Where is the iron in you, Mr. Prime Minister?

Almost a week has passed since the States Time Review (STR) and Coverage Malaysia posted a potent and defamatory article again against our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Not only had the article criminally defamed PM Lee, but it also affected our reputation as a Global and Regional Financial Center.

Yet, PM Lee did not stand out to defend his personal standing. Instead, he utilized Government machinery to deal with the editor of STR and Coverage Malaysia.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore, which wasn’t even mentioned in the offending article, was called upon to report the matter to the police. Laughably, the latter has no jurisdiction over Alex Tan, who is residing in Australia and has already obtained Australian citizenship. [ LINK ]

The Media Authority (MDA) was utilized to send a toothless “warning letter” before blocking the STR site as well as Coverage Malaysia. In fact, Coverage Malaysia continued to put up defamatory article against PM Lee even after it was banned by MDA!

I hope PM Lee isn’t trying to play ostrich and pretend that nothing has happened and continue to “outsource” the fight to the administration. He cannot outsource his reputation for defence, neither should he outsource your responsibility to others.

Just as his father has said, you have to have the iron in you, else, give up politics.


Goh Meng Seng



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21 Responses to “Where is the iron in you, Mr. Prime Minister?”

  • Bapak:

    Iron? Where he got iron. Long rustic already.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah his guard puppy, the alsashan is barking.

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  • conu eat shit:

    LHL is a wash off that is for sure he SURELY LACKS THE IRON his father had.The wife welds more power and wears the pants in his family.
    Dr M is going to WALK ALL OVER HIM.

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  • Bobo:

    His musical chairs are all in place waiting. The players are all excited and ready to chop a seat once he started the music. Let the music play on and on then see what will happen.

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  • Yang Was Rite:

    Lee Hsien Yang is so right! Someone’s abusing his power and using “organs of the state” as head of gharment to his advantage. 38 Oxlee won’t be the only one. STR won’t be the last one. There’ll be more abuses of power as long as the most expensive leader remains the most powerful man.

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  • Remember "Famous Amos":

    PAP and LHL dare not sue Alex in Australia after their humiliating defeat in US court TWICE when Amos Yee he claimed asylum in the US.

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  • GEN(TLE) Poosie Lee Hsien Tau:

    The mad puppy Down Under has already laid down the challenge. Publicly, in regional media, no less.

    A week has transpired, yet the pink, despite all the economic & financial clout he has down there through his and his jeh-jeh Ah Ching’s immense proxy holdings in SingPowder & SingTell is still hiding inside her granny pants!

    So much for being an army general, soldier.

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  • opposition dude:

    The PAP can’t really do much when the person they want to arrest isn’t physically in Singapore lah. Do remember what happened to Dr Chee and Roy, they were easy to sue since they were on the island with no way out. Roy ended up paying money monthly to goondu Loong for what he wrote too.

    I would dearly love to see evidence of Alex’s claims or he can be seen as just shooting his mouth off. Let us see if he publishes any other articles about this issue.

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  • LIONS:

    so,SUE OR NOT?
    OR,is it just bully sgs at HOME if convenient onLEE?

    DIFF COUNTRY,DIFFERENT JUDGE/S,cannot order around?
    so,pretend NO HEAR,NO SEE?


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  • Born wif golden spoon in mouth:

    Iron? More like soft toufoo. Needs 80plus ministars,and all sorts of minions with fancy titles like mm, em, sm, mayor,nmp,etc etc just to hold him up n make him look good.
    Moreover can cry so easily.
    He’s just lucky (or a curse) that his papa gave him the job – no one voted him in!

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  • pay more means smarter?:

    pap clown is such a stupid clown. they say, he is very smart since he is paid S$m, by ownself pay ownself system.

    own brother Mr Lee Hsien Yang more serious allegation cannot sue. must abuse pliant parleeement to ownself declare ownself okay.

    own sister Dr Lee Wei Ling more serious allegation cannot sue. must abuse the same pliant parleeement to ownself declare ownself okay.

    Mr Alex Tan telling what is widespread in Internet, pap clown can sue. because Mr Alex Tan is not pap clown brother.

    one pap law two pap interpretations. inside 200m is not within 200m. INDIAN is malay.

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • HarderTruths:

    Where the sun don’t shine.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    The 1MDB Financial Irregularities is like an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) with a Daisy Chain effect which would take down as many targets as possible. How many we’ll have to wait & see!
    Why was the US Department of Justice (DOJ) so enamoured with 1MDB case was the billions of frozen funds & sequestered assets domiciled in the US? The forfeiture of those assets are strong if DOJ can proved wrongdoing by the culprits on US soil. And M’sia’s loss would then be the US gains.
    And Goldman Sachs isn’t on Donald Trump’s list of Christmas Card recepients! Taking down 1MDB means also taking down Goldman Sachs for financial criminal charges – something Donald Trump wouldn’t prevent as Goldman Sachs had supported Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election race in 2016. And a leaked memo by top Goldman executives told staffers not to vote for Trump in 2016. Dharma as they called it.
    The money flows from 1MDB flowed through several accounts through Global financial centres jurisdiction eg. Switzerland, HK, S’pore, Labuan, Cayman Islands, etc. DOJ were investigating Goldman Sachs’ trial of financial engineering lybrinth moves where 1MDB had raised monies via a series of offshore high yield bonds bought by Goldman’s list of extremely wealthy clients; guaranteed by local govt Institutions which indemnified the bond buyers, etc. Goldman Sachs earned for themselves a very high fee for concocting the money raising. The money raised then moved through various Financial Centre jurisdiction for the effect of “washing” the funds. My guess is that many financial centres are afraid that the DOJ were looking at their individual roles in the money trail. Those involved must be squirming in their pants including the Central Banks & their regulators.
    And Mahathir is also watching the unfolding of 1MDB from a distance. Najib was Mahathir’s appointee as PM after he grew weary of his successor, Abdullah Badawi. In a sense, Mahathir was just as responsible for M’sia’s predicament under Najib. Knowing Mahathir, any suspicious deals Najib made with S’pore could be leveraged in M’sia’s advantage – rescind High Speed Rail without compensation; agitate for higher raw water pricing, etc.
    There are more to come from 1MDB. Watch this space.

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  • AH is not A or H but AH:

    An AH is always an AH no matter what he tried to show what he hoped to be. No matter how Sr tried to con everyone what he is n what he is not. Right before Black n White came to rope, Sr hid no more but AH right thru. Daft Singaporeans indeed. Mahathir was right to trust his own countryman bomo n not the high sounding Harvard docs. He has the last laugh as he trounched the seemingly impossible giants n did them in while Sr might be screaming to return not to fix SDP, WP … but to kick Jr to payback ESW the way he has roasted him to SW.

    AH is AH not A or H but AH. So do not expect otherwise.
    So if you want your job, if you want to walk tall n not be insulted n treatened left right n centre, say no to AH CCS. Boot the biw out n see how he beg to be plp of another lp while cutting of the lp he has been baried in by laterally transferred from the ashened one.
    Also if you want honest, courage n nothing but the truth, boot the other AH lying sgainst yet another AH $8 nincompoop ot vice versa.

    AHs r simply AH. Biws r B whether in pink, red white or green.
    VTO is wisdom. But if u love foreigners like biws n love to be jobless n manual labor n maids in your own country n lose your roof, nothing in cpf then vote these AHs n carry on kpkb as ash roti prata issed it as noises.if u want your job, want your children to go to univ, able to threaten the AH n make them panicky with Malaysian boleh Singaporean also can! send these AHs to where they should be as M has done to N n his plps.

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  • Python 5:

    iron? look at the way he walks.
    look at the way Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin walks.

    he is severely lacking more than just iron.
    he is severely lacking manhood and masculinity.

    Born wif golden spoon in mouth:
    Iron? More like soft toufoo.

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  • rukidding:

    Taksin, Botak and Pinky are all 3 very “Good Frens”…the 3 muskeeteers!

    Two of these 3 Musketeers ardy been “exposed”….

    So,…what makes you think that the last Musketeer is ” a holy Innocent”?

    If you were that “last standing musketeer”….would you “dare”….”stir up the hornets nest”?….or rather…”keep a low profile” ???

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  • nicotineeyes:


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  • Where are our Elected MPs?:

    Get the white MPs to attend Parliament Sitting please!

    Late L*Y would have should ‘f them’ upside down for absence, u dare not?

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  • Where are our Elected MPs?:

    Get them to attend Parliament Sitting please!

    More than 50% of the White MPs did not attend the current sitting!

    If they are not interested, Singaporeans will not vote for them anymore!

    Better get them to wake up!

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  • Where Is Your MP?:

    Most of them were absent from the current Parliament Sitting!

    If there are so busy with their ‘personal business dealing’, then vote in MPs who are more deserving that will sit in Parliament to be your voice and ear.

    Parliament sits only a few times a year and the absenteeism rate is getting out of hand!

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