Akan datang says minister: Non-grad minister

Or is Ong Ye Kung talking a good game i.e. talking cock?

This blog doesn’t think much of Ong Ye Kung (Example Our new PM/ Trumpets pls for me).

But here’s something that he said a few weeks ago that should shut up people like the usual cybernuts and people like P(olitician) Ravi quiet for a second.

They are always KPKBing that non-grad cannot make it to the cabinet (let alone to parly if a PAPpy) so waz point of the govt pushing the line that there’s more to life than being a grad? (Btw, don’t they know that there’s more to life than earning millions as cabinet ministers? But then they are true-blue S’poreans well schooled by the PAP: money talks, BS walks. So unlike PJ Thum and Kirsten Han they mean well for S’pore when they criticise the PAP.)

Bharati Jagdish

point out that we don’t have a single non-graduate minister today. Can’t the Government more boldly set the tone?

Ong Ye Kung

“We are products of an education system of the past. But today, you look at the education system, we have students who opt for a more applied pathway through the diploma route. So you look at the students now, they’re making their choices very differently from the past. I think when they grow up, if they have interest in politics, what will be the state of ministers in future. It’s hard to say. I think you’ll get a much more diverse group coming from different pathways. I certainly hope so.”


Can believe or not?



Cynical Investor

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17 Responses to “Akan datang says minister: Non-grad minister”

  • Cause and Effect:

    Nothing is impossible. With the PAP as opposition, anything and everything is possible!

    Jinx Ong actually foresees PAP losing power. This j*n* has caused PAP to lose the Aljunied GRC. This j*n* will soon cause PAP to become the minority in parliament!

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    When an orchestra is performing well…having a few DUDs will go UNNOTICED…

    So said a Bastard now DEAD!!!

    What we have NOW is a Band so BAD we need a singer on stage NOT a song!!!

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  • what to do:

    An imperium in imperio an unjust autocracy, which thrives by its own rottenness. But this system of fattening on the public vitals — the selling of power — is the chief means by which the dynasty continues to exist. With this legalized corruption stamped as the highest ideal of government, who can wonder at the existence of a strong undercurrent of dissatisfaction among the people ?

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  • LIONS:

    Enuf of craps from crappy PIG$ like him.

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  • No More 'Clean Wage'?:

    Good to resolve the $1 per day parking before the next GE!

    MPs should lead by example!

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  • rukidding:

    Stop Wasting time posting here !….you have “zero” credibility here…nobody is “amazed nor amused” by you. !

    Just like Pap,…people are already “sick” of “them and you” !!!!

    Go sucked a peppermint ball instead !

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  • Self PAP mission:

    PAP mission is really sinle word mission statement SELF. Whstever policy considered is based essentially fleeced the dafts n then SELF. So all talks r bullshits, cons n fake
    Dr Thum is right. Why should he fake when he s the best job any academic dream of
    . A research fellow in a academically well appraised unibersity with infependent thinking and absolutely freedom in thoughts and words. Personal ontegrity is well guarded in such institution which means no succumb to power for self degradation n loss of self dignity n onyegrity. This is what promped Dr Thum to come to Singapore to appear befote the Committee n willing to be grilled by persons with SELF impregnated . The event spoke for itself n clear to all independent thinkers valuing integrity, honesty n human dignity over evils of self gratification to be filthily rich by succumbing yo power for gratification as ptevalent
    Sin is the pnly nstion with retited ministers, hrads of institutions n polanpa bireaucrats bestored with numerous directoships in companies which the is major shareholder with citizenry state funds but controlled woth negligible transparency by the nepotists n their tristed polanpas. In a democratic counyry with well guarded checks n balanves by opposition political tity, such polanpa rewards for polanpa credits will be considered as fraudulent acts n legally punishable. Perhsps this is why citizens r facing negogligle yransparency in governace under absoulte power which msintains absolute power to mran including fraudulent acts as self gratification n self glorifivation. Thrre is more reason yhat ot is time to mount operation cleanup by voting nepotism out n restore femocratic tenets of proper checks n balances with proper tepresentation of l opposition n citizen dissention n freedom of sppech, press n gathering in unofied public dissention.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Indian can become Malay instantly.

    Anything is possible if there are people stupid enough to keep voting for them

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  • Political Observer:

    PART 1
    Who was the trait** who worked together with prata man as Japanese translators during World War II and in the process sell out many Chinese patriots to be tortured and killed by the Japanese?

    Who was the person who said learning Japanese was more valuable than Chinese when China was down and said the reverse after it became a super power?

    Who was the person who after being pushed by Chinese High students into a drain decided not to recognize Chinese education due to his fear of righteousness and justice that is strongly instilled in Chinese upbringing? As a result, majority of the Chinese elites had to leave Singapore in order to seek better opportunities. This action would forever disadvantage the Chinese race in Singapore in their ability to learn the Chinese language and culture at a higher level.

    Who was the person who made use of the Chinese Secret Societies in Singapore to get rid of the communist and then turned on them later?

    Who was the person who ordered the burning of the Bukit Ho Swee kampung because nobody wants to leave?

    Who was the person who forcefully acquired land, typically acres and hectares at a time, forcing them to tear down the place at their own cost and then later just nominally paying a one dollar fee and compensating a HDB flat.

    Who was the person who ordered Operation Cold Store in 1963 and labelling Barisan Sosialis as communists just when the party gain it’s all time representation in the polls and on the verge of taking over PAP as the biggest political party in Singapore? Who is the man behind this secret mission?

    Who was the person who offered prata man a 60 million dollar red packet over 10 years for taking his secrets to his grave?

    Who was the person when travelling overseas and addressed as Prime Minister of Malaya, did not correct journalists resulting in his actions and ambitions to be deemed provocative to the then real Prime Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman?

    Who was the person who kick started DAP, a franchised arm of PAP in Malaysia and while making inroads in elections said “Malays are the minority in Malaysia” causing an uproar and Tungku Abdul Rahman to finally say enough is enough and kick Singapore out of Malaya for good?

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  • Political Observer:

    Part 2
    ** Who was the person who thought at one time his law firm was above law and the only qualified law firm in Singapore that could undertake stamp duties for HDB transactions. When J.B. Jeyaretnam took a strong stand suggesting every individual should have their right to choose whichever law firms they wanted, it got somebody really mad and that triggered a lifetime of vengeance and personal vendetta.

    Who was the person who successfully planted the mole which J.B. Jeyaretnam ultimately groomed as his successor? This mole was whiter than white and eventually played a significant role in kicking out J.B Jeyaretnam out of Worker’s Party for good. Watch “Infernal Affairs” to understand further and you’ll know why the Mas Selamat queries ended abruptly.

    Who was the person who initiated the propaganda showpiece showing a bunch of old people in parks portraying them as senile, next showing a 62 year old lady in a hawker centre frying Char Kway Teow and saying working is great and one should work as long as possible. Once the naive Singaporeans buy that idea, immediately the CPF withdrawal age is increased as well. Why is CPF Minimum Sum growing higher instead of lower? If the government is that great, shouldn’t people have no problems of affording homes and easily having surpluses? In foreign countries, parents could leave properties for their children. In Singapore, only a small percentage

    Who was the person who decided not to pull the plug on somebody who was already brain dead only to do it after the new estate duty law was launched? The estate duty act was removed for deaths after 15 Feb 2008 and we would never ever know who the biggest land lord in Singapore is.

    Who was the person that made Singapore a First World Public Debt Nation with one of the World’s Highest Debt to GDP ratio?

    Who was the person who robbed Singaporean’s ability to retire? CPF is supposedly meant to help a person retire. In Singapore, a 5 room flat costs around 50K nett or lower. The government will sell it at 300K, give you a 50K rebate and make a 200K profit. They would then argue that land price is expensive which is laughable when you’re getting it so cheaply. Before Singapore’s independence, majority of the land in Singapore was owned by Singaporeans. Right now, less than 15% land is own privately.

    Who was the person who made majority of Singaporeans tenants? We don’t really own the property and we just rent it for 99 years. Soon you’ll see shorter years and taller housing when we hit 10 million people living in Singapore.

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  • Political Observer:

    Part 3
    [21:38, 9/14/2018] Who was the person who made majority of Singaporeans tenants? We don’t really own the property and we just rent it for 99 years. Soon you’ll see shorter years and taller housing when we hit 10 million people living in Singapore.

    Who was the person who worked hand in hand with evil forces to clamp down on true cultivation practices? Even though it was a short few years, it has caused many of our cultivators to be struck with fear and our cultivation practice to be misunderstood and pre-judged.

    Who was the person who sold Singapore to the Illuminati, making it a dreamland for them to test out all secret hidden tax and control initiatives? 10 Year Car Scrapping, COE, ERP, Wireless deductions, carbon credit scams, chemtrails, massive surveillance?

    I forgive all the things that had been done on me but all karma debts needs to be paid. When great leaders go, they normally go in batches. More will follow in days to come. The old guards will go as new forces takes over and such is the nature of the world.

    The world is filled with propaganda and disinformation visually or subliminally. Most people can be brainwashed by a couple of ads let alone a lifetime of propaganda. History is often written by victors but there can only be one truth. For most of the brainwashed people out there, this is not meant for you as you’ll continue to believe what you wish to believe. For the truth seekers, this is for you. If you find this article meaningful, share it.

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    Abraham Lincoln,

    P.S. – This article is not meant to score political points but rather shedding the truth. The writer is a cultivator and a person undergoing a true cultivation path cannot be involved in politics. Poly means many and ticks’ means blood sucking parasites. The greatest pity of life is to not know where you are going to after you die and not be able to attain true enlightenment and full consummation. May you truly find your peace.

    Edmund Ng
    Truthfulness – Benevolence – Forbearance

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  • John Dewey says:

    The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action….The good man is the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, is moving to become better.

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  • Bapak:

    That day I went to NTUC Fairprice I saw some sweet potatoe packages on display. Took a careful look realized they mixed the good, the bad & the ugly ones using the good one to piggyback the bad & the ugly ones out. It reminds me of our GRC system.

    If 2/3 of your sweet potatoe doesnt taste sweet, remember your voting rights. Go back to the good old fruit stall where you can pick & choose only the good ones, reject the bad & ugly ones. F the GRC system. You get 2/3 poor quality fruit like OYK, CCS, Punggol Backside,….etc.

    It is very scary how lusy fruit can be shortlisted to run the country?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Bapak

    NOW WITH PACKAGED FRUITS AND FRESH VEGES at NTUC-Fairprice, consumers have no choice of quantity and quality – EITHER buy the package on display or don’t buy at all. A lot of food has gone to waste because purchases (and cooking) exceeds preferred consumption desires and needs. Wet markets are gone.

    Customers service standards have dropped a lot even as food prices have escalated rapidly. Too few or no competitors in each locational convenience. If you don’t buy, there are hoards of hungry foreigners will buy, so food inflation is running wild. The poor and low income earners are facing increasing poverty desperation.

    Supermarket food retail margin in LEE-jiapore is unusually high compared to places like HK, Australia, EU and north America. Look at the published financial statement of listed supermarket chains, you will discover that my observation is right on the dot.

    Bapak: That day I went to NTUC Fairprice I saw some sweet potatoe packages on display. Took a careful look realized they mixed the good, the bad & the ugly ones using the good one to piggyback the bad & the ugly ones out

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  • What Happened to 'Clean Wage'?:

    Unless the $1 per day parking is resolved, many Singaporeans won’t believe a word you say!

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  • Gullible laughing stock:

    These natural aristocrats their whole Lives never have to go through real challenges from opposition.

    Malaysia politicians have real world experience fighting real battles.

    All these aristocrats are untested. Just like all the paper generals never fought in any real war.
    Just bespectacled air-conditioning scholars.

    Tak Harapan.

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  • Jman:

    Grad or non grad, the individual needs to have a set of attributes that are on par with his/her peers at the bare minimum, and most of his/her attributes have to exceed his/her peers.

    This is the baseline requisite for leadership at that level.

    So if you look at the landscape and see the quantitative and qualitative strength of the people in the various ministries, it is hardly of a Low standard. There may be some unusual characters here and there, but by and large the general quality is fairly high.

    So there you have it – a high bar. Go try and find a non grad who is head and shoulders above the whole lot. It isn’t impossible, but I’d bet it will be safe to say such non grad individuals are a needle in a haystack.

    And forget about putting a non grad there for the sake of making a statement. All Singaporeans, grads and non grads are unlikely to accept this.

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