Comparing the obscene salaries of our DPM and PM against Singapore’s poor

Let me calculate the total salary of the Singapore deputy prime minister (DPM) for you.

(1) The base salary of the Singapore DPM is S$1.87 million.
(2) Assuming that he got the average performance bonus of 4.1% in 2017, this means that his performance bonus was S$638,917 in 2017. His performance bonus is even higher than the salary of the president of the United States.
(3) All the ministers get a National Bonus (NB) of up to 6 months. Based on the formula to calculate the National Bonus (NB), they would have gotten 4.5 months of NB last year. The DPM would have gotten S$701,250. (*see formula in link below)
(4) All the ministers also get a 13th-month annual allowance. This is an additional S$187,000 for the DPM.
(5) All the ministers also get an annual variable component of 0 to 1.5 months. Let’s say, the deputy prime minister got 1 month, which would give him another S$187,000.
(6) In total, the DPM (and the other ministers) received a total bonus/allowance of at least 9.6 months.

In total, the Singapore deputy prime minister would have earned at least S$3.58 million last year. This is nearly 2 times his base salary.

Now, let me calculate the prime minister’s salary for you. He does not get a performance bonus because it is claimed that “there is no one to assess his individual performance”. (Shouldn’t his performance be assessed by you – his boss?)

So, what does he get? He gets 2 times the National Bonus (up to 12 months). Here’s the breakdown. [National Bonus (NB) formula:]

(1) The base salary of the Singapore prime minister is S$2.2 million.
(2) His 13th-month annual allowance is S$220,000.
(3) Assuming he also gets an annual variable component of 1 month (max 1.5 months), he gets another S$220,000.
(4) The prime minister’s NB is twice as high as the other ministers, so he would have gotten 9 months of NB bonus last year. This would be S$1.65 million. His NB bonus alone is nearly 3 times the salary of the president of the United States.
(5) In total, the prime minister received a total bonus/allowance of at least 10 months.

In total, the Singapore prime minister would have earned at least S$4.29 million. This is nearly 2 times his base salary, and even higher than his base salary of S$3.07 million in 2007.

But this is not even it.

All the ministers also can get an additional Special Variable Payment. There is no stated limit to this payment.

In Singapore, there are still more than 7% of Singapore residents who earn less than S$1,000. Most of them might only zero bonus. The prime minister earns 9 months of bonus, based on the NB formula. The Singapore prime minister earns 357.5 times what they earn.

In one month, the prime minister would earn S$357,500 a month. The prime minister earns enough to buy a HDB public housing flat.

How many years do you have to work to pay for a HDB flat? Do you get any CPF pension savings left after that?

The prime minister earns enough every month to buy a HDB flat. But your HDB flat will have zero value at the end of 99-years.


Roy Ngerng



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19 Responses to “Comparing the obscene salaries of our DPM and PM against Singapore’s poor”

  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    More good reasons for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • 下贱Peng:

    No wonder our leaders kept using “AFFORDABLE” on our HDB flats. And no wonder at the end of 99 yrs when our flat becomes zero value, they also feel tida apa (doesn’t matter). What they earn in a day or a week can already buy a HDB flat which ordinary people can live for 99 yrs. No wonder they don’t understand why we’re making such a big hoo ha about our flats lah!

    Hwah! I’m feeling ‘proud’ of our ministers, man! World’s smartest and richest leaders. No corruption! All their big sum of money are taken legally. Daft citizens gave them blank cheque for them to ownself fill up the numbers. As loong as boss signs it, nothing is illegal. No wonder the white camp is every greedy person’s dream destination.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Roy, 70% signed to these blood suckers a blank cheque. We are already lucky they cash the cheque slowly, otherwise they can bankrupt the whole nation.

    Thank to the 70% idiot voted for them.

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  • Do Away With Obscene Pay!:

    Either the Gahment reviews the Obscene Pay of Ministers, or We the Voters, will Vote you out at the next GE!

    It is ridiculous to pay the President and the Cabinet so much for doing so little!

    Voters must decide and stop it!

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  • 鸟龙的人:

    丢内阿妈各超害 含卡倉

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  • RobThePoorToPayD'Rich:

    This made me want to cry..
    thinking of us ‘ordinary’ folks..
    those who earn $lk or less , worse still the struggling unemployed.

    Yet some of this ungrateful gov says they arent paid enough !
    God has eyes.

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  • Bobo:

    PAP still owe every Singaporean a critical question…Where is my money?
    Lau Goh once said that an elderly’s salary can not be going higher and higher otherwise, they may lose their job. But now an extremely rich old lau Goh was saying ministers are not paid enough. Really lor, eat shit and vomited shit lor. Hell also can not afford to keep him. Haven definitely got no place for him either, otherwise he can suck the whole planet and still not enough.

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  • Burb:

    Polyclinic n pool big q after reading.

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  • F them:

    And to think that we have to fight for our lunch boxes!
    I think f*uck them better.

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  • Reach Out:

    MSM controlled.
    Mind & Spirit need time to react and change.
    Few funky or eloquent speeches in campaign will not be enough.
    Few good articles in alternative medias will not be enough.
    You need to reach OUT for help.

    DrM – Giant Killer.
    We just need 1 smack from him per month will do…
    like “all sinkies must be tired of the same”…

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  • For the People:

    Don’t say earn lar, not sure what he did to earn it..

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  • clown pap a clan of S$m liars:

    pap clown high salary can perform can justify.

    but high salary cannot perform then without the abuse of power, with cpib with spf with court judges with pap clan members under his S$m thumb, long gone already.

    what is performance?

    NOT that bullshit GDP growth number. not a single cent filters to the unemployed local born with the bullshit GDP growth number.

    after all, if GDP growth is so good, why need to even have GST in the first place? GST hurts the unemployed the most, since without income GST is as good as squeezing blood out of stone.

    if pap clown can perform, and GDP number is really so good, surely national coffer has sufficient S$ to remove the need for GST.

    70% sheep truly stupid. even though pap clown says Singapore GDP growth is so good, yet 70% sheep never asks why then GST needs to go up or GST even need to exist.

    well. it is because everyone knows GDP growth is bullshit. it is gimmick by pap clown and lying gang to justify paying each other S$m 24 months GDP growth bonus. 70% sheep can remain stupid for all we care. but their stupidity is causing collateral damage. and that is truly WTF.

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  • LIONS:

    whats that FEW million$ for some monkey work?


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  • SpeakTheTruth:

    The father did wrong by laying a weak foundation of sand. The son is testimony that a fine education does not endow one with wisdom not to build on sand.

    “The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and battered that house, and it collapsed, and its collapse was total.”" 

    Natural destruction

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  • rukidding:

    These are “shameless” people !

    If you want to compare using the Private sector to justify your obscene salaries……then please STOP and REMOVE all PENSIONs benefits and “ridiculous titles like Emeritus..etc ….just to “keep getting paid and employed” by your Party !

    Private sector where got give you the “CAKE & EAT IT” so easy ????….High Salary for doing “nothing Much”….yet still got “Pension” and “High salary” and a “forever secured” job ????

    You People only tell “half the truth” about the Private sector practises !

    Malu indeed ….and ….puts “doubts” in one’s mind about your “sincerity” and “integrity” !

    GD Star Rating
  • WANTED: PAP Exterminator:

    Mind boggling isnt it?
    If theyre doing a fantastic job ,would we citizens be angry.
    We citizens are all virtually shackled. Cant do nought except at the polls.
    Yet that oso 70% screwed up!

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  • With Me, For Me, For MyFamiLee:

    Earning the highest obscene salary and yet the least caring government in the world. How stupid can Singaporeans get? They deserved to be replaced by foreigners.

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  • MarBowling:

    Actually there is no comparison.

    SinKapore is damn lucky to be governed by World Class Ministers helmed by 3 PeeMs namely Lee Kayu, Woody Goh and now Mai Hum. Since they are World Class, they deserve to be paid obscene $millions salaries, period! Recently Chui Tak Lan Woody Goh has correctly complained that the current salary of PAPigs’ ministers is NOT ENOUGH. Paying them Peanuts SinKapore will be in very deep shits. Their pay therefore is to be increased by many folds, otherwise NO TALENTED person will want to join and serve in the government. Remember, years ago when their salaries were reduced, Minister DisGraceFool threatened to resign because the salary reduction had caused stress and burden to her family! Like Lee Kayu once said, don’t ask stupid question about his Ministers’ Salary. They rightly deserve it as they are handling our $billions economy. Case closed. Let’s move on!

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  • Whither our CPF savings?:

    Oops, are these the remunerations of the people’s elected government officers or self-serving crony cspitalists?

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