Eight observation points on opening statement by SC Chelva Retnam (Part 3 of 8)


I have observed two points raised in senior counsel Chelva Rajah’s opening statement so far. First, the MND review of the AIM deal recognised the party-political competitive context of town council work. Second, Mr Low’s political instincts was honed by twenty years of experiencing this context tilted against Hougang Town Council in a most uneven manner.

In Rajah’s citing of Low’s experience, there was one detail that stood up for me. On 7 September 1991, after winning the Hougang SMC seat, Low took over the reconstituted Hougang Town Council. On 30 September 1991, HDB served notice that its Housing and Administration Department (HAD) would be terminating MA (managing agent) services to HTC.

When Rajah recounted Low’s mental outlook and actions taken after the WP team won Aljunied GRC in the imminent taking over of the town council, something struck me. The dates. The WP team won on 7 May 2011 and when they met CPG, the MA for the PAP Aljunied Town Council, on 30 May 2011, CPG informed them it wanted out of Aljunied.

7-30. Déjà vu. But that’s from our point of view, not Low’s. For Low, it was once bitten, twice shy, or once HAD, twice get prepared. Especially since he began receiving word on the ground that CPG was unwilling to continue and was even preparing to pull out. In that situation, he turned to his HTC general manager Ms How and her husband, Mr Loh, who managed the EMSU services for Hougang. They set up FMSS as a contingency plan, just in case rumours turned to reality and CPG decided to pull out.

And so it did, CPG déjà vu. The Plaintiffs accused Low and Sylvia for conspiracy under “the cover of darkness” to set up and appoint FMSS, that they wanted to get rid of CPG all along. The Defendants said it was a contingency plan that had to be realised, because Low’s political instincts turned out to be right. We will see in the weeks ahead how these two competing arguments are borne out by the evidence.

CPG was formed from the corporatisation of the statutory board, PWD, the Public Works Department. CPG’s interests were primarily commercial. It was a profit-oriented company looking out for its bottom-line and business prospect. The reason it gave was, Rajah cited, it “would be bad for CPG’s business to be serving PAP TCs as well as a TC run by an opposition party”. Rajah also added that CPG was the MA for Ang Mo Kio Town Council, the Prime Minister’s GRC. It was just business.


Daniel Goh



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14 Responses to “Eight observation points on opening statement by SC Chelva Retnam (Part 3 of 8)”

  • Have eyes will see!:

    An opp party fixing exercise in progress.
    Thats all.

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  • Not entirely clean:

    Let’s see them lie under oath and later caught with evidence.

    Incidentally, talking about CPG, it reminds of the gratification in the AMK ward under the PM, the culprit is employee of CPG Facilities Management, the town council’s managing agent.

    So, not entirely clean down there yeah? would you agree?

    I thought I read before somewhere, its under the sub-contractors or service providers T&Cs not to provide service to opposition ward? Oh yeah, the case is ongoing, so cannot say…. sssshhhhh sssshhhh….delete.


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  • No Play Play:

    Hello, don’t play play with my elected MPs.

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  • HarderTruths:

    It’shard to play football against team Pappy when the referee, linesmen and other officials are playing for them as well.

    Plus the goalposts move – have you noticed that?

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  • Bapak:

    Sabotage at its highest level. This is what they claim as outcome! Very toxic, not to mention ungentleman, big bully, cunny, abuse of power. AIM is obviously used as a tool & mean to sabotage WP. Sinkies, you allow this to happen? You guys are so damn stupid to support this kind of party. If they can use such dirty trick to fix oppositions, what make you so sure they wont use it to go after you. You guys are simply no brainers.

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  • another:

    Clear fixing, electoral fraud . We should petition the UN on this.

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  • Game over:

    Appointments of personal lawyer and party member to AG and DAG.

    Uncle going all the way out to criminalise nephew fb private posting.

    What does this tell you?

    There is no hope already. Uncle going all the way out to make this island same like Cambodia.

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  • pap S$2 AIM company:

    clown pap one pap law two pap interpretations.

    when caught flouting own law, abuse parleeement to declare ownself nothing wrong.

    if 70% sheep continues to sleep and let such bad sheep govern Singapore, they are as culpable for Singapore’s fall as clown pap S$m members.

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  • inside 200m is not within 200m:

    clown pap law interpretation is a clownish joke.

    clown pap set the law. then its upper echelons broke the same law.

    then came the inside is not within interpretation.

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  • LIONS:

    We want some PAPple to account for RATS RUNNING AROUND IN AMK GRC.

    Where is AGO?

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  • rukidding:

    Not surprised at all if we find “related interest and people” inside CPG also !

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  • Dinners are just dinners:

    Some are saying that the whole idea of getting MPs to manage Town Councils was to increase the opportunity to get at or fix opposition MPs who manage to win. Clearly there is a conflict in the very first place since one would reasonably expect that MPs should be the ones to act as a check against Town Councils. This happens in many countries and happened in the past in Singapore. i.e. MPs in other countries are ordinarily in a perfect position to raise problems of City Council or Town Council mismanagement since their constituents will come to MPs to tell them their woes about poor management of Town Councils. Only in Singapore are MPs made to head Town Councils. So they are bound to falter. Perfect to get or fix the opposition. Who thought of this clever idea. So we get this now. Perfect. It was all planned years ago. Could this be true? Or fake news? Who knows? Wayang that has its roots in a fix years ago? Can’t tell for sure. Can only guess. Many say it is just another fix.

    Not really rational to have MPs do Town Council management in the first place. Period.

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  • Any other AIM type Co. Around?:

    Created by the Pappies for the Pappies?

    Can we single them out one by one?

    Singaporeans(true blue) want to know!

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  • GMs of Town Councils?:

    Get all GMs of Town Councils to declare if they are involved in Conflict of Interest (awarding tenders or works to ‘kaki lang’?)

    Get all Chairman/Dy Chairman of CCCs and RCs to declare too!

    If we want to be clean, good be clean across-the-board!

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