Skeptical of PAP’s sudden decision to cut the Foreign Worker quota

I am sceptical about the reasons of the recent budget announcement on Foreign Worker (FW) quota cut that will take effect from 2020. To put it bluntly, I suspect that this move is calculated more towards saving their own skins rather than to truly benefit our Singaporean workers and economy.

Over the decades, different PAP ministers and MPs have sold Singaporeans the reasons for their liberal importation of foreign workers. The key message was that foreign workers help to create jobs for Singaporeans.

I agree that foreign workers indeed make useful contributions toward our economy. These FWs contribute by being construction workers, domestic workers and cleaners in our Town Councils. However, this group of FWs pose no threat to our Singaporean workers and their livelihoods.

However, this new FW quota cut will affect mainly S-pass holders. S-pass holders are the entry level professionals who compete directly with Singaporean workers in jobs that the latter can and are willing to do.

Feedback has been given to the relevant authorities over many years already that S-pass holders pose a very unfair competition to Singaporean workers.

The reason(s) are that they are not required to make CPF contributions (which is good news to their employers), do not have reservist call-ups and the women are not likely to become pregnant etc. Last but not least, many of them are willing to accept lower salaries compared to Singaporeans for doing similiar jobs.

Given various business considerations, the attractiveness of employing these S-pass holders are obvious. So, where does that leave all the poor Singaporean workers? Despite all the feedback, the PAP government has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to all the cries Singaporeans for the longest time!

My question is that – if foreigners are helping to create good jobs for Singaporeans – then why all of a sudden the quota cut decision? Surely we do not want to cut away good things.

Could it be because our General Election is expected be held sometime this year and that the PAP government is playing this FW quota cut card to show that it cares for Singaporeans?

Knowing them and watching how they have bullied our elderly CPF members from withdrawing their CPF savings at 55, I am highly sceptical of their agendas!


Simon Lim



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20 Responses to “Skeptical of PAP’s sudden decision to cut the Foreign Worker quota”

  • opposition dude:

    Come come, it’s obvious why PAP suddenly “have the interests of Singaporeans at heart” this year and have announced a DRC cut out of the blue.

    If they truly did care, they would have taken steps after losing their GRC in 2011 to cut the foreigners already. Instead they did the opposite and let in even more. Fantastic right?

    And here’s the funny part ladies and gentlemen. When they let in even more after GE2011 they gave all sorts of nonsense reasons like reskilling/upskilling, can’t find locals etc etc. Excuses we have heard so many times we are sick of them liao.

    Take a look at the MOM link below and see just how many S and E Pass holders are on the island. More than 360k of them!

    So to suddenly come out and say that they have our interestat heart is not just one big lie, it’s pure bullshit too. After years of letting in all these third world people the PAP suddenly realises they have to cut their numbers? Wow!

    Just wait until the election is over and all these people are let in once again and the population goes above 6 million, it’s just a matter of time lah.

    And when that happens PAP will say that once again, locals can’t be found, must be flexible to businesses, create better jobs for Singaporeans and so on. That’s the PAP for you.

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  • ChiefsTalkWithForkedTongues:

    Theyve been saying that like forever , everytime elections nears. After GE theyll give us some excuse that SGs dont want those jobs lah…hard to get sg workers lah blah blah blah..
    Those who go for interviews will know the real deal.
    So if you believe them you ‘die’ faster!

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  • Great Asia:

    A few years ago, when the PAP monkeys started to talk about controlling the population of PR and EP holders, I said that they would play a game with Singaporeans by converting EP holders to S-Pass holders. Then towkays can continue to employ foreign graduates with a very low salary.

    PAP politicians are liars! I said we must monitor the population size of the S-Pass holders.

    A decade now, so what is the outcome?

    Told you that they are liars already!

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Boh Kia See:

    This is just talking–and talk is cheap.

    Do you believe them?

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  • 有难人民当,有福人民行动党自己享:

    Initially they brought in the FWs with the excuse that these people are here to do work that singaporeans shunned.

    Then don’t know since when, FWs were followed by huge number of FTs.

    Now they tell us FTs are here to do what singaporeans are not qualified or unable to do.

    With so many FTs taking over jobs of local PMET, are we right to say something must be very wrong with our sg education?

    Why FTs with degrees from 3rd world countries are preferred by companies while our local graduates are not able to secure those jobs?

    Some smart alec say businesses will relocate if they can’t get the skilled people they want to hire in sg, oh really? The whole Changi Business Park has become Chennai Business Park. So many jobs have gone to 3rd world country’s graduates instead of sg’s. So many local Unis graduates are underemployed. Why and what are the reasons our NUS, NTU or SMU graduates are losing out to degrees from India? Surely it’s embarrassing for our Unis and gahmen when our local Unis which are so highly ranked internationally could not produce graduates to match the skill of those from some 3rd world countries!

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  • N.Jungne:

    If PAP fails to be voted in, do you think that the PA will move in.

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  • How much?:

    How much for your morals?

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  • Tremendous:

    Simon, skeletons are meant to be kept in closets, not the way you write them. Otherwise, you will be ‘earmarked’ for court cases if the authorities know who you are :-)

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  • This is end of road:

    Cut foreign workers?
    They must be joking!
    Without foreign workers this place will crumble.
    Even blue collar local workers are streaming out to work overseas these days.
    They are looking for better pay.
    God knows how many locals had left, migrated, year on year.
    Top secret statistics, so hard to figure out what’s going on.
    No discussions, no nothing.
    A quick count amongst friends and relatives; almost all has at least one member of their family who had left, either migrate or work overseas.
    Very serious negative situation.
    Most of the young ones are talking about migrating.
    Even children of top people here have migrated. Strange!
    They cannot afford to get married if they stay here.
    They are sad and disheartened and disillusioned.
    The atmosphere, the environment, the sadness!
    Look around, almost in every nook and corner you see a foreigner.
    Ever greedy employers, both locals and foreigners, are exploiting cheap foreign workers.
    Locals stand no chance to get decent paying jobs and they are frustrated.
    Very soon, foreigners and new citizens will take over the businesses here and govern us.
    The natives are fast disappearing fading away.
    All this is due to poor bad planning over decades and the refusal to allow any contest or contribution of ideas by any opposition group whom they systematically bully and knock out, for decades.
    Therefore no quality opposition have emerged to participate in the running of the country.
    The think they know best and this is the end result of their one-tracked arrogant attitude and mind.
    We have reached the point of no return.
    This is a lost nation.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Simon; reduction of work passes is only in the service sector, which mainly in the Hotels, Restaurants and retails. Foreigners taking these jobs are usually Malaysian and PRC, which do not have any CECA with Singapore.

    The govt should reduce work passes for IT, Banking and Engineering, these are the jobs Singaporeans would like to take up. But the problem is CECAs with the countries supplying cheap PMETs from the 3rd world. Remember when Singapore wanted to reduce these jobs, India made a lot of noise.

    So the ball-less PAP can not reduce any of PMET passes.

    Simon, you think Singapore can close the door for foreign workers?

    In one office of 11 people, 6 were Malaysian, 2 pinoys and 1 Hongkee. All doing admin work. So you think PAP reducing work passes!!??

    Wait until the change of govt!!

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  • I'm Halimah also jiak liao be:

    Expect more road shows and wayang kulit from these PAPIGS.
    From so called Merdeka Gen to cutting FW quota, to silencing his critics to become Cat lovers, these are all the circus antics put out to buy votes.
    And remember Electoral Commission reports to the Loony, they’ll are starting to do their usual gerrymandering and redrawing the electoral districts.

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  • KNN:

    Most sinkies are naive and will swallow PAPies sperm wholesale. You’re correct, the FT reduction is mainly for Work Permit & S Pass. Jobs with salary of $2.3k and below. Most sinkies aren’t looking for these type of jobs, as this level of salary can’t support raising family & paying mortgage.

    Look at the above photo of ahnehs. They are the E Pass holders with jobs that sinkies want & need.

    PAPies cock and bull will only result in:
    1. Increase prices of basic foodcourt, kopitiam, public transport.
    2. Piss off SME bosses.
    3. Sinkies still having difficulties getting jobs paying above $3.5k especially those older or retrenched.

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  • NTUC owned by pap or citizens?:

    a lying government is a bad government.

    a stealing government is worse than a den of thieves.

    a lying and stealing government spells the end of 70% sheep.

    INDIAN is malay? HDB is asset? more GST to help you more? S$1m per year is mediocre for pap Ljs and CBs but minimum wage is not justified for 70% sheep?

    scholarship for aliens FTs PRs especially the Ljs no need NSF NSR but local born males must pay pay pay and NSF NSR same time?

    70% sheep truly WTF.

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  • LIONS:

    IF THERE ARE MORE FTs imported after GE.young educated lolly-$uckers just got to accept it if they have exchanged their sacred votes for lollie$ paid with the same taxpayer money these young voters think older and needy sgs cannot benefit???

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  • Merobok:

    The PAP is fully aware that Singaporeans are unhappy with the influx of foreigners working in S’pore. So, since it is an election year, they try to appease the population by saying that foreign workers in the hospitality sector will be reduced.
    They think this can change Singaporean’s mindset on them but the reality is that very few Singaporeans are working in the hospitality industry with the bulk coming from M’sia, China, and Philipines.
    What Singaporeans are irked with is the PMETS, EP holders who are taking away Singaporeans job!
    Stupid to try and fool Singaporeans!

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  • Contradiction:

    Looks like the trust between the government & the people is eroding fast. It would be prudent for the government to rebuild this as soon as possible.

    Future will be difficult for the 4 G leaders to continue the works of the 1st gen leaders.

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  • HarderTruths:


    There are so many many types of passes

    S-pass E-pass back-pass front-pass. So many ways to get in.
    One pass close the other one open wide. Like pappy CB.

    See my point? Magic is simple when you know what to look for.

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  • Dafts Will Be Dafts:

    This is already a topic not worth any discussion.
    There is no value in discussing such issue, as things could change at the spur of their moment. PAP cannot be trusted.

    You never learn from GST saga?
    Before election no GST, after election got GST, you die your own business.
    What about HDB? For many years, they said HDB is your retirement nestegg, an asset for you to keep. Suddenly, the asset enhancement become a zero value liability, they pocket all the profits of the land value, you die your own business.

    The fact that you are still following and dwelling on such issues, being “skeptical” shows that you are a good man, a trusting and sincere one, probably stupid, giving chance, hoping that a recalcitrant crook will change and turn over a new leaf.

    After so many decades, there is no more “skeptical”, only “very convinced”, for this coming election, there can only be one vote, that’s to kick the PAP out.

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  • 红沙厘:

    Most sinkies are naive and will swallow PAPies sperm wholesale.



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  • 鼻塞国的笨猪:

    红沙厘: 你继续痛骂大部份的新加坡人,你就会继续的被大部份的新加坡人抛弃!


    自食其果,不痛不醒, 是最好的方法。

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