Can We Rebut Desmond Lee’s Rebuttal?

Desmond Lee

I refer to the following TNP article.

Minister Desmond Lee rebuts Oxfam’s report. His rebuttal is published in the newspaper and broadcasted on TV.

I disagree with the Minister. Will the newspaper publish my rebuttal of his rebuttal?

Why cannot? You say got equality! Show me lah!

Minister Desmond Lee made such a confident statement, backed up by many “experts”. Did he ask the citizens directly what they feel on this subject? I don’t think so, I wasn’t asked.

When Dr Thum PJ made claims about the PAP, the PAP challenged his educational level and professional title.

Well, may I ask exactly which field did Mr Desmond Lee majored in, for him to challenge Oxfam’s studies?

Next, I refer to this documentary, featuring prominent PAP Janil Puthucheary.

Well, if you didn’t watch it, good. Don’t bother.

First thing that came to mind. How come WP didn’t get their own TV show?

Anyway, after watching this video, my honest belief is that the problem inequality and social divide, will never be solved. Not only will it not be solved, these people compound to the problem, made it worse and worse.

What do I mean? Well, if you have someone in parliament, in one month, he can earn more than what most people earn in one year, wouldn’t that be a huge divide?In some cases, they earn in one day, what you earn in one month.

Some people earn 2.2 million per year. That’s enough to buy 2 condominiums. Other people have to work for more than 20 years before they can finally afford to fully pay off their HDB flat.

For someone to talk about solving inequality, that person first has to get off his/her high horse, and lead by example. You talk about a car-lite city. When was the last time you see PAP giving up their cars? You encourage people to donate more blood. How many PAP members do we see donating their blood?

In times of war, do I believe that these people will actually fight by our side? Go ahead, ask me what I think! Better yet, ask yourself!

Also, have you ever heard of someone collapsing (no loss of consciousness), can get one week MC? Have you ever heard of anyone deferring their NS for 12 years? Have you ever heard of people getting away with speeding, because they “come from a good family”?

Oh, and have you ever heard of someone going in as a recruit, and coming out as a brigadier general?

Well I have.

There is a very famous line featured in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I don’t think I need to quote it here.


Angry Citizen




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14 Responses to “Can We Rebut Desmond Lee’s Rebuttal?”

  • LIONS:

    Fact is you can *rebutt* the truth but you can hide the truth,no matter how.
    At the end,light shines on it and all will know.
    Desmond lee is another talk cock king.

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  • rukidding:

    Ha,ha,ha,…..puthu Cherry does has his “own agenda” setup nicely.

    And we PAID for his time and salary .( Mind you ! )

    What exactly was he trying to do ????

    Is he “doing GOOD, do together”…..or is his “gunning” for someone’s attention and a promotion soon ???

    I think he should “bravely” do a TV show featuring him doing his NS,….nevermind even if this NS stinct is just a simple 30 days “special conversion course”,…being “specially created’ for him !

    All Pimps and prostitutes “behaves” the same lah !

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  • oxygen:

    @ Angry Citizen -THE PRIVILEGED ARISTOCRATS REFUSED to pay the same parking fees as peasants as MANDATED by the law of compliance.

    They just pretend the peasants underclass don’t exist of EXEMPTION of law equity of compliance which only they are entitled to secretively for how long already?

    It is ownself-cheque-ownself, ownself-clear-ownself, ownself-praise-ownself and ownself-law-right-ownself in their ownself-kingdom-I-own-kingdom world.

    They can preach all the divine virtue they like, I am NO BELIEVER for certainty.

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  • oxygen:

    OVER 90% HOME OWNERSHIP? There is only ONE OWNER of 90% public housing and is the LEASOR, the peasants are all lessee only and is stated clearly in the “title” document (NOT A TITLE DEED in conveyancing law application and most peasants don’t know the difference between a title-deed and some written note which tells them that they are the lessee “leasing” for 99-yr occupation use paid in advance).

    In any case – in commercial terms – all LEASES are a relationship between a bailor and bailee in WHICH THE LEGAL TITLE NEVER PASS ON TO THE LESSEE(bailee).

    Example of a bailor/bailee relationship is this, you send your car to a car repair garage to damage repair work, the car repair shop took exclusive possession of your car but you still owns it and the repair shop has legal obligation to return you the car on demand or agreed deadline whether the job is finally done or not. The car repair shop must return that car back to you as legal owner in not worst condition of damage as you sent in for repair after collision on the road. Likewise, your removalist has exclusive possession of your household properties, he must return it back to you on demand or task completion and remains legally accountable to you for damage or lost property in his care.

    So in leasing, the legal ownership DOES NOT PASS ON to the lessee. Otherwise, a lessee can legally paid his/her monthly due and sell away the property for profit and not legally liable BECAUSE THE LESSEE CAN TELL THE LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT – THAT THING IS MINE AND I DO WHAT I LIKE WITH IT. Of course, the leasor can sue you for amount outstanding BUT HE ALREADY SPENT THAT MONEY OR GAVE IT AWAY. What is the use of suing a bankrupt who sold away all his property and asset LAWFULLY, spent that money away and refuse to repay all his obligations? He/she haven’t commit any crime selling all his assets including “leased properties” which he/she allegedly “LEGALLY OWNS” leased property, right.

    The correct answer is – the lessee does NOT own the leased property.

    When HDB lessee sold his/her flat, he or she is simply selling his/her bundle of occupation use right – PREPAID – to the next buyer. As the lease runs out of expiry, this bundle of rights diminishes in value just like your stored value cards after successive use/consumption spending.

    PAPpy is still owner. That is why HDB flat cannot be used for equity mortgage to raise further loan and in bankruptcy, the creditors can’t touch the HDB flat of that bankrupt occupier.


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  • lying pap a bunch of S$m liars:

    this one is from the same bunch who asked, foodcourt or hawker centre.

    this one is from the same bunch who said, anyone making less than one S$m per annum is mediocre, and S$600k per annum is peanuts.

    this one is from the same bunch who lie, lie, lie some more, and when caught ownself declare ownself via pliant parleement there is nothing wrong.

    why waste time on what such a person from such a clan say?

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  • Bapak:

    Excuse me, I don’t want their blood. So dirty, yiak.

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  • LIONS:



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  • Angry:

    Have you ever heard of a recruit magically transforming into a brigadier general?

    I have.

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  • LIONS:



    Stop COUNTING $,ministers.
    Count your blessings n SHARE IT WITH THE NEEDY.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Another white-clad monkey needing to be put before the firing line…

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  • Might is right!:

    Enough of all these bullshit reports and findings.
    How are they are compiled?
    How reliable and accurate?
    Expedient and convenient to suit some agenda or self-interest?
    Who knows?
    Nothing is impossible these days.
    One broad look, the 10 percent in this world are lording over the rest with their muscling grip on power, evident almost everywhere. Who dare risk challenge them.
    They could do as they like it seems.
    Might is right backed up with their retinue of compliant well greased sucker money-faced lawyers at their beck and call who could turn black to white and vice versa in an instance, they are like Kings of the old days.
    Who decide what is fake and what is not?
    Who holds the keys to the detention centers to be used as they like.
    They continue to enrich themselves and remain in power grinning from ear to ear on the stage reassuringly tapping each other’s back.
    It’s a sickness, a disease, and it is widespread.
    Morality, values, correctness, conscience, fear of God?
    Good luck!

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  • Another0:

    If this bloke thinks his job is only to talk cock,he better wake up.
    More families breaking,more elderly suicides,more n more young getting into depression,etc,etc.

    He spends time talking nonsense than doing his assigned work?

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  • RDB:

    Anywayyyy, let him and all see if they can all out talk their maker and creator of all heaven, earth and hell too.

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  • Veera:

    I assume if you travel by Govt Vehicles and escorted by paid idiots , neighbourhood CCC, PAP stalwarts in your HDB all this is not real,
    take a real look cardboard sellers, tissue sellers, tin collectors are scouringing for $$$$ for daily survival, or the pood cleaners in Hawkers centre, coffee shops , now it is a tribulation they are engaging FT for this type of Jobs too, to fall in ill in Singapore is a Sin, you will be burden with bills as always Ministers will give you doctored reports

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