Art of camouflaging greedy and unscrupulous motives

Singapore government has mastered this art of deception, always having fancy name for lousy policies. Eldershield is now Careshield, Greedy Enterprise is known as Social Enterprise and With me For Me is branded as With You For You.

When you dig into the policies, you discover you probably can’t piece them together, the information is all over the place and policies made so complicated that most Singaporeans do not have patience to read and investigate. Sometimes people do discover that they only show the nice part and when they try to use it, they are filtered and blocked with all sorts of terms and conditions. It takes people like Ang and Leong to decipher all these camouflaging of statistics but again, Singaporeans don’t like to read or perhaps they have so much fear about the govt that as long as they don’t know, they can pretend everything is in order.

Social enterprise no one really knows what’s going on until Seetoh launched a surprise. Of course they retorted but he did not give an inch, relaunched more facts and information to educate the public on unfair and greedy practices where poor hawkers were forced to sell low and pay high. But why the name is so freaking nice and compassionate but the policies and the people running it are greedy to the max?

Lets revisit all the above to understand that this is a typical Singapore model of maximum greed and disguised and covered up with nice names and showing you the nice parts. More than 10 retailers selling electricity? Sounds very nice and competition, but then they are just reselling from the same source. Look further, the prices work out quite similar. They call it real competition to help you lower cost.

Singaporeans are pretty naive lot, they just read the most popular newspaper, survey done by Nielson, the only newspaper in Singapore is by default the winner. CPF, withdrawal, Water, Electricity, Gas, COE, GST and all the other stuffs, always backed by nice stories, surveys and reports, a very perfect world. With you and for you, it is always about us. Wow we have the best government  world! But why 60% of us want to run road? Why are we having amongst the highest suicide in the world? If the country is so perfect,  why are so many people going on Internet to air their grievances that the govt is planning a fake news law to curb outbursts online.

Everything from them will always sound very nice but when you open up you will find worms inside. Face the facts, they are not angels, they are the blood sucking and leeching vamps you see on Netfix. Do you agree?





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16 Responses to “Art of camouflaging greedy and unscrupulous motives”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    This was how an Evil man name Hitler caused Germany to reel under his Evil spell…For the Fatherland(we will build a Metropolis from this swampland)…Reach for The Moon (Go into The Rainbow)…There is No Heaven…(is there a Heaven large enough to accommodate the past-present & future dead)…The Aryans are Superior to the Jews, Romanians and non-Aryans(we will create an Elite society with natural AristroCRAP)…The Elite Race (lower educated will BREED a POOL of IDIOTS)!!!

    Sound Familiar??? well Hitler’s Clone is now with him and their Master Satan

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  • LIONS:

    GREED breed$ $elfishne$$.
    And,from selfishness,SELF-CENTREDNESS is derived.

    The CURRENT PAP is full of GREEDY ppl.
    And so,you can expect them to be SELF-SERVING.

    Ah Long is the main CULPRIT.
    He has had it easy all his life and he does not understand the hardships common sgs are facing all because of him.

    He should be discharged in ignominy.

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  • One conclusion:

    The one n only conclusion is that they only tell fraction truth of all their policy hiding the major part which is essentially the policy which they woukd d to as their terms n conditions which u sign. What u think u know is unimportant as the terms n conditions erase all you think u know.
    A question for the legal profession: isn’t there a law that misrespresenting facts n information including putting the essential information deliberately in small print is criminal n can be charged in a Court Laes. Of course, this becomes invalid with bureaucratic compliancy or in plain language polanpa bootlicking brownosing culture prevailing.

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  • Perspective:

    Like implementing sugar tax in the interest of your health? LOL! Diabetes has also been linked to excess carbohydrate consumption, like rice and flour. Some fruits have high sugar content too (fructose). So must have rice tax, flour tax, banana tax and any food with high glycemic index?

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  • Love&FreshAirAlsoTaxed:

    This gov should change its name from PAP to =TAT.
    People’s Action Party ct Tax And Tax party.
    Thats all theyre good for!

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  • Perspective:

    Too much durians cause constipation; raises sugar level too! Must have durian tax? LOL!

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  • Bill Clinton LLP:



    You think they’re done? Wait till you hear what MOMmy JAWSFIN has in store for you guys down there (literally), all of you afflicted with sex-less syndrome.

    Word has it she’s ready to introduce “The No-Sex Tax Bill” (hereinafter “the Bill”) which is LAID out as follows:

    Citizen, permanent residents and residents on long-term pass (such as EP/SP holders) who have
    NO (UNPROTECTED) COITAL ACTION with their heterosexual partner,
    - including but not limited to one’s spouse, casual partner(s) on a regular basis, pick-ups from unexpected encounters/one-night standers, and paid service provider(s) -
    MORE THAN FORTY-EIGHT HOURS since their last verifiable coital action
    shall be subject to taxation (to be paid in one single installation) of 69% of their last declared income
    or 69% of the valuation of their total assets (including but not limited to real estate properties, bank deposit balances including unused portions of credit card &/or other available bank & other financial institution-approved loan balances),
    whichever is higher.
    [Addendum: Intercourse leading to no possibility of conception, such as the use of any method of contraception including condoms, contraceptive &/or morning-after pills, contraceptive implants/devices & so forth, is similarly subject to taxation quanta as described within the Bill.]

    The main reason for such a drastic (desperate) measure to be adopted (consideration is a foregone process in a one-party state parliament), undertaken is that the TRF, as we know, is too low to replace an ageing society and that very soon we will become a populace without workers, if current trends continue.

    In other words, not just a low population but one with hardly or NO MANPOWER! And if there’s no manpower, what justification is there to exist for a ministry of MANPOWER?

    So, JAWSFIN, with the overhanging threat of imminent removal from her MOMmy position due to non-performance due to TFR-linked KPI non-achievement, in order to save her job
    - and, more importantly, to protect her million-dollar ricebowl, in order to pay for the many mortgages she and her husband have taken out jointly and singly for obligations here and abroad -
    (understandably desperately) needed to find lightning-quick drastic countermeasures
    (to thwart the people’s unspoken strategy of deliberately & in silent defiance of not having sex so as to not get pregnant so as not to bear children who will become, like their parents and their parents’ parents before them, constitutionally-sanctioned leegal slaves to the powers-that-be)
    and her very smart (LKY-inspired) scholar-advisor subordinates came up with this NO-SEX TAX.

    Clever, eh, our scholars?

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  • Sincerity and the Ego:

    If we have to choose one word to characterize Confucian ethics, that word would have to be humanity. The main concern of Confucian ethics is the whole process of learning to be human. This process involves a total commitment, a continuous effort of self-refinement or self-improvement and a holistic vision of the entire project of moral education.

    Motivated by sympathy and compassion, a humane person establishes an ever-expanding network of interpersonal and cross-cultural relationships. Trust is implicit in these relationships. With trust, legal constraints are simply preventive measures. When interchange among peoples and cultures is conducted in good faith, civility pervades the process and mutual learning ensures.
    [Neo Confucian scholar Tu Wei Ming]

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    This gov should change its name from PAP to =TAT.
    People’s Action Party ct Tax And Tax party.
    Thats all theyre good for!

    Or you say, Twists And Turns

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  • True facts:

    They are looking for more spore bond fund now from SRS.

    you read today news.

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  • rukidding:

    You actually believe that they don’t tell you “fake News” ???

    Its how you “classify” what news is fake news right ???

    Well,…you don’t call them Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p.) these days for nothing !!!!

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  • Tolerance has a limit:

    SIN big B biws got all swelled head in Poland by a little con praise to throw away hundred of millions of Singaporeans hard earned money in the State Fund in a corruption studded campaign where even the first world experienced shrewds r there with their wayang n shrewd empty talk. This is donecdespite the growing dissent on the fast tax n fee increases beside the new taxes the bloated SIN politically selg gratified billionaires to fill the state fund for them th be con away by lilltle praises enough to get SIN political imberciles to go into pieces with pride. This kind of political scum Singaporeans can do without before they wipe clean Singapore n surrender the country as they have completely compromise the national security n makes NS men like idiots while they import scumbags or in the words of the nepotic shit greedy, hungry and aggressive filths of their respective countries. This has been preceeded by a bib plp PY who boasted of his ability to lure Nobel Laureates to listen to him n do as he has wanted them to do but the results turned out the real moron is this Bplp.
    Singaporeans have seen the PAP govt boasted of fantastic economic gains but why r Singaporeans feel that their standard of living is slipping fast under constant derogation n threats of the biws ministers that they have no problem to import foreigners to replace them. So Singaporeans before you r replaced let us replace these greedy hungry arrogant Bbiws one n all. Any govt is better than one who will sell the country just for a few wayang praises n much to bloat their wealth standing.

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  • for real?:

    @Bill Clinton LLP

    Hahaha! Very funny.
    Good imagination:)

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  • There Is No God (But Al’loot):

    @for real?

    It’s true, it’s true, God came to the toilet cubicle (I was inside with… Ah, nevertheless mind) and He personally confirmed to us, err, me Himself.

    Sad, huh? No sex also tax… Really crazee, this cunt tree.

    Worse if you have sex, lagi mountains more taxes! Because pregnancy costs money, prenatal costs money, birth costs money, confinement costs money, postnatal home rest costs money (self-employed leh, no work mah, what to do? Abohden – ownself pay ownself to rest meh?!), baby formula milk costs money, diapers cost money… later on leh, preschool (nowadays even PRE-preschool, got rite? Nursery, etc) costs money, older go PRI-SEC-PRE-U/POLY-university abroad also money, and then later “Pa, Ma, shotgun, how??” wedding also costs money!!!…

    Walau, think also scared (until balls shrink & shrivel wah), better not have sex, let that JAWSFIN cum tax me better, sex can be soooooo~ scarrilee scary de wor!!

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Like to add. They only tax the poor and not the rich.

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  • to believe authoritative agent:

    //Singaporeans are pretty naive lot, they just read the most popular newspaper, survey done by Nielson, the only newspaper in Singapore is by default the winner.//

    well, daft sinkies are conditioned to believe authoritative agents (appealing to authority) who perpetuate (constant marketing) their own ‘superior credential’. that’s where 151th standard comes it to ‘brainwash’ and ‘condition’ the psyche of the nation (pre internet age).

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