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Approximately eight year ago on 12 October 2010, 14 PAP TCs collectively awarded the tender for the sale of their Town Council Management System (TCMS) software to Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM), a PAP-owned $2 company, for $140,000. The TCs then leased back the software for one year at $131,880, effectively selling the TCMS software for only $8,120.

The 2013 MND Town Council Review Report (TCRR) said the PAP TCs paid AIM another $33,150 in management fees after the leaseback period to extend system support for another 18 months.

AIM is basically a shell company. In its tender submission to purchase the TCMS software, under “Particulars and employment history of professional/supervisory/technical staff, if applicable”, it listed “Outsourced”.

So from a reported gain, the PAP TCs became poorer by $25,030 after the sale of their software. This was because the 14 TCs had an existing contract with NCS, which they had to novate to AIM to facilitate continual system maintenance. The TCs had to pay to two parties instead of one as a result.

In the tender evaluation and recommendation report by the IT & Productivity Committee, there was neither any mention of the directors’ shareholdings nor that AIM is a PAP-owned company.

AIM subsequently gave notice to ATC to terminate the use of TCMS software shortly after GE2011, on 22 June 2011.

In addressing the issue of conflict of interest, MND, in its 2013 report, assessed that “the PAP TCs had acted in good faith in the interests of their residents” and exonerated the AIM transaction, citing the following points:

(a) There was no pecuniary or material interest by any Town Council member in AIM or in the contract awarded to AIM in 2010.

(b) The PAP Town Councils complied with the open tender process under the Town Councils Act and Town Councils Financial Rules (TCFR).

(c) The acceptance of a single bid for award is permissible under the TCFR as long as it satisfies the tender requirements and evaluation criteria.

(d) AIM did not make a profit from the TCMS transaction in 2010; its Directors were not paid any fees and it charged only a fee to cover its operational costs.

(e) There was no misuse or loss of public monies in the transaction.

(f) In the light of the above findings, the team concluded that the AIM transaction in 2010 has complied with the Town Councils Act and the Town Councils Financial Rules.

The original price of TCMS paid by the 14 TCs is $23.8 million (Application software – $14.3m, hardware and system software – $9.5 million).


*Facebook post by Png Eng Huat.


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23 Responses to “Action Information Management Pte Ltd”

  • LIONS:

    Pariahs ACTION Party.

    In USA N ELSEWHERE,changeover of govt is a process.
    Here is Sin City,PAPple who claim meritocracy resort to *sissy* practices to deLEEberately leave a new GRC in the lurch!

    Who suffer?
    Residents including the 45 pct who voted PAP?

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  • HarderTruths:

    This thievery came out before the last election in 2016.

    There was also the dead body floating in a housing estate water tank.’

    Plus FT rioting in Little India.

    But – this is the important point that no-one can ignore or escape – 70% of $G voted for the pappies – overwhelmingly.

    This means to the rest of us and the world in general – like it or not, the majority have spoken and are more than happy with the way pappies run this tiny island.

    So there is no point painting the government as evil-doers. They have been judged by their electorate and found not guilty and exonerated.

    These issues cannot be used again. You cannot be tried for the same offence twice. The arguments against AIM became irrelevant after the election in 2016.

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  • Bapak:

    The dirtiest political party in the world.

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  • oxygen:

    AIM, WHERE ARE YOU? A wisdom of law saying has this – TRUTHS WILL ALWAYS RISE FROM ITS BURIED GRAVEYARD to reveal the finality of factual happening.

    The peasants are all patiently waiting for that to eventuate.

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  • rukidding:

    When you do “things,”…there is always “two ways” of doing it !

    The first is “Legal” and the other “Leegal” !

    Example,…”turning” an Indian into a Malay is “leegal” !

    So,…while we all “disagree” that this AIM was “Legal”…we have “No choice”…because it is “Leegal” !

    Who to blame ????

    Blame those FOOLs from the 70% !!!

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  • rukidding:

    Never ever forget that Mr COW , “defended” strongly tha AIM was “OK” !

    Never forget that , that Doctor responsible for the Huge losses incurred in “leegally” using TC $$$$ to “play” in Lehman shares also “strongly defended” that it was “OK” ???

    In this place,…pse understand that there are two things to know !

    One is “legal”,….the other is “Leegal” !!!

    Only FOOLs regard “leegal” as “Legal” !

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  • oxygen:

    WHAT HAPPEN TO THOSE MULTI-MILLION DOLLARS LEHMAN BROTHER’S BEAUTIFUL BONDS, I heard there was some drama of that saga among the Town Councils wonder investment achievements. PAPpys are such marvels of asset traders – they always buy when other sold at the top and sold when other patiently buys at the bottom.

    Are we all going to revisit the ghosts of Lehman Brothers or let its soul rest in peace by keeping DIAM DIAM DIAM?

    Or was there any “conspiracy” then that silently/cunningly happened in the darkness of peasants’ knowledge and awareness? Of course, the law needs to be a bit more cunning than that – conspiracy is a SEDUCTIVE ALLUSION to some fantasy grievance of the accusers of some imagined “unjust enrichment” on the part of the defendants to the detriment of the plaintiff/s EVEN IF SUCH enrichment MAY, IN SOME INSTANCES, DOES NOT EXIST AT ALL.

    Allegation of conspiracy imports a variation of Briginshaw law poison – well documented in the Australian landmark case of Briginshaw v Briginshaw 1938 case law. It can be introduced as a cunning contamination of civil law application. Logically, to sustain it thereafter in civil proceeding, it needs a HIGHER STANDARD OF PROOF than otherwise in civil proceeding.

    In Australia,the allegation or any reference to substance of “CONSPIRACY” needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt, not merely a devil of speculative conjecture obstructing justice and equity law dispensation I would hope.

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  • oxygen:

    VERY INTERESTING READ HERE on the standard of proof in Briginshaw law applications.

    de Plevitz, Loretta — “Briginshaw ‘Standard of Proof’ in Anti-Discrimination Law: ‘Pointing with a Wavering Finger’” [2003] MelbULawRw 13; (2003) 27(2) Melbourne University Law Review 308

    *] BA (UNSW), LLB (Hons), PhD (QUT); Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology.;query=Plevitz%20Loretta%20+%20wavering%20finger%20+%20Briginshaw;mask_path=

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    LEEgal CORRUPTION started when a LEEgal entity monopolised the HDB registration fee and the tentacles STRETCHED far and wide till TODAY!!!

    ONLY the 69.999%(reverse and see the EVIL they are UNAWARE or not AWARE) sheep CONDITIONED and BRAINWASHED picking crumbs from the Imperial Banquet sheepishly ACCEPTING the LEEgality of this EVIL!!!

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    How on earth a system costing $23.8 Million of tax payers money be sold to PAP for only $140,000.00. That is a whopping 170 times of Profits for a system that is very Profitable and well in demand by the TCs. That is outright mishandling of tax payers money.

    As I am aware, there are requirements for public tender to be issued and complied, example time allocated and wide spread of publication of the tender to the public in the media. The criteria for a valid tender exercise is Minimum of 3 tenderer normally. If I can remember correctly, this requirement was enacted by one of the body.

    This is grievously serious and cannot be taken lightly. Because if unchecked, all the public properties can be transferred to the private entity. Imagine as an example, if one day PayPay lost and no power supply to singapore??? We will be held ransom.

    Unfortunately, even the CPIB, Police, Army and Judy are all under PAP now.

    I speculate that this is going to be BLOODY UGLY.! Worse than Malaysia, more heartless than the case of the blasted Mongolian woman. A Beast.

    We are helpless.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    CPG, the Managing Agent for AHTC was formerly Public Work Department of Singapore, as agency owned by the government, sold to an Australia firm in 2003 and in 2012, it was sold off again to a China company.

    NCS or formerly known as National Computer Systems was a government entity and was sold off to Singtel in 2008.

    AIM was just a $2 paid up company run by former PAP MPs and more.

    All these organisations are part of the web of inner circle and interconnected agencies controlled and managed by the White.

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  • PH port dickson win:

    remember that Msian who never served a single day NSF NSR what he said in parleeement about WP town council software? this Msian clown pap Lj said can buy off the shelf in funan centre.

    what a ffffing piece of shit this Msian clown pap Lj. speaking through his Msian arse. ffffer elak NSF NSR and talk lies like madam butterfly flit.

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  • opposition dude:

    The more that PAP tries to explain themselves the worse it gets for them. Anyone with a brain can see why AIM was set up and what the selling of the town council management software is really all about so no need to wayang on this one.

    The only logical question that needs to be asked is why AIM die die had to terminate the use of the software. Why couldn’t AIM work with WP since they are supposed to be partisan tio bo? Or was the excuse given that AIM had signed a deal with only PAP town councils and so die die cannot do business with a non PAP town council?

    As the old saying goes, that which does not kill you makes you a whole lot stronger. Despite massive coverage on WP’s town council shortcomings and statements from MND and HDB over the issue as well they still managed to retain Aljunied in 2015. So we can all see just how low PAP can stoop to in order to make an opposition party look bad and they themselves look oh so righteous.

    Funny how MND and HDB never said anything when AMKTC’s Victor Wong was found guilty of bribes hor? Funny also how KPMG wasn’t appointed to go through AMKTC’s financial records just like they did for WP hor?

    So you decide, who is the actual guilty one?

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  • Addict:

    MiloIndianCumMalay smack on your face, what else proof you want? The Dumps waiting for CheckMate.


    This is grievously serious and cannot be taken lightly. Because if unchecked, all the public properties can be transferred to the private entity. Imagine as an example, if one day PayPay lost and no power supply to singapore??? We will be held ransom.

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  • Great Asia:

    Singapore is PAP and PAP is Singapore. The feudal lord is Singapore and Singapore is the feudal lord. As long as that evil family is still in control of Singapore, the evil business will continue.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Maybe the real culprit is AIM?:

    Summon them to Court and let’s hear what they got to say!

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  • Two faces of SIN Just ice:

    Professionals r key people to nation building providing a sound n safe engineering infrastructures; social stability with a non comprising justice infrastructure, human mentality n religious simplicity n unadulterated teaching on human values n relationship; medical sincerity, human sensibility n humility n above all a humble, dedicated selfless transpareent service in governance n management. Contrary to what SIN absolute power leadership agenda of greed, hunger n aggressiveness, these r effectively nation erosion agents leading to succumbing to power for gain n easy rise in career or simply put trading in their professional mentality n ethics, human dignity n integrity to bootlick, brownnose n polanpa subscribing to a credits-rewards system put in place by a self centred regime to protect the interests n benefits of the regime. When a professional collapses to polanpa the power therebe, the social n political foundation go into an eroding phase. As more professionals succumbed, the erosion process accelerate n the regime drop into darkness to complete a skeleton well dressed by the cobined fallen professionals to look good n healthy. Dignity is replace by arrogance to concealed the inadequacy of deeply rooted humam shame. Fake is real n real is fake. Stealing n plagiarism r real achievement while honest n innovative work r stripped n criminalized or enslaved for the plagiarists n thieves. These high profile hungry, greedy n agressive society scumbags so richly self gratified that they psychologically become intolerably arrogant shits but regarded as “true” national heros of nepotism surrounded by hungry, greedy, agressive polanpas. As palanpaism flourishes on nepotic virtue of greed, hunger n agressiveness, they perfected the arts of sucking the daft populace dry as justice cools n just drops turning to ice at all fronts. R these what Sporeans voted to zip up their mouth, insulted n conned to see the benefactor growing rich, arrogant n their voices to the polanpa shit rewarded to sit high are mere noises of the environment. The dramatic sucess of Mahathir n Najib exposure put the panic of meeting the same fate n the dirts mounting in the dark from being drag out to break the squeaky myth. Sporeans should now be wondering why such an unrelated neighbour happening can generate so much fear n panic in the arrogant nepotic regime n their polanpas. The carrots n piling dirts over political opposition n public dissenters come surprisingly early in the schedule of con threats power n darkness crawlling to supreme filths of wealth n real fake conversion half a decade cycle.

    GD Star Rating
  • Shouldn't AIM instead of WPYC:

    Is this Singapore Constitutionally guaranteed independent public imstitution at work? How come a PAP company with $2 capital , no employees except a couple of PAP retired membets in charge can be srlected to buy of an outdated old software at a mere Micro fraction of the developmeny cost . Since it is outdated n has to br disposed off at negigible pricr, why PAPTCs rented it back for continue use at a cost which AIM can recoup its purchase prize in less than a year. The abnormality is

    1 Since it is outdated n dispose. why remt it back and continue to use it?
    2 Why was AIM chosen to profit from this deal?
    3 TC os managed by PAP, the $2 company is own n operated by PAP, isn’t there a more severe conflict than what is said about WPTC? Should AIM c be more serious case of fraud?
    4 Even assuming Indiani warped n ludicrous rationale of career sucess conflict of onterest which since the time she was credited n awarded thecket tllionair seat n clu membership n a living legthal joke n kopotiam example of a polanpa lethal effect on the brain , be sed agin by biws polanpas herd, AIM is a cheap shell not ere to be a creditable company n the management r ed by rejected biw so the confict is real buy most probably fake to the polanpas.

    Why SIN Laws caught up with WPTC n not PAPTCs n PAPAIM? Is the public perception of Two faces of SIN Legal , one for LKY against me enemies eradication decree n the other decree protected only glorification no persecution regardlessly rated fake by the nepotic nominated real fakr flip flop main stream media.

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  • Perspective:

    To think that the TCs sold the software originally worth $23 million for a mere $140,000, is of itself questionable. So, it is PAP-owned shell company, with ex-PAP MP as Directors, but no mention of it in the tender evaluation and recommendation report? Why all the secrecy and is it normal to conceal such information in a public tender? It is no surprise a PAP-owned company would then terminate the contract with AHTC soon after the WP won the election. Did the WP have to spend $23 million to get an alternative management software up and running?

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  • LIONS:

    October 14, 2018 at 2:10 pm (Quote)
    WHAT HAPPEN TO THOSE MULTI-MILLION DOLLARS LEHMAN BROTHER’S BEAUTIFUL BONDS, I heard there was some drama of that saga among the Town Councils wonder investment achievements. PAPpys are such marvels of asset traders – they always buy when other sold at the top and sold when other patiently buys at the bottom.

    WELL,they hide those MOUTAIN$ OF LO$$E$ in the MOLE-HILL.
    And now,they wanna divert attention by making the mole-hill into MOUNTAIN???


    GD Star Rating
  • Loar always a liar:

    Biws have been lying from ECampaign to swearing oath on their “ook, to speaking in the house which they have soiled with their lies n arrogance stink permeated out into the wholr North Bridge Road n lies that the citizens telling their truth was contaminated by their lies which they hope their plp mainstream media by not publishing the real voices of the citizens will be able to con naive citizens to believe what they fake are true n what the netizens said abt citizens voice r fake aided by using state fund to speak good for themselves but effectively got them back with loanshark style
    Now with Mahathier win at 92 and exposed their great counterpart filled with self gratification except they r outright corruption due to presence of opposition but with plps shielding whereas the biwd can legislate whatever y wished incl ose chsrgeable under untained democracy.
    The persecution of WPTC lead by a downright plp os as kopitiam uncles n aunties sneered n have this to say: aiya the motive so obvious. LJY/LWL r right. The plps will fond way to il m legally to disqualify them from. Biws would not stopp till they get what they want.
    Look like it is going that way. As long as PAPTC n PAPPLP r not brought to Court, what happends to WPTC is a shame of Songapore citizenry n LHY/LWL suthenticated as the WPTC v PAP Absolute Power Govt AGC w rueltycconflict of interest sed appt plods on confirming what kopitian uncles n uncles conversation well mingle with near extinct x colorful expletives like humkachan sounds like meesiam bai hum. yiaosiukia, (real hokkien classic not fake), sen hai mei biyan.
    Some even said sounds like incomprehensive but most seniors seem to know that Sporeans r really daft, as the dead chief has told the world, to expect a man, who is so useless that he cannot do justice to his wife against humilation n cruelty demolising her n succumbed to his Gorilla match.
    State fund greed to power has been repeated with loanshark demand n self gratification has been repeated every 5 y that even the most daft will wake up n roar louder than the early wiser to the con shits. It will please the saviour of the holy books to see how unwise it is to lie on the holy books.

    GD Star Rating
  • Bobo:

    Ownself award ownself. Ownself say ownself “SONG”. Ownself set rules to benefit ownself = sebei song. That’s the true meaning of Ownself check Ownself lor. Singaporeans must not LL let these monkeys fool with our difficult lives. WAKE-UP SINGAPOREANS. More oppos must be in our #1 priority and their mandate for check and justice for the people.

    GD Star Rating
  • Impossible not thinK SIN 0 Jus:

    PAPTC has several compamies tendering in the win-win tender but why all the companies pulled out. leaving PAP own company with $2 capital n two PAP retired MPs with no expertise in IT. Kopitiam oldies seed to think with their combined 500 years of experience across the professional spectrum posed a counter question: If u know PAP com bidding 4 it,, u think the other companies so stupid as to risk tens of millions future contrats for this peanut which may be
    .be Mao San Wan Durain to Pee A Pee company. However the Laws of tne Land r said to reqiure PAPTC to call for a second tender. Just a e deduction wrt the boundless arrogance of PAP, it must have presume calling a second tender will come to the same results as news of this kind spread like wild fire no difference from the Brit scumbsg insulting Sporeans public transport commuters that alert the “Love my country. Love my people” netizens to comut in force to condemn the Brit shit (his in SIN said in fair unison that such a B will be stoned no matter where he goes if he has this in UK) but it stirred up Indiani (the newly awarded Minister Political multimillionaire n who said an appointee would incur no conflict of interest if he has a successful career in defence of LHL lawyer appointed as AG/AGC like a brain bereft PAPplp) jumped up with PAP super ardent “more foreigners! to hell with Sporeans” mentality to condemn Sporean netizens as pack of lynchers like those in US n Canada hanging the dark skin during pre Lincoln Day in good old South in USA. So why call a second round of contract, afterall who is to question n indeed, No One!

    now with WPTC, PAPTC n PAPAIM no one questioned deal is t of the legal discourse n it aappea PAPTC n PAPAIM deal is legally more serious speaks a lot if the case is not brought to task right b4 SIN citizenry to show at least to iintrnation legal professional what is SSinSpore Justice in a squeaky vlean PAP

    GD Star Rating
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