AHTC saga and the toxicity of PAP’s Machiavellian politicking

Politics is ’dirty’ and the Town Council Management has been politicized by the PAP.

The PAP has created AIM to impede opposition’s ability to manage a TC effectively by using it against any opposition party that could win any seat from PAP. Not only will there be potential disruptions to the TC Management, it is a move that will cost the residents money to get an additional management software.

It is a terrible politically motivated move by PAP, in its usual Machiavellian political strategy, to destroy its opponents at all cost to the voters and residents. But in an era of social media, PAP seems to realize that this is an extremely stupid move as it will attract extremely bad publicity. It has eventually closed down AIM in great shame.

While in the court trial, Davinder Singh tried very hard to build the case of conspiracy in bad faith among the defendants right from the start, but he couldn’t possibly white wash the real intention of AIM in the whole saga.

In all honesty, I would have planned the same move to replace PAP-associated management agent as well as the AIM-controlled Management software if I were to win and take over a PAP TC. I will have no choice as these are highly politicized by PAP. It will definitely cost extra money to do so but it is something needs to be done, no thanks to PAP’s Machiavellian politicking.

I do not know why Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim took the great political risk of waiving a tender requirement for the appointment of FMSS as the first Management Agent of AHTC. I also do not know why they chose to get their original staff from HGTC to form FMSS when they could have expanded their HGTC team to manage the bigger AHTC.

Having known LTK and SL since 2001, they are not people without reason(s) and they are definitely not greedy people with corrupted minds.  LTK is a staunch Buddhist who will pray and chant the Heart Sutra every morning. He fully understands what the Heart Sutra means and whatever we have now are just transient.

The only problems seem to be the bad judgement in waiving the tender under such a politicized situation, and the incompetency of their software vendor who screwed up the upscaling of the software which resulted in a big mess of double counting of arrears. The other problem is the trust element they put upon their vendors and MA, resulting in the inadequate attention paid to the problem of conflicts of interests.

It is natural for LTK to trust Ms How tremendously as she was the key person that made the effective management of HGTC possible for more than a decade. But such trust has different implications when Ms How no longer acted as a staff of the TC but instead became the boss of the MA serving the TC.

I guess the whole WP Team overlooked such change needed great adjustments to mindsets and management protocols. It is unfortunate that PAP, after its failed attempt in weaponizing AIM, has found a new weakness in WP management to capitalize on.

No matter what’s the outcome of the lawsuit, we must always keep the political context in mind- PAP’s Machiavellian approach to politicking. PAP is the root cause of all these mess when it started politicizing TC management and weaponizing it to fix the opposition.

Politicizing TC management does not serve any purpose in providing a fair assessment of politicians’ ability. It is more of a ploy to disadvantage opposition, the ones who have fewer resources.

Such system of politicking should be abandoned. Singaporeans voted politicians into parliament to debate on National policy issues, not as overpaid part time estate managers.


Goh Meng Seng




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19 Responses to “AHTC saga and the toxicity of PAP’s Machiavellian politicking”

  • AHTC Residents Are Angry!:

    Why make Residents pay for lawyers’ fees on behalf of Independent Panel?

    Why AHTC (Independent Panel) sues AHTC (Councillors), Residents did not ask for it and no one consulted us(Residents) about going to Court!

    Either we win or lose case, we still pay and pay!

    We, the Residents so stupid meh?

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  • Dont trust PAP:

    Is this constructive politics promulgated by PM Lee some years ago?
    Now, the PM declared PAP is a centrist party and advocated unity with PAP and Singaporeans.
    Of course, PAP is in power and he wants unity to perpetuate PAP rule forever (fat dream), like dictatorship and communism. See how rivals and dissidents get imprisoned or murdered in some countries recently. Imprisonment of opposition MPs happened here under ISA.
    Centrist means PAP and the rich are in the centre, just like the church and the earth were the centre of the universe once upon a time, anyone dared say otherwise were put to death.
    Centrist means other parties cannot be right or left, making promises that PAP disagrees and cannot achieve. Didnt PAP adopt, or rather adapt and grow, many of Opposition manifesto or ideas?
    Unity means the ordinary folks subsidize the rich like the $8-heart-bypass-PAP-chairman-Khaw (maybe ex now) pay next to zilch for healthcare because the rich can afford to buy riders. Medical fees and medishield premium have shot up though the roof. Who benefits? The rich, the doctors, the hospitals, the insurance companies that can always increase premium.
    Centrist means bring in more foreign talents and investors, if you believe PAP, to create more jobs for Singaporeans.
    Private property prices rise benefiting the rich like the PM, ex-PM, the late PM’s estate that own many condo and/or landed properties.
    Many fresh graduates are unemployed or under-employed, more and more PMETs as young as in their thirties are displaced by FTs.
    PAP is giving incentives to Singaporeans to resale flats to live near their parents, or whatever.
    Why is PAP reducing land sale to private developers? To push up land prices and private property prices? To justify HDB to set high prices for new flat, never say $1,000,000 new flat is not possible, one was close to $900,000 before it was marked down because of public outcry. Many resale flats bought at over a million dollar will become zero value when the lease expires while condo can be enbloc for billions of dollar to enrich the owners.
    Unity means PAP paved the way for the Indian-Malay non-finance PAP crony to be the walkover EP who is to check on the government, GIC and PM wife’s Temasek finance! Or is it to win minority votes or to unite them, with who?
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some of the 70% voting PAP may not live to see it in their lifetime but their offspring will.

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  • rukidding:

    Actualy all that need to be done is for the residents of Aljunied and Hougang to “band together” and “request to withdraw” the case .

    Look,…lets be very CLEAR…its for the People of Aljunied and Hougang to DECIDE…NOT THE TOWN COUNCIL Management !!! Period !

    Somebody from this constituent MUST take the INITIATIVE to FORM a PETITION movement !!!

    Sign and STOP and WITHDRAW the CASE !!!…You have the RIGHT TO DO so !

    NOT THE MANAGEMENT !!!…..YOU ARE THEIR BOSS !!!…not the other way round where “they” can act and decide” themselves !!!!

    Sinkies are really a bunch of STUPIDs….imagine,..went election comes…those “devils” tell you that you are their Boss…and when the “devils” won …what happen???…they became your BOSS ????

    And you “let it happen”…..literally “asking to be F , free of charge”??

    Its true…you are the BOSS of any election…make sure you are CLEAR of your POWERs and is CONSCIOUS CLEAR that you are rooting for FAIR , HUMANE , JUSTICE…not “temporary devilish gains” !!!!…which often only benefit the “BIGGER DEVILs”…not YOU !

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  • rukidding:

    Where is Chen Siow Miow ?????

    “Strangely” low profiled himself ???

    I thought he was “selling” himself as a “Great Lawyer” ???

    Why is he….all silent ????

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  • Old man:

    Can we demand a written reply from the plaintiff team as to who is paying the legal fee. It is our funds and as contributions come from residents they have the rights to know. How can the team simply spend the contributions without a discussion or approval. Don’t relent to pursue for a reply from plaintiff team.

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  • Wrong Forest:

    While the MachiavaLEE pigs were using tax paying money to hunt for wrong doing in Ahtc, AMK TC GM was receiving bribes.
    Cannot imagine if this GM corruption was found in AHTC instead; every page in brothel STimes will have a story on it—for the passed 2 years.

    Yang Yin the PRC crook was from AMK GRC; the crook GM was from AMK-TC—right under the nose of loser Looney

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  • This is SIngapore, stupid!:

    When something bad happens in PAP constituency or the government, the lowest denominator will get it. The top and well connected meritocratic people will be exonerated.
    The milion of dollar loss in minibond investment by some PAP constituencies is an example.
    How about the PAP-controlled $2 AIM company that bought on the cheap the software from the PAP government and charge PAP TC market prices that the residents pay conservancy charges to the TC for years? Who presided and approved the sale to AIM?
    How about GIC investments in UBS, Citibank, Merill Lynch, etc?
    How about NOL, Chartered SemiCon, etc?
    Collective leadership, or PM Lee’s latest call for unity, means no one is taking responsibilty for any wrngdoing or mistakes because we cannot afford a void in leadership, PAP has no Team B (any potential will be co-opted into Team A or get axed), we do not have a strong Opposition now.
    Singapore is good for the rich to make more money, invest in properties, employ foreign talents, foreign workers at the bare minimum wages.
    The rest live from hands to mouth. We see old folks doing cleaning jobs at hawker centres, selling tissue paper, collecting card boards, etc.
    Many middle age Singaporeans will one day become like them while PAP Ministers, MPs upon retirement will become Chairman of stat boards, GLC, etc.

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  • HarderTruths:

    If I can somehow sell the bullshit from this I can become richer than Bill Gates,

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  • GE is payback time:

    AHTC Residents Are Angry!:
    Why make Residents pay for lawyers’ fees on behalf of Independent Panel?

    Why AHTC (Independent Panel) sues AHTC (Councillors), Residents did not ask for it and no one consulted us(Residents) about going to Court!

    Either we win or lose case, we still pay and pay!

    We, the Residents so stupid meh?

    Blame the PAP and vote for REGIME CHANGE at the next GE next year.

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  • opposition dude:

    “PAP seems to realize that this is an extremely stupid move as it will attract extremely bad publicity. It has eventually closed down AIM in great shame.”

    Ha ha ha closed down AIM in great shame indeed. Good joke there Meng Seng, you think PAP has any shame in the first place?

    AIM isn’t the only thing PAP set up to screw WP but it was the one that they did not cover their backside on when asked why AIM was set up. Do remember that HDB upgrading was also denied to Hougang when Mr Low was their MP. Covered walkways for Hougang, remember?

    PAP has everything at their disposal but common sense. They continually screw Singaporeans over time and again and have gotten away with it far too many times. People are now saying that PAP will pay for it come next year so let’s see if it really does happen. With all these bloody kiasees around I don’t hold much hope.

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  • LKY assented:

    “it is much safer to be feared than loved because …love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.”
    Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

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  • Merobok:

    For once, GMS has written an unbiased article! Anyway, Let’s all pray that the presiding Judge will assess the whole case and make a fair judgment. Bet he could see the devious PAP manipulations and hope he will not be intimidated by the bayi counsel!

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  • Why suffered in silence:

    I share your sentiment and feel hopeless about the pathetic attitude of Sinkies.Why can’t sinkies take a leave fro Taiwanese or the Hongkongers?Something missing between their legs or just plain stupid and gullible? Why must sinkies wait
    till GE to express our dissatisfactions with the policies.Pathetic that one must wait till GE just like hoping for striking lottery.

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  • Is this constructive politics?:

    Yes, a tender is important.
    Equally important is the tender rules and process.
    How did the PAP controlled $2 paid up capital AIM manage to buy a software system that the government spent millions of dollars to develop, for less than $200,000?
    How did PAP crony Chua, as Sentosa Development Chairman, managed to buy the Sentosa Cove land on the cheap and make hundreds of millions, if not billions.
    Why did former MND Minister Mah stop land sale in 2008-2009 when property prices and demand were rising?
    Did Mah, Khaw Boon Wan, Dr Cheong (former URA chief), current and former URA ceo, MND Perm Sec know that the rich can avoid paying all the “cooling measures” duties and even stamp duties by setting up companies and paying and selling property development?
    Did they know the rich all along have been by-passing the QC rules which have been there since Mah’s time?
    I believe many of these people alive are still happily drawing million dollar salaries in the government or some government companies.
    Where is the accountability?
    Collective leadership for the sake of unity? everything hush hush, cannot report, under OSA and ISA?

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  • N.Jungne:

    Enough is Enough, VTO

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  • Deconstructing Machiavellianis:

    Someone has pointed out the difference between the “responsibility ethics” of the ruler whose acts of governance the masses will evaluate and judge him by (issues addressed by Machiavellian realpolitik), as contrasted with the “conviction ethics” of religious and moral philosophy which bears upon the metaphysical condition of human beings.

    In reigning realpolitik, the ultimately accountable human soul will lose sight of Machiavelli’s dire warning that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” to the detriment of his or her existential liabilities in the hereafter beyond the forlorn grave.

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  • PRPE Residents...:

    Don’t laugh at the Residents of AHTC, you guys also need to pay lawyers’ fees using monies from your Town Council.

    The million$ can be put to better use.

    The MPs you voted for at the last GE got advise you about the court case against the AHTC Town Councillors?

    Win or lose, you still need to pay lawyers’ fees. Pro bono? Fat hope!

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  • LIONS:

    FRANKLY,i would have expected WP to be more careful than this?

    it is nitpicking by PAP allowed by WP MPs.

    can anyone say not???

    OPPO MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER,AT ALL TIMES, THAT THEY ARE BEING WATCHED; even TEO SOH LUNG kena watched??? and,she was never MP???!!!!

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  • hair to split:

    //OPPO MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER,AT ALL TIMES, THAT THEY ARE BEING WATCHED; even TEO SOH LUNG kena watched??? and,she was never MP???!!!!

    aiyoh. if some white idiot wants to split hair, there’s is always hair to split lar. and why must daft sinkies always need to adhere to the idiotic parameter (if it is not outright criminal and with bad motive) decided by the white idiots who can wayang anytime they want e.g 4 = 5, selected = elected.

    just like one going from point A to point B, it just cannot be a perfect straight line (shortest distance) lar – it will take many points of deviation but moving towards the intended destination lar.

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