Our poicies are fueling greater inequality, not reducing it!

I refer to the article “Nigeria, Singapore and India fuel wealth gap – Oxfam” (Reuters, Oct 9).

It states that “Nigeria, Singapore and India are among countries fuelling the gap between the super-rich and poor, aid agency Oxfam said today as it launched an index spotlighting those nations doing least to bridge the divide.

It said tackling inequality did not depend on a country’s wealth, but on political will.

Singapore, one of the world’s richest countries, came in the bottom 10, partly because of practices which facilitate tax dodging, Oxfam said. The city state, which has no universal minimum wage, also did poorly on labour rights.”

To what extent does the unlevel playing field between foreign workers and Singaporean workers contribute towards inequality in Singapore?

I refer to the article “Bridging inequality is no easy task” (Straits Times, Jun 29).

It states that “There continues to be concern especially about tackling inequality and ensuring that the gap between those at the lower percentiles and the rest of society does not widen”.

A key contributory factor to why so many families may be struggling to make ends meet, may be the low income of the household.

And correspondingly, a key contributory factor to the “low income” may be the uneven playing field and ‘inequality’ between Singaporean and foreign workers.

No employer CPF?

For example, employers save up to 17 per cent on the employer’s CPF contribution, for foreign workers. If we count the annual bonus, the cost savings may be even higher.

No maternity leave?

Singaporean women may also be at a disadvantage because foreign work permit holders effectively cannot get pregnant and need the Ministry’s permission to get married. So, employers may not have to contend with the four months’ maternity leave.

Also, most female S-pass and employment pass holders may be single and alone when they come to work in Singapore. So, it may be less likely for them to get maternity leave. Also, those who do get pregnant may not get their typical two-year contract renewed by their employers when it expires.

No NS?

Male foreign workers do not have reservist National Service. So, employers may not have to contend with NS men employees’ leave of absence.

No turnover problems?

What is perhaps arguably, the most disadvantageous aspect for Singaporeans, may be that foreign workers effectively cannot resign during their typical 2-year contract. So, employers may not have to contend with turnover problems.

Unless, the above policies are reviewed, how can “we ensure that there is a level playing field?”

Finally, can you understand or agree with – why Singaporeans cannot do the jobs done by the 402,800 foreigners in 2017 on employment passes, S-passes and Other Work Passes (Letter of Consent (LOC) and Training Work Permit (TWP). Training Employment Pass (TEP))?


Leong Sze Hian




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7 Responses to “Our poicies are fueling greater inequality, not reducing it!”

  • LIONS:



    Surely,we cannot pretend anymore even if some stupid n ill-informed/ misinformed angmoh surveys paint a rosy picture for lee ah long to hide his ANTI-SOCIAL,ANTI-COMMON GOOD POLICIE$????

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  • lying pap a bunch of S$m liars:

    everyone with a brain knows nigeria to be a source of scammers.

    to be listed in the same breath as nigeria truly is a serious indictment of our once great nation.

    but what to expect when a clown leads a clan of yesmen yeswomen on S$m pliant loyalty system.

    when gic temasick are national assets and not private paything even though with a pliant parleementary system a non private paything becomes private plaything. 70% sheep truly WTF.

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  • Asd:

    Day Light Robbery .. right under your nose….

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  • Voting Against Equality!:

    Many Singaporeans like me, are voting otherwise this coming GE.

    Are you?

    ‘Happening’ after GE 2015 is too hard to stomach and swallow!

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  • SIN enslave Policy:

    When a govt encourages citizenry to forget about going to University tand cons them that without a degree one can easily reach the top he wants coupled with its persistent policy of importing foreigners to equal or more than the citizen population to fill up the jobs and to retrench the citizens when there is no job available> To add salt to injury, the PM urged the citizens that if they want a jobs, they should steal them from the foreigners BUT they have to learn to be hungrier, greedier and more aggressive than them. National security becomes a joke with such a mindless foreigner/Citizens ratio showing that the govt ministers and ruling party members are as greedy, hungry and aggressive as the foreigners they have imported. Such a govt has lost its relevance and further aggrevated by the frequent mindless arrogant flashing of power like telling the world the citizens are daft and lazy and minister aspiring to be the potential to be the party or nepotic selection for the next PM but past records show that any goon put in that position would just be another seat warmer like ESWSM who has now been told to stay aside and not to meddle with the greedy hungry and aggressive generation of LKY and sneered at by his own son and daughter resulting in one whole family has to flee for safety with a hot on the heel extradiction request to Trump who has been given a $20m vacation but who do not hue the little suckers and the grandson is happily and safely anchored as stuff of the institution which LKY revered and many PLPs were sent to get their postgraduate showing the evil agenda of no degree also can go up to the top.
    Mahathir has sent the chill thru the imbercile and his greedy plps evidenced by a quick succession of pre GE wayang at the state expence which citizens by now realized once they succeed in fooling the daft citizens, they are ready to reclaim their missed extra bonus by ten folds hundred folds in increased taxes, fees and new tazes. As Chinese history showed that for ever politically made millionaires, hundreds of thousands of the citizens will be impoverished and enslaved.
    Yes it is time to do a Mahathir-Najib act in Singapore and a time to see how squeaky clean the Biws generate in the dark for the last 50 year of absolute power. Time to be attentive to Veterent Chiam See Tong cautionary calls at every general election, Just as a reminder he reminded at every GE that All Power corrupt. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. It is long overdue to verify Chiam political observation and philosophy. As the Chinese say If everything is right why hide and panic when the ground turns sour.

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  • james Lee:

    spot on!!!!
    It’s now up to all true blue Singaporeans and concerned new citizens including both the PG and MG uncles to do the needful comes impending GE to kick these useless idiots out to restore the ” good old times” for the nation!!!

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  • Calling Uncle Lim B C..:

    Thank you for providing one answer regarding Old Aiport Road Food Centre.

    Singaporeans wants to have answers to all the questions and not only one question.

    Come clean and tell us the truth and nothing but the truth.

    Can you?

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