Should the government be allowed to hold the financing of social services hostage to buy votes?

Should the government be allowed to hold the financing of your social services hostage, so that they can use it to buy votes?

Social services should be provided because it is a basic right for each person, and should be provided to ensure everyone has an equal chance to live healthily and grow.

Its financing should not be held back and given when a ruling party think it’s convenient for them to use it to buy votes.

Protection for healthcare and retirement should be given to everyone on an equal basis, it shouldn’t be given where some get more while others are denied, simply to buy votes. Protection of people’s health and retirement should not be given only for the usefulness of their votes. This lacks compassion.

Moreover, the so-called Merdeka package are things like Medisave top-ups and subsidies for MediShield premiums.

But you are prevented from claiming the Medisave and MediShield because the government puts a cap as to how much you can claim.

As I’ve written before, of the Medisave contributions Singaporeans pay every year, only 10% is returned for medical expenses. And of the total Medisave contributions paid so far since 1984, only 1% have been used for medical expenses.

The rest of the 99% is taken by the GIC and Temasek Holdings to earn, where the excess earnings are not returned to Singaporeans.

Therefore, even with this so-called package, top-ups and subsidies, much of it will only go back to the GIC and Temasek Holdings.

As such, not only is the PAP government withholding the financing of basic services and holding it hostage to buy votes, but after the vote buying, the money will still largely not go to the people who have allowed their votes to be bought – it will go to GIC and Temasek Holdings.

Is it worth it? To allow ourselves to be held hostage by something that belongs to us in the first place? We should be demanding for it back, and not have to beg for it with our votes.

If it’s not given back to us, we should deny them our votes, not reward them.


Roy Ngerng



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16 Responses to “Should the government be allowed to hold the financing of social services hostage to buy votes?”

  • HarderTruths:

    You are talking about pappies. Their old master put his ‘friend’ in prison for more then 30 years for opposing him.

    Don’t try to reason or talk of morality or discuss ethics with them.
    They only know how to force $G citizens. What you really want does not matter.

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  • Bapak:

    A good question and well asked question, Roy. But do Sinkies70 understand this? If everyone thinks & asks intelligent questions like this there will be no PAP for sure.

    There will be no 8,000+ HIV+ FTs in our mist.
    There will be no 55 going 60, 60 going 65, 65 going 70. And if we don’t put a stop to it, it will be 70 going 100 & eventually not our money anymore. Their brainwashing on this money not ours has already started. Keep repeating many many times Stupid Sinkies will agree with them.
    There will be no 30% increase in water price, no GST, electricity, gas, pump prices,…etc increases.
    Those death soldiers may be still alive & kicking. Patrick Tan would have completed his service in 2 years. Maybe with professional soldiers he doesn’t need to serve at all.
    There will be no Oxleygate. Old man’s last wish would have had been fulfilled.
    And, TCB & LHY don’t have to eat MEE SIAM (NEVER HAS HUM) at AMK Ave 10 hawker centre. If you still dont get their message you are dafted beyond believe.

    The gullibles always ended up being bullied which is exactly what’s happening now. Then, the next question is, if you know joylly well you are being bullied & taken advantage of on a daily basis yet not doing anything to correct it are you worthy a man to your family’s future & stand amongst us? Those who don’t kick PAP out are so stupid beyond hope, no cure, blp.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    This or any Government will do anything to the citizens if the citizens allow them to do so. If they allow the Government to bully and abuse them, why should the Government refuse/decline?
    So, it is up to the citizens. By head count, the citizens out number the Government. They can overthrow them if they want to. But is their push/will/desire strong enough? Or they can choose to continue suffering in silence.

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  • MarBowling:

    Great article by Bro Roy.

    CPF is OUR Retirement Fund. The Coverment is just tasked to have custody and safekeeping of the fund for each and everyone who starts working till retirement. Initially, it was PROMISED to be returned when each and everyone reached 55 years of age. Under ONE of the MasterMind(MM)MANY MANY sneaky scheme of things, the Goal Post for the Return of OUR CPF Retirement was shifted MANY times until it reaches 70 years of age(unless you WRITE in to WITHDRAW at 65!). DAFTS should think DEEPER. The Coverment has said that the NOBLE reason OUR CPF Retirement Fund SHOULD NOT be withdrawn at 55 is because MALE retirees WILL squander their money, going to Batam, Bangkok or getting a Xiao San. May I ask the Coverment WHAT is fiacking reason for withdrawal by the equally number of FEMALE retirees?

    Another damn sneaky scheme of things are the Minimum Sum stuff, and the ARTIFICIALLY jacking up of prices of HDB flats(based on fiackIng MARKET RATES!)using part of OUR CPF to FINANCE the purchase of NEW and RESALE flats. DAFTS should analyze DEEPER! With all these SNEAKY scheme of things IN PLACE, PARTICULARLY EVERYTHING(FROM STAYING UNDER ONE ROOF TO RETIREMENT, etc)IS TAKEN CARE BY ITS OWN PEOPLE USING OUR CPF FUND!!!!!! Then what are OBLIGATIONS and FUNCTIONS of this fiacking Coverment? DOING FO except indulging themselves with $millions salaries!


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  • Pro Ah-long Party:

    LKY wrote this in a letter in 1969.
    “The answer against a bad elected government is to vote it out of office. The only answer against a bad government that refuses or cannot be voted out of office is armed revolution. These are simple fundamentals which all citizens, including Ministers, would do well never to lose sight of.”

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  • oxygen:

    ROY’S INFORMAL DISSERTATION BRINGS INTO FOCUS SHARP ILLUMINATION THE DYSFUNCTIONAL DEBASEMENT of PAPpypolitics is an interesting read of his informed research thoughts. Until this and other recent social media publishing I haven’t been fully aware of how decrepit our Medisave-Medishield scheme festering beneath the surface of rot. Someone with a medical bill of over $11,000 could only claim $45 for protective cover. What was he been paying of premium? Astounding revelation of system’s planning failure and bureaucratic bungle of monumental proportions. Without social media exposure, the political corpse of this stench will be buried of public awareness and the rot continues to infinity. Where is the rationality in public policy decision making? I see none.

    Now take a look at extent of dysfunctional policy planning apex on CPF in PAPpypolitics senior levels. Three PAPpys – not virgin in the political space of grounded experience in politics and government could only come up with this lunacy -INCREASE CPF CONTRIBUTION RATE OF THOSE WORKING OVER 55!!! It is a MOCKERY OF WINDY HAPPY CONTRADICTION OF REALITY – ALMOST TANTAMOUNT to Coprohagia in dogs behavior (puppy eating its own sh*t) calculus. Instead of revamping the flawed CPF construct, the policy planning mindset dug in and reckless aggravates the effects of prevailing failed policy impact. Most Sinkies – as the result of PAPpypolitics asset enhancement policy scams – are trapped with too much retirement money invested in property gambling of diminishing value bet and hence barely any resources left for retirement provision forward. The PAPpys senior policy planning group DID NOTHING OF CONSIDERATION of this fact, perhaps to unwind current framework of allowing even encouraging peasants to borrow his/her future retirement to gamble on property speculation (in reality living on borrowed time in delusion of fake wealth creation) of fast diminishing value as lease (not ownership) advance to expiry. Peasants is stuck with mortgage debt of no property and no CPF. The stark consequences unbearable of future consequences are these -

    - HDB/property is =/= asset is NOT CPF retirement provision.

    - CPF is =/= to property but retirement provision is eaten up by life-long liability debt mountain owed to CPFB minimum sum.

    Minimal incremental increase of CPF rates of the last 7 years working life won’t resolve these?

    If still not, do these peasants in retirement then live on SEX and fresh air? I would suggest that for most, the former is not working despite viagra and the latter is degenerated air quality in over-populated environment.

    THIS IS PAPpys political model of FAIL MINUS decision-making.

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  • Can see cannot touch!:

    They can even promise 1m$ to every pioneer or merdeka generation person, but if cannot withdraw, whats the damn use???
    So cunning.. hope the old folks concerned dont be conned by their tricks once every 4 years!
    By the time many of these pioneer/ merdeka gen folks qualify to use the medical benefits etc theyll be dead or on deaths door perhaps…
    A suggestion : just give cash. They may use to pay bills or debts or have a good feast or go on a nice holiday .
    More meaningful than giving something that can see but cannot touch!!

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  • oxygen:

    CONTINUING FROM ABOVE POST, PAPpypolitics modus operandi is steeply, perhaps, almost exclusively, resting on the political model of decision-making. Major policy pillars from public housing/CPF nexus, healthcare, political grooming and succession & power politic play, electoral scheme of GRC contraption are all NOT WORKING or working badly to a lot of devastating consequences for peasants and country. Roy’s spoke in this thread of Medishield/Medisave failings along social spending string purse control resting on political imperative leaves serious detriment. Myself illuminates of fake wealth delusion in retirement provision of PAPpynomics CPF/public housing nexus – and how that debasement even corrupts rational thought process in forward policy planning with regards to CPF retirement adequacy for those working over 55 now.

    oxygen: THIS IS PAPpys political model of FAIL MINUS decision-making.

    What do I mean by the political model of decision-making? At risks of simplicity narrative, the political model of policy planning/design and decision-making is steeply plunging of dominating political imperatives. Contrasting to this is interactive system thinking on the other extreme on theoretical construct at least. Interactive planning/policy making is, in the esteemed words of R.L. Ackoff, Emeritus Prof. at Wharton Business school…is “creating a future by designing a desirable present now” It is one based on system-thinking, interacting with shifting environment changes and active continual systems adaptation to evolving turbulent change & its contingencies. Coprohagia-like policy formulation and implementation is NOT sensitive nor adaptive to environmental change & contingency failure risks these threats present.

    Both political and Ackoff interactive model must make decision under bounded rationality. What is rationality? It is simply what judgement of “reality” in the perception of the decision-maker however valid or flawed that may be. In my illumination, the CPF/public housing nexus decimated retirement adequacy beyond repair & adding a few % of CPF loading in the last 7 years is like fighting an oil-refinery fire with one drop of water. The wind of change blowing strong will add to the combustion and inferno. But PAPpypolitics blindsided these facts. PAPpys see in is political construct a different “reality” – even thought it might be clear to all others it falls outside the domain of bounded rationality.

    In simple narrative, the new CPF policy framework says FIACK reality, FIACK PEASANTS, FIACK FAILURE, we do what we like.

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  • TCB for PM:

    We don’t have a government. We have a for-profit ‘public’ service provider.

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  • oxygen:

    Continuiing on the broader characteristics of political model of decision-making contrasting Prof. Ackoff’s interactive model of system adaptation to change, one must come very quickly to these noted differences between the two divergent political thoughts.

    Political model is fiack the policy failures, fiack the peasants, and fiack the bounded rationality, we do what we like. There is this almost deliberate de-sensitivity to environmental pressure forcing change. Political model seeks predictability of outcome and to achieve that, only the political calculus of hegemony and longevity prevail and therefore power politics apply in all decision calculus. We see that in LEE-jiapore, the “population toilet paper” was rammed down the throat of peasants immediately post the 2011 Punggol by-election even despite feeble resistance from within its own MPs. Did that population recycling economics work after that? Present Tense told peasants this in 2015 – our economy maxed out and in 2016, a little lazy of complete frankness sheepishly this – restructuring has not work, thus a lot of pain still in society. And in 2017, the Committee for future economy declined to make any policy direction recommendation forward i.e. CLUELESS of policy direction!! Remember, Lim HK, Trade Industry Minister said this – we can be a first world economy paying third world wages. It means FLAWED POLICY ASSUMPTION AND FRAMEWORK resulted in dilapidated economic outcome unsustainable.

    We are in a mess now. The GRC framework of political grooming and cultivation of political success is a utter failure – mostly scholarly disregarding. We found ourselves trapped in meritocratic scholarly failures ONE AFTER ANOTHER – in other political democracies, a lot of political leaders would have long been recycled out to find their productive effort apply with success OR AGAIN SERIAL FAILURES elsewhere LONG AGO. In political model, the right pedigree counts. Bureaucrats are mostly POLITICALLY CORRECT political appointees – never mind the empty rhetorical claims of scholastic superiority in cover or IGNORED commonalities of traits irrelevant to effective role demand and achievement needed of outcome. It is not what your expertise or can achieve, it is who you are in key decision-making point. The seat of power decides all outcome to finality. Bureaucrats don’t “advise” Ministers, it is MINISTER advising bureaucrat what is the outcome that must be achieved – no matter what. Decision-making is do what we like, never mind what the peasants think or we were also told this – we do what is convenient, never mind what the law says!

    THE RESULT? A ROTTEN MESS of sh*t & darkness of no escape.

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  • No reason to rejoice:

    They are always taking from us… so when they announce theyre giving away something, u know there’s a catch.
    Details to be anmounced later this month in parliament.
    Remember that famous ” give one chicken wing , take back whole chicken”! Beware its coming .

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  • God is great:

    God works in strange ways. He made PAP use the word “Merdeka”,. Why? Maybe to remind Singaporeans of what He wants for Singapore. (Merdeka is a word in the Indonesian and Malay language meaning independent or free.) God must be reminding the “Merdeka generation” (and all Singaporeans) to make Singaporeans really free and the country a real democracy by VTO, i.e., REGIME CHANGE. Listen to God. Just do it!

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  • Renegade Respectability?:

    “Morality is not properly the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness … In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so.”
    - Immanuel Kant

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  • So telling:

    Only when he needs their votes does he remember the hard work of the pioneer/merdeka generation.
    After that “you die your business!”.

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  • Dynamite Joe:

    For as long as you have 70% daft, it would be an uphill task for the 30%.
    These dafts will only come to their senses when their loved ones lose their jobs, homes, etc.
    Another reason is that imaginery fear which have been with them for umpteen years.
    Its time to wake these dufffers out of their arse holes.

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  • LIONS:

    POOR sgs cannot be given help as they are greedy.
    Only when GE is coming,we will buy votes from these greedy poor sgs by using RESERVES.


    We need to fund for the WATER WASTAGE AT GARDENS BY THE BAY.

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