Three years after GE2015, how much has your life changed?

It is exactly three years ago today since the last General Elections was held, on 9-11 in 2015.

Are you leading better and more fulfilling lives?

Do you still reckon policies are meant to be “with you, for you, for Singapore” or which help you with “Securing our future together”?

Are you able to buy more with the money which you painstakingly earn? Or are you able to save more for a rainy day?

Have policies or policy moves benefited you and your children?

Have you been able to cope with costs of living and managing a family, with the stresses of daily life?

Have we been inclusive enough to look out for the needs of the most vulnerable among us?

Do our policies treat people with enough compassion and empathy, and help them live with some level of dignity?

These are only a few key questions which we need to ponder over as empowered citizens who care for our country.

Don’t stop believing that there can be a better tomorrow, and always remember that no one single person or political party will have the answers to all the issues which impact our lives today.

We must always ❤ Singapore.


*Facebook post by Jose Raymond.



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23 Responses to “Three years after GE2015, how much has your life changed?”

  • True facts:

    From Bad to worst.

    Stupid sinkis.

    Time for change.

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  • pap lies, INDIAN is malay:

    pap clown and S$m gang keep mouthing GDP numbers, so that they can justify their 24 months GDP bonus.

    these liars called the numbers, their performance.

    so pathetic.

    we say, they aren’t performing at all. because our lives not only not getting better, actually, our lives are getting much harder.

    1st, everywhere is crowded. standard of life 15 years ago sure was much better than what it is now, 2018.

    2nd, everything is taxed. water tax is also taxed. truly WTF.

    3rd, every word is a lie. pap says we tax you more to help you better. what a lie. pap says everything is AFFORDABLE. what a lie. pap says if cannot get into mrt carriage, it is a choice. pap says if want to save money use public wifi and not 4G. pap says don’t eat in foodcourt, eat in S$3 hawker centres. pap says, ffff, the list is so long it shall take days to list them all, all the pap lies. truly WTF.

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  • Bapak:

    Three years ago my XO Chai Tao Kuai has more Chai Tao Kuai then now. Now it has more XO sauce than Chai Tao Kuai.

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  • opposition dude:

    3 years have passed since the last GE, hw time does fly by indeed.

    What have we seen in these 3 years?

    - A 30% water price increase

    - More third world people let in with the population at 5.81 million and increasing by the next GE for sure

    - MRT ponding at Bishan, langgar at Joo Koon

    - A few more failed AGO audits with nothing done to tighten up reckless spending

    - Singhealth hacking, 1.5 million records stolen. PAP is supremely embarrassed since its cyber security can’t fight with another country’s ha ha ha!

    - GST soon to be 9%

    So do tell me, how has your life got better? If you have had a pay increase anytime from 2015 until today has it made much of a difference for you? Or are you still struggling with life?

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  • my life changed.after GE2015:

    i do not have an income anymore.
    i live off my savings.
    i am financially poorer after the GE2015.

    PAP had been relentlessly doing things that had increased the cost of living for me.
    my savings might not be able to see me thru the remaining years of my natural life span.

    i hope i dont have to end my life prematurely artificially.

    fiack your mother chiby lee siao lang.
    ninabey pua chiby lee siao lang.
    puki mak lee siao lang.
    mama pundek lee siao lang.

    JUST check on the way the pap mps are responding to LHL’s NDR speech on the increased cost of living.

    got one pundek in the pap even had the cheek to tell singaporeans to look at (increased cost of living) it as good thing.

    >>> Vikram Nair then piped up and advised that Singaporeans should see the rising costs of living as “paying someone else a higher wage”, which is “actually a good thing”.

    paying someone else a higher wage?
    who wage?
    his wage that is actually taxpayers’ money!

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Two more years before REGIME CHANGE.

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  • FireUpYourHearts:

    Good job!
    .must post more of this ‘food for thought’ articles.
    Make people think n perhaps even get them worked up and if they get angry, better still. So they’ll know how to vote next GE.
    the choice is in our hands.

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  • HarderTruths:

    There are more mosquitoes sucking my blood at home.
    There are more FT sucking my blood at work.
    There are more taxes sucking my money everywhere else.

    I am scared of TB is MRT trains and standing too close to SARS people who cough in your face.

    Gangsters rule my estate and have gang fights now and then – never see the police anywhere except to buy food at coffeeshop – they look so scared too…

    I am scared if I am hospitalised either the disease or the bill will kill me.

    My neighbours burn burn burn paper under my block all day all night one day they will burn everything down.

    Scooters run run run everywhere anyhow and I am praying not to be killed or go into coma like hat poor lady recently.

    I cannot find enough paper to collect doggie poo – Shit Times so thin nowadays – KNNCCB what happen?

    If I buy food from hawker stall sure get diarrhea for few days.

    If I buy food from Kopi Tiam I get constipated.

    Other than that life is fine….

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  • Boh Kia See:

    The country is going to wreck and ruin but the facade of a prosperous and developed country needs to be preserved for foreigners. So the ones having to bear the burden are the citizens.

    As we all know the Ministers and other PAP coat-tail riders are all getting rich and richer. They have to be, in order to keep up the facade–for foreigners–must not be caught being kiasu.

    What is more important is are the Ministers and the appointed Milo President being taxed on their income? We don’t know about this aspect. Something only a change of Government will provide.

    So wake up now and walk the corridors of the block of flats that you live. Talk with neighbours and convince them that a change of Government will be better for them and Singapore in the long term.

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  • Python 5:

    70% singaporean voters must go jobless, bankrupt and sleep in the streets.

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  • William C:

    We are economically worse off.

    Fishball mee 1 bowl cannot fill my stomach. Have to order a 2nd bowl. Means I am paying double for every meal I spend eating in the kopitiam.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    3 years after a Coward & Traitor DIED garnering for the dynasty a good mandate 69+++%

    The sampan is sinking as the mandate show “Tonkang Terbalek”

    A lesson for the IDIOTIC sheep to KNOW…a Back-Stabbing and his cronies are all the same Take & Take and leave the crumbs behind…

    Why be a RAT like Charles Chong who considers himself a Higher Morsal and the Ordinary a Lesser Mortal unless he is RIGHT…the lesser mortal are silly & idiotic sheep to be manipulated

    “You ASK for it!!!” a show in the TV series 1960s till TODAY!!!

    Turn it around and “Just Do It” like Nike

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  • Most Memorable 3 years!:

    Closure of Sungei Road aka Thieves Market (poor ‘forgotten’ hawkers!)

    Lee Family Saga (ownself defends ownself?)

    President Elections 2017 (did we have a election?)

    30% Increase in Water Tax which indirectly cost coffee shops to raise prices of drinks and food. (and ‘someone’ promise to check the prices but did she?)

    Increase in Gas Tariffs (Gas tax after GE?)

    Increases in Electricity Tariffs (Electricity Tax after GE?)

    Parking fees for Teachers while MP pays only $1 a day!
    (wonder if teachers need to vacate carpark spaces for MP and entourage if they come visit school?)

    No action against those who fail to comply to financial guidelines as flagged by the Auditor General’s Office (not one time, but many many times!)

    Clear cut ‘bullying’ of WP Sylvia Lim in Parliament but Singaporeans saw the ‘iron’ in the lady and she is no pushover!

    Projecting increase in GST to 9% after GE (why not before GE and see what happens!)

    Many more but the more I write, the more fed up I become….

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  • Asd:

    Strong sgd useless… cant buy much in sinkeland… all go neighbour country with luggage n trolley … so custom numbers shot up… but idiots are saying sinkeland spending are going holiday just bcos they go MY buy necessities…

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  • sinkies no brain of their own:


    My neighbours burn burn burn paper under my block all day all night one day they will burn everything down.

    ppl complain you also copycat complain.

    are you the one who told the pap mp to complain in parliament and ask to ban smoking inside hdb flats.

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  • Kelvin Wang:

    Roy and Han will make a good opposition team. If hitched, better. :-)

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  • LIONS:

    Not i say one ah.
    Lee Ah Long said himself that he n his gang if thieves have become more THICK-$KINNED;they know they screw you big time n screw up even more but they dont care one as daft sinkies too stupid to realise.

    So,after every GE,their skin thicken more n more as they cock up n COLLECT MORE MONEY from peasants till they all drop dead.

    Vote for PAP n Sg n sgs sure HABI$!

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  • oxygen:

    THE SOCIAL DECAY/DISINTEGRATION AND THE DECLINING ECONOMIC OUTLOOK ahead has accelerated and declining at an accelerating rate too.

    Even the establishment is deeply divided within – look at the very public support for the repeal of s377a among high profile elites – yet in the face of realities, no one in Government took a positional stance one way or another. K. Shanmugam left it to shifting social values – silence of his defence in official govt opposing the repeal in the courtroom not so long ago. It is a government lost in the zombie land of bewilderment HOW MUCH SOCIETY HAS CHANGED not just of (moral) values and expressing it publicly which they won’t do it a few years ago. The CPF/HDB scam of entanglement is an everlasting banquet of social media mocking. And PAPpy’s response? Prevarications and BREVITY OF PREVARICATIONS piling on top of long over-the-horizon visions forwards of utopia (of land supply) when they can’t even see beyond their toes today. It is public theater of incompetency. Obviously 4Gs are clueless in meltdown of collapsed incapacity even to speak up what might be the way forward.

    LEE-jiapore won’t last much longer without a new face of transformational change. There is none in 4G and 3G are utter failures in their trapped dogmas, blind to real world happening, disoriented of direction except their own humonguous paycheck cries of greedy imagined inadequacy, even silently running away from clean wage of not paying market rates for their use of car parks (probably hidden income not voluntarily reported to IRAS). The public mind is in contempt of such debased morality in leadership.

    The electoral ground is deeply soured and it would be STUNNING DENIAL OF DISBELIEF if PAPpys haven’t discovered yet middle swing voters are deserting them faster than they can count.

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  • HarderTruths:

    sinkies no brain of their own: ppl complain you also copycat complain.

    are you the one who told the pap mp to complain in parliament and ask to ban smoking inside hdb flats.

    Another g**t. sponsored troll or foreigner trying to shame me for speaking the truth about too much BURN BURN BURN. Also making ‘fake news’ in the process linking me to other things. Probably failed his primary school in his native land.

    Foreigners/trolls like this guy just show me I am on the right track.

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  • Bobo:

    Some findings and thoughts were:
    1) Greedy, more greedy and most greedy representatives in the world.
    2) Say you, say me, blamed you and blamed me, but self praise own party.
    3) Paid themselves billions $, but lost billions $ of our money are called extraordinary govt.
    4) We have to accept all kinds of $$$$hikes because they are all for the good of Singapore and next generation.
    5) Invite FTs to replace your job then said FTs created jobs for us. Black is black, but they said black is white. So it has to be white lor.
    6) Our money have become their money. Don’t anyhow spend ok. Degree is not important lah, eat at cheap hawker center to save every cents. Use free WIFI like [email protected] is it? Why loading so slow and cut off most of the time huh?…

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  • Papaya taught New stuff . .:

    the Chief Clown taught SG that –
    Presto – in 1 easy step Indian = Malay . .
    The AristoCATs insisted – “Serious – no Laughing Matter” :(
    Remember the Ballot Box. . .

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  • Much Changes After 2015!:

    No amount of apologies or tears will placate the many unhappy voters that are
    greatly upset, disappointed, demoralised and frustrated by the many ‘uniquely Singapore episodes’ and taxes raised since 2015!

    Many are praying that the next GE will be held as soon as possible as they want their ‘noises’ to be heard loud and clear this time round!

    The time has come for a change of governance and many cannot wait to vote without fear or favour as no change will mean stagnation and even more taxes!

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  • cftfsdfsd:

    -MRT breakdown till now.
    -Savings not even 1k.
    -GST increased.
    -More FT, more people getting retrenched and sacked.

    and etc…. just too much shit to be listed out.

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