LKY’s Memorial; A Desperate Move To Hold To Power?

The PAP propaganda war machineries gearing up again. The war against its own citizens.

With the advent of the social medias, baits and carrots are no more effective. They try to muzzle the Facebook with their so called fake news committee,it was a futiled effort. They are desperate to muzzle the social medias which can actually overthrow the ruling party. The paper generals at its work again. The dead old man lky finally got his wishes as he want to re-alive again. The moronic son is  fulfilling his father wishes, building the lee’s cult, a memorial at an expensive place which to be worship.

Ancient rulers found this very effective in building a cult figure. Thus we have Queen Elizabeth and the Japanese emperor ruled by default. By his majesty service and as in Japanese case, Japanese emperors are treated as gods. In India, the movie stars become their gods and their siblings become gods and goddesses. Automatically they easily got voted in. That is what the PAP want.

Japanese on the extreme end where the peasants are willing to die for their emperors. This is the most powerful brainwashing. Now  lee hsien loon and his looney pap cadres are creating the next zombies, the software ready to downloaded to the Singaporean.

These weapons are worse than weapons of mass destruction. It is obvious Lee hsien hoon is preparing his son to take the throne. Like woody Goh chock tong as temporary prime minister to let LKY’s Lee hsien loon to take over, we will see new temporary prime minister before his blood line to take over the throne.

Elections is around the corner. They already started the war. The last elections they trashed the oppositions but it was an expensive war. A hefty bribery. All sinkies fell for it. This time around I believed they don’t have the budget to bribe, reviving the old man is the next cheap best option. The late lky finally got his wishes. With the workers party Aljuned town council suing. It is obvious, the war against its own citizens. Together with the lky memorial, it is very obvious. The war machineries had started. That is what they want daft citizens . Obviously , pirates running the country. They came to office to benefit themselves.

Sinkie zonkies 4.0 software, confirmed 100% daft, ready to be downloaded.


Aziz Kassim




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24 Responses to “LKY’s Memorial; A Desperate Move To Hold To Power?”

  • Negotiating the afterlife:

    Q: What did the living Pharoah command his people?

    A: You shall honor my Daddy now that he’s Mummy. Because he’ll be Pharoah again like me – just you see when you’re there.

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  • Be careful:

    Fortunately, I had anti-virus loaded since 2010.

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  • LIONS:

    Memorial n Mau$oleum,these are for DICTATORS besides those for royalties.

    Think they can wor$hip him as GOD OF COLLECT MORE MONEY.
    BURN PAPER US$ to pray to him to get more idea$ to collect even more $$$.

    Save the taxpayer money to HELP THE NEEDY.
    AMAU$OLEUM,besides high initial costs will also incur even more recurrent costs to maintain.


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  • N.Jungne:

    Aziz, you’re spot on.

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  • Against his pap's wishes:

    As i remember MR LKY instructed not to have any memorials or statues of himself when he dies ,..even his old oxley home he wanted it demolished.
    The Unfilial Son has gone against 2 wishes of his fathers will.
    What will the Dishonorable Son of LKY do next?

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  • lee cannot last 3 generations:

    lky did a lot of evil when alive. he justified with the oft repeated mantra, for the good of Singapore. what he didn’t say was, for my famileee too.

    perhaps 70% sheep has not waken up. in time past, when lky was in power, HDB conveyancing law firm was lky wife. like when Mr Jeyaretnam told the world about then cj being beholden to then lky and was dismissed, so also was dismissed there was nothing wrong with lky wife law firm. the rub is, lky no end telling the world his wife made good money so that he, lky, could remain in politics, for the good of Singapore, and for the better of famileee.

    after all scheming, is lky successful? it depends on who one talks to. in our dictionary, lky is an utter fail. just look at his hypocritical clown the way he treated his own brother, another lky son, and sister (lky daughter), and nehpew (lky grandson). lee cannot even last 3 years after lky died.

    so all this chicken and feather about lee dynasty is just hot air. as najib died after GE14, so also lky clown after Ge2019. mark this.

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  • Kim suggests . . .:

    Reference – all over Africa . . .
    N Korea Kim suggests this . . .

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  • Against his pap's wishes:

    Error: title shd read :
    “Against his papa’s wishes”.

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  • oxygen:

    ONE PAPpy mini-star CLAIMS THAT whoever got exclusive possession and use of a place is proof of “ownership” and to further assert that “truth” that occupant of the premises could sell the property and keep its profit.

    Well, that Indo-mee fails of full illumination. 38 Oxley Rise is the exclusive possession of the distinguished neurosurgeon vy her late daddy’s will till mortality. That means that anytime – according to Indo-mee Mini-start invention of this strange common law mandate not practiced in any other Commonwealth law jurisdictions in the world – this neurosurgeon can sell away 38 Oxley Rise or even demolish it completely because it is ‘HER PROPERTY” AND NOBODY ELSE has any say of it.

    Why the monkeys and chimpanzees in this the political zoo intervene in this family squabbles and the House of the Most Expensive but mostly useless decoration of zoological specie complicit in taking sides?

    Obviously this is a FIX-UP of those disagreeing with POO YI and his coterie of a**lickers.

    With this new mausoleum of dead cockcroaches of fake history, do we in LEE-jiapore needs 38 Oxley Rise to remind us yet again of our decadent history of shameless m*sturb*tion.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Familee will never die – they will just recycled every election.

    Maybe the old man will speak from Hell at the next pappy rally and threaten the citizens with a long stay with him if they vote oppo.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Maybe Lee Hsien Yang is back to stop his brother from building any memorial of the father!!!

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  • Asd:

    Who paying for it ?

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  • Cannot groom a LKY:

    I shall again prove the education system cannot produce geniu And that a Genius is born, not groomed.

    And academic is not real world wisdom.

    And a great leader is born, not groomed.

    You can groom a McDonald team leader but not a great leader like LKY.


    Sg education system cannot produce another LKY.

    DEBUNK ME if you have the talent.
    I will send my Child overseas for a more wholistic education system.

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  • Great Asia:

    Can call it a temple, mausoleum or memorial, different eras they named it differently. But these facilities all served the same purpose – for people to worship.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Other things being equal:

    Don’t you think the other founding fathers like Drs. Goh Keng Swee and Toh Chin Chye have been grossly under-appreciated in this overt exercise at memorialization?

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  • rukidding:

    temporary PM ?….Chan Choon ( means:stupid in cantonese ) Seng ?

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  • merLIONdeka:

    Or even way back in September 2011, the day after the Istana residential permit was given to his erstwhile colleague and Tan clansman, a certain Mr Mary-d Keng Yam, even on the very night itself???

    Fast-forward to 2018 today, with less than two months before the year comes to a close and possibly another few months to an earlier-than-usual GE, and what does the good doctor, who has offered his presence on not a few occasions at a few recent prominent ‘opposition’ gatherings
    (latest being last Sunday’s Rendezvous With The Enemy @ Blk 726 a là Return of The Prodigal Son),
    have to offer with regards to his role in the next GE:
    would he join an opposition of his own choosing, form a new party of his own or do a Mahathir (which, in my and any sane mind, he is far from being such quality – and this commentary piece has more than sufficiently exposed such failings of his) by coaxing the formation of the first-ever-in-local-politics ‘grand-daddy’ coalition of anti-Lee parties & personnel and lead the charge towards taking down The Lee Clan & Cronies (of which he was a formerly member)?

    We do not still know.

    Even at this late moment, when the poll can be soon called, can be expected ANYTIME.

    Especially once the trial ends to finish, once & for all, Low & Lin’s political careers and Prick Tam’s hitherto-on-track aspirations & seemingly-unstoppable ambitions.

    We still have Dr Adrian say along the lines:

    “I don’t know… ”

    “I haven’t decided yet… “

    “We shall see.”

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  • merLIONdeka:

    For once ever, I would dearly love to be proved wrong, that these two already-heroes-in-Singaporeans’-hearts-and-minds-for-whatever-reason-and-or-or-no-particular-reason individuals would, against all odds
    - and against the wishes of Dear Old Pa and Dear Old Boss who must have been turning and tossing in his grave since the turn of events after he went under but couldn’t dig himself back out and up, much like he stoically had promised the world (and his Hakka ancestors) he would do, to save his dear baby of a Singapore from certain destruction, self-made or otherwise -
    come together and form a whole new political party or join forces with existing opposition to seek to bring down The Organization.
    But it won’t happen. For two (but linked) reasons.
    Much as he would like to claim otherwise, TCB is still after all very much, in his bones, the Lightning Guy, a man in whites. He cannot shake what has seeped into his entire soul – his very DNA is now composed of nothing but.
    And he is not an ungrateful person and has his former masters to thank everything (he and his now bulging family have) for.
    And LHY?
    Well, why would he rock the boat? For what reason – mere sibling squabble??? – will he want to change the status, what has already worked and worked so well and continuing to still work in his and his branch’s favor?
    By upturning and overturning and upsetting the very cash cow (called “Casino Lee’N’Lee”, the infallible gaming house that’s existed for six whole decades, without a single year of significant loss (recession)!!) that has given him & his own family branch as well as their entire clan what they have today, albeit a few tens of billions less than Big Brother(’s hundreds of billions) and less than what he would love more still to possess & be in command of, if only to be on par with the latter? Just by joining opposing forces and maybe not put his brother out of business but to hamper him here & there in his/their familee business by having less say during ‘shareholder meetings’ (sessions) via reduced ‘stake-holding’ (seats).
    And in the process, undo the very leegacy his/their Pa & Ma so meticulously crafted so many eons ago and painstakingly nurtured over the decades to become the very existence (Casino Lee’N’Lee) it is today!
    And let’s say the unthinkable happened, that TCB and LHY decided to come together, team up against the latter’s Big Brother (read Tai Sou, or Sister-in-Law) and perhaps one day even win even seats to form the next government following the crumble and fall of the Lightning Party.

    What gives?

    Typically silly (brain-dead zombie-like) Singaporeans will STILL be living under
    ANOTHER (form of) PAP 2.0 (CB Tan)!
    Maybe even more miserable-LEE so.

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  • Observer:

    Contrary to what the column writer says, and going by past reports, LKY did NOT want a physical memorial to himself. And he should not have it, mainly becos it was the rest of his team that did the building up of Spore. EG Goh Keng Swee is responsible for the economy and the army, Lim Kim San for public housing. LKY made his mark shutting up those who did not agree with decisions then, and being an excellent public speaker.

    He was power hungry though, bigly so. Becos of his attempts to expand his rule to Malaya, he ran afoul of the Tengku, and Spore was forced to leave Malaysia. Then, in order to make sure he retained power here, he cast out his old comrades from the govt, under the excuse of renewal. He, however, clung on to his seat for years after that and made sure his son took over.

    Going by what Goh Chok Tong says in his book, LKY’s next goal appears to have been to set up a dynasty, by having Lees in control. Eldest boy as PM, 2nd son and daughter in other positions of power. And presumably, their kids
    to follow in their footsteps. And perhaps, in time, expand Spore’s reach.

    It’s very much a tale of power. Also of money.

    Note that the wife’s law firm did the conveyancing of HDB flats, thousands of them. Then there was the matter of his family getting discounts on private housing. And his daughter in law put in control of the reserves. The Lees would certainly have power and money in their grasp.

    Meanwhile, a physical memorial of brick and mortar spread over a stunning
    5 acres in a very small country appears to be really overdoing it, especially when the plot of the story while good is not outstanding.

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  • LKY is smart b self centred:

    Lee is smart BUT not a good political leader. As a politician, he should be the one who would respect the fundamental principle of freedom of an individual to have the basic right of being critical n different from the power, the right to be professional strongly adhered to their professional ethics n code od conduct. He should know well the essential of checks n balances to keep the power within the Constitution which he should knew well with a correct intellect thatit should never be modified to benefit the ruling party n personnel. His intellect would have him understand that check n balance r only possible with the presence of other political parties which should be allowed if not nurture to grow togehter with the power there be. He should have a latent fear of the growth of bootlickers, brownnosers, ball carrier, fart worm or polanpa as they erode human values, integrity n sacrificing their professionalism n ethics for credit accumulation with rewards in mind. LKY used his intellect to scheme for his own benefits n his agenda of establishing his nepotic regime. Although it was Goh CT who used the party absolute control of the Parliament to voice his envy of the financial rewards of top CEOs of MNC, but the belief that he was the mouth piece for LKY as he has confessed in ST propaganda on his autobio n hisresonse at interview. Unfortunately he (GCT) has not only betrayed the trust n endorsement of his leadership at a National Referendumhe called after being marginalized publicly by LKY but shamelessly wiped out the existence n importantly the significance of the first National Referendum he called. His many indirect n direct reference to his primiership is but a seat warming role an major factor contributing to the realization of LKY nepotic regime. Perhaps a domineering environment corrupts the health of nepotic regime as suggested by the siblings feud resulting in the fast exit n self exile of LKY nhis family with a inconsequential legal prosecution of the grandson taking refuge n protection of Yale despite of the multimillion $ payout in establishig a joint campus just like the NUS MIT widely considered in academic circle as stupidity, farce n defeatist mentality with irreparable deprivation of the academicic community including the large number of foreign staff.

    The prevailence of humongous egoism n extreme arrogance speak the real LKYesp his open defying of the presidency by his irrational proclamation of the non existence of First Lady just becos President Ong request forareview ofthe fiancialrecords of pap govt. The silence of the Presidential Council n the constitutionally guaranteed indepedet institutions speaks loudly of the evil of bootlicking under absolute power which a wise n good leader would be highly senstive to power abuse.

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  • Now Is Not A Good Time!:

    Maybe in a 100 years’ time!

    Our history is simply too short!

    Don’t waste time and money, focus on helping the poor and under-privilege instead!

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  • Bouy:

    Better built monkey god.

    Can defeat evil spirit.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Now Is Not A Good Time!:
    Maybe in a 100 years’ time!

    Our history is simply too short!

    Don’t waste time and money, focus on helping the poor and under-privilege instead!

    Seconded. The money is best spent on social initiatives than pointless projects.

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  • Late L*Y Never Wanted This!:

    Late L*Y had said so openly when he was alive.

    We will vote against this at the next GE.

    We want to honour the man; we want to see his wish for his home at Oxley Rise to be demolished and there should be no monument erected to honor him!

    RIP Mr Lee and We the Voters will vote to ensure this; the way we voted to thank you for your service to nation at GE 2015!

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