The focus of our policies to help disadvantaged children in their education is not enough – we need to help their families

I refer to the article “Look beyond education to give disadvantaged kids a leg-up” (Straits Times, Nov 2).

It states that “When I expressed my frustration to the friend who had asked me to help the girls in the first place, she suggested that I investigate S.L.’s family circumstances.”

As to “I visited the girl’s home, a one-room rental flat, and learnt after some digging that her alcoholic father was regularly beating up her mother” – our public housing policies have contributed to the woes of children from lower-income families, like the 100,000 to 140,000 households in absolute poverty and the 20 to 25 % (250,000 estimate) in relative poverty, according to Tommy Koh.

We should stop making money from selling the most expensive public housing in the world, by charging land costs at market rates.

With regard to “Over years of trying to help children from disadvantaged homes, I have realised that the problems they face are complex and multifaceted. And to help children such as S. L. learn better, you need to help their families” – we need to raise the income of the lower-income to a ‘living wage’, instead of continuing to have the lowest 10th and 20th percentage wages among all the developed countries in the world.

Also, we must increase our social welfare spending as we are the lowest in the world as a percentage of GDP, among all the developed countries.


Leong Sze Hian




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7 Responses to “The focus of our policies to help disadvantaged children in their education is not enough – we need to help their families”

  • N.Jungne:

    He is pressing the “panic button”, never believe him. Very soon he will back to his old ways.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Excerpt from PAP 2015 Election Manifesto:
    “No one will be left behind. Social safety nets will protect those without means of help or support. We will support and care for the less fortunate, disadvantaged and vulnerable”
    The same Minfesto where PM LHL wrote, “PAP has delivered all its promises since 2011 GE”
    Then Oxfam came out with their 2018 Income Inequality rankings which had S’pore ranked #149 among “illustrious” *sic* African countries eg. Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Chad & Nigeria for company.
    “No one will be left behind” – TKSS from MIWs?
    And Dr Chee Soon Juan had this to say,
    “No minimum wage, no trade unions, no free press and govt ranked bottom in effort to tackle income inequality. Economy struggling, unemployment and retrenchment rising, opportunities for youth bleak, elderly taking their own lives at an unprecedented rate…
    “Yes, Singapore has jumped from Third World to First. Question is, for whom?
    “We need change.”
    Yet PAP Voters dare say “What can the opposition do for me?” or words to such effect?
    2015 Election promises? Read CSJ’s comments!
    Uncle Leong’s call for action from PAP no fiack use!
    Vote wisely in the coming elections. Or else emigrate before it’s too late to save yourself.
    But I’ve long given up hope for S’pore. Peace!

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  • HarderTruths:

    Did this family also vote for pappies?


    Why is everyone that is being kicked like a puppy still voting for pappies?

    How to get them out when people who feel the whip of pappy policies day-in and day-out don’t want to?

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  • LIONS:

    I refer to the article “Look beyond education to give disadvantaged kids a leg-up” (Straits Times, Nov 2).
    IT SHUD ACTUALLY READ,” Look beyond education to give our disadvantaged kids a *LEG-OUT*”???

    out,not up???

    how much $pent on ft-kids each year to give them a LEG-UP vs our own sg kids???

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  • What is fake news in pap SGP?:

    want to stop these wrong policies fast?

    stop voting pap.

    100,000 to 140,000 households in absolute poverty? surely this means more than enough voters for 2 GRCs? but how come clown pap was 70% win last GE?

    if these folks continue to vote clown pap, then, they ask for it.

    they should vote against pap. so that a better, more caring group of Singaporeans can form New Government. if they expect clown pap to take care of them, they are mistaken. for 50+ years, clown pap has only one motive, and that is to pay each other S$m so as to escape from being mediocre peanuts.

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  • Singaporeans Must Ask..:

    Why only now?

    GE coming isit?

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  • nihon:

    there are more than 100 000 to 140 000 households living in abject poverty.

    and many more unemployed sgs who disappear from the unemployment data, magicallee.

    white scums are pro-leech, pro fts but anti-sgs.

    just go hospitals, infested with fts n many unqualified 3rd world ftrash drs. that even their own people avoid in their own contries.

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