Singapore does not truly have social services to protect Singaporeans

Short FAQ on Singapore’s social services:

1) Singapore’s public housing: the cost of HDB public flats include the market value of the land (which Singaporeans do not own) and construction costs. Therefore, Singapore does not truly have public housing. The HDB is a private housing scheme masqueraded as public housing.

2) Singapore’s universal health insurance: Singapore’s universal health insurance, MediShield, accounts for only about 2% of total health expenditure, and barely covers for healthcare expenses. Therefore, Singapore does not truly have universal health insurance.

3) Singapore’s public education: Singapore’s public universities charge one of the most expensive university fees in the world. Therefore, Singapore’s universities does not truly constitute as public education.

4) Singapore’s public retirement scheme: Singapore’s CPF retirement scheme only pays an average payout of S$355. A supplementary retirement scheme only gives a payout of S$100 to S$250 a month for the poorest 30%. It is estimated that Singaporeans need a minimum of S$1,500 to S$2,000 to survive on the cost of living in Singapore.

5) Singapore’s minimum wage: Singapore is one of less than 10% of countries in the world where there is still no minimum wage. Close to 20% still earn less than S$2,000 in Singapore and close to 30% still earn less than S$2,500.

6) Singapore’s unemployment benefits: Singapore is one of very few countries in the world which does not have unemployment benefits.

In summary, Singapore does not truly have social services to protect Singaporeans. What would enable Singapore to truly have social services?

1) Singaporeans are paying for the land that their HDB flats sit on, but they do not own the land. Removing the land cost component will allow Singaporeans to have affordable housing.

2) The Medisave that Singaporeans pay is enough to allow Singaporeans to have free healthcare. It just needs to be returned. Right now, only about 10% of the Medisave Singaporeans pay every year is returned for medical expenses.

3) The surpluses that the public universities earn and the scholarships given to international students are enough to allow Singaporeans to have free university education. It just needs to be returned.

4) The interest that GIC and Temasek Holdings earn from Singaporeans’ CPF is enough to allow Singaporeans to have adequate retirement funds. It just needs to be returned.

5) A minimum wage of at least S$1,500 needs to be implemented in Singapore. The profits just need to be returned.

6) Unemployment benefits need to be implemented in Singapore. It will take up only a small percentage of the annual surplus in Singapore’s budget. The tax that Singaporeans pay just need to be returned.

The solutions are easy. The money and power just needs to be returned to you.

Currently, the (1) land sales from your HDB flat, (2) your Medisave and MediShield, (3) university surpluses, (4) CPF, (5) profits from state-owned companies which should have gone to your wages, and (6) budget surpluses are transferred to the reserves, and to GIC and Temasek Holdings.

Singapore does not truly have social services because of GIC and Temasek Holdings. Singapore’s prime minister is the chair of GIC. His wife is the CEO of Temasek Holdings.


Roy Ngerng



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16 Responses to “Singapore does not truly have social services to protect Singaporeans”

  • Have Chicken Rice Will Do:

    As long as they look good and feel good on paper, the facts do not matter to stupid Singaporeans.

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  • 格凌兰:





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  • MarBowling:

    Great article by Bro Roy!

    The Fate and LIFE of Sinkaporean, esp the common folks who live in HDB flats, are ACTUALLY in the 2 pairs of HANDS(belonging to Mai Hum and Holee Jinx)that COVER THE HOLE SKY OF SINKAPORE! Period. Most of these folks will continue to say “boh pian”, what to do, just keep quiet and sit down. And every time when they step into a Polling Booth to vote in every GE, they esp the aunties and Ah Soh, will continue to SHOUT LOUDLY “without Lee Kayu and the PAP, there WILL BE NO SINGAPORE”! Sigh…pathetic!

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  • but but but:

    we have NATIONAL service !!

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  • Bapak:

    We also have marketeers masquerading as Press-ident & MP (Marketing Promoter) promoting some kosong drink & f(p)arking apps in Parliament. Next time no need to look for marketing agent, just go Parliament.

    CPIB is okay with this cause everything is no conflict of interests for these marketeers. Also how much can CPIB do if the apps is developed by their boss’ son. You cannot question your boss, can you?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Thank you again Roy.
    I note your use of the word ‘return’ several times.

    There is no way on this earth $G locals are getting their hands on whatever is taken. It is gone for good. Kaput. Zip. Gone.

    Everything $G serfs buy, ‘own’ or operate goes back to them in one form or another. We takes loans to pay back housing inflated costs, send educate children paying exorbitant fees since there are no more good public schools, buy goods and services that are obscenely overvalued, health care that we really cannot afford.

    And what do we pay with? Meager savings or salaries that we have to complete with third-rate workersfrom Myanmar or Timbuctoo. Forget India and China FT – we have no chance to complete with them.

    The word ‘return’ does not exist – what you actually own are the clothes on your back and what you can carry from the unit you are renting. If you are lucky.

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  • Thank you, Roy:

    Thank you, Roy.

    Keep it up but do be careful to write in such a way there are no names named so that the evil lying clown cannot fix you.

    Because the clown pap controls the states times and mediacorpse, the fake impression is there are many supporters in clown pap. and they no end cite the GE2015 success as proving the many supporters for clown pap.

    But it is a lie. GE2015, 30% true blue OPPO, 30% true blue clown pap, and 40% fence sitters who swung the other side.

    GE2019 nobody can tell. if the same 40% fence sitters swing this side, then clown pap folks run road because New Government is going to FIX them swee swee just like esteemed Dr Mahatir PH new government is fixing najib BN swee swee.

    Do not lose heart. You may not remember us. We stuck a few envelopes to you during Hong Lim park events. We are not the S$m powderful who can do much to support OPPO. But we do what we can. We believe heaven has eyes and all the groaning due to suffering under clown pap S$m lies is heard and true justice reigns under heaven sooner or later.

    It shall happen. NO human has yet to go against edict of heaven. NONE.

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  • LIONS:

    Hi Roy,good to see you around.
    WE ARE INDEED SINGAporeans with the SG CAN DO SPIRIT inherited from our forefathers who weathered storms to SAIL HERE N WORKED HARD (for pittance ) to help BUILD SG UNLIKE PAP FTs who are AIR-FLOWN here to SUCK THE MONEY N HONEY THE PAP $CHOLAR-GENERAL$ robbed from us in order to *CREATE JOB$* for these aliens who are armed with FAKE CREDENTIALS N WHO OFFER KICKBACKS to their benefactor$?

    I must add,however,that there are OVER-FLOWING SOCIAL BENEFIT$ IN SIN CITY.
    ONLY thing is THE PAP AWARD SUCH BENEFIT$ from cushy jobs to high bonuses n HIGH LUFE to themselves n their lapdogs.

    All these paid by COMMON SGS whose money the gahmen $uck Dry.

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  • Heart truths & money minds?:

    Roy, where have you been? …. You just found out huh?

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  • Mai Hum Liao:

    Based on what was reported, we should have hundred of billions in our CPF and reserves. Temasick has like $200B, GIC about $150B and MAS another $100B+. CPF holds about $300B+ of members’ funds. Put all together it would be about $750B++. Just put these monies to work with professional fund managers for easily 6% returns and we would have more than $45B returns yearly. A small percentage of this amount could support our social needs with the rest reinvested.
    I could not understand how a rich country like Singapore would taxed the people so much with increases after increases.
    Wait …. there is a nagging feeling that we have no more monies ?!!?

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  • Fare for Public Bus and MRT:

    60 years old and ALL those on wheelchair: Fix at 60cents per ride regardless of distance, number of transfer, time of boarding
    70 and older: FREE

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Taxes collected for any country are supposed to be for education, healthcare, security, welfare, employment for citizens. But in Singapore, taxes are only for salary of the PAP’s members.

    We have plenty of scholarships, but meant for foreigners. SG spent about $400Million to sponsor foreigners studying in SG Uni. Singaporeans need study loans.

    Singaporeans need to pay for healthcare insurance. You can die but cannot be sick. When you survive from your illness, but die looking at the medical bill.

    Our home team only take care of foreigners, but will lock you up when you protest ALONE and knock on your door in the middle of the night removing your PC, laptop and cellphone.

    The government paid $billion as protection money just to have “friend”, but only pay peanut for citizen welfare. When ask for a small increase, Minister wanted to know if the citizen wanted to eat in restaurant, food court or hawker centre.

    PAP government invites foreigners to steal our jobs. Foreigners can get jobs with fake qualification and medical report, but Singaporeans qualification will be checked.

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  • Migrate is the way:

    Old fart kayu is not my ah gong that is what dpm said we are all kayu son and singaporeans son we are screw up by 70% this ah gong is so respected? We paid this ah gong and we got nothing in the end no house no car no wife and no freedom no job no money worst millions coming in no space for us what do this govt wants why do we need a ah kong

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  • rukidding:

    Do you guys know how much $$$ we can save from those “thousands of hard printed copy of NSman magazine” ???

    Why do we still need sent via the Mailbox (ie, physical Letterbox way)…copies of hard print SAFRA NSman magazine ????

    Everybody is on digital…and we still “doing hardcopy prints” ???


    I think,..this sum of $$$ save could be better use for some Needies than to go to SPH Holdings !!!!

    Opposition Pritnam should start “questioning” on this issue too !

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  • rukidding:

    Lee Con You ???

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  • not too much coverage:

    //Do you guys know how much $$$ we can save from those “thousands of hard printed copy of NSman magazine” ???//

    the same goes to ‘tonnes and tonnes’ of brochures on those garment-linked institutional road shows and advertisement on giving rebates.

    the propaganda must go on and spread widely so that the sinkies psyche is flooded with all the ‘positive’ good deeds done by the white idiots and gang.

    while the taxes and rent-seeking is given minimal or not too much coverage; OR explained away by plp white gang on why it should be done for the good of the nation and country.

    GD Star Rating
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