Is there honour and dignity in leaders suing their own citizens?

Political leaders distinguish themselves by making people’s lives better. The good and great ones are celebrated for uplifting spirits and well-being, leaving behind the legacy of a kinder, more tolerant, inclusive and gracious society.

No leader is ever admired for going in the opposite direction – inflicting pain by suing until pants drop (to borrow a phrase from the Workers’ Party’s Low Thia Khiang).

Yet all three Prime Ministers of our country have carried on the tradition of taking citizens to court.

The irony is that Singapore is not even considered a litigious society. In the United States and Australia, we have two of the world’s most litigious countries, where lawsuits are commonplace, but still we hardly ever hear of their politicians suing fellow citizens.

How did this practice of suing fellow citizens until pants drop come about in our country?

There are three possible explanations.

One: Singaporeans are more hot headed, ill-intentioned and malicious than citizens of other countries and therefor politicians are left with no choice but to sue them.

Two: leaders of other countries stand tall, confident and assured that their reputation speaks for itself and cannot be so fragile as to be easily besmirched by people of far lesser standing and stature.

Three: as with most things, Lee Kuan Yew started it so the tradition must be preserved because what worked for him then must surely work today.

You could eliminate one as too far-fetched, but two and three are patently not overstretching it.

Achieving honour and upholding dignity, integrity and reputation comes from exemplary service and leadership – and surely not from proving falsehood and guilt through lawsuits.

And it’s somewhat of a mockery when siblings cannot be sued but opponents, critics and bloggers are sitting ducks.

Before long, Singapore will have its fourth Prime Minister. What are the chances of him keeping to the tradition of suing fellow citizens until pants drop?



Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.




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17 Responses to “Is there honour and dignity in leaders suing their own citizens?”

  • RDB:

    Peeing And Pooing poolitical fartty are so no confidence until they must make opposition parties naked so that they can foolishly feel that well dressed “gentlemen” in disguise all the time. So childish wan hor. but some 65-70% Sinkies just so dumb ass foolishly love them nevertheless. Even though it makes them even more foolish than whom they love at each election to then grumble or even curse until the next election to same same do the sama sama same stupid assholes voting yet again.

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  • LIONS:

    OR,maybe its time the CITIZENS SUE THE GAHMEN?


    THEY CALL YOU DAFT AND XENOPHOBIC AND LITTERERS OF THE PUBLIC when they keep quiet when their fake FTs ,dumped here by the trash-truckloads contribute more to litterring than most average sgs?

    so,since the govt loves *sue-ing*,who are gonna sue them?


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  • rukidding:

    Ya Lor,…rich get richer

    Rich “cheat” by “instiling Fear”…fear of being made Poor due to suing.

    Private businessman…still understandable and accepted for his reason to sue.

    As for politicians ????…..why the need to sue ?,…why cannot just “public apology” alone and maybe doing Community work hours as form of “punishment and repent” ???

    Politicians that “sue until your pants drop” type,…definitely themselves are “questionable” type,…that is why ,..they “instil fear as opposed to forgiveness ”

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  • Life goes on:

    Answer is yes.

    Next peed man will follow suit coz that d*honourable chap is right behind him.

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  • Bapak:

    Fourth PM not from PAP lah!

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  • Boh Kia See:

    This is called bullying–pure and simple. That is what the PAP is good at. Ask yourself the question is it “for you with you”?

    All over the world, such actions will be thrown out of Court. There was a case in Canada where the Singapore Government was thrown out of Court. Then you have the Amos Yee case, there it was obvious that immigration judge saw through the PAP charade.

    So citizens should be aware, that the PAP is never for you at all. They are all for themselves and look after themselves and their cronies. Come next election, my feeling is that there will be a lot skullduggery that will go on during the campaign.

    Individual citizens should take it upon themselves to go around their block and each floor to tell the people about the PAP’s lies and deceptions and the impact on their lives.

    There could be a better future, but the citizens must want it enough to kick the PAP out for good.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    When you have a leader who was a Coward & Traitor…Usurp POWER from his Comrades, murder UNBORN child as a form of keeping lower educated from Breeding a CessPool of Idiots through LEEgal Abortion, AND destroying anyone or anything that stand in his Evil Ways……

    The 3 Points you RAISE is a Walk in the Park for Men with such EVILNESS in them!!!

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  • A no substance gov:

    Before long, Singapore will have its fourth Prime Minister. What are the chances of him keeping to the tradition of suing fellow citizens until pants drop?
    Dont worry, even if the next pm is not the “suing till pants drop” kind, the others will teach him how to do it.



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  • One n only country:

    SIN since LKY has his wish to establish his dynasty or nepotic regime, SIN is the only country where political leaders paid themselves mmultimillions, have multiple mmillions ministers manning a ministry of a small red dot. Besides they have used anytime they require to do something which they cannot come up themselves. They also took theor liberty to use the state fund for their glorification as these contribute nothing to the benefits of Singaporeans. The most bizzard was the most stupid meetingbof the century between a commo whivh SOiN has on its excuse imprisoned without trial or ISA for years n in fact achiev the longest serving political prisoner in the world beating the records of South Oafrica. It also has the most number of legal suites again the citizens for soeculating what lies behind their operation in the dark. It is also one n only country in the world where the leader openly derogated the citizens as daft or stupid n insult the citizens who voice against a tich Brit scum who has insulted the public transport users as stink while a member of the poliburo sided him n condemn the nation patroits as a bunch of lnchers. It is one n only country where the ministe openly threaten the citizens that he has no problem to import foreigners to replace them leading to a spike in retrenchment of citizens from the job.

    Yes this is the only country where the political leaders can work AGAINST the interests n benefits of the nation n her people n work in collaboration with the hungry, greedy n aggressive foreigners for their own interests n benefits including spending billions of the state fund to provide hundreds of thousand of dollars to provide free educations of hundreds of thousands of foreign students from primary to postgraduate egree courses while at the same time urge the citizens that there is no necessity to get a uni degree. This is perhaps the only country which want their citizens no to do their best to reach as high academically as possible.

    Yes SIN really is one n only country where the political leaders secure first in negative governance for the citizens which put them in power for 5 decades. Truly the world greatest ingrates n deserved to be name as Guiness record holder for SIN ingrates!

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  • Better Tomorrow for ALL:

    Pampered Child by Singaporeans themselves.

    Make the Change, everything return to normal and a Better Tomorrow for ALL.

    Considering that many of his immigrants have infiltrated the system, so ALL sinkies must ACT together to make the Change. As long as you are sinkies, you better take care of your Children Future.

    No time to wait. No 2nd Chance. Before all sinkies are replaced, Just Do IT!. With this, the result may just be 50/50. I’ll considered as 1st battle WON, at the very least halt the 2/3.

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  • Stand up to bullies:

    Bullies always pick on victims smaller or weaker than themselves.
    Typical description of the PAPs.
    But when victims stand up to bullying & fight back bravely, the bullies will run away/ stop bullying.
    So folks are ye brave enough yet?

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  • Political Greed:

    Singaporeans ought to be alarmed when SIN political leader advocated in his address to NTUC, a lackey/plp of PAP that if Singaporeans want jobs, they have to be hungrier, greedier n more aggressive than the foreigners they imported by the millions making mockery of NS n national security. If PRC wants to take over the nation, the niumber of their citizens r sufficient to perform an internal external strategy so also with the Indian, Indonesian, Pinoys. The possibility is as real as berrachan threatening citizens that he has no problem to import more foreigners to replace Singaporeans meaning he has mno problem to surrender the country presumably with him moronically think he will gain from that.
    Political greed as history has shown can lead to sacrificing a whole country during an epidemic n they have no damn ideas except to gain from the tragedy by stocking up medicine n remarket it to the govt at phenomenal price. This has seen in Singapore heathcare cost. All hospitals in SIN are privatised n the cost for repeated consultation with a specialist has risen from $30 to the current $120 in a matter of less than 5 years. Doctors rationalized the rise in the same line of argument as Goh CT when out of envy catalysed greed, he ssked the whole Parliament filled with their party members to raise the minister salary to equal the average of a single digit munber of top paying CEOs of MNCs. The outcome was as obvious as the sun rises from the east n set in the west.. The doctors’ rationale is that life is the most impt in a person n they save life, hence their works r no less valuable than a CEO or political leader meaning they should get no less than millions like the aP ministers. They condescend that they would allow bonus floating unlike the minister. Dentists r next to feel that they deserve just as much. Finally as the great politician told the international media Singaporeans r daft in his Cambrige Queen English which many low salaried Sinkies think that their great leader is complimenting them to be peaceful people like the dove. Other Sinkists cant bear the banana lofty attitude n translated it to stupid, a word all sinkies understand. This understanding urshered in all the curses in the different languages n dialects. The best is from natualised Hongki Humkachan. Ironically it has hum as in , mee siam mai hum n berrachan the gyu with no problem to kicj Sinkies out n replace them with foreigners. This wave of kpkb get the darkie to respond to the media as noises of the environment.
    A plp with no soul n no shame!

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    Too sad to comment.Still mourning….

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  • Virtuous aristocracy?:

    Well, LKY had always insisted that Singapore as an island state could never afford to bear the strains of disunity or dissenting political agendas – to which most people with disciplined worldviews would largely agree. But what the founding fathers never agreed to endorse was this crony-capitalist political economy which we are today, which is really not “with the people for the people” – in fact, an administration that usurps the people’s compulsory retirement savings in the service of “national interests”.

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  • Bystander:

    Dun think Heng would do copy cat, but CCS, if by default becomes PM, will definitely do, as latter lacks substance to hold himself up, so must hide behind the country’s Laws to maintain his fragile dignity.

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  • rentier (rent-seeking) society:

    //This has seen in Singapore heathcare cost. All hospitals in SIN are privatised n the cost for repeated consultation with a specialist has risen from $30 to the current $120 in a matter of less than 5 years. Doctors rationalized the rise in the same line of argument as Goh CT when out of envy catalysed greed, he ssked the whole Parliament filled with their party members to raise the minister salary to equal the average of a single digit munber of top paying CEOs of MNCs.//

    aiyoh. rentier (rent-seeking) society. sinkie land has all the right ingredients (moving parts) in our sinkie land INC. for basic base cost to go high and higher – remember gst to help the poor, 30% water rate increase (basic somemore), etc . all the white idiotic BS.

    white idiots tell you no or scare resources (playing on fear and siege mentality) but white idiots keep on squeezing the island with even more people (many chat-ba-lang ppl) fighting / competing for scare resources e.g land, space and jobs.

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  • Political Science Lession:

    It was becos of political greed n arrogance that prompted a govt to suppresses freedom of the citizens to voice their dissatisfaction of its policy indicating the govt has lost its sensibility that its fundamental existence is to protect the nation n her people for without the populace, there is no nation n the govt becomes a non entity. It is becos of lack of political differences that help to restrain the power therebe from following blindly their ill thought thru policy till it engages irreparable intolerance n unhappiness. Chinese political philosophy has a well known warning to political leader that water ( citizenry) can float a vessel (govt) n similarly can sink the vessel but this wisdom is increasingly not heeded as political arrogance increases with small successes n fortunately it logically led to a regime change n the cycles of dedication, success, arrogance, tyranny n regime change. SIN seniors witness the political cycle follows exactly the same cycle n is near the end by the increasing intolerance of the prevailing power to political criticism. The stupid notion of complete suppression of political opposition n citizen adversed criticism n fear would sustain them like water floats a vessel forgetting it could be as easily . The world has gone thru several change of political systems dynasty, communism, democracy. Democracy seeking appropriate checks n balances is seen by political scientist scas probably the best system if the govt or power there be has the wisdom to help promote the basic tenets of democracy by providing rooms for sustenance of opposition political forces to maintain a sufficient checks n balances or the principle of yinyang as the chinese philosophy advocate not just for politic but family n down to the health of a person which they sum up as a healthy person both in mind n soul leads to a heathy populace n thus a healthy nation.

    The simplicity n naivity of pap to do what they desire for their n party benefits at the expence of unhappinese of the citizenry until when the next ekection approaching when they will try to hookwink the citizenry by wayanging to have the citizens welfare in mind but thereafter they will go back to their greed n arrogance n greater neglect n vindictive policy. All SIN seniors have this cycle repeated n each cycle worsens.

    UMNO is dispensible as it has lived out of its existence. PAP is no difference n possibly has long outlive its relevance. This coming GE will be a historical witness to how many time Singaporeans can be slapped before they come to their senses that the power of governance is in their hands.

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