A repeal of 377A should be accompanied by laws which deter the LGBT lifestyle

The repeal of 377A is a sensitive, divisive and emotional issue for both sides of the camp.

Many people took the liberal stance without due consideration of the social and religious context of our society. On the other hand, many took the conservative stance without due consideration of the sensitivity of LGBT existence.

LGBT can be both genetically occurrences as well as conditional to social-environmental inducements. Such sexuality occurrence does exist in other animal species as well and it is not unique to human being.

There is a difference between decriminalizing a private sexual act vs promotion of such sexuality.

The irony is that the existence of 377A has actually provided the opportunity for LGBT group to “promote” their sexuality via the campaign of repealing the law.

I see morality as a social concept or view of any acts unacceptable to the society when the act or issues affect others in the society.

A private sexual preferences or act should not be subjected to social morality judgement if it does cause distress or direct impact on other members or subjects (eg animals) of the society. Sex between two willing partners of legal age, in whatever forms or genders, that does not affect any other person, is a private matter that should not be subjected to public moral scrutiny or judgement.

However, a promotion of LGBT sexuality or “lifestyle” as a “choice” should be curbed as it affects other people and the society at large.

It means that I would see 377A as an unnecessary moral judgement on the private sexuality of LGBT but at the same time what we really need is to curb the attempts of promoting LGBT as “a choice of lifestyle” as against social norm.

While I could empathize with LGBT who are born with such sexuality or genetic tendency but I disapprove any attempts to promote LGBT as a lifestyle choice.

Repeal of 377A is acceptable to me but it may have to be accompanied by laws that deter the promotion of such sexuality as a choice of lifestyle.

Having said that, I think that we still to go through a referendum before we could build a social consensus on these issues. Else we may face constant threat of division within our society due to this issue.


Goh Meng Seng



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11 Responses to “A repeal of 377A should be accompanied by laws which deter the LGBT lifestyle”

  • a good thing:

    //I see morality as a social concept or view of any acts unacceptable to the society when the act or issues affect others in the society.//

    aiyoh. exactly lar. but then, every group (like minded people) is always trying hard to promote their interest lar. of course, there are also people (aka fence sitters) who passively wait for durains to drop from the tree and ride the wave lar.

    morality is also a social construct and people who are being discriminated have to work very hard to fight for acceptability (unacceptable until it becomes acceptable). that’s why as more people understand the issues, laws change to reflect this morality shift lar.

    //a promotion of LGBT sexuality or “lifestyle” as a “choice” should be curbed as it affects other people and the society at large.//

    and who is to say that it won’t happen in the future lar. one step at a time lar. now sinkie society is full of chat-ba-lang standard where increase of prices has even been sold as ‘a good thing’.

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  • Devan:

    God created Adam & Eve to populate the earth.
    God didn’t create Adam & Steven to be LGBT to de-populate earth.

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  • LIONS:

    This $elf-serving govt will go to any extent to garner votes for themselves.
    At last GE,not only make use of lky but also applied DIVIDE N RULE TACTICS to split younger sgs from older countrymen.

    This time,in the face of a potential oppo alliance,they are courting LGBT.


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  • Tremendous:

    LGBTQs should answer fundamental areas permeating our society. This should include how we handle school textbooks. Are they expecting the society to go along with them and address a gay couple in the textbook as ‘father’, ‘mother’ and all related kins if they adopt kids ? So in future instead of having 2 types of toilets, we have 7 with the other 5 catering for L, G, B, T, and Q ??? How about going for NS which are compulsory for males ???

    But I get the feeling that members of a certain party have a non trivial part in stirring up the hornets’ nest, most likely to distract citizens from the bigger issues like investment losses, plunging fertility rates and hdb prices, huge ministerial salaries, foreigner influx, transport breakdowns and cost of living. Isn’t comparing LGBTQ to these super seven the same as comparing peanuts to durians ?

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  • Simple:

    This insoluble social division has proven that Singaporeans(especially the leaders) are just a bunch of religious nutcases , incapable of common sense, and obsessed with inhumane and unjust laws.

    Keep intimacy private(behind close doors – nobody business to judge) and marriage, and such as beneficial, laws clear(man and woman only) are enough.

    There is no need to criminalise.LGBT must accept that since they are incapable of conceiving between two of the same sex, they should not venture into marital union instead be contented in their loving friendship or partnership.

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  • got say like no say like that:

    goh more sai as usual is trying to act ‘clever’. this man should learn to keep his gap shut for the good of others around him.

    goh had also attended the forum in jb where pj thum and tan wah piow were the panelist. as it is now and before, goh had already proven to everybody in singapore both pap and opposition supporters that he is a “forever wanting to act clever bugger’, an unelectable talk cock sing song politician wannabe.

    gms was asking tan wah piow stupid questions when the forum was opened to the floor. the attendees must have got a shock of their lives to hear it from goh trying act intelligent and clever…but was actually asking tan wah piow stupid questions. keluar baris lah. kanna sai! bet many of the attendees were cringing to hear gms embarrassing himself.

    it will be like the albatross around sinkie oppo politicians’ neck with this talk cock sing songster around.

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  • Pink Panty:

    You know what they say, you don;t have to join them. You don’t impose your ideals on others and you get the same courtesy.

    The oppo parties are inclined to take a conservative stand on this? To get votes from what they deem conservative majority? Remember a lot of people at pink dot aren’t gay.

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  • Mind your own business:

    Repeal of 377a is right. People should not tell others how they live their lives, i.e., mind your own business.

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  • Merobok:

    Folks, we need to be careful! The PAP does not want to be seen taking sides as they want voters from both quarters i.e. those for and against Section 337A.
    So, they have carefully laid down a plan….beginning with Tommy Koh and Shanmugam. Both seem to speak the same language by asking the people to speak up. This is sickening as they are playing up one against another.
    They could have it debated in a lop-sided Parliament and then rescind the Act. But, of course they want to look good.
    Be careful!

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  • Don't Sia Suey their cause:

    Don’t tell half truth like you know who.

    There is a difference between “sexual behaviour” and “preference for same sex life partner”.

    In other animal species, there are certainly no shortage of same-sex sexual behaviour.

    But “only two species have been observed showing a same-sex preference for life, even when partners of the opposite sex are available. One is, of course, humans. The other is domestic sheep.”


    This not about for or against 377A. Just a plea not to tarnish an otherwise admirable act of fighting for own community

    Such sexuality occurrence does exist in other animal species as well and it is not unique to human being.

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  • sex is sex:

    The natural instinct of sex is heterosexual.

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