Anti-PAPpies screaming about Oxfam report, what about World Bank’s Human Capital Index

Another way to measure economic success other than by GDP was launchedreleased two days ago earlier today by the World Bank.

Its Human Capital Index ranks countries according to how much is invested in young people.

The higher the investment in education and health the more productive and higher earning the workforce tends to be, the World Bank says.

Which leads to the creation of higher levels of wealth and a stronger economy.

They are silent because

First is Singapore, followed by South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

Finland and Ireland are fifth and sixth, with the UK in 15th place, below Germany but ahead of France, Norway and Switzerland.

The bottom of the list is dominated by countries in Africa, where human capital scores are a third of those enjoyed by leading nations.

Chad, South Sudan and Niger are the bottom three countries.

For 157 countries the World Bank studied the quantity and quality of education provided to children, the mortality rate for under-5s, the “rate of stunting” among young people (a measure of how healthy children are) and the chances of someone living to 60 by the time they reach 15-years-of-age (the “adult survival rate”).

Bringing the data together produced a score between 0 and 1, where zero would mean all children died before reaching education age and 1 would be all children receiving the perfect education and health start in life.

Singapore scored 0.88 and the UK scored 0.78.


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14 Responses to “Anti-PAPpies screaming about Oxfam report, what about World Bank’s Human Capital Index”

  • LIONS:

    Human Capital?
    Fake FTs must have formed BULK OF SAMPLING of the survey data?

    Local talents here who were highly productive have been SYSTEMATICALLY REPLACED THE LAST 15 YRS OR SO.


    MANY POOR elderly sgs from PG N MERDEKA GEN even had taken their own lives owing to unafforfable healthcare?

    What is lee ah long lying about?

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  • Debunked:

    Which read;

    ["This volume is a product of the staff of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this volume do not necessarily reflect the views of the Executive Directors of The World Bank or the governments they represent. The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this work."]

    We know;

    Fake survey may get away with Fake news;
    Committee can shield oneself from blame.
    Control the MSMs, you can half baked whatever you want.
    Money can buy editors.
    When you hear market spread news to buy certain shares, you avoid and run.

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  • So?:

    Even if that child ranking is correct (which is highly doubtful), it means that after childhood, many Singaporeans are pressed down poor all the way until they have to clear tables in their old age.

    Think of NS and foreigner competition in your own home, and government suppression of wages. Meanwhile, ministers say 200 dollar a month is very good benefits for old age. With the same mouth, they say $1 million is not enough for themselves.

    Right or not?

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  • Tell me CI:

    If we are #1 in the “quantity and quality of education provided to children”, why we still need to let in so many 3rd world people into SG?

    If it is to fill the many “unskilled” job in SG, why is there still so many “unskilled” jobs?

    Who are still creating these “unskilled” jobs for these past 20~30 years?

    You sure “anti-PAPpies” the ones keeping silence?

    For 157 countries the World Bank studied the quantity and quality of education provided to children, the mortality rate for under-5s, the “rate of stunting” among young people (a measure of how healthy children are) and the chances of someone living to 60 by the time they reach 15-years-of-age (the “adult survival rate”)

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  • Contradicting facts:

    Very odd dont u feel? These two reports coming up in a short pace of few days apart.
    One bad followed by a very good report. Tops, in fact!
    They contradict each other.

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  • consensus by manipulation:

    human capital report is reflection of the economy. it doesnt state about social security policies . Have u ever considered social policies, then singapore ranks bottom.

    are u also cherrypicking stats to your favour?

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  • Bapak:

    PLP, so obvious.

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  • pap PA paid IBs like ci:

    for a 3rd world small nation fast falling to 4th world because of its open leg policy importing by the millions the Msia rejects like pap PA paid IB ci, a world respected report stating 149th out of 157 is a major cause for concern.

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  • Relevant diversions !!!:

    Go google.
    Look at the happening in cities in this part of the world, videos showiing the activities in the late evenings especially Pattaya, Pnom Penh and others. The exciting LIFE after sunset.
    What struck me are the numbers of whites, ELDERLY WHITES walking around. What are they doing there minus their wifes and daughters and families. Most of them looks like inhabitants from FIRST WORLD countries. Go google.
    Looks like they have descended upon these cities and supported their economies, tourism dollars they called it.
    What kind of dollars are these?
    What a shame! Unbelievable!
    Have they got no shame!
    Somebody got to do a big publicity write up and show the world yet again.
    My friend just returned from Pnom Penh. He was shocked to see the number of young children roaming the streets unattended, vulnerables.
    After that they fly to MBS here and behave “decent” before going home to their wife’s and families.
    Go google and draw your conclusions.

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  • rukidding:

    ….as to “how much” is invested into young people ???

    Please be reminded that our Pappy is “too smart” !

    Just like the use of “selected committee”….this will be the same analogy again….”just who are these young people”…Native born or just any Young People ????

    Then and again,….having attended 10 wsq courses or even 100 wsq courses…does not “imply” your career prospect is “sound” ??? ..rite

    But to Pappy and their Cronies….they would “exploit” and “talk and shout out loud”…as if “they” have actually help the people ???

    Never be so simple minded again !!!

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  • Bluff own people.:

    PayPay play psychology and use fake articles to bluff its own People. How insincere and inhuman. How to trust? How to respect? Better be watchful of the MiloIndianCumMalay reserved $$$$$$$$$$$$, better. Credibility drops to zero.
    Can give Mandate or not?

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  • Cycle but Unendorsed article:

    Cycle a rubbish article through the World institution and it instantly become a Credible talk Piece…. KNN, you dare use such old trick onto modern educated citizens?…

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  • Who need these reports?:

    Plane loads of sex tourists flooding this region looking for young women and young men and young children to satisfy their weird sexual desires and lust, and they help prosper the continuing drug business with their drug addiction or experimentation, they help prop up sustain the hotel/motel/accommodation industry, cheap tourist guides and transportation, filthy massage parlors, and the gambling casino industry, and the gamblers and the chance-takers are investing into the property casino market all over the region looking for quick profits……….and the developers and bankers and officials are happily working together in their smart suits.
    Scandals and corruption are everyday affairs, known and unknown.
    The poor remained trapped but the bunkum surveys and findings are for whose consumption really?
    The “smarter” self-centered no-conscience greedy ones are reaping the benefits.
    What an achievement for the caretakers in this region, country by country!
    How much quality progress in uplifting the people?
    Who really cares?

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  • A Nation Of Dumb Parrots:

    Educated dafts pay heavily for the HDI ‘accolade’ while PAP thieves steal the glory.

    In short, the PAP government spends the least on education and healthcare against GDP relatively compared with many other countries.

    So there is nothing to be proud of by being stupid to pay twice.

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