Sounds like TRE cybernut’s ‘good’ twin

Or is it “evil” twin of TRE cybernut rabble rouser? You decide. Whatever, juz as nutty and moronic as TRE cybernut?

What matters most is the will to carry on what has been laid down by our founding fathers.
To the 30% who are agitating against our various programs such as our CPF, our housing programs – HDB – health, education as well as our law enforcement it would be better if they sit back to compare the other countries that do not have these in place.

Countries run by corruption, cronyism insecurity with so called freedom and demoncracy to change the government moving from bad to worst.

Countries that the voters are taken for a ride with manifestos that can’t be implemented (a manifestos that even the head of the new government admitted were false).
Many of us like myself had gone thru the dark days of riots jobless empty stomach and had had better jobs security and all the good things albeit not the super luxurious life.

We can’t afford and should never allow corruption and mismanagement of funds especially the Town Council as these are our money by those who were elected to safeguard these funds.

FB post

He was responding to Singapore Matters (As TOC and TRE are to anti-PAP cybermuts, this site is to pro-PAP nuts

Our forefathers toiled with their hands to build a good home for us. They made many sacrifices and upheld the highest standard of integrity to make this possible.

That highest standard of integrity and incorruption has given us a competitive advantage over our neighbours and brought us to where we are today.

AGO regularly audits and highlights lapses, without fear or favour, to maintain integrity in our institutions.

Similarly, ALL town councils have to be audited by their own appointed independent auditors. There is no exception.

Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council, for example, appointed Ernst & Young LLP as their independent auditor.

The best of systems can only be as robust as the people want it to be.

When we get angry and offended by those who seek to uphold integrity in our institutions, and vilify them, we have to ask ourselves: which direction do we want Singapore to go.

Do we want to maintain a high standard of integrity or do we want to lower it and celebrate wrongdoing instead?




Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor


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12 Responses to “Sounds like TRE cybernut’s ‘good’ twin”

  • RDB:

    Hah! There is an obvious twist in this writer’s article. But what kind of twist and for whom or what!

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  • Dead Skeletons:

    Highest standard must be referring to the Highest standard of corruption cases involving Top ranking officers arrested for crimes, like the brompton bikes case, sex including oral sex for contract case, AMK TC corruption case involving sending money to his china mistress, also the AIM $2 Public to Private property amongst the many.

    But for PAPi, they still have the cheek to call it as integrity and “incorruption”. W*TF.

    I mean, how can anyone believe when PAPi refuse to be transparent to almost everything including quantum of Millions and Millions of $$$$$bonuses received.

    VTO and many dead skeletons will be found.

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  • oxygen:

    COCKROACH IS A LOT SMARTER THAN CHICKEN SH*T in that LEE-jiapore Matters FB – trying ever so hard to pull the blind over the peasants’ eyes of PAPpys scams, cronyism and failures farting fake wisdom as if bird singing.

    Wonder aloud is that farting cockroach ever live work and survive in alien land any any period of time.

    How to compare a farting worm to a sharp mind like @rabble-rouser. It is no comparison except for another silly burp from a Comical Investor.

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  • HarderTruths:

    @rabble-rouser knows what he is talking about.

    No need to disrespect him in such an insidious manner.

    Unworthy of a site like TRE to publish articles like this that target individuals on this site. Character assassination. Unworthy.

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  • Once An IB Forever An IB:

    CI has gone into hyperactive mode as election draws near and very free to do investigative speculations.
    Some commentors must feel very humiliated to have special mentioned from a third rate IB.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Evil Twin? I don’t even think that such comparison is accurate to begin with. That guy [*sic* Evil Twin] was talking through his a** [farting] & through rose-tinted glasses without substance! Plenty of those around in PAP-Land [Sycopants & PLPs] like “Thumbs-down” IB Ong, that durian seller, PAP-GUARANTEED SURE-WIN bugger & another IB who constantly changes his monicker handle afraid to show a constant identity.
    Heh-heh-heh, just like CI here – always playing the Devil’s Advocate but TRE [Cybernuts?] community already sized up him as an Ex-M’sian (who grew fat from PAP’s table scraps from previous vote-banking exercise recruited Minority M’sians as economic refugees from Bumiputera Policy in the early 70s) living in Siglap & an embedded PAP-Mole! Am I not right?
    QUOTE: “What matters most is the will to carry out what has been laid down by our founding fathers”
    This guy is living in the past, unable to move on! What S’pore needs a clean reboot & a thorough cleanse [WASH AWAY THE STENCH OF PAP] to move forward. Not holding on to the past which is meaningless as what worked in the past is failing us now. For CI to compare him as my Evil Twin show his own poor judgement, rather like a Hantam-Bola target or better, a Bobo-King during SAF target practice. But I doubt CI ever served NS just like Minister Put2cherries. Only true local S’poreans understand what I’ve said.
    QUOTE: “We can’t afford and should never allow corruption and mismanagement of funds especially the Town Council as these are our money by those who are elected to safeguard these funds.”
    Guy been living under a rock! Our Town Councils were a mess & who says no corruption? His comments showed how deluded the guy is!
    1. 8 HDB Town Councils lost SG$16 million in 2008 & wrote off the amount. By comparison, the Shires in Australia took the Lehman Administrators all the way to Supreme Court & won some redress from the remnants of Lehman Brothers.
    2. AMK Town Council GM arrested for receiving brides totaling SG$107k.
    How can CI compared @ Rabble-rouser to a guy whose living beneath a rock with no sense of the present & clueless about the future? CI, is it an Apple-to-Apple comparison or are you pissing in the wind? Some of your smelly piss might just cover you when the wind blow back in your direction!

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  • Haigen-diaz:

    I don’t think a one on one comparison between pro-PAP nuts and Rabble-rouser is valid. The former are pieces of trash and should be disposed of any which way. The later is articulate and well-versed in The People’s issues with an intent to make a positive difference in this country. A better comparison would have been between CI and Hitler. Both displaying the exact same dysfunctional behavior.

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  • Bapak:

    I think his message is very clear. He is also questioning the authorities on our current situation and the way they conduct themselves. CI’s message is very clear too, accusing him as a double-headed s*ake which he himself is constantly doing. You point one finger at others, four are pointing back at you.

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  • Terapinous or self preserving:

    Half truth on matter injurious to a regime filled with bootlickers procreating on credits rewards system is a way of self preservation from persecution to remain status quo especially in a citizenry with a strong cyclic habit of losing sight of their predicament accompanied by unceasing kpkb upon small gains n lying promises pre General Election followed invariably going back to kpkb when the regime begins to fleesce them hundreds folds more than the pre GE tiny carrots to soot their vengence n self gratification.

    However it can also be a political move of conning the citizenry conceal the darker side of the whole truth which must be well guarded by the arduous nurture of polanpa stategically placed in the leadership of independent institutions forming the last layer of checks n balances mechanism on the ruling party.

    Chiaam ST survived as the lone opposition voice due to his skillful use of half truth pinnacled with his famous quip in his response to the founder of the nepotic regime that whatever he (LKY) said must be right. Jeyaratnam is like the true patriot n people focussed court official of the ancient dynasty who at all cost must be always remain trueful to the fullest. These r the ones who will be relentlessly persecuted n moored to the zer state.

    Fortnately CSJ realizes early n took the party of avoiding half truths nor full truth on political crimes n onlt dealing with political philosophy on the right n wrong ways of dealing with a politiical issues giving no excuse of generating incriminating eviidence esp in defamation issues remembering that with a deeplaid n desperado fashioned polanpa culture no fabrication is impossible. Is this not why LHY flee like there is no tommorrow n his son clinging tight to the Havard vine for life.

    CSJ has demonstrated political maturing process within dictatorial system. CST chose a temporary mehod of self preservation without any positive effect on political maturity. LKY evil nepotic sgenda will definitely be shattered by more political advocates of fast learners n early maturing political ply aspired young citizens which most probably will bring true democracy to Singapore with the fundsmental tenet of democracy firmly rooted ie a formidable checks n balances structured multipartied Parliament wherein no constitution modification is possible without consensus from the other political parties present in the Parliament. Polanpa will still exist but its effects will be formidably curtailed.

    This seems to be facilitated with the wind of citizenry awareness sweeping across the world and coming closer to SIN with Mahathir’s win and post election events. It has swept thru US, US citizens acted n r reenacting again realizing what is important is people alertness, awareness n fast awakening…

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  • Terapinous or selfpreserving 2:

    political party loyaly is detrimental to the health n interests of the citizenry. The wave has just touched Brazil n soon will be 0ver EU. Its effect after sweeping over Malaysia on SIN i
    ls phenonmenal with the nepotic regime suddenly got trumatised by its long sweet dream of self gratification n glorification n rudely awaken by the Kallang roar of citizens’ kpkb abt high cost of living, hdb, healthcare, transport, education…. But old 5 decade habit dies hard. The decades old cycle of small red carrots followed by heavy dose of brickbats
    proves effective n there is no reason for it to fail this time except the red carrots have be more in quantity n number. Howver the sustained long eroding process on the polanpas has revetting on self gratification n entitlement that they couldnt wait for the cycle to take effect n instead mounting on the recovering process before securing the 5 more years mandate. This perhaps is the will of heaven as many religious citizens would believe but in human terms it is just greed n immoveable arrogance even for a short duration.. Whether it is divine or down to earth human evil inclination, the 50 Year old self gratification n more so self glorification processes have dumbed the five senses n as in past political ry of dynasty birth n death phenonmena, it might happened in SIn sooner than the nepotists n their herds of rewards seeking polanpas expect.

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  • pap PA IB talking nonsense:

    our forefathers are long dead.

    left behind voted into power are a bunch of crooks who spare no nickle in hiring many Msians on the cheap to be pap PA IBs.

    whenever they lose in argument, they plead good times long gone, forgetting there was no internet in those days and no prime minister even put his own wife in charge of temasick.

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  • C'est la vie:

    CI is out of subject matter, out of his head, just as the PAP is, of ideas and grey matter.

    So, he’s resorted to the next best thing, stirring up some content.

    More like meaningless shit, act-tual-ly !!!

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