Things Will Never Change, We Voted For It Again And Again, Didn’T We?

I refer to Today’s article [LINK] that we are ranked the bottom 10 countries in reducing inequality. Did not you see this coming?

Many things have become quite predictable. From 1980s, the start of mass immigration and till now. We had been told repeatedly that the govt would curb migration at every GE but we are hitting 6M by 2018. The replacement of locals at their jobs have been rising since 1980s. And by now, almost anywhere you go, foreigners are taking over jobs at retail, trains, buses, offices and even HDB flats. I had friend who is so pro PAP, telling me that the govt is curbing foreign immigration at every GE. Just last year, he was replaced by foreign talent, sitting at home for more than 12 months already.

Every day, you read alternate websites complaining non stop about PAP. Every single thing, complain and complain. The govt is also resorting to create new law and regulations to suppress critics. On top, they are getting rid of the last standing opposition in parliament to pave the way for one party autocractic rule.

I mean all these progressive histories from 1980s till now, you don’t see it coming? You mean all these complaints can change anything? If can change, already change long time ago, do you agree?

So all these new policies hurting locals or laws restricting this or that will increase is part of the on-going. Things will go harder and harder for locals. Since 1980s, life now is harder and harder, people becoming unhappier or even angry. But doesn’t this tell you anything yet?

So complain and complain, things never change. You continue to vote PAP and hope for miracle or Sun to rise from the west?

My suggestion is you continue to vote PAP, just bite the bullet and take the pain, nothing will change even with your complaints.





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14 Responses to “Things Will Never Change, We Voted For It Again And Again, Didn’T We?”

  • waste of time zzz:

    in the next 5 years after they have won the general erections and holding the mandate again, they will be up to their usual tricks of importing more foreign trash, raising prices, dishing out drumsticks for the locals, talking down to the people by their million dollar salaries etc.. 一代不如一代.. true sinkies better get out of here if you can..

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  • Cannot tahan anymo:

    The 70% who voted PAP @ GE2015 should be hung up to dry by their toes!
    Now crying mother father is of no use!
    You all gave the PAPs the upperhand.
    We the 30% had to suffer along ,unfairly.

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  • Bapak:

    Kindly do your part to remind those who kpkb complain kings & queens and kept voting for PAP every GE the only rights you have is during polling day. If you keep voting for PAP, after that few seconds, you have no rights for the next 5 years. You are paying a very heavy price for your foolishness.

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  • we have never voted pap:

    Mr Willie,

    no matter how bad the ground is, there is this never dying 30% who voted OPPOSITION. so however you write, do remember Singapore is not 100% pap. it never shall be so.

    now about this 30% OPPOSITION supporters.

    1st, let it be known that this 30% has increased since GE2015.

    2nd, this 30% is very significant. you see, as soon as another 20.01% of the current 70% sheep turns against pap, lky son the clown must run road.

    in summary. 20.01% is actually not an impossible number. as you have mentioned, you die hard pap supporter friend, now jobless, if this person votes pap GE2019, then, no brainer you have a traitorous friend.

    but if this friend of yours votes OPPOSITION, and many such others also vote OPPOSITION, then, again no brainer, lky son the clown must run road.

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  • why suffered in silence:

    My critique is that Sinkies are either immune, cowards or have no faith in oppositions. You can complain until the cows come home, nothing will change unless we institue the change. We have 2 options, either VTO the current regime or vote in more oppositions to provide effective checks and balances.It is ludicrous to assume that if opposition forms the next government , the economy would collapse and we would have a miserable life. But under the current regime is our life better off and the answer is clear. If we do not give opposition a chance to form the next government,how do we know they are incapble ?How worse off could our life be if opposition forms the next government. If they prove to be incompetent you could still VTO come next election rather then you perpetuate your sufferings under the current hopless regime and continue to be in denial.Our current opposition in parleemen is ineffective because there are only 6 versus 89 for ruling party.To unseat the current government might be far fetched,at least vote in as many oppositions as possible so as to denude the ruling party of a blank cheque.

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  • Krishna Singh:

    No one lives forever, likewise no dynasties lived forever. This Rosthchild, gangs and his pet puppy here will have it coming to them very soon.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Next GE should different. Why? Because of the regime change in Malaysia. If Malaysians have the courage to vote for it to make their lives better why should Singaporeans not also do the same thing? There is more upside than downside to regime change. Why? Because the PAP will never change.

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  • LIONS:

    you are so right.
    we reap what we $ow.

    we suffer from our own foolishness.

    we shud stop blaming ‘fear’ anymore as we are more educated and indeed many of the young voters are so fearless of everything?!

    it is our inner character,we are mostly SELF-CENTRED AND BOCHUP un;ess our own skin kena brusied.

    we deserve to be screwed!

    if we love being screwed,then we keep asking for it.

    stop blaming the ATROCIOUS PAPigs,they di not force us to vote them,we ‘force’ ourselves.

    MORE FTs will slowly wake up the selfish young sgs,wait and see.

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  • HarderTruths:

    What do you mean “we”? It that that “royal we” ?

    Nothing to do with me!

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  • Blaine Copperfield:

    Who actually are the ones who voted who?
    Who guards the ballot boxes?
    Is there a moment when the doors are closed and the ballot box is out of sight
    Of the public?

    Blaine Copperfield

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  • Bobo:

    Complaints are good to create awareness to the public. Why suffer silently and let people die without knowing the truth? We have years of bo chaps attitude men and women who died blaming their own bad fate. They were naive, low or non educated people relying on information from ruling party’s mouthpiece. Yes, they give their votes to “Lightning” in exchange for minute handouts and subsidies that were in fact taken from their own pocket through price hikes and GST.

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  • rukidding:

    I predict “chaos” in the coming years !

    Like those good old days of “riots”,….maybe even worst…maybe even a terrorist attack !

    You never know…will you ???

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  • Asia is Authortarianism:

    Kindly do your part to remind those who kpkb complain kings & queens and kept voting for PAP every GE the only rights you have is during polling day. If you keep voting for PAP, after that few seconds, you have no rights for the next 5 years. You are paying a very heavy price for your foolishness.

    I think there are much more new citizens now than the last GE. SO the 30% is probably now 25%.

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  • Change cums after we dead:

    Let me be short and sharp. Change will c after we are all dead :

    1. Fact : Singaporeans are not Malaysians.
    Singapore cannot do a Malaysia.

    2. Fact : 70% is a huge majority. Now this figure likely increased due to new citizens. Mission even more impossible now.

    3. Fact : Ruled by FEAR. Most of us feel intimidated and self-censure . This fear is similar to but not exactly the same as how imperial China peasants are controlled. Hundreds of millions of them in rebel but dare not. Fear controlled them. Psychology overrides the IQ.

    If Singaporeans can bring change before we die, then grandson is not gay and old McDonald is still live.

    Singaporeans live in Denial.
    They cannot accept that they do not live freely but choose to self deny this.
    They keep hoping change will cum.
    Just like they keep buying toto an never win in their lives.

    Hard facts Hurt.
    Masturbate too hard also.

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