say a prayer for him whenever I visit my late husband who is buried next to him. May his blood be avenged.



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21 Responses to “Mr PJ Thum being a patriot or traitor?”

  • Sgp needs more Dr Thum:

    trait**? who is a trait**? the clown who says Sgp belongs to everyone or Dr Thum who is accorded 80+ minutes with Dr Mahatir.

    it depends on who is talking.

    we citizens of Singapore who have completed full time NSF and full cycle NSR say clown is the trait** and Dr Thum is the white knight in shiny armour saving Sgp from more clownish destruction.

    Sgp needs zero clown but more of Dr Thum.

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  • YouAreAMentalCase:

    Everything in Sin is for sale, including political leadership. You buy and sell anything, your soul, including your country to foreigners.

    When you trade with traders to create a towering and proud city for the rich, by the rich, from anywhere, you are a essentially a trader or trait**(very fine line)

    There is no truth in money politics. Political traitors in office won’t tell you the truth. No truth, no freedom(slaves) hence freedom index low( you need the light of truth to be free)

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  • Bapak:

    A lot of Najib’s kaki were arrested by MACC for corruption, taking money, abuse of power. Would it happen here? Aren’t Sinkies not curious at all to know? To know, just vote PAP out. You will know all. MAYBE IS WORST!

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  • Thumb Up for Dr Thum:

    Would traitors announced in their FB post about their meeting with Dr M? Ownself betray ownself? Siow right? Real traitors are those who would betray us secretly, without most sleeping people knowing.

    If we got eyes, ears and a brain, we’ll know who are our country’s real traitors who have betrayed their own countrymen. They’re not people who just crossed the causeway to have a convo with our neighbour’s leader but the ones who:

    - allow millions of foreigners into our country to freely steal citizens’ lunch.
    - freely give out our citizenship to foreigners like advertisement pamphlets.
    - readily give out sg scholarships to foreigners while telling citizens Uni Degrees are unimportant.
    - give foreigners the Foreign Talent title though their certs might be from unknown Unis or degree mill.
    - non-stop convert hundred of thousands of foreign-born every year so that the naturalised citizens’ votes can help them remain in power.

    Are the real traitors shouting for others to catch the alleged traitors, or making a mountain out of a molehill? If the ruling party isn’t suffering from PPD (Paranoid Personality Disorder), then someone must be very jealous because he, the world’s highest paid leader was only given 30 mins by Dr M while activists were allowed almost 3 times longer to talk to Dr M.

    Only those whom LKY called daft will continue to be fooled by the whites’ antics. Wise people will give Dr Thum the Thumb Up!

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  • LIONS:

    how to decipher if one is a patriot or TRAITOR?

    if one keeps harping how important he is and how much he has CONtributed to the people,you have got a TRAITOR potential.

    a patriot is usually humble and feels bad about not being able to do more for his countrymen even if he has tried and done a lot more than traitors who seek to destroy their own countrymen???

    now,you can look around and see IF FTs are CREATING MORE JOBS FOR SINGAPOREANS???


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    Of course, like father like son….

    Father is trait** work for japs ww2.

    Next, sold sinkinki to uncle sam in guise of coomunism….

    Under Kissinger’s thumb…..
    Traitor to all singaporeans…. put oppo in jail longer than Mandela ….32 plus years but why uncle sam kept quiet ???

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    The last GE in 2015 was supposed to be “payback time” but LKY died so instead it became “thank LKY” time. Next GE by 2020 is definitely “payback time in spades”. Why? Because LKY said the price of HDB flats will never go down. Now, thanks to Lawrence Wong, it is clear that LKY lied. Singaporeans will lose their retirement money (CPF) they put in their HDB flat because it is a depreciating asset.

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  • ah pok:

    to promote democracy free speech information = Mahathir? Really? you people are fucking delusional.

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  • PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019: 38%::

    Dr Thum is a Patriot. Any sign of Singapore trouble, you can see him swim from the USA to Singapore.

    Defintely a Patriot.

    Better than the old man, never return again.

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  • One nut:

    One nut who don’t understand why garTAment controlled MSM.
    How will you explain to him “motivation” and “inspiration” at time “near coming”?

    No medicine can cure this silly nut?

    ah pok:
    to promote democracy free speech information = Mahathir? Really? you people are fucking delusional.

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    Tun = Loong

    You choose ….

    Or uncle sam = prc

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Thum the trait**? We need more of them to make the PAP and their cronies run into the safety of a maximum security prison. We can take timing of how fast they can run when that happens.

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  • Change We Must:

    He is definitely a trait** by using that old fox to instigate against Singapore as a nation. You can go against those that you don’t like but not our country.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Other countries got no time for small fry running around crying with shit in the pants….

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  • Free to read n think n decide:

    Kit Siang: The Longest-Surviving Dictator In The World
    By MT Webmaster Last updated Mar 19, 2017

    Kim Il-sung was North Korea’s supreme leader for 46 years. Robert Mugabe has dominated Zimbabwe’s politics for 37 years. Ferdinand Marcos was ousted after 31 years. Suharto lasted 30 years. Joseph Stalin led Russia for 30 years. Saddam Hussein led his Ba’ath Party for 30 years. François Duvalier was his country’s leader for 14 years. Idi Amin was in power for eight years. Kit Siang refuses to let go after 51 years and will still be around to celebrate his 60th Anniversary of ruling DAP.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Three years after Merdeka and soon after Lim Guan Eng was born, Lim Kit Siang decided to leave Malaysia and to make a new life for himself in Singapore. His close association with Singapore’s leader, Lee Kuan Yew, started when Kit Siang became C.V. Devan Nair’s political secretary — the founder of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) who later became the Third President of Singapore.

    When Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965, Malaysians who lived in Singapore (and vice versa) were asked to choose between Malaysian citizenship and Singaporean citizenship. Kit Siang chose Singaporean citizenship. However, certain developments made it necessary for Kit Siang to keep his Malaysian citizenship because Kuan Yew needed him to return to Malaysia to take care of matters on behalf of PAP.

    Since Singapore was no longer part of Malaysia, the People’s Action Party (PAP) could no longer operate in Malaysia. So Kuan Yew instructed Devan Nair to form a new party called DAP as its proxy or PAP’s ‘arm’ in Malaysia. Two months later DAP was launched and shortly after that Kuan Yew asked Kit Siang to return to Malaysia to take care of the party.

    READ MORE HERE: The 43 years it took Kit Siang to wake the Chinese up.

    ……..Above such articles are all available and open. Please allow readers to decide what it is all about please. Some, a few, may be taken in, but not all are that naive and stupid. Please allow us to exercise our own judgement. Thank you.

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  • label as traitor:

    wow pian. like that can label as trait**. so simplistic meh.

    aiyoh, if really trait**, must be real real trait** not imaginary one hor. arrest them lar. don’t waste time to invent bogeyman to scare off the daft sinkies who can get scared easily just because the white monkey idiots cry / shout wolf (trait**) lar.

    sinkie land so many chat-ba-lang people – so many alien FTs and many easily converted to sinkies in the recent past (else how to reach 6.9m or 10m piece of toilet paper).

    what makes the white idiots and doggie gang sure that there aren’t any of the so-called converts who are already working and influencing against the “interest” of true-blue sinkies silently behind the scene.

    have the white idiots discovered any ? and if so, would the white idiots shouted loudly in the mainstream media for every daft sinkie to know ?

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  • Greedy PAP Thieves:

    The real traitors are the PAP kleptomaniacs.

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  • waste of time zzz:

    the real trait** and his d**honourable son have sold out this country long ago..

    we are witnessing the failed economic policies of these so-called top talent million-dollar politicians who only know how to raise their salaries and tell us to live with lesser despite being at the helm for over 5 decades.

    the oxley fall out with his siblings, the self-exile of his brother, the criticism by his sister, the proceedings against his nephew…all do not look good in the elite familee.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    I just wish to add my views and reinforce the views of others here–that the real traitors of Singapore are the men in white–the PAP.

    We should not mince words here. It is not Dr. Thum or Tan Wah Peow but the person that gave the NDR address.

    Remember that–because there is now a chorus that seems to be orchestrated to spin the story of those meeting PM of Malaysia as traitors. They are not and never have been.

    It is those among us from the dead man downwards are traitors of Singapore. They have robbed the country of its freedom and enslave the population while enriching themselves.

    Never ever forget that fact now till election time–if you truly love your country.

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  • Not the Full Picture:

    Thum is a bit strange.

    Not yet as strange as Chee though. Chee is on an entirely different planet.

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