The PAP Are Coming After Your Last Free Space (Social Media) Next

Following on from the ‘fake’ hearings in Singapore chaired by Minister for Law Shanmugam, in the last week three of our MPs have sallied forth to London (no doubt flying Business or First Class on SQ and staying in 5* hotels owned by Temasek or GIC) to take part in a UK Parliamentary hearing on ‘fake’ news and disinformation. They were Edwin Tong, Minister of State for Law, Sun Xueling and “useful idiot” Pritam Singh from the Workers’ Party, who have deluded themselves to thinking that they are in some sort of coalition with the PAP.

The PAP Government clearly intends to use the worldwide backlash against American tech companies to clamp down on one of the last avenues for freedom of expression and criticism of the Government available to Singaporeans. They sent three MPs and were the largest of the foreign delegations together with Canada (which has nearly ten times the population).

I do not understand why Singapore was invited since there is no freedom of expression or information and the last year has seen an intensifying crackdown on what little self-censoring alternative media there is left. Certainly the other Parliamentarians came from countries (France, Belgium, Canada and Argentina) that are real democracies and not fake ones and that have independent media and rights to freedom of expression.

The exchange between Edwin Tong and Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner, chilled my blood as it became quite clear that, whether through ignorance or intention, she was playing into his hands. He used what she said, without contradiction from her, to talk about the need for legislation to deal with non-criminal harms and the “quick spread” of information online. Tong uses the words “strong, quick levers” so Singaporeans should be familiar with what this means from previous actions against TOC, The Real Singaporean and State Times Review. He also talks about the need for society to be “protected” which is PAP-speak for we need to prevent you morons out there finding out the truth about your Government.

This is my open letter to Elizabeth Denham: [ LINK ]

At the end of the hearing the Parliamentarians signed a declaration on the “Principles of the Law Governing the Internet“. The preamble states that :

The declaration affirms the Parliamentarians’ commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability and the protection of representative democracy in regard to the internet.

Since the one governing principle of the PAP Government and the Lees has been to undermine representative democracy and uphold instead opacity and unfettered power without accountability for one family, it is indefensible that Edwin Tong was allowed to sign the declaration.

Point iv from the declaration is music to the ears of authoritarian governments like Singapore’s:

Social Media companies should be held liable if they fail to comply with a judicial, statutory or regulatory order to remove harmful and misleading content from their platforms, and should be regulated to ensure they comply with this requirement;

Because of course the PAP will decide what is “harmful and misleading” and that will include all criticism that has not been completely watered down and made toothless.

Singaporeans better not complain when their last free space to criticise the Government is taken away from them. I told them this would happen.


Kenneth Jeyaretnam

* The author blogs at




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10 Responses to “The PAP Are Coming After Your Last Free Space (Social Media) Next”

  • Nothing Lasts:

    Nothing Lasts forever.
    PAP technically speaking WILL eventually be gone.
    Scientific people accept this.
    But not the partisan people who are technically speaking at least brainwashed to some extent.

    This does not mean I like to see PAP gone. Just speaking as a scientific person.

    Singaporeans are lucky.
    The Total Absolute Controlled Singapore has so far not failed because there is no Corruption.
    Scientifically speaking , this is not scientific. Because I cannot prove there is no corruption.

    It’s Perceived No Corruption.

    With all the secrecy or opacity in the machinery and systems, we cannot scientifically say there is no corruption or there will not be corruption under such a totally controlled Singapore system. The system gives the state even more power than BN in Malaysia during Najib time.

    Even so , Malaysia has become the world’s most corrupt country although it could be other country because it has not yet been discovered.

    Before USA disclosed the corruption, the world also perceived Malaysia was doing well. Singapore is clearly perceived doing well and uncorrupted.

    Perception may be false but this scientifically also means perception could happen to be the Truth. Which lawyer can find fault with what i say?

    Back to my main point. A system of absolute control like Singapore allows got absolute corruption. But Singaporeans, as said, as Lucky, that there is no perceived corruption the scale of Malaysia.

    But this does not meant Singapore leaders cannot be corrupted. It has the best chance to be absolutely corrupted simply because Singaporeans have Always based on Trust that despite opacity and intimidations and self censorship, the system is uncorrupted. But the fact remains, such a system is most potent for absolute corruption. In short, it depends on your Luck , Singaporeans. It’s like the saying, if you have a good teacher , he teach you to be good. A bad teacher teach you to be bad.

    The fact is, LKY no longer exist and there is no one having the same statemanship or leadership or capability as LKY. Not GCT, not LHL. Of course not HSK or CCS. That goes without saying.

    So, I reiterate, singaporeans have been lucky from day one. They are unquestioning and over trusting and heavily reliant on their garment.

    How long can Singapore Luck last given that Nothing Lasts forever? I dare say I am undebunkable.

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  • LIONS:

    Lets just say,there’s no face of humanity left from among the PAP SCHOLARS anymore.
    All the high-profile CHARITY DRIVE$,particularly for OVERSEAS PROJECTS,seem a complete FARCE to boo$t face-value.
    Even our NGOs give that feeling.

    Seculari$m n MONETI$M IS WHAT PAP-i$m is all about,can any honest guy deny?

    Singapore is indeed a $HITTY,er,CITY,like one shrewd minister said,$IN CITY.

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  • Expired them:

    The POWER ultimately lie with the People.

    Come the next GE, We shall see by the results whether the Peoples agree with what PAP has been doing or NOT Agree with them and retract all the POWER Back from them.

    For me, I cannot accept;

    1. sky rocketing UNreasonable tax increases AFTER increases, GST 9% coming
    2. Undemocratic Fixing MiloIndianCumMalay
    3. Public Properties to Private party Properties
    4. Lies – FT creates more jobs, uncaring for own Singaporeans
    5. curbing away my Freedom of Expression and assembly [even Oppo Test balloon representation for the people was curbed and intimidated]
    6. Unaccountable, refuse to be transparent
    7. HDB so expensive become zero [my grandparents gave up big village land for 99 years come to nothing ZERO].

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  • PAP You are Expired!:

    Come after GE, I vision the *New Sitty Times flash Full Front page;


    That will be the best greatest news ever.

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  • byzantine:

    They are like the European Imperialists trying to shut down the printing press after its invention. We know what happened after that don’t we? You either open up or collapse in flames.

    We are seeing the last struggles of the PAP before our very eyes.

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  • HarderTruths:

    There is no social space in $G.
    It is also irrelevant what the UK thinks or does not think.

    For once can you oppo guys get together and think straight instead of making up your own stories on how b things are going to get? We know that already.

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  • Bapak:

    There was this documentary show on a group of cateract surgeons volunteered free service to a village in North Korea. The villagers having recovered the next day, lined up at the community hall to bowl, praise & give thanks to their leaders KIM’s photo, to the surprise to the volunteers. None had thanked the volunteers.

    If you dont say good things & praises the leaders, your family & you will be marked & fixed. The next phase after the going after the last media (social media). A new North Korea in the making.

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  • No:

    Li H Y and Lee S L, father and son, name different. Why?

    No corruption but cant declare assets.


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  • Dont make sense anymore:

    Stop awarding SG anymore ‘World’s Best’ or any other ‘highest’ accolades.
    Our gov doesnt deserve a good report card whilst the citizens’ freedoms are so controlled.
    People who give out such awards dont do an inept study on the country i feel.

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  • Bapak:

    There are two ways to find out on declare assets.

    1) Let’s see the Estate Tax will last how long – way long.
    2) Change government – faster. (Like what PH has dug out on Najib, within a short few months, after all his kakilangs’ head rolled)

    If Filipinos can topple Marcos, I don’t see why S’poreans cannot topple PAP. Status quo for too long is no good for the people. If Singaporeans got no balls, then it’s really game over.

    Li H Y and Lee S L, father and son, name different. Why?

    No corruption but cant declare assets.


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