Who is PM Lee trying to kid when he says that PAP must win by taking a centrist approach?

In the Straits Times on Monday, it was reported “PM Lee sets out plan for PAP ahead of next GE”.

At this PAP conference, Lee Hsien Loong not only tried to sell his new team of leaders (though really no new blood), he said the party “must win the next general election convincingly by taking a centrist approach and uniting Singaporeans”.

That’s a bold declaration from a rather weak leader.

I lived through the Lee Kuan Yew era, witnessed the formation of the PAP, destruction of opposition parties, opening of Singapore’s economy to foreign competition, welcoming foreign talents and workers into our labour market and causing loss of jobs for our local employees, especially the PMETs.

I have witnessed the promotion of meritocracy only for selected elites from a closed circle, creating elite schools in exclusive districts, offering free scholarships and bursaries to foreign students in JCs and universities, operating an income tax scheme that favours the rich while continuously raising taxes, levies and rates for water, electricity, conservancy and public transport.

The list can be longer.

The sharp increase in cost of living obviously impacted more on the middle class and lower income earners than the wealthy ones in our society. The little assistance given out to the needy citizens, the high rate of contributions to healthcare costs by citizens and the widening inequalities in our society all point to the fact that Singapore is too far down the right side of the political road than a centrist one.

By propounding a new centrist approach for the PAP, Lee Hsien Loong is trying to make all other alternative parties, proposing changes and challenging the status quo created by his party, look like radicals.

Unfortunately, over the last 50 years, the PAP government, in the process of developing our country, has also created more divisions, social stratifications and class divides which cannot be simply rectified by keeping the status quo.

Lee Hsien Loong’s new centrist ideology is a myth and cannot produce the results that will benefit all our citizens, not just the elites.


Kok Meng Cheang



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29 Responses to “Who is PM Lee trying to kid when he says that PAP must win by taking a centrist approach?”

  • HarderTruths:

    He also said that ministers were grossly underpid and understood the plight of the masses.

    Their vacations to Switzerland or New York were only paid for stay in five star hotels, rather than the usual Hollywood-style mansions.

    Many of them nowadays had to clean their own b*ms as well, which was unheard of a few short years ago.

    Yes, we sympathise with you, LHL – how can you and your minions be made to through such loss of face as this.

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  • Bapak:

    Let me tell all of you. PAP words can never be trusted. The last GE they bluff all Sinkies (the 70%) who surrender their votes to them, no tax increase. PAP will never keep their promises. All their words have a double meaning.

    The last time he said sorry but his actions not sorry at all. Hidden behind this “centrist” is actually “toxic”. When has PAP ever having moderate political views or policies before? Toxicity is their main call. Don’t kena bluff again by PAP. VTO is the right thing to do.

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  • why suffered in silence:

    This centrist approach is just another motherhood statement typically made by Pinky before GE. After GE did Pinky fulfill his promises, the answer is obvious.His policies of oppressing and bankrupting the opposition, curtail freedom of speech, EP Indian turned into Malay miracously,endless hikes in transport, water ,electricity,refusal to disclose ministerial total salary, refusal to disclose Empress Dowager Temusick salary,etc. Are these centrist policies , he is lying again.Instead of uniting the people he is dividing them.Citizens should verify the promises that he made before GE with what he actually practises after GE,so as not to be always taken for a ride.

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  • opposition dude:

    Goondu Loong can say whatever he wants be it that the PAP cares for and looks after Singaporeans, that no one will be left behind, unite the country and so on.

    All that is just talk though as everyone knows. Witness the water price hike, the soon to come transport fare hike and 9% GST and you can truly see just how much for Singaporeans the PAP really is.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Why do you think the Lees are known as Lies in Indonesia and why do you think his grandfather name his father Con You…It is all written in the Stars!!!

    That is why the Owl will come to Istana and pay its courtesy call when the NUMBER is up and a star is dying to go into that Big Black Hole in the sky!!!

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  • LIONS:

    excuse his poor engrish.

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  • Remember Only One Rule:

    Never vote for PAP ever.

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  • Najin Said The Same!:

    And what happened?

    Singaporeans must be prepared!

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  • The 69.9% Goondus!:

    They can’t wait to pay the 9% GST!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Vote him out, he is not dependable, enough of his dishonorable habits.

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  • CantWeJustWorkTogether?:

    I learnt a new word today.
    ie ‘centrist’.
    They must have been informed by their many IBs that the sentiments on the ground these days aint positive.
    So paps are thinking up new strategies to get our peasants’ votes.
    I wonder if the alternative parties are doing as much…i hope they are.

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  • Quick fix looney:

    Center right is left of far right, but right of center left which is right of far left … if you know where your center is.

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  • Rubbish:

    Nothing but rubbish. Centrist Leftist or Rightist are all synonyms created to confuse the politically ignorant and indecisive.

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    Wade-Giles transliteration for Imperial China’s final dynasty (founded by Manchurians, related by blood to the Hakka people)

    Part of the word which means
    “sexually or morally loose woman”, “promiscuous woman”, “woman wanting multiple sexual partners”, “slut”, “female prostitute”, “woman earning living through sexually immoral activities” (according to UrbanDictionary entry for
    which is of Late Old English hōre, of Germanic origin and related to Dutch hoer and German Hure, according to OxfordDictionaries.com

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  • Haigen-diaz:

    Let’s get some facts straight. We don’t even have a viable opposition. Being a centrist means not falling into lock-step with multiple political parties. I have to say — and I mean this with all due respect — that it’s the biggest pile of smug, self-righteous twaddle I’ve seen since the 1960s. The only thing redeeming about it is that it may be PM Lee’s satire — would that it is.
    Negotiations and compromise don’t exist in PAP’s politics and never did and never will. Going into default is the best possible outcome for the country now. It will force the issue: do we have a radical right oligarchy of socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else? Or do we have a democracy with true capitalist base: equal opportunity and equally shared social burdens – i.e. taxes, and yes, service to the country. And when you add “expert opinion” (based on years of proven, data-driven knowledge and wisdom) into the discussion, then ideas of a “new moderate movement” need to be re-examined to make sure that this “moderate middle” isn’t located someplace between “wisdom” and “stupidity”.
    Being a centrist doesn’t mean being soft on all the issues, nor does it mean bending politically to get legislation passed. Unfortunately though, when someone from your opposition party takes a view that you don’t agree with, you brand them as “don’t wish Singapore well” or fake news. Worst still, PM Lee’s PAP will sue them till their pants drop.
    Perhaps younger people… having grown up without any great scientists in the public eye and, perhaps, with a desire for tolerance of diversity (a good thing) and peaceful coexistence (also a good thing)…. don’t realize the emotional/intellectual trap they have fallen into. Please review your comment in about 10 years, you will probably come to a wholly different conclusion!

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Never trust what PAP says. Judgement them on what they have done. Without a doubt, Singaporeans are worse off since LHL became PM. Only a masochist will continue to vote for PAP.

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  • LIONS:

    ‘there are no stupid questions,only stupid people” – Mother TERESA .

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  • oxygen:

    WHO CALL THEMSELVES ‘NATURAL ARISTOCRATS”? Who calls the rest “lesser mortals”? The implications of both emphatic assertions of class divisions, by natural default, leave the rest to be the DESPISED PEASANTS.

    Or is it not when the elites won’t even pay market rates for parking fees which peasants must comply? Their own-self-cheque-ownself pay politics is a ROTTEN SCAM of benchmarking their publicly-funded welfare cheques to ROTATING POOL of top private sector earners even for those NON-PERFORMERS slotted into money-unlimited roles exclusive of self-select and their cronies! For the rests, CPF and public housing are rotten scams of wealth extraction means driving peasants to impoverishment in retirement.

    Shameless rats passing rectal winds!!

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  • Nobody is indispensable:

    Ajib was so cocksure and confident.
    And he lost.
    He is still in a state of disbelief in dreamland.
    The new team now in-charge is a breath of fresh clean air.
    Eager and articulate lot, having to clear up a big mess.
    What makes Ah Li thinks they have the best people all the time.
    One thing is sure, all this while they have been screwing up all good people with differing views who wants to come forward and sincerely help run the country.
    More and more people are realizing this decades old sickening bullying stratagem and tactics.
    So don’t be too cocksure like Ajib.
    A little diversion story.
    Over the last week had two bad experiences, encounters.
    One at a telco service centre, one at a furnishing joint.
    Both manned by accented male foreigners from around the region.
    Asked only simple and few questions but received scowls from the start and displayed rather displeased attitude as if we are so stupid to ask such questions and that we are a bother.
    Not helpful at all, surprisingly coincidentally received similar treatment at both joints.
    Like they don’t like you for whatever reason and they know full well we are locals.
    The vibes tell you and you sense it,
    My wife was besides me and I am 71 years old.
    And we are the only two customers at both joints then.
    So enough of such “growth” policies for us in the end to get treated shabbily like this in our own backyard.

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  • I got the answer!:

    Who is PM Lee trying to kid?
    Answer: the 70%

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! Politics before [even achieving] economic prosperity & income equality for the masses is an empty boast. No different from the poor despotic kingdoms of Venezuela, Haiti & much of the African continent. It is the healthy private sector, a favourable eco-system which nurtures creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship & the formation of business enterprises. But in S’pore, I see none of that!
    Politics (through fair elections) is fairness, equitable redistribution of a nation’s wealth & the notion “no one should be left behind” through scholarship for the poor, social safety nets, etc. This is what it’s about in Western Democracies where the stomachs are full, there is time after work & people have access to various data & information to debate on politics.
    In S’pore’s case & under the PAP, Politics is about absolute control, a stranglehold over economic management (the same set of people wearing 2 hats – political & economic power in management) resulting in the Politicizing of the Economy & a Crony Capitalism system. The S’pore eco-system is totally aligned towards a one-party rule mechanism. And the cracks are showing only to those who can discern it. The PAP have morphed S’pore from an investment friendly, business oriented locality between the early 70s to early 1990s to the present day Hollywood set of CRAZY RICH ASIANS running around look rich & pampered. But behind the HOLLYWOOD facade lies a mountain of debts anchoring a real estate bubble built on overvalued property, a bouyant REITs & Trust investment sector totally dependent on consumption & spending within a Brick ‘N Mortar eco-system. The GLCs themselves who were failing (departed NOL, privatised SMRT, indebted Hyflux) are a negative sign that despite the favourable ground they operate on, they can’t seem to thrive?
    And in times of financial necessity, why is the PAP penalizing the masses with their high inflationary cost push of increases in essential services re: electricity, water rates, cooking gas plus an overall blanket of 2% GST increase? Couldn’t they reimposed death estate duties, increase duties on liquor & cigarettes, higher property taxes on home over a certain value (high end condos & GCBs), a luxury tax on expensive cars? The answer lies within those questions!

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  • BiCentennial Bonus?:

    Each Singaporean will receive at least $500 to $1000 cash?

    The newly minted ‘Merdeka Group’ will get an extra $500 MediSave Topup as they are the group holding the biggest vote bank at the coming General Election.

    A Golden Opportunity for the Whites to show care and concern and share wealth and at the same time garner votes and remain in power.

    Let’s wait and see if it will happen….

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  • NotMyProblem:

    If any one can believe this PM Lee, he/she will believe planet earth is flat.

    Whatever this idiot said were just like knee-jerk reflex, without going through his brain. Just like his VERS and HIP2 on old HBD flats, nobody knows exactly how and what it is about, not even his Ministers.

    Don’t you call this con? The greatest con?

    What I admire most is he still think there’s a lot of stupid people around!!

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  • Centering in on factual:

    Most expensive city in the world. Lowest median wages among developed nations; largest income inequality in the world. Casino city with high suicide rates. Most depressed citizenry in Asia. Depressed rankings in the free press index. High ranked global crony-capitalist economy.

    Do you feel no more than an economic digit in his reckoning?

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  • RDB:

    “Who is PM Lee trying to kid when he says that PAP must win by taking a centrist approach?”

    Kidding himself of course as he is now politically as blur as a frightened sotong.

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  • rukidding:

    No new blood nevermind,…

    The worst thing that he has done was to “add fuel to fire” himself !

    Go take a look at the line up…..ALL are his “cock suckers” !

    All these bunch of LC face, HL face which the people dislikes ….

    …and yet…these LC and HL are Pinky’s Top choice ????

    “Death” is coming…. even faster !!!!

    Sinking feeling indeed !

    We are becoming Sinkapore soon !

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  • Naming A PM Now...:

    Could spell disaster for the Whites.

    Perhaps, only announce it after the GE in case that person is not elected as an MP!

    Or else, it could end up to be very embarrassing!

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  • People Centric?:

    This term always surface before a General Election, wonder why?

    After each GE, this term disappears into thin air immediately!

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  • New Cabinet Lineup...:

    The new DPMs will hold MTI and Finance portfolios respectively and concurrently.

    New Cabinet Lineup...:
    PM – No change
    DPM – Chan C S
    DPM -Heng S K
    Senior Min – Teo CH
    Senior Min – Tharman

    The rest no change.

    Another reshuffle will take place after the next GE.

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