Alvin Kek’s return to SMRT a foolish decision

Alvin Kek

I have read that Col (NS) Alvin Kek Yoke Boon (former SMRT Trains chief operations officer) has returned back to SMRT after serving his jail time for his latest drink driving offence. If that is true, then I disagree with SMRT’s decision to take him back. Let me explain.

I want to start by making it clear that I do not know Alvin Kek and I have nothing personal against him. All that I am concerned about is that standards, fairness expectations and discipline must be held up truly highly and seriously, especially in an organisation such as SMRT. SMRT is a national strategic transportation company which is very visible and an integral part of the lives of thousands and thousands of our citizens.

Apart from his latest drink driving incident that ended up in Woodlands with his China female friend, Alvin Kek is a repeat drink driving offender with a string of other traffic offences under his belt such as the using of a mobile phone while driving and the failure to conform to traffic light signals etc. SMRT’s management must understand by heart that merely having a world class MRT infrastructure CANNOT make it rise to the top and become truly world class if its people, especially its senior people cannot even take care of their own personal conducts and responsibility.

Any world class hotel or palace cannot be truly world class or grand if the people working in there screw-up their personal life again and again. It must eventually, one way or another, affect the hotel or the palace that they work in.

Furthermore, SMRT must also understand that despite the many good words put in for him by various different people, nobody is indispensable, not even prime ministers or kings. Throughout history, all the so called indispensable are at their graves. When people see that their senior colleagues or the privileged few or the wealthy or the well-connected people are not subjected to the same set of rules, expectations or discipline etc that they are subjected to, then grievances must build up and morale cannot be good even though they are not openly spoken.

I feel that for SMRT to take Alvin Kek back is a pound foolish decision. At our national level, if more and more of our citizens perceive that those privilaged few or the wealthy or well-connected people are subjected to a different set of rules whether during national service or employment opportunities etc and that perception takes root, over time, nobody will be able to put us back together as one united people again.


Simon Lim



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13 Responses to “Alvin Kek’s return to SMRT a foolish decision”

  • HarderTruths:

    Alvin Kek is somehow connected to the famliee or someone close.

    As with all despotic regimes what they want for one of their own – they get. So don’t waste your breath.

    Look on the bright side Simon – at least this is not given to an FT (yet) right?

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  • Bapak:

    Hi Simon, hope you are old enough to know the truth. It has been this G’s DNA. If you remember many many moons ago, there was a Jake minister had an affair with a near to China’s countries singer. Helped in visa matter too. Was removed but became Ambassador to that Magaret Thatcher’s country. Kakilang, ho kong wei.

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  • Double standards:

    Maybe he knows plenty secrets he has to be kept on smrt payroll.
    Others had gotten the boot for much less.

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  • Baffling isnt it?:

    ‘Guardians of the Secrets’ brotherhood..or his family are related the ‘inner circles’.
    Doesnt come cheap.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Where can Alvin goes to earn the same pay? Where else could he be enjoying the perk of the elites? Where could he be bossing around with police protection?

    Join the PAP of course!!

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  • opposition dude:

    Ha ha SMRT is well known for being a shitty company so why should this come as a surprise that they are taking back a drink driver?

    SMRT clearly has no credibility, not when Desmond Quek was in charge for 5 long years with train disruptions, flooding in Bishan and a langga at Pioneer well and truly remembered. Oh, and add cultural differences to the mix too! For an army guy there surely wasn’t any discipline anyway which also led to the deaths at Pasir Ris station.

    So with all the bad press on SMRT again I ask Simon Lim, why should taking back a serial drink driving bugger come as any surprise?

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  • 乎你死(HoLeeC, Vaticannot City):

    As we understand it, there is currently a grave shortage of manpower at SMRT, especially in its train-driver ranks, so he is being inducted back as a relief driver (although, at his pay scale, he would be its highest paid train driver; in fact the world’s most highly paid public transport driver) to help reduce such a shortage, albeit by one, as well as out of the service provider’s great deference to the national policy of having a Sillypoorean core (even though and even as the whole itself is rotten to the core, of course!).

    So, please, folks, let’s give it kudos (where cuckoos are due) and oblige, sorry, honor it with a standing ovation, thank yew! Erm, morning erection, anyone? Memeans: morning election, sollee.

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  • Foolhardy great dollar sense:

    “If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • rukidding:

    One cuntry Two system mah !

    This guy thinks he is “King” of the road …and “untouchable” like he was when he was a “Kernnel” ???

    If you know how to “suck” Hsien Tau’s Balls,…you surely will become Pinky’s “blue eye” boy.

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  • N.Jungne:

    No wonder nowadays Civil Servicds and Institutions are staff with drunkards and gamblers.

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  • LIONS:

    Dont worry,for OWN PAPple,if you cock up,you get 2nd,3rd n countless chances.
    Even minister blow budget got promoted to more important ministries?

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  • Rare AritoCAT . . .:

    > “If that is true, then I disagree with SMRT’s decision to take him back. ”
    They r AritoCATs. They r rare Breed. Got 2 protect ownself.
    Remember the Ballot Box !

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  • AnT:

    Has Simon checked Kek’s background and familee connections before even writing it?

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