Another broken promise by PAP

In August 2015, residents of Potong Pasir were promised a new internal bus service as there had already been countless amounts of feedback over the need for more internal bus services in Potong Pasir.

Hence, it is somewhat disingenuous of Sitoh Yih Pin to state now with the introduction of 142A during peak hours that ‘many residents have feedback that Bus Service 142 has caused inconvenience to them due to overcrowding and irregular frequencies during peak hours’ and that ‘he has looked into the matter to understand the concerns of the residents’.

Has he forgotten his own election promise of 2015 to add a new internal bus service?

Also, there is only one space provided on most of the buses for elderly and less-able residents. Residents like Eugene Png and others on wheelchairs have had to sometimes wait for three buses before being able to get on during peak hours.

The buses which serve Potong Pasir and other towns which have a substantial number of residents in wheelchairs need to be fitted to provide more room for them.


*Facebook post by Jose Raymond.



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12 Responses to “Another broken promise by PAP”

  • Bapak:

    When has PeeAndPoo ever kept their promises? One bus service you kpkb. CPF, such a big elephant, you guys kept quite. Now do you understand why the Old Hack called us daft?

    PeeAndPoo will not give you guys a chance to VTO with this empty promise. Potong Pasir will disappear, it will go under Ang Mo Kio GRC, you guys got to congratulate yourself for that disappearing act. Go bang your own balls.

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  • opposition dude:

    All they will tell you is that more buses have been deployed on 142 and that is case closed as far as they are concerned.

    Potang Pasir voters were robbed on service 147 all those years ago when PAP couldn’t win it back from Mr Chiam. Simi excuse of extending the route to serve Hougang bullshit and all that. Potong Pasir is now under PAP and a lot has been done to the estate so I guess the opposition won’t be winning it back anytime soon.

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  • Asd:

    No election no need to do anything la… anyway will do what they did not say so whats the point of manifesto and rally speeches ?

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Stupid and gutless Stinkies dealing with the PAP Government devil gone wrong… deserve what you voted for. Suck it up and stop your whinging.

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  • mike:

    Repent Potong Pasir – REPENT

    Potong Pasir as a Single Member Constituency may have chance of disappearing in coming or future GE.

    Wait and see. Karma.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Promises are MADE to be BROKEN…PaP philosophy…”Loo see loo a TACHI”

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  • rukidding:

    Potong Pasir residents “suddenly” lost their “balls”…now, they should know that “they are being punished” for their past “mis deeds” !

    Don’t be stupid,…with a “small boy” Pinky as their Leeder, think he is “willing to forgive and forget” ???

    Potong Pasir people should start “searching back their balls” !

    But I tell you this,…these Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p) have already “cheated” on you guys because the “erectorate boundaries” have been “re-drawn” again to ensure you guys will be “marginalised” !

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  • Don't u know, daft PP citizens:

    GE was over. PAP plpmp got elected. Loyalty now to party. Daft citizens of Potong Pasit u kpkb some more, PAP has no problem to import foreigners to Potong Pasir. So u kpkb some more. PAP mP only serves foreigners , PAP n themselves, daft potong parsirians. u wait until next GE when plp PAPmp needs your votes again daft or stupids. Then a few hundreds shut u up n hell of a lot free promises eill get u wagging your tails ticking the lightning box art the polling station. Now u know shits will always be shits but how can daft stupid singaporeans remain daft stupids ge after ge. Pathetic dafts kpkb n possibly someone has been whispering into your ears that putting a tick in the box means not voting for the shit by the side of the box. Ha ha ha no wonder the King Skit can publicly announced to the world that Sinkies are daft or stupid if you think he mean dove the lovely birds look like pigeon n not pigeon just like plp looks like humam but not human but shits! Understand. Dont kpkb, just VTO! A honest man is better than a man who is filled with free promises or use your money to make you happy just for a couple of months before you have to give back with shark interest!

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  • Bernard Tan:

    Dear Citizens,

    The only true work is your own work. Nobody owns you a living.. So, you choose you deserved the outcome. SENIOR and young citizens stop complaining. You reap what you sow. I am a senior citizen defined by the senior card dictated by the incumbents. No and/or reduced market value and need retraining. All are bullshit. You got to decide for yourselves and your childrens, childrens future too. If greed, fear etc. persist in you, no one can help you. Even your God can’t help you. The choice is yours and your’s alone. VTO regardless of Single or GRC. Life goes on without the self centred, greedy, aloft etc.. of most incumbents.

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  • Promise For What?!:

    SG spent 14 BILLIONS on DEFENSE YEARLY. How money was SPENT?! Anyone CARES?
    We keep generating GENERALS after GENERALS. Yet, these GENERALS kept FAILING.!!!
    Look at HuaWei, it CEO is NEITHER COLONEL nor GENERAL. But he MANAGES to groom HuaWei to a WORLD renowned COMPANY. In SG, we PUMP in tons of RESOURCES to GROOM GENERALS but THEY KEEP FAILING.
    Fark the PAP. All LIARS.
    Liars LIKE Edwin, Vivian., Grace Fu, Lee Bee Hwa, all still GETTING MILLIONS by DOING SHIT WORK>!! Fark the PAP.!! Fark IT.!!

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  • LIONS:

    The only promi$e the PAP keeps is to COLLECT MORE MONEY from ordinary sgs.

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  • Python 5:

    not happy go n buy car lah. more loans, more debts.
    debt fuelled false prosperity.

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