Can afford smaller class size in schools: $30b Budget surplus last decade?

I refer to the article “Reducing class size is good, but mind the costs” (Straits Times, Oct 24).

It states that “Even though reducing class size may improve student learning, it does not mean that Singapore should necessarily go ahead with it. Reducing class size comes at a substantial cost. More teachers need to be hired. And if schools are already functioning at full capacity, more classrooms need to be built.

It is important to ask if the projected benefits of reducing class size outweigh the costs. The answer depends on the current situation facing schools”

In this connection, according to the article “Singapore Budget 2018: Spending needs to grow in healthcare, infrastructure, security and education” (Business Times, Feb 19) – “SINGAPORE will put aside some S$10.2 billion for healthcare expenditure, S$20 billion for infrastructure and S$12.8 billion for education this year, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said on Monday.”

So, we expect to spend $12.8 billion on education this year, but the overall Budget surplus  was $9.6, $6.12 and -$4.88 billion (deficit), for the last three years, respectively.

Moreover, we had about $30 and $190 billion of reported Budget surpluses and Cash Budget surpluses, in the last decade or so.


Leong Sze Hian



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7 Responses to “Can afford smaller class size in schools: $30b Budget surplus last decade?”

  • PAPi is all the bad news:

    I won’t trust them even with my puppy.

    A bunch of crooks. How to trust them?

    First and foremost, how accounting is done?

    Fake news using universities studies, committees etc.. to price hikes, a bunch of crooks, precisely said.

    Change We Must:

    Is just like the polyclinic charges, charge consultation $47 and you pay $11 after subsidy, so MOH loss $36. This is how they did their accounting.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    The Budget surplus of $30B is wrong. It is significantly understated because it does not include the massive surpluses of self-funding statutory boards like SLA, LTA, CAAS, URA, JTC, etc. which are not included in the Budget.

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  • HarderTruths:

    The answer is suddenly very clear! Just reduce class size!
    Yes -all problems magically go away.

    Then after this does not work the gahmen will declare “It’s actually c**k size not class size!!”

    One cock and bull story after another – the real problems remain generally untouched.

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  • legal corrupt nepotistic crony:

    actually if clown pap stops funding USA NK meeting, stop funding alien FT PR children in tertiary education, start charging the parasitic PR full fees, there is enough resource to take very good care of own local born.

    BUT clown pap thinks the local born pao jiak, with no place to run so no need to take care. worse, clown pap says however bad the local born is treated they still vote pap so no point taking care of them.

    rather the clown pap wastes S$ billions over aliens FTs PRs so that they can come in and make the 6.9m quickly and the 10.0m number a few years thereafter.

    70% sheep is truly the WTF of local born.

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    No lah. Why waste so much money to produce questioning and thinking young Singaporeans? Dangerous for this nation of group thinkers, surely. Let’s just maintain a small group of elites and suppress the rest of the herd. Smaller classes? Tan ku ku.

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  • Another Wayang:

    This talk of reducing class size has been going on for nearly 40 years.
    We just closed a bunch of schools and JCs due to dwindling enrollment which can be used as a good opportunity to implement smaller class size teaching.

    Didn’t MoE and ministars have any planning?

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  • LIONS:

    30 billion$?!
    Thats not PEANUTS,GOH CHOK TONF,eh?

    So every minister is trying to get into the silly PEE-M’s good book.
    Everyone trying to make profits or keep an OVERWHELMING $urplus to score point; never mind the lousy outcomes as long ss can *COLLECT MORE $$$* for LEE AH LONG N HIS *HUSBAND* to $quander?

    Meanwhile,whats $400 million a year to splash on FT-SCHOLAR KIDDIES?

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