More advice for PM, PAP from world’s richest man

Further to PM, PAP should remember what world’s richest man said, l came across another saying by Bezoz (“no mediocre” man). Explaining why he raised minimum wages at Amazon, Jeff Bezos said “the Henry Ford approach: if you put more money in your employees’ pockets, they spend more money on your platform. It comes back to you.”

Given that personal consumption figures are really bad here vis-a-vis places like HK, time to stop FTs by the cattle car loads so that wages of locals can rise, and they can spend more?

And given that the value of HDB flats are declining while private property prices are inching up (Will this resale flat buyer vote for PAP in next GE?) and the PAP needs a big win because of the change of PM a few yrs after next GE, voters with more $in their pockets are likely to vote PAP.

So time to tweak NIRC and NIR?

NIRC consists of 50 per cent of the Net Investment Returns (NIR) on the net assets invested by GIC, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Temasek Holdings and 50 per cent of the Net Investment Income (NII) derived from past reserves from the remaining assets.

[W] spend 50 per cent of the estimated gains from investment, and put the remaining 50 per cent back into the reserves to preserve its growth for future use.

Under PAP rule will S’pore become like UK or Venezuela?

And promise not to think about raising GST until 2023? How to ensure no GST rise.

And even more goodies for oldies Hard Truth why PAP wins and wins.

After all after PAP wins 70% of popular vote, PM can take back most of the goodies. Think water hike after last GE:

Watergate: MIW caught with pants down

Watergate: All about fleecing the sheep

Watergate: PUB got consumption figures all wrong?


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13 Responses to “More advice for PM, PAP from world’s richest man”

  • Don't Accumulate Too Much!:

    Give $ome back to the People!

    Don’t squueze them too much!

    BiCentennial Bonus is a good avenue to share wealth, in addition, it is GE year, a good time to garner votes too!

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  • Bapak:

    There are reasons why many employers like to employ FTs. Many have inflated their salary to get the work permit and deducting the pay with many conditions to reduce overheads. They know they can’t do this to local.

    Mustafa Centre is one of them. This practice has been going on for many years. You think our G don’t know? Just that no FT complains, they keep one eye shut. Give PAP the middle finger.

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  • What do i think ?:

    Lets observe and learn something from Taiwan election 1st.

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  • Fakes or Truths depending on .:

    Fakes n truths by definition are definite not depending on any factor. But the modern definition of fakes n truth depends on who r affected. The on going squabble of Facebook in US centres around the Russian fingers in Trump presidential campaign. Singapore is going after it because someone posted some adverse materials on the ruling party n Facebook as many netizens lauded has acted correctly by refusing to yield to the pressure of the tiny red dot. But really the entire rediculous squabbles show how despicable r the politicians who used Facebook to spread their propaganda towards their SELF gratification n glorification. Propaganda r materials to lure the readers to believe what they say n in all probabilities, they r fake or lie. Truth needs no such deperado propaganda n using Facebook as their Platform.

    Facebook will be doing its readership to ban all politicians from using them as free platform to spread their propagandas to avoid a high potentiality of untruth spread by the integrity, honesty n dignity bereft unscrupulous politicians esp those who derogate an entire citizenry. To allow so Facebook is an accomplish in such despicable acts.

    Facebook subscribers, your opinion.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Bezos earned his money on the factory floor and worked his way up.
    You can take what he says to the bank.

    No point telling a despot who never had to work one day in his life how to become a success. It is like kissing a toad hoping it will turn into a prince or princess.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    There’s something wonky about the finance theory & financial definitions used by S’pore govt & their SWFs.
    1. Net Investment Returns Contribution (NIRC)
    These investment returns (NIRC) from the country’s reserves are now the largest contributor to the government’s budget.
    According to official news & media statements, NIRC consists of 50 per cent of the Net Investment Returns (NIR) and 50 per cent of the Net Investment Income (NII).
    2. Net Investment Returns (NIR)
    NIR were supposed to be the net returns from the net assets invested by GIC, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Temasek Holdings. And the PAP Govt spends 50 per cent of the estimated gains from investment on govt expenditures.
    3. Net Investment Income (NII)
    NII were supposed to be derived from past reserves ie. put the remaining 50 per cent back into the reserves (Capital Accumulation Pool) to preserve its growth for future use.
    To understand the financial mumbo-jumbo, let’s put it into personal terms. Let say a salaried man had accrued an investment portfolio of $100k. To simplify it further, let’s say it’s all in public traded shares.
    He opted for 50% of his shares to receive cash dividends while the other 50% in share dividends (thus increasing his share volume & capital accumulation). In addition, his share portfolio depends on share price appreciation for capital. growth. In short, there is an element of market risk as well as market dynamics re: systemic price volatility (interrelated risks) & liquidity.
    The market risk were:
    * Dividend payouts may increase/decrease according to business growth or decline; &
    * Share price which is subject to market vulgarities (aka Mr Market).
    When one understands all the risks, you would realised that NIRC, NIR & NII were just:
    1. A Investment Policy Statement of Intent (but whether achievable or not is another matter);
    2. A Financial Gobbledygook ie. is made unintelligible by excessive use of technical terms which obsfucate the audience too afraid to ask questions so as not to look stupid.
    3. Looks good on paper but when the success factor is skewed 5%:95% ie. 5% probability of market success, you know that it is very hard to execute. And S’pore’s SWF financial data are not available to calculate the “hard” numbers. In short, there’s a lot of wild speculation, subjective & insidious opinions, etc.
    And if PAP’s NIRC, NIR & NII were indeed rock-solid, we wouldn’t have to:
    * sell 3 power station to foreigners in 2008;
    * held back CPF Minimum Sum from ageing S’poreans;
    * allowed 60% of Hyflux to be sold to Indonesian parties in 2018.
    True or not?

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  • LIONS:

    Whats wrong with collecting more money from peasants to squander as we deem right like building a mausoleum for my daddy or buying failing prestigious foreign banks n di$hing out FT SCHOLARSHIPS?


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  • rukidding:

    I have many Malaysians frens working in Sgp.

    All kenna “Balls squeezed”…even “badly bullied” by their own Malaysians who are of PR status here !

    Screwed up miser wages,….long hours..etc.

    All “submit” to above…Boh Pian..

    All becos …even after all the “bullying and slavery”…its the 1S$ to M$3 that “kept” them ” from “exploding”.

    So,..on the left,..poor ordinary sinkies kenna “screwed” becos “lose” job to cheaper Fts.

    Poor sinkies,..high cost of everthing, from cars to public house to Food….plus kenna by Law to send their sons to do NS ,..but to “protect, exactly who”????

    Infact,…without “fighting” our own PAP has itself “invited” Foreigners to “attack own citizens” thru “economic warfare”

    Can you imagine ???…the one who “promotes self defence”…is also the same one that “invites enemies to come fight our economic war” ???

    The “losers” re the Citizens,…the “FTs”….the “winners” ???..YOU KNOW VERY WELL WHO ARE THEY !!!!

    Ownself “fight” own people ????

    “Widening” the divide between Rich and Ordinaries ????

    This kind of G ,….you people still want to support ???

    “Raping” and “abusing” own Sons and Daughters ????

    Indeed ,…sinkies are Dafts !!!

    Its time to “fight” and “ward off” these “Devils” !!!!

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  • Where are our Elected MPs?:

    If there are not even present at Parliament Sitting, then we should vote them out!

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  • Bad Boy:

    Advice from Bad Boy . Just take note …


    Real or fake ?

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  • Where are our Elected MPs?:

    All enjoying their year end holidays?

    How to represent us in Parliament?

    How to vote for you again?

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  • Half Empty ParlIament!:

    Where are our Elected MPs?

    Bo Chap or Bo heel?

    How to vote for you again?

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  • ET, Liar & Atty at Lawlessness:

    Eh, you peasants, stop it lah, okay? I had entertain, no, meet important members of the liar, sorry, lawyer community at TianBuAn-Men last night where we spent hours until the eee hours of this morning poring over the voluminous bodies of China hostesses, no, bodies, erm, volumes of leegal literature to see how the leegal structure can be further improved, more deeply entrenched, to sustain the current system, give its main stakeholders more leegal teeth and power.

    There I was, working my mouth, erm, my butt (not literally lah, of course, not all the time anyway, heehee) out the whole time and now still have to lug my tired torso to make it to Parleement at this ungodly time of the day (when Limpeh am usually snoozing in my ministry or law office where at least there’s the comfort of a few waiting staff from the previous evening’s night-out club, ok!!!) to mark attendance & show my face, whichever is more than great enough service & personal self-service to all you ingrates of a pesantry who dare to complain about our turnout!!!!!!!!!!

    Limpeh gonna start thinking of ways to fix you ungrateful masses, after our GE2019 committee meeting at PMO where PMS and his sPermSexc will issue the instructions, just you watch then, hmmpf!

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