Pay And Pay in action

Yes taking a break from commenting on the useful dupes*, PJ Thum (as rich as the Youngs of Crazy Rich Asians fame) and his side-kick Hirsten.

Sorry for the aside. The constructive, nation-building media, NOT Terry’s Online Channel** report that social enterprise hawker centres use PAP’s SOPs to make hawkers Pay And Pay.

They were introduced three years ago with the aim of keeping food prices low for consumers, among other social objectives.

But the jury is still out on not-for-profit, social enterprise hawker centres, as they came under the spotlight recently after food critic and consultant K F Seetoh raised concerns about how they were run.

Mr Seetoh said in a post on his Makansutra website that hawkers at such centres have to pay an average of S$4,000 a month in rent due to extra expenses that included coin-changing services, charges for crockery washing, collection and return, as well as a fee for spot-checks on food quality and operation.

This monthly rental fee is higher than that of popular centres such as Maxwell Food Centre managed by the National Environment Agency (NEA), he said.

To add insult to injury no freedom on to of costs:

Other policies have also led some to question the way these social enterprise hawker centres are being run. Among those that have not gone down well with hawkers include requirements to keep their stalls open at least 12 hours, forking out monthly fees for cashless or self-payment kiosks, as well as having to pay for marketing and publicity efforts.

*Chris K posted on FB

The philosopher and sometime novelist G.K Chesterton once noted,

“Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes; and there has in all ages been a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin.”

The PAP is always lucky to have its “splendid dupes” among its critics and opponents. If you think “splendid dupes” is too cheem, then use the more common “useful fools”. The fools should give their brains a chance and not fall in love with the sound of their own voices.

**To be fair to Terry, he’s a one-man show and swamped with “contributions” from the friends of PJ, Kisten and Jovolan. So much so, that he published a piece saying flat owner does not own HBD flat because cannot rent via Airbnb.

If that is so, us landed property also don’t own our properties.



Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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11 Responses to “Pay And Pay in action”

  • LIONS:

    It is not a huge task for the govt to ensure hawker food affordable to more common sgs.

    Cap PRICES charged by hawkers.
    Those *atas* hawkers who want to charge more n more shud not be allowed to continue operating at *public* hawker centres.
    They can go operate in other premises.

    Those who want to follow such atas hawkers will be able to do so as most of them drive n are able to afford paying high prices.


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  • GoodandEVIL:

    It is fun to watch the stupid garbagemen dig for themselves a big hole with their laws. Extreme evil which is getting more extreme in seemingly good light

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  • HarderTruths:

    My question is – why are all these stall holders voting pappies?

    Are they all so filthy rich that $4000 is peanuts?

    Are they doing this as an exercise to keep fit?

    Is this their way of social service?

    Or do they like to suffer?

    Or maybe they are all FT?

    What do you think?

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  • TheirEvilMasterPlan:

    In everything under our SG sun, the gov &their cronies are the biggest profiteers.
    We peasants are forced to Pay And Pay up!
    Only cure is VTO…

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  • Cj:

    Sg through out year is seven month.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    “Crazy Rich Asians” was written by Kevin Kwan which was set in a previous era when S’poreans were actually rich through their own efforts & hard-work. But it is this present day eco-system in S’pore where wealth-transfer schemes & rent-seeking activities that actually sap hard-working S’poreans off their fruits of their labour & benefit the Political elites & their crony capitalists.
    The PAP system rapes people’s hard earned savings (CPF, low return on savings, high cost of living, etc); forced indebtedness on people (COE, ARF, high housing costs, developers collusion, etc), indoctrination through all age (learned helplessness, Stockholm Syndrome, pro-govt MSM, etc).
    S’pore & it’s people are held captives to the PAP mechanism of sucking “Blood, Sweat & Tears” until there’s no more juice to be suck. The Wealth metrics as denominated through GDP Growth Rates, GDP Per Capita are all disingenuous means to portray S’pore & their inhabitants as rich & wealthy. But using another yardstick had proven otherwise – S’poreans are not as rich as they look using GDP metrics.
    According to Knight Frank Wealth Report 2018, S’pore has only 1,400 individuals with US$50 million & over but HK has 5,140 individuals with US$50 million & over – over 3x of S’pore. S’pore isn’t even in the top 10 rankings.
    See link:
    Another wealth measure which calculates individuals with over US$30 million & over shows HK as the top centre with 10,000. NYC (9,000) & Tokyo (6,800) rounds out the top 3 wealth centres. S’pore is nowhere in this measure.
    See link:
    How can PAP Ministers pay themselves millions in pay when their so-called good governance can’t even placed S’pore in the top wealth leagues. Their economic management isn’t even top league status?

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  • An active Guilty conscience:

    PAPs ‘jumped the gun’ cause theyre so jittery these days ,as their end is near.
    Any news that show cases them in not so positive light, or rather what they perceive to be negative , they will hit out!(like a person being attacked in a dark alley).
    If not guilty of any wrongs or half wrongs, why so ‘jumpy’??

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  • An active Guilty conscience:

    Apologies…the above comment on wrong article..
    Please Editor delete it for me . Thank u

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  • fortune-telling foresight:

    //The PAP is always lucky to have its “splendid dupes” among its critics and opponents. If you think “splendid dupes” is too cheem, then use the more common “useful fools”.//

    like that how ? must always have the fortune-telling foresight of knowing how the white idiots are going / not going to act ?

    of course white idiots lucky ? hamtam (aka ‘destroy’) their greatest threats (with marketing by highly rated 152+ media why it should be done) and daft sinkies will always rationalize why they forever do not have a good opposition.

    can look from another angle lar, not white idiots lucky, just say that daft sinkies are well ‘daft’ lar.

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  • Haigen-diaz:

    Call it the “bonus culture.” Greed has been so institutionalized in our modern Singapore society that immense hand-outs to people at the top became compulsory. Is anyone so “valuable” or “talented” that their “skills” are worth these sorts of pay-outs? This bonus culture morphed into a culture of greed that meant no amount should be regarded as too audacious. Maybe the tipping point is near… when more Singaporeans becomes unemployed and more struggling under the yoke of wage stagnation, CPF depletion and working with exponential influx of FTs, see the light, realize how badly the political system has failed us, and collectively assert our rights as true natives. So until enough of us can harness that soul-destroying fear and shove it right back at the miscreants who are causing this whole economic mess, nothing it going to change. If we wake up and work together, we can fight back against the wealth and power of this crony capitalist society which have been systematically dismantling the middle class under the PAP mechanism. The erosion of democratic foundations has been underway for decades, and there’s no guarantee that we will ever be able to recover.

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  • Social Enterprise Failure:

    Typical PAP blood sucking mentality at work. Squeeze hawkers dry by charging them as much as possible for the stall. Quote a low rental (so rental LOOKS real cheap), but load up on other hidden charges. Then demand the hawkers charge low prices !!! How do you expect the hawkers to survive ???

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