Defense Minister should step down

The Defense Minister has not shown any proficiency on his core subject when he uttered those words that soldiers should “report safety issues” to stop training.

He doesn’t seem to understand how the army is run. Any soldiers who chose to do that will be subjected to disciplinary actions of insubordination.

The safety aspects of the soldiers lies heavily on the responsibility of the senior NCOs and Officers. No matter how thick your TSR (Training Safety Regulations) is, ultimately the Senior NCOs and Officers have to make judgement on safety issues. It is totally impossible for anyone to remember the whole TRS or even so, impossible for TSR to cover all aspects and situations of safety issues.

For reservist training, even Senior NCOs and Officers might have forgotten most of the operational things they had learnt. There must be enough Regular instructors and trainers around to advise or provide guidance. This is the main shortcomings of having a conscript reservist army.

We have so many ex top elite scholar paper generals in PAP’s cabinet. I am really puzzled why PAP has to put a non military trained doctor to be the Defense Minister instead of an of the generals who are supposedly equipped with better knowledge of how an army function.

Instead, they put these generals into portfolios which they do not have the core knowledge and expertise!

Defense Minister should step down as he has shown that he doesn’t have the competency and in-depth knowledge on how the army works. His appointment as Defense Minister doesn’t instill any confidence at all.


Goh Meng Seng



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18 Responses to “Defense Minister should step down”

  • Bapak:

    Because the current so-called top generals in Parliament are all greenhorns. Fast pace promotion, no practical experience, you think Pinky Panty will trust them with his money if these greenhorns are not tested on their loyalty first?

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  • N.Jungne:

    The Whole of PAP should go lah why keep the rest? They TKSS only.

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  • rukidding:

    Actually not only him must “GO”….the “WHOLE PAPPY TEAM,..including their cronies” must “GO” !

    As for that “Son of a Gun”….I suggest that those “HIV infected” group of people should gather together an “planned” how to give this “son of a Gun” a “surprised Love bite, kisses and baby scratches” to “celebrate” and “remember” his “Good work” done !

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Goh SM;

    NOL was sold by a general and soon he will be selling SPH!

    PAP’s ministers are in not because of competency, they are there because they say “YES” the loudest. Take Josephine Teo as another example!!

    The only way to correct this is by the voters not the PAP!!

    Some one said this “Idiot politician is not the problem, the problem is having idiot voters keep voting them in”.

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  • RDB:

    Their defense minister is there to defend theirs and his very own error of ways. Otherwise, why they all as ministers need to talk cock!

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  • Regime change is the answer:

    When NEH said enlisted men should stop work and report safety issues proves he is not competent. (He also made the stupid statement that it is not possible to have 100% safe training. While true he should not have said it in public. This likely had the adverse consequences of not taking MAXIMUM effort to improve safety.) Why put the onus on NS men to look after safety. Many of them “switch off” because they are not really keen on NS but are forced to do it. The main responsibility for safety is with NS officers and higher up to Defense Minister. 3 deaths in 9 months are unacceptable. NEH should resign or be sacked. PAP should be held responsible and accountable.


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  • MarBowling:

    Thought the above fface is that of Son of the Gan. Anyway, both he and CHICKEN HEN have to perform Hara Kiri in FRONT of the public to atone for their $in in causing so many death of young Singaprean under their fiacking watch!

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  • WTF Sold Already:

    PAP, has been known, Committees to shielding;

    Now indirectly blame the army boys, the soldiers, your precious sons for not reporting on any safety issues.

    Now, Army Boys Shielding. LOL.

    Well, if you think about it, can stretch to “You die your own business”, “Why don’t report Safety Issues to us”.

    LOL, your sons being paid peanuts now instantly become Technical and Safety Experts…… WTF while their salaries into the millions.

    BTW… soldiers mean “Sold Already”, your son.
    Their sons, not soldiers, they got “Craps”.

    In any case, is inappropriate and literally “Stupid” and not right for him to utter the words at this moment, but is typical of these MIW, no heart, the beast kinds, what do you expect.?

    Your Son Sold Already, You have yourself to blame.

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  • opposition dude:

    “There must be enough Regular instructors and trainers around to advise or provide guidance.”

    We all know there aren’t enough regulars in the SAF lah, do you remember having any regular be your 3SG? No right, whole camp after 6pm when encik and OC balek is 100% all NSFs.

    And as we can all clearly see, both ministers still aren’t tightening the reins, it gives you the impression that these 2 donkeys don’t know what to do and just cannot give a damn. As long as still getting that very nice salary until the next election then it’s all that matters.

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  • We not stupid lah!:

    “We have so many ex top elite scholar paper generals in PAP’s cabinet. I am really puzzled why PAP has to put a non military trained doctor to be the Defense Minister instead of an of the generals who are supposedly equipped with better knowledge of how an army function.

    Instead, they put these generals into portfolios which they do not have the core knowledge and expertise!”

    70%, what do you think? Why didn’t they put Hen at MOH and a Paper General at MID? That would have made some cow sense right?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Why is he smiling like that? Does he have a mental problem?

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  • Blind leading the blind:

    Screw ups aplenty across board..
    A total overhaul is needed, pronto!

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  • Think big:

    Making them resign is too easy.
    Most already accumulated mil$ or perhaps bil$ of taxpayers money in salaries n huge bonuses..
    Vote as many out next GE n make them lose face better..cuz it’ll be reported worldwide after the GE results come in and are announced.

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  • LIONS:

    he is even unpopular amongst the PAPies n cannot make it to CEC?

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  • apek:

    His CEO wife should resign too.

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  • old man:

    Sue him for failure to keep our private data secured. Can’t the 14,000 patients sue him. Again he is protected by the law that was put in place by 83 PAP MPs. Time to vote them out and strike this clause out.

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  • hot, hotterer, hotterest:

    //he is even unpopular amongst the PAPies n cannot make it to CEC?//

    aiyoh. renewal lar. ministars may choose to leave lar. sinkie land is getting hot, hotterer, hotterest with each and every passing day. the conditions have already being sowed for serious climate change (‘bad’and ‘worse’ things to happen) in sinkie land and this is going to be ‘regular news’ lar.

    can observe that chat-ba-lang standard has reached critical point in many private and public organizations already lar.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    How many deaths would it take before the HEN would step down?.The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Damn it , 9 deaths ordy , the answer is still blowing in the wind ?
    What about the deaths all the years before the 9.
    Really not just the no blame culture self practiced by themselves for themselves but their self paying themselves the most irrational , unreasonable ridiculous highest salaries n bonuses in the world must go . So also must go is their grand scheme of the more foreigners imported and the lesser tru blu Sgs , the better for them . They have no love lost for Sg sons and daughters.

    If these don’t go, don’t see how they would stop at the last 9 and say enough is enough . If these don’t go, no matter what, they die die shamelessly wont step down and let go of their easy millions every year. As far as they are concerned, they think they deserve their top jobs in fulfilling their own selfish motives and agenda.

    Don’t believe HEN can earn as much and as easily the money n perks he gets as Mp/minister if he remains in pte sector. In the first place, he was no top liver specialist like Susan lim or the other one[forgot his name]who treated the almost dying Pierre Png ‘s wife[then the GF]due to liver failure. He is calling the bluff about his earnings as doctor to justify the pap world highest salearies/bonuses for ministers/top civil servants.

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