Having children and raising them properly and responsibly is a marathon race

I refer to the news that Josephine Teo has called on young people to tell her government what is it that they want in order to have more children. I am not optimistic.

To begin, I want to point out that Josephine Teo has been given the responsibility to head the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) and it is precisely during her watch that our total fertility rates (TFR) have plunge even further and it now stands at just 1.14 per child bearing woman from 1.16 when replacement level is 2.1!

So, what will entice and make it easier and more willing for our married women to have more children? As it stands, the odds are stacked real high with a proven incapable minister in charge.

I ask myself if I were put in charge of tackling our very sorry state of TFR, what would I have done differently from Josephine Teo and two, if I were a young married woman, what would motivate or push me to want to have children?

To begin, our expectations must be realistic because the useless People’s Action Party government has neglected and allowed our TFR to deteriorate for far too many decades that it would take herculean efforts to firstly, stabilise any further fall and then hopefully, to reverse it.

Firstly, although the decision on whether to have children or not is a personal decision, personal decisions are sharped by many factors such as the frightening thoughts about the costs of bringing up a young family in a high-living standard city such as Singapore, the opportunity cost of having children coupled with the uncertainty of staying employed in a stable and decent paying job given the government’s pro-foreigner employment policies, our very stressful educational system, HDB flats are built smaller and smaller despite costing more and more and families with young children need more spaces and whether married couples with young children have understanding and supportive employers, colleagues, parents and in-laws are all important considerations etc.

It was true then that it took a whole village to raise a child and it is even truer today. In short, the policies by the current government’s policies make it non-conducive to have children in Singapore.

Although financial incentives do nudge some people towards having more children, it must never encourage the wrong type of people who could ill-afford to have children to become pregnant purely because of the dangling fat carrots. I personally know of some families who stay in HDB rental flats and they breed like rabbits. If we are not wise and careful enough, we are just sowing more social problems for the future.

Although building more child-care centres and kindergartens are helpful, they are far from being enough to tilt the decision to have children. We must never, never mistaken motion for action. Becoming pregnant, having children and bring them up properly is a marathon race. Babies are not just born, go to child-care centres, kindergartens and then wait for the time to die.

Will somebody please do me a favour? Tell that highly educated and very well-paid and well-fed but hopeless Josephine Teo that having children and raising them properly and responsibly is a marathon race.

I repeat. Babies are not just born, go to child-care centres, kindergartens and then wait for the time to die.

What this PAP government lacks is not money, rather, what it lacks is seriousness of purpose and the political will at addressing our TFR issue holistically. That is what was lacking in all those lost decades and even until today! Think.


Simon Lim




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17 Responses to “Having children and raising them properly and responsibly is a marathon race”

  • It's Only About Them:

    The childcare centres are for PAP to make more money, as the same time having a tight control over our young minds.

    Food centres are also fast becoming another milking machinery for PAP.

    The financial incentives are not for you either. It’s for you to pass the money back to them.

    More people means more money to milk.

    Now they tried to claim that CPF money is not yours either, already planted the ideal through a lackie.

    Every move and policy they make is for their own gain.
    It’s never about you the dafts.
    The only thing that prevented them to milk you dry is the danger of sudden revolt.

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  • Guess:

    Guess J teo have many childrens ?

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  • Tremendous:

    Haha, no need to tell JT anything further. Many of us know the problems. Throughout the years, she talked about all other topics when this is probably the No. 1, No. 2 topic for our survival as a nation next 7 years. Without a drastic change in course, our chance of getting past 2026 is zero. The dependency ratios are going to escalate tremendously and we will land up building all policies, good or bad around it. Firstly, change JT by relieving her from this role and bring in someone else with a better heart. We can have a better fighting chance then.

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  • Bapak:

    1) The first thing the money-minded idiotic G must do is to reduce the cost of living. We don’t need a Swiss standard of living but definitely not a Swiss cost of living. Are they in their ivory towers for so long, they don’t understand this basic rule? I don’t think so.

    2) One of the greatest causes of our falling TFR is the TomBoy’s buy high sell low practices. When they lose money, they squeeze blood from stones resulting in the rising in the cost of living.

    2) The other cause is importing too many FTs robbing the youngs their jobs, giving foreigners advances over local males and without the need to serve NS had directly encouraged employers to ignore local males.

    3) Public housing is so expensive, many are not even bothered to date.

    It all adds up you stupid PAP! The whole bunch of PAP Ministers and MPs should be sent to re-educational camp to rewire their brains.

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  • Don't be elitist:

    “Although financial incentives do nudge some people towards having more children, it must never encourage the wrong type of people who could ill-afford to have children to become pregnant purely because of the dangling fat carrots. I personally know of some families who stay in HDB rental flats and they breed like rabbits. If we are not wise and careful enough, we are just sowing more social problems for the future.”

    It is precisely this arrogant attitude among the elite that is killing off Singaporeans. Only the elites can have babies.

    - not rich enough, cannot
    - not clever enough, cannot
    - not free enough, cannot
    - not beautiful and handsome enough, cannot

    Off course, the original population will die from extinction.

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  • Bin:

    Doing the right thing is more important then doing the easy thing.

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  • Are you sure Joe?:

    “You don’t need much space to have sex”: Josephine Teo’s belief.

    I think she loves to do it in her toilet and in her car.

    But she has to understand that her toilet is bigger than our room and her Merc is very comfortable to do it.

    Please Joe, retire and enjoy doing it.

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  • exploited as working adults:

    why bring into the world so many children to be exploited as working adults in the future by the political white elites (self declared aristocrats and business class who love open-leg policy which means a rat race (high competition) for many average people.

    besides, how many children (more than 2.1 for replacement) do the political elite class and business elite class themselves have (doing their part hor ?) since they are the ones who will benefit most (can take advantage of) from higher TFR ?

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  • HarderTruths:

    $G citizens should NOT have children unless they can migrate. Most of the China and India FT employees in my company send their children overseas and stay there.

    The FT are not foolish. They know $G’s days are numbered. When the time is right they too will leave. Those that remain will be gangsters or low class immigrants.

    Why should the next generation become jobless and homeless? Let the FT take everything.

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  • LIONS:

    Policies always cock up.
    Baby bonus.
    Why one straight bonus for all?
    Dont worry,the RICH YUPPIE$ will want to have kids to inherit their money.
    It is the more common sg young couples who really need MOTIVATION.
    See,very sumple.
    Make sure the common sg couples get more help than the rich couples?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Simon; you think they actually care about low TFR?

    Babies take a long time to grow up and economically beneficial to the country, some more, need to provide childcare and schooling facilities, burden to the state. The easy way out, import citizen. Fast and easy. Straight away, these people start work and pay tax.

    So Minister Josephine Teo is not stupid you know, she doesn’t need to provide any small space for sex some more!!

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  • Taleban:

    Bring down the cost of child care. Now, after subsidies still cost about $600 – 800 per month. This is prohibitive.
    The government should set up Government run child care center at a low rate or free child care.
    Normal couple don’t get to save on the tax rebate. Only the High income earner benefit from tax rebate. Do away with tax rebate for child birth. Instead free or heavily subsidized for child birth and child medical.
    Next will be education. Bring down the cost of education.
    I am sure Singaporeans will produce babies like fxxking rabbits.
    Does JT have the balls to do it right? Oops, she got no balls.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Children are a JOY to all who LOVE Life!!! unlike a Bastard now DEAD who Destroy the foetus (a life) through LEEgal Abortion to Create an Elite society of AristoCRAPS…

    Sadly… so-called Christians in the cabinet agree and applaud this EVIL the Hypocrites that they are…

    at last COUNT 2016, there was More than 20,000 LEEgal public abortion not counting private ONES as Reported Gleefully by Shitty Times Front Page and an editorial to boot…

    all forms of Incentives had FAILED to produce more Children…

    Why NOT offer INCENTIVES to mothers wed or unwed Abortions Bound Public or Private an INCENTIVE to go the FULL TERM…saving a child and should the Mother NOT willing after Birth to accept the child owing to Financial or other constraints…PLEEEEEEZZZZ put the baby up for ADOPTION or Orphanage like the Convents who use to receive babies wrap in a blanket and a Ang Pow at their doorstep…

    Payments say $10,000 will only be PAID upon delivery of Child…

    STOP being Evil & Hypocrite the Evil Bastard is DEAD and you in Parliament & Cabinet need NOT keep his Bargain with the Devil!!!

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  • migrated to australia:

    one of the many reasons why i migrated is because of the poor quality environment for children in singapore. they do not learn absolutely nothing in life except to do one another in, lack of social graces and worst but most importantly their minds are dulled with dominant ideology of the elites.

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  • sgs going extinct:

    the pic above doesnt look like SGkids.
    more like a nice bunch of prc kids.
    couldnt find any SGkids?
    ha ha ha…that bad eh the TFR?

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  • rukidding:

    I wonder what kind of “environment setting” she has,..when she and her husband do “their regular thing” ???

    Is it in a nice aircon room, filled with lots of “come on scents and sexy music and a big nice water bed”???…or just a 1 sq metre hard surface ?

    With This kind of ” 1 metre space also can do mindset” …how you expect her to be “believed and respected” ????

    None of our currentPP Ministers or Leeders actually seem to be “leading by example” at all !!!

    They only can “talk”,..but “they cannot and not willing to do or experience it,…themselves !

    Chwee Kong,..Lam Par Song !

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  • ITE Only:

    For a start ,
    Educational school fees same as malay at $9 all the way until U’s.

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