PAP Government Lost Big in Maritime Water Dispute

They said PAP has managed to “chase” Malaysian Government out of the disputed water and both sides will withdraw their port limits, back to pre-Oct 2018 situation.

Some PAP people want to “claim victory” after the 5 points agreement was signed by both Singapore and Malaysia Foreign Ministers. I say PAP has lost on three important grounds.

Firstly, although Malaysian Government Vessels will no longer anchor inside the disputed waters, neither could Singapore do that. If this water is what PAP claims to be our waters, why couldn’t we anchor our government vessels in that region?

Next, only Singapore coast guards and naval vessels could patrol the disputed waters. But now, Malaysian vessels can also patrol the same disputed waters! This is definitely not back to Pre-Oct 2018 status!

Most importantly, the PAP government has claimed with full force that Malaysian vessels have intruded into our waters and Malaysia has no right to extend their port limit to the disputed waters because that is “our territory”.

By contrast, Malaysia has said that is International Water because there is no boundary. Apparently the 5 points have basically affirmed Malaysian Government’s stance that PAP Government’s claim is baseless as they need to negotiate a boundary now!

If there is already a boundary to state our claims, why do we need to negotiate any boundary now?

It is apparent that Malaysian Government had the upper hand right now, reclaiming the right to patrol the disputed area while forcing PAP government to negotiate and confirm the maritime boundary in that area which PAP government had resisted for more than 5 decades.

This is an irresponsible embarrassment which PAP government had brought upon Singapore.


Goh Meng Seng



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16 Responses to “PAP Government Lost Big in Maritime Water Dispute”

  • PSP - SDP - PV - save SG:

    GE is coming! GE is coming! What better way to bluff the daft voters and also to save their white asses than to get the Msian vessels out of sight first.

    To the daft singaporeans – no sight of Msian vessels means victory for the pap govie. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to be a million-dollars minister to con the daft.

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  • MarBowling:

    Understand the AG of both sides have undergone some behind the scene discussion on the maritime dispute. Looks like MY AG Mr Thomas has succeeded in putting our AG Lucy Wong(ex-personal Lawyer of Mai Hum)inside his pocket. Think Lucy NOW is feeling the extremely intense HEAT of being an AG. He thought he has “hopped teow jee kee Tua Lang(aka Tua kee or Tua LJ)when his Boss Mai Hum appointed him as the AG! Anyway, when he was the personal lawyer of Mai Hum, his damn duty and task are just to “F*ck See”(aka attend to)Mai Hum and his FamiLEE all day/night LOONG ONLY! Such an easy task, think most of time, when Mai Hum doesn’t DISTURB or BOTHER him, he will hide somewhere to $moke, ZZzz, play darts and chartek, etc! Now as AG, think his bird-brain and energy couldn’t able to match or COPE with current disputes and problems between the 2 countries BECAUSE he doesn’t has the ability and capability of the PREVIOUS AG! What do you think?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    No winners or losers only IDIOTS thinking they are smart!!!

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  • worse things happening:

    meanwhile thousands of msian citizens are suffering from toxic fumes, as a result of toxic waste dumping in the pasir gudang river!
    schools closed, hundreds are in hospitals.
    acc to MYgov this dumping had been going on for years! omg…and everyone was just closing one eye? closer to home p.ubin water activities all shut down as a about the hdb estates closest to p.gudang? wait till pp get sick slso?

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  • worse things happening:

    is our SGov doing anything substantial to protect sgs from the spread of this toxic water that may or have already spilled over to our rivers n streams…worse even our reservoirs? anything can happen.
    first the haze from indonesia, then now toxic water or fumes from Malasysia

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  • can we report CI to police?:

    This is an irresponsible embarrassment which PAP government had brought upon Singapore.

    to begin, it is stating the obvious to say clown pap is irresponsible. just look at the obscene amount of money 70% sheep has to pay for HDB rental with their depleted CPF account.

    the not so obvious, to clown pap S$m clan members, is that outside Spore, nobody behaves like 70% sheep in Spore. which means as long as clown pap S$m clan members treat outsiders the way they treat 70% sheep they are going to get severe backlash.

    clown pap is harmed is not a problem. Spore is harmed, because of clown pap S$m clan members, is a big problem. can the harm be reduced? yes, not reduced but removed by removing clown pap from Spore.

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  • GMS is spot-on!:

    Fully concur with Goh.

    I believe if go to world court, Singapore lose hands down because the renegotiation is allowed anytime AFTER 25years.

    I wonder how they gonna end this dispute.

    Most likely the price will go up after Singapore agree to pay more.

    No one can slap harder than Mahathir and China.

    EP ?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Thank you Mr Goh. The problem is the high-handedness of the pappies have made it impossible for $G to work with other Asian countries. Sure Malaysia is not an easy country to work with but remember they had worse people i nthe past and $G was always able to make peace due tothe skill of the Old Guard.

    The first generation Old Guard recognised that $G needed to talk and resolve issues privately before it became a big issue. Even Lau Goh understood this. Nowdays pappies think they can threaten and go to court for everything.

    $G used to have China on our side. This was powerful bargaining chip when dealing with other Asean neighbours. I remember the Kra canal project which was put on hold when $G ministers talked to China direct. Now China sees $G as a solder of the USA. If push comes to shove $G ministers’ big talk will land us in hot water with Malaysia and China will be laughing.

    How to survive when the government only thinks of making enemies and not friends?

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  • opposition dude:

    Good of PAP to be embarrassed after the Singhealth hacking, countless MRT disruptions and SAF deaths. If these wankers ever dare talk about a pay rise then we have got plenty of ammunition to shoot them with.

    What a difference between this port boundary issue, the Seletar airspace issue and the water agreement. I see PAP being yaya on the water issue but so meek on the other 2. They must realise that when they don’t have something in black and white and the good potential to lose out is when they have no choice but to soften their tone and eat some humble pie!

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  • LIONS:


    Meanwhile,DR M is trying to TEST WATER with current n 4G LEEder$.
    He is trying to test if he can take more advantage from us.
    Dr M has always been envious of SG SUCCESS cos TRUE BLUE SGS WERE more productive workers than his malaysians as been proven by 1980s BERI SURVEYS N ILO REPORTS.

    But DR M need not continue to fear as MOST OF THE PRODUCTIVE SG WORKERS have oredy been INCAPIPACITATED BY PAP CLOWNS.

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  • PAPi is all the BAD NEWS:

    PAPi is all the BAD NEWS.

    Did I not say that the GE will only come at End of Time.?

    Practically, Nothing to show. Merdeka Plot Ganna Slammed. Land, Sea, Air all lost.

    Like that, dare to go to WAR? Mistake will be BIG TIME. Training also death liao.

    Hahahahahahah LOL.

    only SDP willfully tired out.

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  • Soldier Of USA ?:

    Spore soldier of USA ? Yes.

    But why USA gave us a tight slap by closing down Broadcom Corporation in Yishun employing more than 1,000 workers and IBM at Tampinese employing 650 workers. Its because we are stupid enough to get involved in Superpower domestic politic by openly supporting Obama and Hillary Clinton. This infuriates Trump and he gave us a tight slap on the face.

    Although your IQ is high but what about your EQ ? Missing Eh ?

    The lack of EQ in our leaders will kill all of us in the long run. Its time to vote them out now before more harm is being done.

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  • rukidding:

    Trouble ahead again for Pap ?

    If singapore “lose” in the international court,….lots of $$$ will be “down the drain” !

    The Tuas Mega port than becomes a “Not so Mega” port and even may become a white elephant.

    But “no worries”,….nobody “inside Pap Cronies or even their Ministers” have had any “Hra kiri” or “were at fault”.

    Everything will still become “Normal”, far as Pap is concern and nobody’s head will be “chopped”

    ie,…if we continue to be “dafts” and “ball-less” !!!!

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  • PAP Is About Manipulation:

    All PAP government losses are eventually recuperated from dafts, directly or indirectly.

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  • Malaya mutualism:

    In Ecology, Symbiosis denotes a close ecological relationship between the individuals of two (or more) different species. … When both species benefit it is defined as Mutualism. When one species benefits and the other is unaffected, it is defined as Commensalism.

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  • AristoCATs r "nerds" . . .:

    Fact – SG surrounding is “tuff neighbourhood”.
    The recent maritime dispute can be viewed as Msia “kicking the sand”.
    AristoCATs mistake #1 – being nerds, their response is predictable.
    Immediately reached for the war drum -
    “Violation of the sovereignty . . .”
    Notice, how Dr. M commented – Wah, like going to war.

    AristoCATs mistake #2 – they failed to do their homework.
    They had a weak case –
    thus, refusal for a 3rd-party mediation,
    then, agreement to revert to original port limits. :(

    The Water Agreement -
    Many in the world can be modified –
    the law?
    Even, the constitution . . .
    But, the Water Agreement – Can’t???


    AristoCATs – Educated vs Wise – which?

    Remember the Ballot Box !

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