Access to healthcare here: Below average

As Yogi Bear might have put it: “Worse than below average bear”

I’m sure the editor of the constructive, nation-building publication that highlighted the u/m would privately have been told he “does not mean S’pore well”:

When it came to evaluating access to healthcare, Singapore scored 45.46 – below the study’s average of 50.91 – even as it boasts the most value-for-money system. This was attributed to shortages of hospital beds and skilled healthcare professionals.

For this study, “access” is evaluated by the number of skilled health professional density and hospital beds in relation to its population, and the percentage of people at risk of impoverishment due to surgical care.


Overall, Singapore’s healthcare model topped Philips’ measure of healthcare value with a score of 54.61. Australia and Germany followed behind with scores of 52.59 and 50.93 respectively. The report evaluates value by averaging each country’s healthcare access, satisfaction and efficiency scores.

But waz the point of being number 1 when access is below the average bear.

Btw, TOC, TRE while cheering on PJ thum and friends and supporting the repeal of s377A, ignored this bread-and-butter failure of the PAP administration: Advice to cybernuts writing in TOC, TRE etc

The PAP is lucky in its enemies. With enemies like these, how can S’pore not be a de facto one-party state. Sad.


Cynical Investor

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6 Responses to “Access to healthcare here: Below average”

  • HarderTruths:

    If anyone had to wait for 4 hours to see the doctor for 10 mins at $GH as in my case – then you will see how f*cked up $G HealthCare is.

    And that is on a good day……

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  • Only below aversge:

    U r not kidding, below average? It is simply day light robbery except it is done by those sick Biws n the polanpas. As the Brit would say, Bloody Rip Off.

    When the hours of reckoning comes, we shall see how these scumbags rush like maniacs n would be like the sibling, This hour in SIN few hr later in HK. The top brownosing polanpas n the politicalself gratified mmillionaires in great panic wishing they could buy a pair of wings with the mmillions they have lunatically n frantically grabbed. Brownnosing polanpa will rush to be next in line to leak what’v been going on in the dark hopping this would save their skin n the evil they have done for
    the lp to chalk up sufficient polanpa credits in xchange for ust the two recent directorship. If the lp has substance, it needs noy be poed n if the plp is good enough. he should replace the lp instead of stooping so low to po.

    Yes ripoff

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  • Ownself protect ownself:

    Hmm…. any idea how much did Ganky Bear pay for this survey? After sg healthcare system kena hacked in July, I guess regardless how much the amount, it’s still only a small price to pay to ensure that his million dollars minister’s job will not be at risk, no?

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  • pap clown pays cents per post:

    recently, due to Dr Mahatir giving 80+ minutes to our esteemed fellow Singaporeans, Mr Tan WP, Dr Thum, et al, it was a hive of bee activities in pap PA paid internet brigade aka known as pap PA paid IB.

    higher ranked members of pap PA paid IB were tasked with the more serious fake news stuff. of course, the wage here is a ten cents per post.

    lower ranked members of pap PA paid IB were asked to do any clownish thing they can, as long as it distracts attention away from Dr Mahatir 90+ minutes with Mr Tan WP, Dr Thum et al. TWO points here. 1st, try to play down the 80+ minutes with Mr Tan WP, Dr Thum, et al vis-a-vis the few minutes with pap clown. 2nd, being nonsense non essential posts, wage is cents per post, much lower than more serious stuff, 1/10 of more serious stuff, to be exact.

    anyway back to the pap PA paid IB. paid cents per post. wonder when the malaysia running puppy is able to hold on to his siglap property before disposing and run road back to his Dr Mahatir land.

    some in coffee shop this morning said, very soon, as soon as GE2019 results are announced. we agree.

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  • pap clown pays cents per post:

    someone called us a few minutes ago. to remind us of pap PA paid IB tactic which is to tell fake news about anything that is bad with clown pap.

    such as comparing australia germany with clown Singapore which is a non starter to begin with.

    in australia germany, for a very simple reason, being more caring government, their hospitals are all with conditioned air, meaning heat in winter and cold air in summer. whereas in S$m money faced non caring clown pap government, only those with the S$ get conditioned air, the rest, especially the 70% sheep who voted pap clown and S$m gang into power, stays in open air wards in HOT, humid, Singapore. this is the truth, unkike the fake news by pap PA paid IB ci.

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  • LIONS:

    Healthcare cost has been deliberately allowed to e$calate irratiinally.
    I suspect it has something to do with $ucking dry our CPF besides the usual profit-making objective of the greedy Pig$.

    More n more will have their CPF depleted by high medical costs at govt hospitals n in the end,the gahmen need not worry about finding money to return our CPF.


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