The American Logic

When there isn’t any clear evidence that Chinese Huawei 5G products are a security threat, the Americans wanted the world to stop using Huawei products. Of course, many countries resisted.

Among the World’s Top 5G equipment vendors - Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung AND ZTE - none of them come from America or its NATO Allies! Two of them are from China, two from Nordic countries and one from Korea.

But when there are already two plane crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX jets that happened in similar manner, the Americans are telling the world the 737 MAX plane model is still a “safe” plane!

Again, nobody is convinced and going to listen to the Americans. Many countries have already banned the 737 MAX from flying in their airspace.

These incidents just demonstrate that the Americans are no longer trustworthy in maintaining safety standards. They have placed their own self-interest above all else in global dealings.

This is the sign of a further decline of American standards and their standing in the eyes of the world.


Goh Meng Seng



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