NTU graduate collecting PHV at Singpost today!

I was queuing to send an article overseas and I noticed a young boy collecting his license. At close look, I saw it was Private Hire Vehicle license. What shocked me was he was wearing NTU Engineering T-shirt. To me, this is really shocking, the PAP keeps saying we have the best universities in Asia and yet our graduates now have to resort to driving PHV.

Recently, I saw so many articles saying their work places have more than 50% FTs and every corner in Singapore flooded with FTs. It seems Singapore companies and MNCs are hiring foreigners over Singaporeans. As move towards 10Ms, many locals are replaced from their jobs, I see many of my neighbours now sitting at home. I also read with shock that new graduates are finding hard to land jobs. So this is true when I finally saw it myself at the post office.

Last GE, this group of young generations voted overwhelmingly for PAP. And is this the result they were looking for? The next generation already find it hard to own HDB and now it looks like they are finding hard to land jobs after graduating from our best universities.

It makes me wonder why PAP keeps saying we have best universities but actually prefer to import third world foreigners with inferior qualifications to work and live in Singapore. You let in one, they bring the whole village and recommend their own to opportunities. This could be the reason why locals are finding hard to land jobs and many older PMETs are being shown the door to make way for these talents.

My question to these young Singaporeans, did you vote for it? Is this what you want?


DuGu QiuBai



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    Mod: Please refrain from using all caps. Its very rude. Thank you.

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  • UniQ:

    Basically, no Companies there to hire Sinkies if Sinkies themselves can’t even look carryout simple analytical skill for their very survival. In this high and fast moving volatile market, which Company would dare to even risks a placement for a staff of such mentality ? The global stage is a very vicious world, if one cannot project an instinct for survival based on the conditions Sinkies are subjecting themselves under such policies torments, Companies would just enjoy the tax haven and infrastructure offered to them on this land and nothing else. Labour here are not cheap, and we expect the best. At least the FTs knows and admit that they are not that smart, while Sinkies still insisting on singing praises of their achievement in school academics and other curriculums during their interviews.

    For many years the regime knows and is faced with producing too docile Sinkies to compete internationally, but they also need to ensure that Sinkies has to dance to their tune whatever policies/laws/whitewashed they throw to them to ensure their full unchallenged control. Thinking that they will keep and select the crem’e de la crem’e for themselves, but this has backfired badly when the plague has infected their very ranks with simpletons too (ie; FAT CATS).

    Basically, the 70% has dug the graves for their children and the regime is just tagging along to cover the pits.

    Think :
    If you are among the 1% of these ‘Natural Aristocrates’ and their cronies will you even care if 99% of the population are fueling your very existence and stature ?

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  • learn the trade and competence:

    //Recently, I saw so many articles saying their work places have more than 50% FTs and every corner in Singapore flooded with FTs. It seems Singapore companies and MNCs are hiring foreigners over Singaporeans.//

    when non-sinkies are holding jobs and given the opportunities to learn the trade and competence (good pay after a while) and later on convert to sinkies, they may hold positions of influence within a company and also become a good quota to allocate jobs to their own kakis back home again with opportunities and to learn the trade which in turn translate to PR and later sinkies lor. see how the white idiotic open-leg policy is slowly affecting true-blue sinkies. and the cycle will perpetuate ad-infinitum.

    that’s why you will many ardent supporters from FTs rather than true-blue sinkies who are conditioned to be fearful of speaking up or acting out (of course legally) against the mf white monkey idiots. these FTs and converted sinkies will act as a support base for the white mf idiots and outdo daft sinkies who are already by nature kiasi and kiasu.

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  • Singaporeans first was a lie:

    Next thing PAP will be selling us this line , “vote us in and we will put everything right again”..
    Basic wage/ free education till uni /no gst/ free hospital fees for the elderly 60 n above / can withdraw all cpf at 55/ HDB leases extended .. etc etc etc.
    Hahaha…just in my dreams!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Alarmak Graduate with a Taxi-licence.

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  • waste of time zzz:

    with the economy that uncertain and jobs going to the so-called foreign talents, our true-blue sons/daughters of singaporeans must be reminded not to repeat the folly that their parents/grandparents have done at the voting box!

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  • True facts:

    Now you know too late.

    Many of them sitting at home no job la.

    Don’t just look at the straits times saying mkt good alot of job la.

    You can see alot of them no job some working with singpost office as letter distributors for 6.80 per hour now for 5 hours.

    They are Uni graduates.

    Now these are the actual case in the mkt.

    FTs working while local graduates sitting at home.

    For your info.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    Does wearing an NTU Engineering T-shirt makes one a graduate? Then everyone we see wearing a Harvard T-shirt is a Harvard alumni?

    I have seen aunties at hawker centres wearing OCS T-shirts, so they must be officer cadets?

    Much as I hate the PAP and am very much aware of our PMET’s being displaced by foreign shit and are forced to PHV drivers, I hope we can get our facts write before bombarding and making ourselves look stupid.

    You only make their supporters laugh at how shallow you are.

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  • PC Ong:

    How you know the young man getting the PHV license is not doing it only part-time? Or maybe he don’t want full-time job? How can you use just a few isolated examples to generalize? The fact is our graduates have among the highest employment rates upon graduation and starting salaries average $3500 per month. As for FTs in our workplace, once again, this is untrue. I work for one of the largest US MNCs and most of our staff are Singaporean (even the IT department). My employer has been in Singapore for very long time (same for many other MNCs) and they have commitment to Singapore. Maybe some foreign banks here hire many FTs but they are usually at the higher level positions. But most MNC corporates hire locals.

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  • HarderTruths:

    He is one of the lucky ones.

    Remember that the old despot wanted even a road sweeper to be armed with a degree.

    His wishes are becoming true. How wonderful.

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  • opposition dude:

    Well the number of aliens keeps increasing to the tune of 5.81 million at last count.

    So where is the reduction as “promised” by PAP? Oh, you mean the small reduction of 5000 S passes is a reduction ah? You don’t forget to mention that a the same time the number of E passes increased by 5000 as well?

    No need to tell lies one lah, the population numbers tell the story. There isn’t a need to tell stories and say the population “only” gre 0.1% from last year, it’s already overcrowded as it is.

    We couldn’t tahan 5.11 million in 2011, what makes PAP so sure we can tahan 5.81 million in 2018?

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  • Cindy Soh:

    Many of my university school mates are not landing job even after 1 year. A lot are giving tuitions or doing part time.

    A lot also said when they go interviews, the hiring are foreigners and they dont get any response after.

    I think people like us should consider migrating out of Singapore. Singapore PAP is pro foreigners for everything and importing millions of them to compete with us and steal our lunches.

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  • No kidding:

    Young drivers cannot afford to lost limb.
    Driving is a extremely deadly job.

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  • how did the 5.5m derive from:

    //The fact is our graduates have among the highest employment rates upon graduation and starting salaries average $3500 per month. As for FTs in our workplace, once again, this is untrue. I work for one of the largest US MNCs and most of our staff are Singaporean (even the IT department). My employer has been in Singapore for very long time (same for many other MNCs) and they have commitment to Singapore.//

    aiyo. one (or thtree) swallow does not a summer make lar. nowadays generally who will pay a fresh graduate $3.5k as starting pay – unless creme la creme.

    your sector good lar. probably no need skill future funds lar. in the old days, no need skill future funds hor. now with a much more educated workforce, need skill future funds hor. the best skill is on the job training lar. have you also heard large MNC retrenching or relocating ?

    what commitment lar ? feel-good corporate statement for employees to applaud during CEO speech while times are good lar.

    FTs in your workplace untrue ? then how did the 5.5m (going for 6.9m or 10m ?) derive from ? have you noticed nowadays perhaps you can safely say that half the people on the street may be FTs or converted-to-sinkies lar.

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