Disappointing that IMDA has failed as a regulator

I am much angered by SingPost’s indiscriminate distribution of commercial flyers at my HDB block (and the few surrounding blocks) because residents simply litter them all around the floor and it is such an eyesore. It was shameful to anybody who walked pass to say the least.

I have highlighted this matter to SingPost repeatedly: When their staff go about their daily delivery runs, please respect the wishes of house owners who have latched their letter boxes to decline the receiving of commercial flyers.

Despite this, what happens is that their delivery staff would simply slot their commercial flyers into all the letter boxes after opening them up with their master keys, never mind if the house owners lock them or not.

Although profit is not a dirty word, the way SingPost goes about their commercial flyers distributions smack of a total lack of professionalism, respect for owners’ wishes, corporate arrogance and greed of the highest level.

What is worse is that my repeated feedback to IMDA complaining about SingPost’s indiscriminate distribution of commercial flyers seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. IMDA didn’t bother to reply at all.

It is most unfortunate if IMDA, a relevant official authority condones such unethical business practices by SingPost.


Simon Lim



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16 Responses to “Disappointing that IMDA has failed as a regulator”

  • opposition dude:

    Singpost needs to make money or else how to distribute dividends?

    Here lies something that was never meant to be a business become a business. Not content to merely sell stamps and envelopes oh no, Singpost had to acquire foreign assets too. Pretty smart eh?

    And since they have the master keys to open all HDB letterboxes they just see it as another $$ making opportunity and nothing more. Flyer companies pay them to ensure their flyers get into our letterboxes latched or not so free money Singpost sure 10000000000% want.

    And besides, the postman where got time to remember who latched their letterboxes once he opens the 2 wide doors and starts sorting the mail and flyers?

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  • only a fine and cleaned city:

    Singapore is not a clean city. It is only a fine and cleaned city. Fine, the penalty, not the finesse.

    After six decades of overseeing by the highest paid bureucrats in the world, what with the social engineering and constant tweaking and tinkering of the education system which has become more robotic, churning Sinkies into mirror images of themselves, they have failed dismally in shaping Sinkies to emulate even 1% of the civic demeanor of the Japanese.

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  • Vto is the only answer:

    How can the HDB allow signpost to open letter boxes with master key?

    What the fiack is security?

    Are postmen cleared under isd cat 2?

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  • a nobody:

    Simon who are u and me we are nobody they can do what they want who are u and me to stop them. Compliant? don’t waste u time.

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  • Bapak:

    Since they are the only one who has the master key and yet allows to do business with commercial adv distribution, isnt it a inflinging the anti-monopoly law?

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  • Principles of authoritarianism:

    How come singpost don’t follow cpf impose auto Opt Out for residents to reject unsolicited mails or junk mails?

    Or is it if paid they do. If advertisers don’t pay them by posting directly by themselves it’s regarded as wrong? Like casinos and brothels that if you pay tax they may make it legal otherwise not legal ?

    Legality. Haha.

    Simon is right, mail box is private stuff. Just because we live in HDB flat does not mean they OWn us. They own the mailbox but they should not own our will not to have junk mail. For earning from paid junk mail, they should pay us a percentage for letting them junk us and the opportunity to profit from us.

    I wonder is it like CPF do what they please? Is CPF our money?

    I wonder is it because Authoritarianism assumes they own everything ?I thought that’s dictatorship or communism?

    Singaporeans need to find your guts and wisdom. At least do the right thing once before you die. Be a man.

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  • Gan Boh Yong:

    Vto is the only answer:
    How can the HDB allow signpost to open letter boxes with master key?

    What the fiack is security?

    Are postmen cleared under isd cat 2?

    Do we own anything in Singapore?
    Do they own us ?
    But is it all because we are gutless ?

    Ah Gan here. Aka Boh Yong.

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  • marcus:

    Totally agree with you Simon, these acts have been on going for years. I myself have also undertaken the tasks of giving the same feedbacks to Singpost repeatedly, but no response.

    The problem with these singapore linked companies is that their businesses are so well protected that they lack the hunger-service mindset as required in any private sector. Complaints to any of these companies, including hdb, cpf, etc etc alsways go into deaf ears, or even if they reply, will be in a standard reply form – totally useless. If these companies are to operate in this mode in China , Europe or in US, their business will go bust in a short term.

    In the end, only end consumers will suffer.

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  • Ah Ha:

    Look at the photo! This is not a SingPost issue it is a social issue as well as an environmental fail as well. People not having enough pride in their surroundings to dispose of unwanted mail in the litter bin is either laziness or complete social ignorance. There should be a litter bin for paper at every block near the letterbox for recycling. Maybe the author should speak to the neighbors who are messing up the neighborhood instead of blaming SingPost for doing their job. How many times do you walk by tables in the common area full of empty containers and bags with a litter bin not more than 5 meters away? Is that a SingPost issue, no it is a lack of social responsibility which should be taught in schools, the problem is the teachers don’t know any better either!

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  • rukidding:

    Its a “alibaba” business mah !

    1MDA “allowed” it to happen mah !

    If you “subscribed” to alibaba Trade service,….you will start to know them “better” !

    Their “AI software”….”Top rate” !…( knows exactly and remembers what you are looking for ) ( close tracking indeed )

    That is why, America “scared” of Hua way

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  • rukidding:

    Fyi,…there ar “senior” Malaysians staff and PRs inside Singpost that also “doing sie line” and “Moonlighting” with their own”registered business” …(on the side).

    Looks like Singpost also another cowboy” company !

    No due diligence check on staff at all too !…like Ngee Ann and Temasek poly when employing that “aids” lecturer !

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  • a PG:

    I tot the original purpose of HDB/TC in coming out of this self-locked letterboxes is benefit the residents who do not want any junk mails or leaflets into their letterboxes and keep the area litter-free. Why spent so much money on these types of letterboxes which do not serve the original objective now ?. What were their earlier agreements or discussions with SingPost when they thought of this idea on this self-locked letterboxes? Who were the leaders involved in these suggestions, if any ? Now for littering in the areas HDB letterboxes, who do NEA take action (fines) against, HDB, TC, Singpost or residents ?

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  • LIONS:


    I suggest CIVIL/PUBLIC SERVANTS from all ministries like education,army n police officers,etc,be role models for A CLEAN N GREEN SINGAPORE as in the past.

    Civil servants who employ foreign domestic helpers should ensure their maids help to KEEP THE NEIGHBOURHOOD CLEAN instead of causing nuisance to their neighbours n causing social disharmony.

    Self-locked letter boxes is just a tiny step.
    The more umpirtant is MIND-SET.

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    completely agree with both your observation and opinion.

    My relatives live in a small landed property handed down from their parents.

    Besides his property,there are MOE SENIOR TEACHER,ARMY OFFICER AND A SENIOR GOVT AGENCY officer of high ranking.

    Can you imagine these neighbours instruct their maids to litter the public spaces between them and their neighbours’ premises.
    Some even direct litters towards their immediate neighbours’ houses?

    I agree govt or civil servants must be role midels and should be reported to their respective ministries should they allow their maids to litter our once beautiful country.


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  • Harder Truths:


    You are asking gahmen not to be commercial????


    Have you visited IMH yet?

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  • All In A Happy Familee:

    I can’t stop my brother from doing business, I have a stake in it as well.
    You have no stake in this as you have given all your stakes to me.
    Didn’t you ask me to decide for you? Why you kowpeh now?

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