Declining public service standards in Singapore

It was reported in the Chinese media that SingPost has apologised after getting caught trying to trick a man who paid $7,000 to distribute flyers.

A massage parlour owner paid $7,000 to SingPost to print and distribute 65,000 flyers in Sengkang and Punggol. Instead of fulfilling their end of the commercial agreement, no flyers were distributed at all. When questioned by that man, SingPost attempted to dupe him into thinking that it had been carried out.

SingPost is a public-listed company in Singapore. Naturally, certain minimum professional conducts and behaviours must be expected of it. Any right thinking citizens with some sense of honesty and responsibility shouldn’t tolerate such unprofessionalism and dishonesty, especially one that involved a public listed company.

Is the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) aware of what this member company has done? And if it does, is it turning a blind eye to the incident without any reprimands and allowing such business conducts to drag our country’s reputation through the mud?

But that is not the most important point.

All HDB letter boxes have latches to stop unwelcome commercial flyers from being slotted in. When SingPost staff go about their daily delivery rounds, they have master keys to open up all letter boxes and slot their own commercial flyers into these letter boxes, never mind whether the owner locks it or not.

This blatant disregard of flat owners’ wishes to decline commercial flyers is appalling. Although profit is not a dirty word, such outright blatant abuse of their monopoly power in their pursuit of profits shouldn’t be further tolerated. Such unethical business practice cannot be acceptable at all.

If such arrogant and dishonourable behaviours are ignored by our apathetic and indifferent citizens, similar arrogant behaviours must spread to other aspects of our lives. Never forget that a nation of sheep must begets a government of wolves.


Simon Lim



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19 Responses to “Declining public service standards in Singapore”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Money Talks Simon!!! and Bullshit Walk leh!!!

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  • Bring in some competition:

    Shocking news!
    Nowdays many gov entities have private competitors, right?
    Eg taxi & bus operators, Internet service providers, etc, even hawker centres are not spared.
    So why not let in a new Postal Service Provider as well, eh?
    Maybe a little bit of competition will serve them right..and be good for our citizens.

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  • How about ?:

    Hey man. How about news of sg loh kean yew kick china lin dan arse in thai masters title.

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  • longkang kia:

    good piece simon. my question here is, “what can we do about it?”
    one word answer. nothing.
    thank you and goodbye.

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  • Bapak:

    The only cuntree in the world with declining service yet get an iron-rice-bowl post with super high pay plus very generous bonuses. Where to find? Fight die won’t go!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I bought an item online, it was delivered to the wrong address. Fortunate the wrong addressee returned the package to me.

    Another time I bought 2 items online, I was informed both items were to be delivered on the same day. When I checked my letter box, there was only 1 item. One item went missing. Both items were stated as delivered on the tracking status.

    I always worry when online seller informed me that my purchased items were to be delivered by SingPost.

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  • Promotion by polanpa skill:

    How to be good? All polanpas concentrate on is how to perfect po-skill tp get more redit points to get better rewards. Ask uncle Leong how effective the polanpa gets to him than the original source who may not be in the black list of the gorilla gang with its herd of eunuch n fart worms draining off via the gorilla farts. Isn’t that how CPF Roy got smoked out by the gorilla foul fart with the worms circulating around
    Lau Li is helplessly looking on from hell how his empire is steadily farted away by the gorilla he has uncannily fed n praised for lossing billion till it get hungrier, greedier n more aggressively to rip off the old couples limbs, fingers n toes. The academic economist must be kicking himself for his poor jjudging in investing thousand of gold in the now hepless royal family halg dead while the other half trampled by the gorilla he has psychoed to kick his poor genes around n to ursup his empire n slaughter the grass pull clean hthe roots.
    Pathetic old shithead bully his benefactors till karma dictates it has to come around to his off prine n princess n worse to totally wipe out the Lee to jingle n ho ho exiled. Remember Tan Wah Piau, Francis Seow, TanLH ran like hell is now karmaing on his preset G3 sucessor to his empire. Jaya, D Nair n Suicided doctor n WeeWee must be laughing at the poor helpless challenger. Who is laughing best now?

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  • LIONS:

    More pay,less work.
    Every govt agency idling away.
    Even our roads are not clean anymore.
    Something so obvious as this n yet the govt bochup.

    What about those not visible to naked eyes.

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  • Heart failure:

    In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so.
    - Immanuel Kant

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  • sue SingPost for cheating:

    File a police report or sue SingPost for cheating.

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  • opposition dude:

    Let’s not even talk about declining service standards, how about blatant arrogance and total disregard when it comes to spending money?

    - $1 billion Bishan Park makeover if you can remember that far back

    - $900k bin centre

    - Failed AGO audits

    - Money spent on foreign scholars. Last reported figure was $36 million

    Many, many more examples I’m sure that I have not mentioned.

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  • pian chiak culture:

    chat ba lang pian chiak pian chiak culture lor. no wonder certain so-called talents can get away it (if managed to get away with it w/o being caught) and still get highly rewarded.

    hooray, more open-leg policy more gdp growth ? but can sinkie land handle this chat-ba-lang hungry culture ? hungry culture may mean grab first explain later (even with lies) ? so boh pian lor (deteriorating standard), what is done is done lor. lately hor, you see all the ‘problems’ start coming out hor ? perhaps, now the ‘incubation period’ of the white idiotic policies is over and the disease is slowly showing and spreading wider its coverage.

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  • rukidding:

    Leeder “crooked”….the rest …follows !

    somebody said that the “ils landing system” was installed because a malaysian carrier , Firefly …requested for it ????..and they now do not understand why Malaysia is kpkb about it ???


    I question why should our “almighty ,arrogant” Government,..even “entertain” such a small carrier company request at all ?

    I guess, this somebody did not want to “dig deeper or reveal deeper”…that firefly has link to Rosmah and Najib ???

    I guess ..that somebody didn’t know that the New Government of Malaysia is all against many of the previous “rogue Government” dealing”s ???

    I question how funny it is when you say you want to “make peace”…but yet continue to “make silly claims” to prove that you are right and Malaysia was the one trying to create problems ??

    I question the “sillyness” in showing satellite pictures of Tall Cranes and Towers in Pasir Gudang as a case for argument that there are presently tall structures already in existence ???…when most of what was shown are “mobile, moveable structures” that can be easily “dis-assembled or relocated”….unlike Commercial large buildings or even a planned CBD district.

    As for chimneys,..these were built a long time ago..and if need be,..can still be easily demolish at minimum inconvenience or cost to Malaysian government…when future expansion calls for the need to demolish.

    How silly things can sound when highly paid individual can “overlook” such details and make silly claims as case for arguments ?

    How do we ( as neighbour) going to know what your neighbour had in mind to develop further ???…and “refuse” to “understand” their case as support argument ?

    Don’t they have their right to even plan and built a BUSY, HEAVILY DENSED Central Business District in that area ,..when we ourselves even started to change the face of Jurong Lake ???

    Why YOU CAN…OTHER PEOPLE CANNOT hve their rights to their own land use ??

    If the New Malaysian Government had gone ahead and allow an ILS to “stop or slant” the growth and development plans…how are they going to achieve a CBD in Pasir Gudang ????

    I think as Good neighbours , we shouldn’t be “insisting” that we are always right just because we ourselves want to grow,…dosen’t mean that your neighbours need to “obey, agree or follow” !…we have no right !

    We also have NO RIGHT to tell “half truths” or “create silly case arguments” just to make our neighbours “look more as the villian” ?

    This is the problem when too much power is given…it becomes “dangerous” when “wrongly use” !!!

    Leaders must lead with a upright conscience …very important !

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  • rukidding:

    Talk is cheap !

    Somebody spoke of the 5 pillars of our Total defence and the importance of it .

    However,…I “laugh” over it !

    Just go “RE-EVALUATE” our 5 pillars and straight away you will realised that 3 of our 5 pillars were already “diluting away” and on the path of “self destructed” soon after some “Chow Hum” took over .

    Namely….Social defence, physological defence and civil defence.

    If you analyse deeper,…all these 3 Defences have already been and become useless the moment we “allowed” too many “Foreign talent and por lan pars” to “enter” into the “system” !

    Today,…every piece of word or speech coming out from those “pigs” have “two meanings and two objectives”….not good for “local consumption” !

    When Leeders goes “crooked”….everything is about “self”…and everything is about “protecting self or some special interest group” !

    There is “unhealthy addictions” and “craved” !

    “Crooked Leeders” therefore “breeds” …”crooked” followers !

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  • rukidding:

    Senior civil servants and Ministers must have “Good foresight” and able to have “crystal balls that sees 30 years” and years ahead.

    Senior civil servants and ministers must always be “upright” and not be “tempted by vice,$$$ and material wealths ,power”…otherwise “abuses” sets in and “greed” comes into play !

    Senior civil servants and Ministers must know how to “walk with GOD” and not “walk with the devils” !

    So?…is thaksin and Najib …”walking more with GOD or the devil” ??

    So,..who does Mai Hum “loves more”??…Dr M or Botak ?..Thaisin or the current Gen?..Gen Priya ??

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  • A Better World with NO CHINA!:

    - Racing Towards The End of the World -

    This is what happens when China opens up
    - and releases two, just two, generations of physically, mentally & spiritually-stripped de-moraled remnant-survivors of its own Auschwitzes (Chairman Mickey Mao-se’s Great Leap Forward & Cultural Revolution) into and unto an civilized humming-along-fine China-less world!

    Welcome to the real face of the modern-day Middle Kingdom, never mind forty years after Rodeo Deng opened her up (but forgot to reform her)!

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  • Name & shame way to go:

    The person responsible for that cheating incident is local or ft? If sg they sure to print name n photo…if ft , we wont get to know. Why liddat?
    Why not name and shame.
    Today SingHealth fired 2 n demoted a couple top staff resp for the data breach.
    Names n designation published.
    So what about SingPost ?

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  • Conspiracy theorist or Holmes?:

    All these ‘new’ postmen from tiongtiongland (and perhaps other lands, too?) are so scary.

    There may come a time when they decide not to deliver to you your freshly-issued credit cards from your FI but keep them for themselves while monitoring/keeping tab on the next important correspondence (namely, the sealed PIN notification) addressed to you(r unit), and that’s basically it
    - game over for that credit card’s limit (originally meant for you, your purposes).

    Good luck, all you who have just applied for new credit card(s);
    don’t be shocked when one of those newly approved ah-beng debt collector/“debt recovery teams” turned up one fine day at your doorstep (or horrors, your workplace!) to demand payment for busted limits on a card you’d applied for but never received and therefore never used once at all yourself!

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  • what hungry culture is:

    //All these ‘new’ postmen from tiongtiongland (and perhaps other lands, too?) are so scary.//

    hahaha. never mind. this is what hungry culture is, just that more and more (6.9m or 10m ?) are here already (many either PRs or citizens) and it gets manifested more and become more noticeable – even overwhelming the kiasi & kiasu culture – see monkey do monkey lor (all the bad examples), else how to survive if they are so hungry and can get ‘applauded’ somemore.

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