The PAP has mastered the art of plucking chicken feathers

What has chicken feathers got to do with the People’s Action Party?

We have to go back to a famous quote by fascist poster boy Benito Mussolini: “If you pluck a chicken one feather at a time, nobody notices.”

His analogy spoke to the fact that a leader or government could consolidate power feather by feather without the people realising it or making a fuss about it.

The current legal woes surrounding the Workers’ Party is yet another feather being plucked. One step, one move at a time, the wind is knocked out of the Opposition.

We can go back decades, to Operation Coldstore, a topic that landed historian, Thum Ping Tjin in a bit of bother. In plucking one feather, whether justified or unjustified, the Opposition was practically decimated. It was the forerunner to many other instances of the Internal Security Act being used to extraordinary effect.

Defamation lawsuits also became de riguer – one feather at a time, one outspoken critic after another has been nullified. In the words of Amnesty International, the “disproportionate use of civil defamation suits by the government has had a chilling effect on Singapore’s political life.”

Signs of the Opposition gaining ground? No problem – let’s introduce the Group Representation Constituency (GRC) system to make it more formidable for them.

That’s one big feather being plucked from right under the noses of Singaporeans.

More recently, the very real possibility of a non-establishment candidate winning the Elected Presidency had to be curtailed at any cost. Hence the shenanigans of the Reserved Elected Presidency, a feather plucking feat which put paid to the hopes of Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

When the Workers’ Party had the audacity to capture a GRC, a lesson had to be taught: No political party (except for the PAP) has what it takes to competently run a GRC. The town council saga has spectacularly (some would say predictably) culminated in the current legal woes of the WP.

When all the feathers are plucked, and we have a bald chicken, what is the result? Do the people care, do they know any better?


Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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14 Responses to “The PAP has mastered the art of plucking chicken feathers”

  • Kena Fried Chicken:

    Q: Why did mister chicken go to KFC?
    A: Cos he wanted to see a chicken strip – but it got fried watching the show.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    More than just plucking feathers. S’pore had lost the art of flying among the bigger birds in the sky. When Kevin Kwan wrote “Crazy Rich Asians”, he was actually reminiscing about his privileged childhood & his wealthy background in S’pore. S’pore during the British Colonial rule & just two decades after Independence, was actually far more wealthier than under last 30 years of PAP Authoritarian rule. Don’t forget under British rule, S’pore was then called the PEARL OF THE ORIENT.
    After he left S’pore when he was about 11 years old, things had changed drastically eversince his departure. Honestly, S’pore had went downhill since after a glorious start – Infrastructure left behind by the British, Economic Formula devised by a brilliant Post-War UN Economic Reconstruction Economist, Dr Albert Winsemius’ & the energy, sacrifices given by a young population to elevate S’pore. The PAP in their recent 3 decades – they have raped, pillaged & looted the population of their “Blood, Sweat & Tears” through devious & underhanded means.
    The consolidation of the State’s power comes at a great cost to all S’poreans’ living standards. The headstart given had been thoroughly wasted by PAP’s insecurities & power infatuation. Now, the regional neighbours have passed S’poreans by in terms of standard of living & affordability. S’pore contains all the trappings of wealth but the citizenry pockets were empty. A SHOWROOM ECONOMY!
    In control of the Political Narrative & Suppressing the Dialogue – the political process had been retarded & backwards for many decades. S’pore had not progressed as a society, declined economically as a country & drifting aimlessly as others powered ahead in creativity & innovations. While the PAP thinks of more “imaginary feathers to pluck” when they already fully controlled of the Political Narrative. And not only Suppressing the Dialogue mechanism but even suffocated the thought of critical thinking through self-censorship & fear indoctrination.
    I never regarded the Workers Party as a true opposition party for being too timid & too cautious. But PAP’s vindictiveness & energies in pursuing against an opponent which is not even a major threat to them. They gained a GRC simply because the PAP themselves stuffed up in their population growth policies creating mass discontent in the electorate.
    I see huge problems down the road

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  • waste of time zzz:

    the 70% loves it!

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  • why suffered in silence:

    Yet another impending feather would be plucked. That is the independent media news platform would be compelled to shutdown. The irony is that sinkies do not even know that all the feathers have been plucked , neither would they care.The bald chicken represents sinkies who are left with no freedom of speech, democracy and human rights and continue to be in denial of the dire situations they are in. The bald chicken would be just right for slaughter by the regime for a sumptous meal. There goes the furture of our younger generation and the demise of our nation.

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  • clown pap chicken and feathers:

    Singapore under clown pap has lost the plot, in a short 15 years.

    to be fair, the rot started with seat warmer goh chock tong.

    but ever since pap clown took over, the sinking has been accelerated.

    look at every thing of measure in Singapore. table tennis? died. badminton? not even a mention. football? don’t even start the topic.

    in order to ensure its survival, due to its incompetence, clown pap puts pap clan member Ljs and Cbs in every nook and cranny of tiny island. so much so these pap Ljs and Cbs all they do is to give fake news report to pap clown. because, as long as pap clown is happy, the pap Ljs and Cbs continue to get S$m swee swee.

    look at mediacorpse? it is dying.

    look at states times? it is in moral decay, a bunch of senior editors bullying junior for sex.

    look at gic temasick. so much loss that not a genuine report is given to the the true owners, being citizens, because if truth were told to the true owners, there would be revolt.

    in order to shut up citizens from speaking up, the pliant parleement approved a pap law, contempt of court. so even if courts are questionable, citizens cannot question. because contempt of court. WTF.

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  • LIONS:

    PAP tells sgs to be united as a people.
    But,PAP gahmen formulate policies that divide the people.

    PAP even openly divide in order to rule.
    Last GE ,PAP told young sgs *govt* cannot give social assist to older sgs made jobless as that it add to future tax burden for the young.
    But the GAHMEN told the young they will given plenty of benefits n that was paid with our reserves?

    The young will become *older* n they will alsp be marginalused,like it or not.
    As a mayter of truth,young sgs are getting jobless at younger age being replaced by FTs.



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  • LIONS:

    Btw,if sgs care for each other more,you think the PAP can confuse the ppl so easily that they do not even know their *feathers* are being plucked?

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  • HarderTruths:

    I have another take on this:

    If the chicken feathers are legally your property – then you can pick as many as you like, when you like, how you like without any reason – and the chicken can do nothing.

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  • kena plucked!:

    worse still,the PAP has managed to make ordinary sgs PLUCK EACH OTHER,haven’t they?

    so much talk about unity.

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  • Bapak:

    PAP not just good in plucking chicken feather, they are also better in plucking all our hard-earned money. You guys now then noticed…? Isn’t it too late?

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  • Hagen the Angry Rooster:

    But there’s one old, menacing rooster across the causeway which the PAP dare not pluck much less ruffled its’ feathers.

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  • Hagen, the Angry Rooster:

    Bro, here’s another one for good measure.

    Q: Who does the chicken voted last election?
    A: …..Colonel Sanders.

    Kena Fried Chicken:
    Q: Why did mister chicken go to KFC?
    A: Cos he wanted to see a chicken strip – but it got fried watching the show.

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  • rukidding:

    Frankly speaking,….I am “passed” all these KPKPing already !

    All these “unfair fixing” of “Good people” who are trying to “Correct the sad state of affairs” happening and is “still happening” at an even even “faster and scarier inhumane ways”.

    Why are these “elitist and current politicians” so afraid of ???

    If these group of people has done no wrong,…why the “fixing” of oppositions and its own native citizens who happen to fall under the average income earners group ?

    Why,…the “suppression of wages” to our own people ??..why ?? why??

    What EXACTLY has our Indian/Malay President been doing to IMPROVE the wages and standard of living for the “Middle to Lower income” group of people,…especially for one who was once “represnting the workers welfare and rights”?

    Why is she so “quiet” about such things ???

    Is our Indian /Malay President really “working for the people” or is our Indian/Malay President “working for her comarades interest” ???

    This place is really turning into a “shit” place and a “charade” !

    I really PRAY and HOPE that GOD will “fix” these people and help “put things right again”…….otherwise,…we would really need many, many “lone wolfs” to “come out” and “fight for the right of justice” !

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  • oxygen:

    OI OI OI, CPF IS NOT YOUR MONEY (they told you this in solemn Parliament, no less!!!), HDB ownership is FAKE. Ministerial pay benchmarked to a ROTATING pool of top private sector earners – before the Gerald Ee committee’s watered down reviewed – is a SCAM of benchmarking to private sectors TOP ROTATING “winners” only (those who dropped out of that top private sector earnings DO NOT COUNT ANYMORE) parasiting on public welfare purse.

    WHICH CHICKEN FEATHERS FOR PLUCKING PAPpys have not yet accomplished?

    They hid discount car parking fees from peasant’s awareness – which all peasants only – must comply or pay hefty fines in the courtroom if resisting.

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