Who is the one diverting attention? Not PJ, not Kirsten and not Jolovan I say!

The whole saga that has erupted over the meeting of Dr. Mahathir and a quartet of Singaporeans is really not as complicated as the Singaporean authorities are making it out to be. Essentially the facts are really simple. Four Singaporeans, in their personal capacities, met the Prime Minister of Malaysia. One of the four Singaporeans, historian PJ Thum called on Dr. M to provide leadership in South East Asia in the promotion of democracy.

Dr. M has just performed the incredible feat of becoming Prime Minister a second time at the grand old age of 92.  In so doing, he deposed the ruling UMNO party. In many ways, this was a real victory for the average Malaysian on the street who had become disenfranchised with the spiraling costs of living, stagnant wages and flagrant corruption of the political establishment. Given the stellar achievement of Dr M and the harnessing of people power in Malaysia, it really isn’t surprising that activists would look to him as a beacon of hope and inspiration. In that vein, calling on him to take the lead in South East Asia is not really surprising or threatening. It is to be expected.

What muddied the waters and turned this incident into some sort of international scandal is the way members of the PAP government chose to interpret this meeting. Marine Parade MP Seah Kian Peng and Minister Shanmugam made public accusations at Thum implying that he is a traitor who invited a foreigner to meddle in the internal affairs of Singapore. Anyone who can read English will see that this interpretation takes huge liberties in creative license.

First and foremost, none of the four Singaporeans is a politician. They are there in their personal capacities with no locus standi to invite anyone to Singapore in any official capacity. Secondly, South East Asia is made up of many countries. There was no specific mention of Singapore. If I were to say that I look to Aung San Suu Kyi to provide leadership in democracy, will this be taken as me trying to invite foreigners to meddle in the affairs of Singapore? Somehow I doubt that this would generate the same ire from the PAP government.

Shanmugam has taken issue with the joint letter of complaint that Kirsten Han, PJ Thum and Jolovan Wham wrote to PM Lee. His press secretary has said that the purpose of the letter is to “divert attention from the conduct of the writers”. Pot calling kettle black I say! The whole overreaction from the Singaporean establishment is to divert public attention from the events of Malaysia.

There are similarities between the 2 countries albeit without the 1MDb scandal. Both countries have a shrinking middle class, stagnant wages and high costs of living. Singaporeans are increasingly disgruntled by the high salaries drawn by its ministers. It is my summation that the PAP rulers are more threatened by events in Malaysia than they let up. By bringing up the foreign intervention bogeyman, it is the government that is trying to divert attention from the real issues at hand. This entire “meeting” has been hijacked by the PAP government in a bid to ensure that Singaporeans become suspicious of their closest neighbour – that way, we can’t “do a Malaysia” come the next election.

Who is the one diverting attention? Not PJ, not Kirsten and not Jolovan I say!


by Ghui



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12 Responses to “Who is the one diverting attention? Not PJ, not Kirsten and not Jolovan I say!”

  • HarderTruths:

    I want everyone to wait for something.

    At the moment the pappies are making a big noise – screaming and farting like a shit-in-the-pants schoolboy . MY is doing nothing just minding its own business.

    Now – one day MY is going to get very irritated with the smell and noise.

    When that happens and MY starts to stand up watch the pappies wet themselves and start panicking and apologising in a roundabout way.

    It is bound to happen.

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  • oxygen:

    THE MEETING DID NOT COVER OR TOUCH ON SENSITIVE BILATERAL ISSUES of HSR or water, SO IT IS LARGELY APOLITICAL of cross-straits relationship and politics. It is obvious that it was simply a gathering discussion of like-minded curiosity of BOTH AGREEING AND DISAGREEING THOUGHTS shared as between the living intellectual persons of some preferred topic of relevantly socio-political nature.

    How that travels to imaginative composition of inviting foreign interference in domestic politics beats me. Any one can see Asean is riddled with dictatorship post independence and a history of persistent failure of economic drives, and change will come not from external intrusion of political interference but the might and weight from sheer turbulent economic pressures as seen in different parts of the world post GFC.

    So in this matter, a lot of public mind can be forgiven if they suspect the drama so erupted is CONTRIVED CONTROVERSY AND MANUFACTURED OUTRAGE to distract attention from a lot of intractable major policy pillar failures.

    The emotional expansion outrun reality and Ministers stumbled falling flat on their noses and one was compelled by extraordinary careless mistake of overreach to deliver an apology to SDP for his unreasonable attack of this innocent uninvolved party.

    PAPpys were found to behave like a trapped bird rattled in a cage of its own tense suspicious of anyone remotely diagreeing with them or they disagree with dissenting voices from the limitations of their own limited perspective.

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  • EatDrinkMerry:

    Who are you preaching to? Daft people? 70% are idiots 30% are the other side of idiocy hence, PAP wins.

    You see, daft people care only about…religion. The religion of one man doing all the talk cock sing song.

    Damages by the members of lawlessness have already long been done to 70% of idiots.

    The leaders who over pay and over rate themselves are shameless.

    A nation of hypocrites who boast about temporal and meaningless achievements which cause your blood and shame.

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  • opposition dude:

    “There are similarities between the 2 countries albeit without the 1MDb scandal”

    We might not have 1MDB but Keppel O&M is the same thing. Who knew they were engaging in bribery for a decade? A decade mind you, not a week, not a month but a DECADE.

    And what can also not be argued against is that Lee Kayu was still around when the bribery was going on. Are we led to believe he did not know what was going on?

    This issue together with the AGO audits and Singhealth hacking have caused major embarrassment to PAP. Not only does it show just how shit they really are it also shows their can’t give a damn mentality.

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  • Ministering Bogeymen:

    Mulla Nasruddin was methodically sprinkling bread crumbs all over the house when his wife came up behind him. “What the hell are you doing!?” she demanded.

    “Keeping away the tigers,” he replied.

    “But there aren’t any tigers in these parts,” said Mulla’s wife.

    “You see?” said the Mulla. “It works!”

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  • Man In The Mirror:

    Some people have been letting foreigners come here by the truckloads – work, live and become new citizens and vote. So is it considered a case of letting “foreigners” partake in local politics?

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  • rukidding:

    Pap’s foundation has been “shaken” !

    Hurray !

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  • using free wifi:

    //There are similarities between the 2 countries albeit without the 1MDb scandal. Both countries have a shrinking middle class, stagnant wages and high costs of living. Singaporeans are increasingly disgruntled by the high salaries drawn by its ministers.//

    and the white monkey idiots who need to be paid very high (in fact the highest in the world for similar garment capacities & way too high above basic needs) dared to dispense their white idiotic advice for the lesser mortals (already conditioned in life on how to manage with much much lesser pay / money as compared to theirs) on how to manage with higher COL (like using free wifi, etc) while they came out with their white idiotic policies plus plenty of white doggie propaganda to increase price in water (30%), electricty, tpt and gst.

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  • But:

    But when Mr TWP updated the news the first time and was reflected here on this site. Many oppies fans “sabo” said things like WP should participate , SDP should participate …. All opposition should join in.

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  • who is my bro, or sis, or nep?:

    Pap’s foundation has been “shaken” !

    Hurray !

    a political without care or concern for even its own blood brother, blood sister, blood nephew, how to take care of non blood related 70% sheep.


    it is a clown pap PA paid IB propaganda that clown pap taxes more GST to help 70% sheep more. NOT true. the only truth is GST increase instead of income tax increase MEANS the clown pap and S$m member pays less income tax, with tax burden taken care of by 70% sheep especially those jobless ones.

    whose fault ultimately such unsavoury is government.

    FAULT of 70% stupid sheep.

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  • RDB:

    WHO are the real idiots here? So very absolute;y obvious isn’t it.

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  • Hairy Porter:

    Singaporeans vote for the PAP again and again in free and fair elections.The PAP says this solidly proves that the populace wants the PAP to run the country,not the opposition.
    Between plain rice and grass,which would you choose to eat?The plain rice of course,even without any vegetable or meat.
    The PAP has cleverly,insidiously,through the years,reduced the opposition to “grass”,via various manipulative means which the people may not know about.One of them is fear.
    “You better behave and listen to your father.Father will care for you.If you rebel against father,your life in Singapore will be hell.”

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